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Deserving You: Part 10

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Pairing(s): Dean x Reader, Sam x Reader, Dean x Lisa

Tags: lots of kissing, yum, bit of smut-ish, lots of tears, once again Charlie is amazing, sorry for the angst.

Words: 1690

Note: this isn’t beta’d but what’s new. feedback is always appreciated. i’m sorry this took forever, a lot of shit has been going on and I haven’t had inspiration or time to write.

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burrito bowl salad w/cilantro lime dressing

red onion
lil tiny tomatoes
bell peppers
fresh corn
fresh cilantro

chop all that up

lay it on top of the lettuce/spinach

add black beans (make sure you rinse em)

toss with dressing (I just mixed cilantro + lime juice + clove of garlic + olive oil in a food processor and added a bit of salt!)

Yum yum yum yum yum

Snapchat Messages

[prompt: phil is up north for a few days with his parents and dan stays in london. dan receives a snapchat video from phil which is weird so he immediately opens to it find a video of phil jacking himself off, which would be all well and good if dan wasn’t currently stood in the middle of Tesco with his phone on full volume.]

i read this prompt and laughed for a good 10 minutes honestly

sorry that it’s short but yeah i hope it’s good!! also, please send prompts! phanfic cant give me every single prompt, so please send them in! (tell me about mistakes)

[Contains: some fluff (awh so so cute), slightly domestic, smut (just a bit of phil masturbating yum yum)]

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