One Day You'll Come
After the darkness recedes, our daylight remains
Cool as the winter that bleeds, hot as the summer’s flames
A dystopia at the apex, we’ve written in the sand
Our past, present and future; Immortalized by our hands

Skyfall is what we fear, a Tiger Lily’s petals washed and worn
Simple acts of kindness – gone; replaced by the masks we adorn
Our sighs, abandoned for claws as we shred the dignity of others
Misguided by the pitfalls, too full of indignation to be bothered

We stumble as we wade on stilts, through the sea –
Of bodies, doubled as regrets we’ve made
Tirelessly you walk, looking for me
Hoping that one day you’ll find me again


– Demarcus

Du kennst ja dieses richtig verliebt sein nh? So wenn man nur noch eine Person will. Manchmal hab ich das nicht so, aber wenn wir uns sehen ist es wieder da und irgendwann klingts wieder ab.
—  Was du mir geschrieben hast, zerbricht mir das Herz. Ich hab geweint als ich das gelesen habe. Ich vermisse dich so und möchte dich sehen. Du hingegen hast schon gar keine Gefühle mehr, wenn wir schreiben. Nur noch wenn wir uns sehen und auch das möchtest du nicht. Du schlägst kein Datum vor, wann wir uns sehen. Es kommt von mir aus. Manchmal hast du keine lust mir zu schreiben hast du gesagt. Das versteh ich. Aber das du keine lust hast mich zu sehen ist schwer. Sehr sehr schwer für mich. Du versetzt mich. Irgendwas läuft in die falsche richtung. Hoffentlich können wir das wieder gerade biegen. Ich hab angst dich so langsam zu verlieren. Das du mir langsam entgleitest, ohne das es richtig angefangen hat. 2 Monate zusammen und dann das. Bitte tu mir nichts an. Ich liebe dich doch. Du mich auch, hast du gesagt. Wieso sehen wir uns dann nur ein mal in der Woche, wenn überhaupt?
In Anarchy We Fall

Cataclysm poured through a veined vessel
Clasping forlorn to greying hands
Pulled readily from an overworking seizure
Mottled with irking substance, daring, but lifeless

Tugging at the reigns of an imperfected chance
Creating a chasm of empty thoughts
Cutting into the sanctity of a chiseled mirror
Reflecting the water as the broken become beacons

In eyes, befuddled, by the presence of an inner demon
Scratching at the walls of skin, desperate to break surface
Kept tucked tight in sanctuary, an oblivion dispersing amid a lie
Eternity spread in boundless proportions, drowning…

Witless with fear and absent remains
A cacaphony resounds into ears filled with resonance
Distorted grievances attacking with precision
Humor abandoned before subtlety is mistaken

Keen hearts and frailer limbs, saturated with failure
Amortentia of another kind, poisoned with hate, doused and wry
Worry stinging at the back of your eyelids, pinprick sensation
Foggy breath dying as muscles spasm into slumber


– Demarcus

Heedless Burdens

The concoction, unbridled deep
Within my dream I solidify
Stricken with terror;
Petrified with cold feet

Not manifested internally
To the brain it does not weep
Concealing my nervousness
When few dribbles conspire

Negativity that I abhor
Remains close as my ego
Beheading; One choice,
A familiar or foe?

Stalling time bewitched me
My heartbeats uncanny
Vulnerable the emotions
That fiddled steadily

The lids of my eyes, heavy
As the hours decayed away
My dreams unnoticed,
To the Hellions that chased through eternity


– Demarcus

anonymous asked:

Wie sich einige den Kopf zerbrechen.Die werden das so machen wie Sie es für richtig halten.Aber Ich denke jetzt nicht das Sie da ein grosses Versteckspiel machen.

wir werden es sehen; vielleicht macht sie es ja wie in Rom ;D


Dreaming Reality
Unsatisfied with the outcome
Towards this unbearable future
Fleeing from the moments that filtered through;
Infiltrating my new beginning

Merely me, a boy of grief
Ingested in obscurity
Veracity escapes my being
Leaving me incapable of speaking

Refusing to be mounted
The pedestal fissures
Disintegrating amongst the fresh
Bidding the pebbles to be ranged

Isolated and exquisite, they were pilfered
Chosen for what they were
Appreciated for what they would become
Soothed by the ogles that were envious in nature

With eyes closed, escaping reality
Confidants chosen with a bigoted hand
No one finding solace in their tears
Their cries falling on deaf ears

The truth is foreboding,
As the cork seals off the bottled affections
Being shunned
I’ll embrace my insecurities


– Demarcus

Hey now, don’t cry for me
This life is gorgeous, it’s rapturing
I silently try to sing my heart out
But this pain won’t go away

I took the pills, caressed your cheek
As I yearned for a hug from my mother.
My voice is too loud, it’s deafening
I kiss my narrative goodbye

Your heartfelt murmurs spin right through
Like this wool that tangles my thoughts;
My soul is broken, nothing left but two
Eyes that stare into the dark.

Will you help me? I can’t see…
My eyes are closed and my knees are weak
My hands are tied behind my back
My nails are ragged, the wounds have cracked
From the scratching I refuse to cease.

The voice that guides me through it all
That’s you, you crafty clown
Take it or leave it, don’t be defeated
Why do you beat me down?

A pitiful attempt at rescuing me,
You failed with your expectations low
This time you cried with tears of laughter
The ugly marring your heart

We dance with our eyes blinking slowly
A circus awaits our bitter attempts
To rapidly shine and focus on the.. –
voice, but it won’t let us go.


