bitter dose

anonymous asked:

Why are you bitter!??? What is going on with tvd? I feel like I missed something.

im just your average bamon/klaroline/stelena shipper, providing your daily dose of bitterness towards pl*c and this hellhole show.

I wish i missed something. “something” being everything after season 4. 

 s5 doesn’t exist to me. s6 and 7 were literally just bamon. what else happened? no recollection. and i’ve seen one scene of s8 and it was the bamon letter scene and it just made me sadder. honestly i’ll probably end up watching it all one day, bc at one point, (a long, long time ago. dinosaur ages) tvd was my actual favorite show. but the wound is still fresh rn. im still healing from the breakup. it was not a clean break. 


“Bitter Dose”

This is another one that i first saw listed as Wynton Marsalis and later as Art Blakey’s Jazz Messengers (Marsalis traveled with them and was the trumpeter and music director for some time, but has said this wasn’t him).

I’ve loved the song for some time and have no clue who this is.