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Sunlight #7

Here we go, our first day at school as a couple! I must admit, I’m really nervous. I’ve never been on a date with anyone before, so I don’t know how to act in front of everyone. Sunset says it’s as simple as walking among them any other day, but the way everyone’s staring and calling out to us, I feel a little under the spotlight.

Still, her hand is very warm. I feel… nice. My stomach is in knots, but otherwise I’m okay! I’m really okay…

Whew, this one was a bit of a victim to some trial and error, but I got there in the end! Also I noticed that Sunset’s colours were in their pre-Friendship Games contrast, so I toned that down and updated a couple other bits on her outfit.

John has to meet Sherlock for a case whose crime scene just happens to be on a roof. His first response is to panic. The last time he saw Sherlock on a roof… 

John was already in the cab, and only a few minutes away, when Sherlock’s name finally popped up on his phone. John rolled his eyes. After multiple ring outs he’d resorted to texting Anderson of all people for the location of the crime scene. He considered not answering, as payback maybe, but held the phone to his ear all the same.

“Would you look at that? Only took me five tries. Shall we call that the new record, then?”

Sherlock payed no mind to John’s sarcasm (he rarely did) and simple pushed forward, “Brilliant case, John. Brilliant. Who’d have thought to use sunlight as the weapon? Sunlight. A bit of well-directed sunlight would do the job, yes, of course-”

John laughed softly, shaking his head as Sherlock rambled on, “Yeah, of course. Why not.” He sandwiched the phone between his shoulder and cheek, listening while counting bills for the cabbie. He cut Sherlock off somewhere between recounting the effects of UV Rays on skin cells, “Where shall I meet you then?”

There was a beat, “You aren’t here?”

John slammed the door shut with a little too much enthusiasm at that, “What? No. Why did you think I’m calling you?”

Sherlock started to speak then stopped. John could picture the frown that was surely now set in place, “I was just talking to you…” Sherlock mumbled.

“Well, do you mind a bit of a repeat?”

Sherlock huffed, “Hate repeating myself. But you’ll be no use if uninformed, so, I suppose. The primary evidence wa-“

“Not now. Jesus, just tell me where to meet…”

“John?” Sherlock sounded more annoyed by John’s sudden lack of voice than concerned. He huffed, “We didn’t loose service, this is a prime spot. I’m on a roof for god sake. I can also hear you breathing. John, hello?”


John felt as if the air had been kicked from his lungs. The feeling was a sudden, horrid squeezing that he hadn’t expected. He could see Sherlock very plainly on said roof. He could pick out the way his coat flapped around him even from below. Sherlock was stood near the edge, hand pressed to the cement ledge, forensic people milling about him. Much too close to the ledge. John squeezed his eyes shut, and suddenly Sherlock was standing on the ledge, arms out, falling forward-

He opened his eyes. Sherlock was behind the ledge, not falling, phone still held to his ear. He blinked and he was falling again. John stumbled forward.


“Sh.. Sherlock, don’t-“ His words gave out to a gasp of air, and his feet were carrying him forward at a run, “Don’t-“ He tried again.

“Don’t? Don’t what?” John watched as Sherlock turned, swore he could see the confused squint. His heart lurched. He was facing the ledge now. Totally oblivious to how it looked.

“Don’t move. God, don’t move.”

John took the stairs two at a time. The elevator would be too slow, and he wasn’t sure his heart could handle that right now. You’re being irrational his mind told him, and yet his heart thudded and images of fallingfallingfalling played behind his eyelids.

He burst through the roof door, gasping and zeroing in on Sherlock immediately. Sherlock’s eyes found him just as quickly, but it couldn’t have been that hard with the speed at which John was coming at him.

Sherlock held his hands out in a frustrated manner, “What is the point of phone calls if you aren’t going to-“

The rest of his sentence got lost in John’s hands fisting the collar of his coat and yanking him away from the cement barrier, the only thing separating them from air and space and fallingfalling

Sherlock’s composure crumpled for just a moment, utter surprise breaking through at the contact. His hands came up to cover John’s as they stumbled, John nearly slumping against him. Sherlock stared hard at him, mind reeling:

Hands shaking. Anxiety. Cheeks flushed. Usually embarrassment but given trembling most likely also anxiety.

