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Mileven, 10, go crazy, have fun

This is for you, Kitty Kat, since a little birdie (you) told me that your day has been a bit stressful and full of too many cockroaches, so I hope this helps! ❤️❤️

A note falls into her lap.

It looks ordinary enough; lined paper, a little crumpled, hastily folded. She receives about twenty a day from her friends. But there is something about this one which stands out.

A little drawn heart in the corner, with an E next to it.

El glances around the classroom. The two dozen students she’s with are all working on their tests (El has already finished). Mike, she sees, is hunched over and working through what appears to be the last problem.

El looks down at the note again, fingers a little numb as she unfolds it slowly. For whatever reason, her heart his pounding in her ears.

There, right in the centre of the page, in little blue letters are the words ‘I love you.’

She stares at them for a long moment, butterflies furiously beating their wings against the walls of her stomach. When the teacher comes around she stuffs the note in her desk and pretends to be finishing the test.

“Alright, class!” calls Mrs. Bitsky, “Times up! Pass up your papers.”

El collects the second row stack, passing it to Dustin in front of her. She can’t properly think and worries she may have forgotten to date hers.

The students file out, shuffling and pushing, careless as school is now out for spring break. El breaks her way through them, calling out to Will that she’ll meet him by the car, and pursues Mike (who has already reached the doors — he must have run).

“Hey,” she says, a little breathless once she catches up. “Can I talk to you a minute?”

“Yeah, sure.”

She pulls them along, through the car lot, to the secluded area where they hang out during recess. At first her hand is on his wrist, but then their fingers somehow become intertwined.

“So,” says El, “I uh… got your note—”

“My note—”

“Yeah,” she smiles. “And I just wanted to say, I love you too, and I’m sorry it took me so long to say it and that you felt you had to say it first—”

“El.” His eyes are wide and his cheeks are red and suddenly something is wrong. “I didn’t pass you a note.”

Her voice dies. “You didn’t? But…”

The E. The heart. Who?

Mike is grinning, now. “I saw Vic Ingles writing a note to Elizabeth Walker,” he says. “I think maybe…”

Her heart sinks. She nods slowly, conscious of the note in her back jean pocket. It seems to burn a hole through her denim. “I should probably give it to her, then…”

Mike nods. He’s still smiling and she doesn’t know why. Her own face feels like it might start glowing; radiating the heat she feels all through her body. She’s never been so embarrassed.

“Yeah, probably,” he says. “But first… Um, El… I do love you.”

Her gaze snaps up from her dirty sneakers to his freckled face, to the little bit of hair that won’t go down, to the pink-flushed cheeks and his bright eyes. “You do?”

“Yeah.” He laughs. “Yeah. Of course.”

Of course. Like it’s obvious. Like he couldn’t not. “I…” she can’t find her words, because this was not written, it was spoken, like a promise. And so she stands on her tiptoes and kisses him, throwing her arms around his neck.

I love you, too, she thinks. And he hears it.