Byte and Paynt headcanons.

-Paynt screaming “NO IM ARIEL!!!”

-Byte kicking rats and squirrel bodies, and Paynt just going “i do not associate with these animals.”

-Paynt begging for vanilla Ice cream and Byte saying “Wtf babe we’re at Target”

-Byte singing “Lucky star” Anime theme in the shower while Paynt is recording him

-Paynt trying to speak in french to be romantic and end up saying some weird freaky shit someone told them to say on the internet

-Paynt making shit dinners and byte desperately trying not to vomit

-Paynt trying to drive and Byte laughing his ass off

-Paynt knows all the lyrics to Annie song: moonquake

-Possum: Let’s go on a trip!
Paynt: to the Bahamas!
Possum: that’s a bit too far..
Byte: To hell!
Possum: No.

What’s this? Could it be…??? Oh my God, I actually TRANSLATED a page of my webcomic!!

Here’s page 107 of my Bits & Bytes webcomic, specially translated because I liked it a lot. Basically, it’s a little homage to many Kickstarter projects that got funded. Enjoy!

Oh, you can also read this page in my IMGUR account. Try here:

182: “M” is for “Mommy”

This week we explore the infinite universe of No Man’s Sky, and–KIDDING!! This week, a beloved character who recently had her 30th Anniversary talk about her recent happenings.

Better be careful, Mario. You don’t want to mess with the wrong people.

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It’s finally time for the start of the Bits and Bytes OCT. Since last week, I’ve been uploading one picture per day until today. Here are the characters in order of the numbers:

8. Kaguya and Mikemon from HibiWiki

7. Riza Ryuzaki and Buster (Omega V-Mon) from Riza23

6. Matthew Ambrose and Lopmon from TheHaloGuy

5. Janna Hansen and Coonomon from Viva-La-Veritas

4. Magnhild Gun Hallstrom and Elecmon from Lord-Evell

3. Shay Steeler and Kabumon from ZinyaWolf

2. Takeo Raiden and Shoutmon from FireReDragon

1. Razor from Goma-Teishoku and Tenyo Esyra from Rubixa-Seraph

0. Hukaro Nakawa and Vulupomon which are from yours truly.

Figured I’d upload some of the latest things I’ve been cooking up, because hey, why the fuck not.

I guess, so to say….this is a preview or teaser of my portion of the story for the exciting upcoming year of the Digimon Bits and Bytes OCT that is held on deviantART~! (that background was fun, by the way :D )

Maybe a select few may recognize these characters of mine X3 More art coming your way, hopefully soon.

I completely forgot to finish these Xrosses, so I finished this and the realized that I haven’t even thought about the three form Xros, whoops.

Skippermon! Rollimon! DigiXros!

Not only does Skippermon gain armor with this Xros, but he also gains the ability to roll up like a wheel to both move around and attack using Cellarbuster.

The references I could make with this Xros only came to mind after I drew it. It took everything I had not to have him ‘got to go fast’.