“Just- don’t stand there will you? God, just-“ John pulled Sherlock closer to himself by his jacket rather harshly, “Jesus..“ He bowed his head slightly, desperately trying to control his breathing.

Sherlock tried to steady John, tried to figure out what was wrong, assessing the situation. He added John’s sharp breathing to the list.

John had run right to him so clearly Sherlock was the source of this reaction. He backtracked to what he had said on the phone. The case. They’d only talked of the case. Not verbally triggered then.

General triggers for anxiety. They listed themselves, sparking through his skull. Verbal, Personal, Sensual, Locational-

Sherlock’s thoughts froze for a fraction of a second, then were sent reeling left, back to their phone call.

“Just tell me where to meet…”

Trail off. Tone change.

“I’m on a roof for god sake.”


Verbal and locational trigger all in response to…

His mind screeched to a halt.

“Oh, John…”

“I know.” John was breathing deeply in through his nose, fists still tight on Sherlock’s coat, “I know. I just- saw you there. Up. Near the- Jesus, I know it’s-“

“John.” John finally stopped trying to speak at the sheer softness present in Sherlock’s voice. It was so rare that he was sure he’d always stop when it made an appearance. He didn’t look up though. He could still feel an insufferable sting behind his eyes.

“I didn’t even think. I didn’t realize the… the weight of those particular- of this particular situation.” Sherlock’s fingers tightened fractionally around John’s where they had remained from Sherlock’s surprise, “I’m sorry.”

John took one more breath, exhaling harshly and then straightening, slowly letting go of Sherlock’s coat, “Right. No, it’s fine. I should be able to be on a roof with you. This is… ridiculous. Sorry.” He huffed again, blinking and finally looking up at Sherlock, “Right. Okay, the case. Sunlight, UV rays or- something, what were you saying? Shall we take a look-“

John stopped again, closing his eyes briefly at the feeling of cool fingers catching around his wrist. He looked back at Sherlock, hoping his eyes didn’t show how hard his heart was still pounding. “C’mon then.” He tried. His voice cracked a little.

“I wouldn’t. Again. You don’t have to worry.” He was taken aback by the look on Sherlock’s face. So close to desperation, “John, I don’t want you to ever think I’d… leave… you.” He seemed tentative at his choice of words. “Not intentionally. Please don’t worry.”

John stared for a moment, aware of Sherlock’s hand still around his, aware that he was real and standing before him. He was hit again with what still felt like an unreal, monumental second chance with the man who he never expected to mean so much to him.

“I’m always going to worry.” He shook his head, offering a smile that was half pain half relief, “Sherlock. I’m always going to worry.”

Sherlock let John lead him back to work this time, images of bonfires and bomb vests consuming his thoughts.

He’d always worry too.

(I. love. them. God. Thank you to this fic for finally breaking my writers block THANK YOU)

Things I Love About You [M]

Request: Can you please write a Namjoon smut about your honeymoon night with him?! Thanks!

a/n: this is so cute to me tbh, I LOVE MY baby :( PLS READ IT

The evening was off to a perfect start.  You had just married the love of your life, the wedding was beautiful, your families and friends were there to witness and support you through everything, and you couldn’t be happier.

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Reasons why some people don’t like Yennefer

Having been part of the witcher fandom for more than a year now I have had all the time I needed to watch the never ending waifu war between Triss fans and Yen fans. And I’ve read a lot of things. Among other things, Triss fans saying again and again and again that “normal” people should choose Triss and that the one choosing Yen must have some kind of serious issues. On the other side, Yen fans seem so often desperate about the fact that the other team doesn’t see Yen’s true self and vulnerable side. I’ve also read so many times Triss fans saying that we don’t see Yen’s flaws and can’t stand it when people point them out. Today as a Yen fan (who happens to like Triss as well by the way, but this is not the point), I’m trying an experiment. I’ll try to find an answer to the “how can people not like Yennefer” question.

