More MIDI Fighter jams ⊟

I keep returning to Shawn Wasabi’s incredible “Marble Soda” performance – to be honest, I don’t think I ever closed the tab it loaded up on since I first saw it. 

One decent thing about Youtube now just loading the next video after the current one finishes playing is you’ll be introduced to similar stuff like this clip from Sushi Killer that I saw just the other day.

This is all pretty old, and it lacks the wicked Iwata and rap samples, but “Zora” does have some fun NES pad stuff, plus samples from Anamanaguchi, Bitshifter, Infinity Shred, Sabrepulse, Trey Frey, YMCK, and other people with names I like to say out loud amongst friends.

After you listen to this a dozen times (and “Marble Soda” two dozen more times), load up Shawn Wasabi’s bangin’ “HOTTO DOGU”.


Shift is an array of machines shifting bits and bytes informed by simple and highly repetitive algorithms. Shift pays attention to its environment through the ever-watchful eye of a built-in camera and responds to movement.

Changes in state are expressed through audio and visual abstractions. An algorithm is a process or a set of rules. Here, the algorithms are shaped by Andreas Schlegel, Benson Chong Thong Pin, Felix Sng, Jiahao Ma Darrick, Marvin Liang Yong Jie, Mike Chen, Muhammad Dhiya Bin Rahman, Sid Lim Xian Hao.

Materials; custom software Tools; Processing, Supercollider Hardware; 8 iMacs, 4 speakers, 1 mixer, 1 ethernet switch Dimension; 5 x 3 x 2m , Year; 2011