bitter blog 2013

hey wanna hear about the patriarchy

in the Psychological study I’m reading and analyzing right now

they had participants listen to two versions of a quiz radio show

they were exactly the same except one was hosted by a male and one a female (just audio mind you)

all the show questions were either over really stereotypically masculine topics (football) or feminine topics (shoes)

and the participants had to rate how knowledgable the host was, yeah?

the dude participants rated the female host as SIGNIFICANTLY (WAAAAY) less knowledgable than the male host in both MASCULINE AND FEMININE TOPICS

the female participants didn’t have a bias and rated the male host and the female host as equally knowledgable 



it just KILLS ME

that men thought their fellow dudebro was smarter like no matter what like he is literally asking questions about heel size variation on british runways and they still think he’s smarter than the lady

they don’t trust anything that comes out of a woman’s mouth–women are diminished to only being good at fashion and lipstick and cleaning and sex

and EVEN THEN their male compatriots 'know more than you’

you literally can’t win


the patriarchy, ladies and gentleman