Well first I think that it was intentional from the very beginning. And when I say beginning I’m not talking about the games. Sapkowski himself stated that he never intended to write Yennefer as a likable character, as a character who would “please the reader”. And indeed to be honest Yen can be hard to like.
First because she hides who she is very well behind a cold and emotionless mask. And thing is, a lot of people won’t try to look beyond that mask, simply because a lot of people think that actions define who you are as a person. So if you act cold then you are cold. If you don’t show emotions then you don’t have them. If you pretend you don’t care, then you don’t. But fact is, life is not that simple. A lot of people actually hide their emotions in order to protect themselves, we all do to some extend. Yen is a master at that game and who could blame her knowing her past? That is a side of her personality to which I very strongly relate because I’m very much the same. For this reason maybe, I have become very good at noticing masks and people who use them and I always try to see beyond those masks. It’s something I do naturally, without even realizing it. And there are two things I learned from it : first, people who use masks and hide who they are at first are usually great people and they are worth the trouble, and second : some people will never be able to, or want to look beyond the masks. For that reason, to some people Yennefer will never be more than the cold, bossy woman you can see when you first meet her. And maybe they are not entirely wrong, because in a way Yen IS that cold, bossy woman, in her actions she is in any case. Plus I think it is not entirely wrong to say that what you choose to show the world about yourself defines you in a way. But I still think some people are missing half the information they need to see the big picture.

I know what some of you will think at that point : “But I’m pretty sure I understand Yennefer perfectly and I still don’t like her”. Well I think that’s very possible and once again very intentional. Because let’s face it, even beneath the mask Yennefer is not perfect at all. I love that character very much. I love how strong and resilient she is despite all she has been through. I love her self confidence probably because I would like to have a little bit more of that myself. I love the way she is willing to give everything she has and everything she is for the people she loves because I’m very much the same and can really relate to that. I love her wits, I love her sarcastic sense of humor. I love how smart she is, how much she loves to learn things, how good she is at teaching other people. I think she really has a good heart too, and as a matter of fact there are several examples of her randomly helping strangers in the books.
That being said I understand very well that there are downsides to all that. I understand that her self confidence can be seen as arrogance, especially when it leads her to make mistakes or to think that her way of getting things done is necessarily the best. I get that some people don’t like sarcasm. I know that sometimes Yen will see some sacrifices as « necessary » to protect the people she loves and will not hesitate to make these sacrifices and I get that some people will see that as selfish.
And I think all of this is great. I think it shows that the character is very realistic and very well written. Because here’s a fact : one cannot please everyone. The thing you love about someone could be the very reason why some others will dislike that person. And I love the fact that this is true of Yen (and every single character in the witcher books). I love that Sapkowski took that HUGE risk. Because yes most writers, especially fantasy writers, will prefer to write their main characters as unrealistic to make sure that every single reader out there will like them and thus like the book. Either that or they will write about a huge cast of characters, because when you write about a lot of characters every reader can find one they like (that would be, let’s say G.R.R Martin’s style). Sapkowski didn’t do any of that. He kept a small cast of three main characters and yet decided to write them as flawed, and realistic, and somehow not entirely likable. And I admire him for that, it makes me love his writing and Yen as a character even more.

So yes, Yennefer cannot be liked by everyone who reads the books, that’s a fact, but what about the games. Well even though the games are not perfect regarding the way they wrote her I think overall they did a really great job, and to some extend everything I’ve said so far about the books stays true in the games. But I also think that CDPR’s take on the universe gave people more reasons not to like Yennefer, artificial reasons this time.
First, well obviously Yen is not in the first two games and CDPR presented in those games the Triss romance as “obvious” without giving the player any background from the books. I must say that I have played the games first and well I kinda liked Triss and I kinda liked the romance with her. I wasn’t THAT much of a fan, it wasn’t one of my all time favorite ships, but well it was kinda nice. And even though I didn’t think the chemistry between Triss and Geralt was that great I still thought of Yen as a bit of an intruder before playing the third game. So I can very well imagine the way some people, the ones who were really invested in the Triss/Geralt relationship, felt about it. I mean it happens to me sometimes when I play a new game, or read a new book to kinda “hope” that it won’t be that great because I want my old favorite stuff to still be my favorite and I feel kinda guilty about feeling otherwise. It’s stupid maybe, but I get that sense of loyalty to something you like very much. And in order to protect that love you have for the old stuff sometimes you voluntarily don’t see how great the new stuff is. I’m not saying here that all Triss fans still prefer Triss because they are being reluctant to let go of her and see how great Yen is. But I think it does have an impact on the way some people see Yen as a character. I think they “have” to dislike Yen in order to make sure that she won’t interfere with their canon romance, with the picture they have in mind.

