What’s this? Could it be…??? Oh my God, I actually TRANSLATED a page of my webcomic!!

Here’s page 107 of my Bits & Bytes webcomic, specially translated because I liked it a lot. Basically, it’s a little homage to many Kickstarter projects that got funded. Enjoy!

Oh, you can also read this page in my IMGUR account. Try here:


It’s finally time for the start of the Bits and Bytes OCT. Since last week, I’ve been uploading one picture per day until today. Here are the characters in order of the numbers:

8. Kaguya and Mikemon from HibiWiki

7. Riza Ryuzaki and Buster (Omega V-Mon) from Riza23

6. Matthew Ambrose and Lopmon from TheHaloGuy

5. Janna Hansen and Coonomon from Viva-La-Veritas

4. Magnhild Gun Hallstrom and Elecmon from Lord-Evell

3. Shay Steeler and Kabumon from ZinyaWolf

2. Takeo Raiden and Shoutmon from FireReDragon

1. Razor from Goma-Teishoku and Tenyo Esyra from Rubixa-Seraph

0. Hukaro Nakawa and Vulupomon which are from yours truly.


In quantum computing, qubit or quantum bit, is a unit of quantum information—the quantum analogue of the classical bit.

A qubit is a two-state quantum-mechanical system such as the polarization of a single photon: here the two states are vertical polarization and horizontal polarization. In a classical system, a bit would have to be in one state or the other, but quantum mechanics allows the qubit to be in a superposition of both states at the same time, a property which is fundamental to quantum computing.



Remember all those days and quarters spent shmuppin’ on Namco’s Dragon Spirit and Dragon Saber? WE CERTAINLY DO!

And what about those adrenaline-pumping tunes that kept you going stage after stage? Be it unnecessarily extreme drifting in Ridge Racer or solving mysteries in the Zero Escape saga, there’s one guy we can thank for that: Mr. Shinji Hosoe!

Although being super busy, Hosoe-sama wanted to share his excitement for being able to work on XYDONIA’s soundtrack and here’s proof!

Almost 4k euros are needed to reach our 20k goal and we still have 11 days left!

We can do it, let’s make this happen!

Update on Kickstarter

I completely forgot to finish these Xrosses, so I finished this and the realized that I haven’t even thought about the three form Xros, whoops.

Skippermon! Rollimon! DigiXros!

Not only does Skippermon gain armor with this Xros, but he also gains the ability to roll up like a wheel to both move around and attack using Cellarbuster.

The references I could make with this Xros only came to mind after I drew it. It took everything I had not to have him ‘got to go fast’.

Figured I’d upload some of the latest things I’ve been cooking up, because hey, why the fuck not.

I guess, so to say….this is a preview or teaser of my portion of the story for the exciting upcoming year of the Digimon Bits and Bytes OCT that is held on deviantART~! (that background was fun, by the way :D )

Maybe a select few may recognize these characters of mine X3 More art coming your way, hopefully soon.

175: Everybody loves Sonic

All right, we’re back! And just on time to celebrate Sonic the Hedgehog’s 25th Anniversary! Whoa, wait… I don’t think Sonic is in the mood to celebrate!

Luckily, he can find reassurance in the least expected places.

Happy 25th Anniversary, Sonic.

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