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Fandom: Marvel

Summary: For the contest, based on: “Imagine returning to Peter’s apartment after a date, only to find your dad, Tony, waiting for you.” by @thefandomimagine

Word count: 1,637


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“Trust me, my aunt’s cake is almost as bad as that was,” Peter exclaimed mockingly, while the two of you exited the Chinese restaurant of Peter’s choice.

Both of you enjoyed fast food, whether it was Chinese, Mexican, or something else, so it wasn’t anything strange for you to just choose a random restaurant for your date. You decided to check on every one of them in the quarter Peter lived in, and it resulted in a variety of unusual experiences. You were certain you would never again step foot in the one you just left. The strange taste their food left on your tongue was enough of a warning. Who knows what they would bring you next time?

“But that was just a simple chicken! I wonder what they would do if we ordered something more complicated,” you shivered in terror at the mere thought of that disaster-to-be.

“I’m pretty sure we wouldn’t survive that. Or at least you,” he laughed at your expression.

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Pacific Northwest Gothic

• There’s no coffee shops where you live. You’re in a coffee shop. You see your driveway out the window. You want to go home. The coffee shop doesn’t have a door.
• You live surrounded by trees. There’s a tiny structure on your property. You’ve never opened it. Nobody’s ever opened it. No leaves fall on it in autumn.
• Everyone smokes pot in your town. There are three cannabis dispensaries within 5 minutes of your house. They’re always closed.
• There’s a bakery in town. The food is exquisite. There’s a strange bitter taste in the cookies, though, and you can’t see an oven anywhere.
• Your neighbor makes strawberry jam. It tastes like moss.
• The sun is nowhere. The heat is scorching. You can’t see the sun but your skin is turning red.
• There are brightly painted bear statues in town. You see them every day. They’re never in quite the same spot or position. You swear you saw one of them rooting through your garbage last night.
• You can see the stars from your yard. You never look south-east. The stars look angry there.
• You go to Crater Lake with your family. Nobody talks about the tiny boats by the center island. They’re covered with moss. You’ve never seen the island without them there.
• There’s snow on the nearby mountains. There’s always snow on the nearby mountains.
• The elk are watching.
• You talk to the trees around your house. You hear them whispering your secrets to your neighbors.

Forgive me of my sins, I'm about to get dark.

Heya everyone! So um, wow. I’m seeing a ton of discourse about Rika on my dash! At this point, most people know how I feel about her, and may or may not agree. That’s actually really cool and it should be that way because discussion is important! So… this isn’t about her. Well, not completely. I’ve had a bit of a thought about Mint Eye. More specifically, about what real life events probably influenced Mint Eye’s creation. So, I’m going to talk about a real life cult that has eerie similarities to Mint Eye, and to Rika. If this isn’t your thing, you may want to skip this because this topic can be a bit sensitive. I just want to explain that while the whole the game is fictional, this stuff actually happens. In our real world. I’m going to preface this with a huge Trigger Warning for: cults, drug use, torture (including children, but I refuse to get graphic about it), terrorist activities, and just some really gross awful stuff. I’ll try not to get graphic about anything but this stuff will be briefly mentioned because of the similarities to ME activity. The last 2 paragraphs explain why I wrote this.

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intimacy || a bliv oneshot

They’re talking about their humanity again. 

It’s one of those bothersome topics that can actually disturb his cultivated charm. It’s no consolation to remember something you can never have again. He is growing accustomed to his new biology, but little pieces of being a fully-fledged human filter through his walls and pester his peace, especially at night, when he just lies and stares at the ceiling. He imagines she does the same.

He does not believe there is a cure for what he is, inside and out. But he hasn’t told her yet. He lets her dream of something better. She hasn’t figured out he’s a complete cynic, and for some reason, he likes it that way. Sometimes, her round big eyes stare up at him with hope, even if they’re constantly clouded by suspicion and disbelief. He is a member of her kind, after all, and he made her. She looks to him for some kind of normality, almost out of instinct.

It shouldn’t please him this much. He should quash that glimmer of hope inside of her. He should be proud of his new, improved status. Go with the strokes. Feed, profit, repeat. 

Liv Moore is cute. But not that cute, and certainly not worth further consideration.

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I had hardly paid attention to the awkward virginity part of The Talk, but now that it's been brought up, it's starting to make me really mad how Ishida's been treating female characters. Touka valuing her "virtue", her + Hinami existing for Kaneki's wellbeing, Akira existing for Takizawa's manpain + suddenly romance that would've made sense years ago but is strange at this point, Mutsuki being the new yandere. (Rize and Hairu are sad, but I feel their role was quite clear since the beginning.)

Ah, welcome to the club I’ve founded like a year ago, anon! We have bitter cookies.

  • Amedot tag: (thousands of posts detailing hate for the ship, arguments with other users, people saying they prefer a different ship or that amedot "makes no sense", posts that don't even have anything to do with the ship)
  • Me: can i see something else please
  • Amedot tag: sure fam
  • Me, crying softly: i just want to see my lesbians again pleas i'm beggig u

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How convenient that anon has short term memory loss! The meaningless BB poll they're referencing... Niall was winning by a lot & scared & bitter Liam stans joined forces w/ delusional bitter harries & bypassed the cookies to vote unlimitedly for Niall's opponent. We surpassed them & he was winning again for the majority of the week until they did it again & went 10X harder just to beat him! For what so you could send a nasty ask claiming "he couldn't even win"? 👏🏻 congrats? You feel better?

lmao me @ these poor bitter ass stans rn

It’s Perfect

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Hey, guys, it’s like two in the morning for me and you know what that means it, Christmas Eve! This is also fair warning that if this is bad I’m sleep deprived I think this might be one of the last holiday specials I’m going to try to post one, later on, today maybe one with Steve but shhh it’s a secret. Enjoy!