Finally, I think unfortunately that the games have had an impact on the way people see the books, and this is the thing that makes me just a little bit sad. Because the last point I think is relevant to understand the way people see Yen is the fact that everyone is reluctant to change their opinions on things. Once you think you know something and have made up your mind about how you feel about that thing it takes a very open minded person and some kind of courage and effort to change your point of view. And even though I really like CDPR’s take on Yennefer, I do think that they didn’t show the entire picture. And I’ve seen so many people reading the books after having played the games and taking their opinion on the characters with them and transposing those opinions into the books and having an interpretation of the books which is in some way based on the games. And I think it’s a shame. Because fact is, whether you like the books or the games better is up to you BUT the games are based on the books, not the other way around. Meaning that CDPR’s characters are an adaptation of the books characters, they are CDPR’s view on the characters. So transposing CDPR’s characters into the books is a little bit like choosing deliberately to see only one side, one interpretation of the characters instead of seeing the whole picture and making your own interpretation. It’s a bit like seeing the sunlight through a green glass and then being able to only see it through that same glass even though you are missing on a whole part of it. Or to use Sapkowski’s own words it’s like mistaking the stars reflected in a pond at night for those in the sky.

I have to add there that I don’t intend to start yet another waifu war with this post, I’m not blaming anyone, just trying to understand the way people see Yen as a character and how the games can have an impact on the way people see the books. I am fully aware that this is not a one sided thing, that some Yen fans also have a need to dislike Triss for some reason, that some of them won’t like her in the games because of the books, or the other way around and that could probably make a topic for another post just like this one. This post only intended to make people reflect on the issue so please read it with an open mind.

just-some-writer  asked:

I have a world in my novel that being investigated for terraformation. It's a large moon (slightly smaller than Earth) orbiting a gas giant. It's tidal-locked to its planet. Would the planet-facing hemisphere have a different climate than the non-planet-facing hemisphere? I currently have it written that the outward-facing side is more temperate, while the other is much warmer. But that just struck me as a fun idea and I don't actually want to use it if it's weird or implausible. Thanks!

Note: the following is for the moon to support life-as-we-know-it (carbon-based, some type of DNA or analogue, etc). Silicon-based life or other exotic life could live in very different environs..

A habitable moon orbiting a gas giant (which we will call the primary) would require both the gas giant primary and the habitable moon to have certain characteristics.

For analysis, lets assume the primary is a Jupiter-sized gas giant. We’d have to move it closer to it’s star than Jupiter is in our system, so there would be enough heat from the star to keep the planet habitable. The additional heat from the primary will help so we don’t have to move it as close to the star as we otherwise might.

This would make your primary a ‘hot Jupiter’ - a gas giant that orbits close to it’s star. We know of a lot of hot Jupiters in nearby systems.

Having an Earth-sized moon isn’t a stretch at all. The second largest moon in our Solar system is Titan, a moon of Saturn. It has a radius of 2575 km, about half the size of the Earth. It also has an atmosphere - one made of nitrogen, methane, and hydrogen. Ick, but this shows that a large moon with an atmosphere is possible.

The biggest danger to your habitable moon is the primary’s magnetosphere. This is the magnetic field generated by the primary. Although this magnetic field will help shield your moon from cosmic rays and radiation from its star, it also traps a lot of radiation particles and keeps them close to the primary - like Earth’s Van Allen Belts but much, much bigger and powerful. On moons close to the primary, that’s enough radiation to kill everything. Jupiter’s inner moons are orbiting inside a giant microwave oven.

