I don’t mean for this to sound harsh but I really hope one day you realize that no one could ever love you like I have. I hope that ten years from now when you’ve had too much to drink and a hard day, I am the only one you think about. I will wait for you to call that night because the whole world will feel as if it’s falling all around you and you won’t be sure you’ll know how to make it home and you know home isn’t home without me so you will tell me you love me and I will silence you before you finish your sentence, because it’ll be too late for that. I will remember how much it hurt to love you and I will tell you that I can’t do it anymore, I will apologize and call you a cab. I’ll give him your address because I know every single step up to your door with my eyes closed but you’ll never hear from me again after that and I hope your sorry and I hope this time it’s you who’s left with a wound everyday of your life to remind you that you couldn’t love me like I deserved.