bitte baby

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Just discovered your comic and it's so great! Love the art style. And to top it off you are gorgeous as heck! Wow beauty, brains, and talent, you're the ultimate triple threat. <3

Willkommen, bienvenue, welcome. Come on in.

(Jesus, does anybody even get this reference? I hope so.)

Thank you so much for the kind, kind, kind, kind, kind words! And brains? 

Oh, go on. All ya’ll are complete sweeties.

I seriously appreciate you writing in, new reader, and I sure hope you enjoy your stay and everything I have to offer! *vaguely waves hand behind her*

If it turns out you do like what you see, and want to keep me fed and the strip afloat, bitte, baby, bitte schön, won’t you check out my Patreon?

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Mitten in der Nacht
Sag mir was du machst
Bitte ruf mich an
Bitte, Baby mach
Immer wenn du lachst
Immer wenn du lachst
Weiß ich, dass es passt
Ich weiß nicht wie du ’s machst
—  Yung Hurn
Ich vermisse...

…deine Lippen

…deine Nähe

…deine Haut

…deine Küsse

…dein Schweiß auf meiner Haut

…dein Atem

…dein Herzschlag

…dein Geruch

…dein Körper

…deine Worte

…ich vermisse alles an dir…

Du redest ganze Zeit nur Scheiße, Babe, du nervst
Zu viel Coco in der Nase, Babe, du nervst
Ich bin jetzt ehrlich zu dir, Baby, bitte merk’s
Ich wollte nur, nur deinen Körper und nicht mehr
Nichts mehr wie damals, Baby
Wie du noch da warst, Baby, jetzt alles anders, Baby
Mir geht’s jetzt besser, Baby
Ich hab’ ‘ne andre Lady, ich hab’ 'ne andre Lady
—  Nimo - Wie Falco

chim-chim-jibooty  asked:

I'm so gonna spam your inbox with my perverted and wicked thoughts. BE PREPARED! 💋 Uke Levi and Seme Eren French kissing and then get stalked by the fangirls of the 104 th squad and Levi squad.

“Eren, not here. Someone could see!” Levi hissed, but Eren defiantly pushed him up against the wall anyway.

“Everyone`s in training, besides, who`s gonna watch?” Eren countered, trying to catch his lover`s lips, Levi just kept turning his head away.

“No Eren, have some self-control you animal!”

Eren rolled his eyes playfully, making Levi even more exasperated.

“Bitte Baby? Du weißt, ich kann dir nicht widerstehen.”  Eren purred, whatever he was saying had Levi weak in his knees, he knew what happened when he spoke to him like that.

“Just… Just one.” He whispered, Eren`s triumphed grin told him he`d be getting a lot more than just one. As his lips claimed Levi`s he hummed in satisfaction, feeling the shorter man`s hands bury themselves in his hair.

“Mnh… Eren… I love you…” He mumbled through their kisses, Eren took the opportunity to take his tongue in his mouth, making Levi whimper sharply, leaning all his weight against the wall.

Eren moaned along with his lover at the feel of it.


“Oh my gosh, is that tongue?? Sasha are you seeing this?” Christa squealed.

Damn, Eren doin` work.” Armin applauded.

“It is tongue! Oh Eren you naughty titan you!” Hanji drooled.

“You can hear them moaning!!” Petra screamed airily.

“Is he going to eat him? He looks like he gonna eat him.” Sasha added, no one knew if she was serious. 

They probably looked silly, leaning over a window, Hanji nearly falling out of it. But they couldn`t care, this was by far the more gorgeous thing they had ever witnessed and they wouldn`t let it go to waste.

Wir lassen unsere Gefühle nicht zu und wundern uns wieso, wir nicht glücklich werden
—  traenen-wegen-dir

rainyreallife  asked:

Was macht eine Frau so richtig sexy?

So richtig sexy ist sie, wenn sie komplett sie selbst ist & sich nicht vor mir verstellt. Falls meine zukünftige Frau das liest: Tu mir (& vor allem auch dir selbst) den Gefallen & steh zu allem, was dich ausmacht, kämpf für (& um) alles, was du liebst & bitte baby, sei so wie du sein willst. Denn nur dann kann ich dich genau für die Person lieben, die du bist. Danke.