To have a life-bearing moon, we need to do one of two things to it - preferably both to be on the safe side: move the moon outside of the radiation belts of the magnetosphere and/or give the moon it’s own magnetic field.

As your moon is about Earth-sized, it probably has a rotating iron core. It’ll have a magnetic field, but lets place it outside the primary’s radiation danger zone just to make sure.

For Jupiter, the safe distance is about 1.5 million km. So, lets put your moon at the orbit of Callisto at 1.8 million km. At this distance, what little radiation your moon gets from the primary’s belts is blocked by the moon’s magnetic field.

Good call on the moon being tidally-locked to its primary. Jupiter’s and Saturn’s largest, closest moons are tidally-locked to their primaries (including Callisto). What this situation will do is make your moon’s day-night cycle quite a bit more interesting than just sunlight and darkness.

As the above mages shows, your moon will have a varying amounts of illumination - a time where only the star is visible (true day), a time where both star and primary is visible (brighter day), a time where the primary only is visible (false day), and a dark time where neither primary nor star is visible (true night). The moon will have a day length equal to the time it takes to orbit it’s primary.

Putting your moon at the same, safe distance as Callisto, it will orbit it’s primary in about 16.5 Earth days, so the moon’s ‘day’ will be just under 400 hours. If your moon orbits in the same plane that the primary’s orbit is in (and it probably does, cause that’s how most orbits work), you’ll have a short eclipse of the star by the primary every day for a couple of hours. Indeed, it’ll happen at local noon.

The tidal-locking of your moon probably wont have much of an effect on the planet’s environment. The side pointing towards the star will get really hot, seeing 200 hours of daylight, but it’ll cool off at night. The heat from the star will have much more impact than the heat form the primary. 

A good atmosphere and oceans (like Earth’s) will do a lot to spread the heat across the planet more evenly. It’ll probably have more extreme days and nights than Earth, but probably not enough to make living there too difficult.

Of course, the view from your moon would be spectacular. The primary will hang in the same spot in the sky looking about nine times the diameter of Earth’s full moon. It’ll be dozens of times brighter than the full moon, as well.

tl;dr:  Your setup is quite plausible and believable, and you’ve got the basics pretty good.. There is nothing known that would make such a setup implausible.

Hey, if it’s good enough for the Rebels…

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Hey!!!! Dumb question but what exactly is the Iliad?


The Short Version: A yarn about blokes getting shitmixed in a war over Miss Hellenic Beauty Champion because some gods thought it would be a Lol.

The Long Version: A Homeric epic poem passed down through spoken word over generations that was penned down in about 800 BC. In the mythological timeline, it ends the Age of Heroes (by wasting them all). It covers the Greek seige of Troy, a whole lotta gods Messing With Shit, a Poseidon who needs anger management, a few hundred names and lots of General Epicness ft Diomedes and Patroklus. Sit back my buddy, let’s go through a quick summary of the books.

Book 1: Apollo ghettoblasts the Greeks with Pain because Agamemescunt kidnapped his priestess Chryseis. Being a douchebag, Agadouchebag Mr Steals Yo Girl from Achilles, which leads to  in͟ten̛şȩ ͟śul͜ki͢n̶g͡ . Achilles’ divine Ma brokers a deal with the Zeus goose (not literally thank goodness, although it’s a definite possibility) so that the Greeks won’t win until they realize how fucked they are without Achilles and go crawling back to him for help.

Book 2: Zeus messes with Agafuckface by telling him to attack Troy. Agamemhoe messes with Zeus by telling his entire army to fuck off back to Greece. Odysseus, with Athena’s help, pistol-whips Agaiceheart back into place with a stick. There are 31 paragraphs of names about Greeks and 16 paragraphs of names about Trojans going to war. The epic story continues.

Book 3: The armies meet. Memealaus (sorry, Menelaus) and Paris decide to have a 1v1 to end this shindig. Paris is saved by Aphrodite and a cloud because he is a Weak Bitch, so we gear up for another 9 years and 11 months of war. Helen tells Aphrodite to go fuck Paris herself if she likes him so much, but Aphrodite threatens Godly Bitch Revenge is Helen ever talks back to her like that again.

