Jumper by carterse

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It honestly gets on my nerves when people say things like “you shouldn’t take so long grooming and getting tacked up” or “why bother cleaning him up, he’ll get dirty again anyways” etc.. Honestly, why shouldn’t I spend time grooming, it makes my horses coat healthy and it makes him more comfortable. It allows me to know his body better and to earlier detect if something is out of the ordinary. I ride by myself 90% of the time and arrive for lessons an hour early in order to do everything that I want, it is my time to use however I please.

If you don’t feel like its important to check legs everyday, feeling for heat, swelling or scraps etc. and groom your horse then that’s fine but why would I stop doing that. That is a good and responsible thing to do.

Other people can ride their horse without brushing it that’s fine, it’s your own horse, but I feel that is is very important and not something that should ever be discouraged. These daily tasks that I do are part of good horsemanship and part of genuinely caring about my horse. I will never stop, and I will allows be looking for more to add to my routine because I care about my horses well being.