bitter marvel

• Unfriendly reminder that Wanda Maximoff MANIPULATED a man suffering from SEVERE PTSD into doing something horrible which HE was blamed for while NO ONE on his “team” defended him.
• Unfriendly reminder that Steve Rogers knew about the MURDER of Tony Stark’s parents and withheld the information.
• Unfriendly reminder that Steve did this and had the nerve to chastise Tony about KEEPING FUCKING SECRETS.
• Unfriendly reminder that Steve thought he knew better than 117 COUNTRIES, and decided to do what the fuck he wanted.
• Unfriendly reminder that Tony tried to COMPROMISE with Steve and he couldn’t meet him in the middle.
• Unfriendly reminder that his “team” couldn’t trust him even after he had literally risked his life for them TWICE.
• Unfriendly reminder that Natasha BETRAYED Tony even after she called in the Black Panther whom she knew would attack Bucky whereas Tony only called for backup that he knew wouldn’t react violently unless it was needed.
• Unfriendly reminder that people say that Tony (again, a man who suffers from SEVERE PTSD) overreacted after watching the man standing next to him (who is absolutely a victim, but his hands still committed those crimes) MURDER his parents in cold blood, and a man that he considered his friend KNEW about it to protect HIMSELF and his friend.
• Unfriendly reminder that all Tony got after the War was a SHIT TON of problems with the government and a CONDESCENDING letter from the same man who hurt him incredibly both physically and emotionally basically telling him “i’m sorry that you don’t understand that I was right”.
• Unfriendly reminder that Tony was BLAMED for the paralysis his BEST FRIEND now suffers by a man whom Tony had done A LOT for.
• Unfriendly reminded that Tony fucking Stark is treated so horribly in this fandom and he doesn’t deserve it.

  • me: i love tony stark. i love acknowledging his mistakes and bad qualities bc a good character is a flawed character. i love tony stark.
  • someone: i hate tony stark!! he's a VILLAIN, and he's SELFISH and not important!! people should NOT love him!!1!
  • me:
  • me: i love tony stark. tony stark is absolutely perfect. unproblematic fav. incredible. i would give my life for this flawless specimen of a human ebing
  • steve: wait when will i see you again
  • bucky climbing into the cryo chamber: the future
  • steve: NO,, last time you said that you died
  • bucky: *fingerguns* almost died
  • steve: f r e e z e h i m
The real question

Will I ever understand why Steve wrote “the Avengers are your family…” When he knew, just as well as what we did, exactly who was where and on what side. Why did he say that? What Avengers? What was the purpose of that sentence?

Tbh I dont understand the letter at all. “Sorry you don’t know I’m right. I trust individuals. The Avengers are yours but they like me more. Sorry I didn’t tell you for two fucking years. Locks don’t need to be changed. And remember, since I’m great and will always be the better man, when you inevitably need me, I’ll accept you with open arms because I’m a Nice Guy. Peace out.

P.S. I’m better than you.”

I’m bitter about everything Sony/Marvel did to The Amazing Spider-Man movies. There was so much potential, having Marc Webb coming into direct thinking it would be a grounded and focused love story about Peter and Gwen.

A story about how Peter becoming Spider-Man and sharing his secret with her would affect their relationship.
500 Days of Summer but with Spider-Man basically.

This movie was in there somewhere!

But no, Sony said there had to be big stupid CGI Lizards and ridiculous villain plots, convoluted backstory on Peter’s parents and forced set ups for future films.

It should’ve just focused on Peter and Gwen, they should’ve been the heart and soul of this movie especially when their chemistry was so so great. This is the Spider-Man movie we deserved, that we could’ve had. Fuck you Sony/Marvel.


Agent Carter AU: Angie needs to go to Los Angeles for a few days to audition for a new movie with the greatest star Whitney Frost, but something went wrong and she mysteriously disappeared. Peggy immediately goes to LA to find her friend who is now missing and ends up finding out about the dark side of the glamorous city. [1/?]

Adds Evans: “Nobody’s wrong here. No one’s promoting evil. No one’s the bad guy. We just have different ways of being the good guy and that can get fiery.”

-Chris Evans, USA Today

You mean that you can have a conflict between two people without having a good guy and bad guy?? You mean that both sides can have reasonable arguments and reasonable justifications for their actions??? And they aren’t just being assholes for the sake of being an asshole??? You mean Civil War is actually just this big ambiguously grey area where everyone can be right and no one is wrong, it’s just a matter of personal beliefs??? You mean it’s possible to choose a side yet still respect and admire the people of the opposing side??? You mean everyone in this movie is just trying to do what they feel is right??? You mean everyone just wants to be a good person and help save and protect people???

You mean Tony Stark is NOT the villain of this movie???

What a fucking concept.


I fight like a girl. I fight like a girl who refuses to be a victim. I fight like a girl who’s tired of being ignored, humored, beaten or raped. I fight like a girl who’s sick of not being taken seriously. I fight like a girl who’s been pushed too far. I fight like a girl who offers and demands respect. I fight like a girl who has a lifetime of anger, strength, and pride pent up in her girly body. I fight like a girl who fights back.

tony stark: goes after stolen stark weapons, shuts down stark weapons production, invests in green energy, calls SHIELD out on developing tesseract weapons, works to retrieve alien weapons from nazis