Family, of Sorts

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Bitten S2E9 : Scavenger’s Daughter

Bitten S2E8 : Dark Arts

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Bitten S2E6 : Nine Circles

Bitten S2E5 : Rabbit Hole

Bitten S2E4 : Dead Meat

Bitten S2E3 : Hell’s Teeth

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Season 1

Bitten S1E13 :  Ready

Bitten S1E12 :  Caged

Bitten S1E11 : Settling

Bitten S1E10 : Descent

Bitten S1E9 : Vengeance

Bitten S1E8 : Prisoner

Bitten S1E7 : Stalking

Bitten S1E6 : Committed

Bitten S1E5 : Bitten

Bitten S1E4 : Grief

Bitten S1E3 : Trespass

Bitten S1E2 : Prodigal

Bitten S1E1 :  Summons

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Elena Micheals thought she left the world of supernatural behind when she left Stonehaven behind ‘for good this time’ she thought.

List Of Episode Season 3:
Bitten Episode 1 : Family, of Sorts


Favorite Male Characters (1/?)

Clayton Danvers, BITTEN

Clay was one of those detestable people blessed with both genius-level intelligence and drop-dead-gorgeous looks. Blue eyes, dark blond curls, and a rugged face straight out of magazine. Match that with a powerful body and you have a package that wouldn’t go unnoticed in the middle of a Chippendale’s convention.