– Demarcus

In Muted Strife
The world is being taken over,
I’m left behind again.
This distance separates my reality
The solemn thoughts come in.

A Morse Code, for the soul
One in which I only understand,
A different kind of bearing though
The isolation is setting in.

I’m not a voyeur – the truth hurts
So I hide behind the lies.
Lying dormant with the negative,
The sunspots cloud my eyes.

What am I here for?
Is the question I mull over,
As relief comes to me slow…
Teasing hands, gently cradle me
Before pushing me to the floor.

A haven, I wish for, me and you
Where we can lay and sleep
My friend, you don’t know, but..
You’re beautiful
A secret I dare to keep.

My heart clenches and my hands fidget
When I hear you’re all alone.
No one beside you, no hand to guide you
Is your path set in stone?

Brush aside, those awful days
Let your smile guide you through
Because today, you’re somebody
If only in my eyes
I hope this gets to you!


– Demarcus

Friendship of a Platonic Kind
Baby Grand Piano, playing its tune
While we ignore the elephant that’s in the room
Shaded by truths, that mourns and glooms
Drifting by in the afternoon

This is my apology, I owe to you
For the dents and cracks I’ve been meaning to smooth.
As I take this chance, I’ll say to you,
Some of the things I’ve been meaning to.

I’m sorry, the first, as cliché as it is
I’ve been rude and unforgiving by delaying this.
This thing, between us, is nothing new
I think it’s terrible; what I put you through.

And even though the sky might fall,
I’ll be here standing through it all.
Because just like that, my wonderwall
Proudly shines, and when I call…

You always answer, slowly at first,
Aware of the danger, tending the thirst
Associated with me, my moods so foul
I hope you think I’m worth your while.

Away from life, I beg for an end
You pull me back, with kind words, my friend.
I punish you cruelly, with a deadly silence
We fight with our hearts, to find a balance.

And though this bond we have is strong
Sometimes we drift, goodbye, so long.
However, we come back and re-ignite our flames
Holding our heads high, misplacing the blame.

Tender moments, we share so often
Are ruined by me, please beg my pardon
The wool is lifted, we’re no longer blind
This is our friendship, of a platonic kind.


– Demarcus

Say, You're Like Me
Damaged beyond societies perception of the norm
Deceived and lied to, once we’re born
Heart unfolded, twisted for pleasure
A new pain to flirt with, distant but measured..

Carries us through in songs so strong
Dusting our shoulders and weathering our storms,
With that friend by our side who just can’t realize
The things we go through, even though they try.

And my heart goes out to them, beaten but pure
Believing in dreams and a greater good
A silent moniker changes the way we love
Used to express our gratitude, beyond and above!

Damn this hopelessness that epitomizes our faults
It throws us up, into endless somersaults.
Creating a void that refuses to fill
Downing our humor – our hearts, our will.

Yet through this all, we steadily stand strong
‘Indifferent’ to it all with thoughts deadly and wrong
But we can’t bare to leave this comfort we’ve come to know
It makes us feel safe and prevents our growth

To be someone sound, happy and carefree
The kind of people we deeply want to be,
So we hide inside, away from the truth
Lying away to disperse the proof.

That we’re not who we really say we are
A drone existing in a shell
Our thoughts – debris,
Our lives – hell.


– Demarcus

A Stranger's Requiem

We dress ourselves in garbs of peasants
Delighted in the deadly sins of seven
Makeshift, the duo, Vainglory and Pride
The two new sins, Dr. Jekyll – Mr. Hyde

This Secret Window that delusions the mind
Fooled me into thinking up my own designs
To feature in this ambiance, so peaceful – my shrine
I watch, morosely, attempting to define

Myself, as a kid, beheading time
For purposely killing, and writing in fine – print,
The youth it takes, leaving behind
The morbid, nonsensical and asinine

They rule this world with fascist plans
Creating the chasm that divide our lands
Into the narrow-minded stereotypical views
We all adapt to and choose to accrue

Losing our rights to speak outright
We live with doubts while the rebels fight
They shout loudly, their beliefs, we’ve been wronged
We’re dead; they’ve conquered and carried on

Forgetting the morals we uphold
Robots, we are, ignorant and bold
We fight each other and then we run
We’re less than nothing, The Grim Reaper’s fun.


– Demarcus

In Tentative Standing
Old friends and enemies
are not what we’re supposed to be,
Parading around with no sound
footsteps silenced amidst the ground

The horizon settled,
on top of the sea,
burdened by fear,
shrouded but free

Attacking and grasping
At strands of normalcy
You fight for what’s right
And what we’ve come to be

Creative in tales
with our voice soft-spoken,
we’ll build upon bales
of cloaked-in redemption

Grittier eyes
makes for glasses of the heart
Rose-colored, they were
with a note to never part

The music pounded
Bedridden in our brain
Steps were faltered
Our senses regained.


– Demarcus

Someone's Imperfection
Pliant under fingertips,
Quieter than sound.
Tighter than hinged doors,
Solid; profound.

Used as clay
Dulled and moulded,
Shaped and unknown
Bruised and folded.

Silent from years:
Pushed; still an imperfection,
Locked under the weight
Yet shoved in every direction.

Screaming pleas ring
Yearning to be heard,
Tucked into corners
Never once stirred.

The beauty of the smile
One which have yet to be seen,
Complications; other matters…
Still – someone’s imperfection.


– Demarcus