Word Count: 627

You walked up the stairs to the small apartment you and Pietro had moved in just a few months prior. It was close enough to the tower so that you and Pietro were ready for any mission that springs upon the Avengers but far enough that you and Pietro had some privacy. 

Nearing the door you heard Pietro’s tone deaf voice singing along to It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Chuckling to yourself, you open the door into the living room. You were stunned, the apartment was ravished with Christmas decor. The problem with the decorations is that Pietro had no idea what he was doing. Tinsel was thrown everywhere while the lights were poorly distributed around the room. The tree was a mess; ornaments clumped together leaving large spots empty. You wouldn’t have had it any other way everything was perfect.

“Y/N?” Pietro called rushing to greet you at the door. Picking you up, he spins you around. “Do you like?” He asked setting you back on the floor

“Of course.” You smiled, placing the bag of gifts down. Pietro got a curious eye looking down at the bag. “No peeking these are for the party Friday.”

“You didn’t have to buy me any prințesă. The only thing I want for Christmas doesn’t even have a price tag.” He purred wiggling his eyebrows.

“These are not for you; these are the team’s gifts you can’t see ‘cause you can’t keep a secret.” You claimed, covering the bag in case he decided to peek again.

“What are you talking about? I’m great at keeping secrets.” Pietro cried crossing his arms.

“On Wanda’s birthday, you flat out told her what I was giving her. Bruce’s you actually showed him what he was getting.”

“Okay, maybe I’m not the best with secrets. But I did keep my secret from you.” He smirked picking up your left hand and rubbing his index finger over the small diamond ring.

“Yes, you did.” You smiled pulling his face to yours. During your kiss, you started to smell something burning. “Pietro, are you cooking something?” You asked pulling away.

His eyes widened.“La Dracu.” He cursed speeding to the kitchen. Following him you watched while he pulls out a tray of blackened sugar cookies, placing them next to the other batches. “I’m sorry these are a little overdone.”

“A little?”

“Maybe they’re burnt, but the others are fine. I was hoping you, and I could decorate them.” He said taking out the frosting and other toppings of the sugar cookies.

“I would love too.” You laughed picking up the light blue icing and a snowman shaped cookie, as Pietro took a ginger bread shaped one. 

You spent a good hour decorating the excessive amount of cookies he baked, finally finishing them off. “So are we going to test our lovely creations, or what?” You asked picking up an adorable Santa gingerbread cookie Pietro had crafted. Taking a bite you cringed, the cookie was bitter and unsweetened. Sparing his feelings, you forced the disgusting food down your throat. “Piet, what did you put in the cookies?”

“Flour, sugar, eggs, baking soda, butter and a couple of other ingredients.” He listed, but the taste didn’t add up.

“What sugar?”

“This sugar.” Handing you the container you inspect the contents, tasting the white substance.

“Pietro, this is salt.” You laughed placing the jar down.

“Crap, I’m sorry we’ll just have to redo them.”

“No, how about I give you your Christmas present early?"You coyly smiled moving towards your room once Pietro caught on you were swept off your feet and rushed to the bed.

Was it any good? Tell me your thoughts and I will see you next time with hopefully a Steve special


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*Gives a cookie* this is sweet, but you're sweeter.

Huh, thanks anon. Though most people would say I’m a pretty bitter cookie. MUN IF YOU MAKE A ‘THAT’S THE WAY THE COOKIE CRUMBLES’ JOKE I’ll KILL YOU.

  • Add(MasterMind): *is eating cookies and drinking coffee*
  • Elsword(Infinity Sword): You know what they say.. *eats meat* You are what you eat.
  • Add: So you're saying that I'm a bitter-sweet cookie and you're a meathead? Was that it??
  • Elsword: Uh, I didn't meant that but... yeah...
  • Add: Does that make Rena a patch of grass then??
  • Rena(Night Watcher): Excuse you, just because I'm a vegetarian doesn't mean I eat grass!
  • Me: amedot is my OTP, i love the ship for my own legitimate reasons, and it means the world to me.
  • My Friend: ok, that's fine, i respect that. i personally don't like amedot and see them as just friends
  • Me: ok, that's fine, i respect that
  • My Friend: did you draw anything new? let me guess is it fucking amedot again
  • Me:
  • Me: i'm going to draw something cute
  • My Friend: let me guess is it fucking AMEDOT again. fine but i'll only like it if it's cute
  • Me:, it's not amedot.
  • Me: (shows my friend an amedot picture on my phone i thought she'd probably enjoy, despite her distaste for the ship)
  • My Friend: (rudely scrolls past the picture)
  • Me: i thought you'd actually like that one, though...
  • My Friend: look, i'm SOOO sorry i don't like amedot, ok? i just see them as friends, why don't you respect that?
  • My Friend: can you draw my ships for me?
  • Me: sorry, i don't want to
  • My Friend: WOW, ok, why can't you respect my opinion? i know you hate my ships but you don't have to rude about it, i'm sooo sorry i don't like the ships that you like but fine whatever be that way
  • My Friend: also i don't care that you like amedot, you do you
  • Me: really? really? are you sure you don't care? are you really sure??? are you, like, positive??????