Book 4: Menelaus gets grazed by an arrow. Like a football player with a stubbed toe, this means war. He also apparently had ‘shapely thighs and fair ankles’. Watch out for the Zeus eagle, boi. Fighting commences. Diomedes appears. He is awesome, as usual. We continue to the next chapter.

Book 5: Pretty much an entire chapter about Diomedes being a son of a gun and killing fucking everything thanks to Athena. A dude called Sthenelus gets a rock hard boner watching all of this. Aeneas thinks it’s a good idea to take on Diomedes. Mistake. Big Mama Aphrodite has to save him, also with a cloud. Diomedes hasn’t quite reached Critical Awesome yet, so he stabs Ares and Aphrodite as well. Hera calls Ares a little bitch and we carry on.

Book 6: Just a lot of death really. Diomedes was going to kill a bloke, but they realize they are family friends, so just do a little swapsie of armour. Hector gives Paris a spray for being a cowardly little bitch, Paris agrees, and they set off for battle.

Book 7: Hector decides to 1v1 and get this over with. Menelaus tries to accept, but his wingmen Restrain Him. Ajax gets picked out of a hat to fight, but after a bit of a tussle it gets dark, so the fighting pair give each other presents and go home for the night. The next day, they all take a holiday from fighting and the Greeks build a wall. Poseidon is triggered. (reason here.)

Book 8: Due to Poseidon being triggered, Zeus forbids any godly interference on both sides of the war. Hera and Poseidon bitch about Zeus as the Greeks get casually wreckt by the Trojans, but decide not to act on it. Lucky for the Greeks, the Trojans decide sleeping is better than winning, so leave off for the night.

Book 9: The Greeks hit Fuck It and decide to grovel to Achilles for help. Before they do, Diomedes gives Agasaggytitnon a spray for being a douchebag, and everyone agrees that he is indeed a douchebag. Sthenelus probably pops another boner. Back in the tent with the power pair, Achilles and Patroklus, Patroklus tries to be the polite bf to the pleading Greeks, but Achilles is still thinks Agamoomoo called him a ‘vile tramp’ so refuses to help. The drama continues.

Book 10: Odysseus and BAMF Diomedes go on a sneak mission and  heroically stab the Trojans in their sleep. They also heroically steal some horses. The epic heroism continues.

Book 11: Hector takes a leaf out of Diomedes’ book and decides to shitmix the Greeks. He successfully shitmixes the Greeks, giving Agamugface a well-deserved arm wound. Paris shoots Diomedes in the foot, but Diomedes literally does not give a shit. Some random dude gives Odysseus a bit of a stab, Ajax gets Confused By Zeus but survives, but things still look Grim. Sweetheart Patroklus sees the Grimness and decides to try and use his wiles to break Achilles out of his Uber Sulk.

Book 12: The Trojans continue to roadhaul the Greeks, which will come back to bite Hector, but we do meet a dude called Thootes. He doesn’t do shit, but his name is great. There is graphic violence, and the Trojans go to chuck a Greek ship on the barbie. 

Book 13: Poseidon rises from the sea, back being a buddy to the Greeks now the his great enemy The Triggering Greek Wall has been overcome.There is a shit ton of fighting wherein the Greeks do well and Poseidon is happy because he’s getting vengeance for his other traumatic wall experience.

Book 14: Hera sees Poseidon disobeying Zeus and getting sweet wall vengeance and while probably thinking she married the wrong brother, decides to use Titty Distraction so that the Greeks don’t get chucked on the Trojan barbie. Titty Distraction predictably works A+ and the Trojans get slightly shat on with gratuitous eyeball violence. Hector gets hit by a rock and almost has the most anticlimactic death since Amycus, who suffered death by Elbow Punch.

Book 15: Zeus wakes, calls Hera a scurvy knave and tells Poseidon to Fight Him. Poseidon does not want to Fight Him, so melts back into the ocean and stops helping the Greeks. Apollo resurrects Hector from his rock to the face and the Trojans joyously return to their mission to barbeque the Greek ships.

Book 16: Honeyboo Patroklus (still on his way to Achilles since Book 11) sees Apollo and his Brojans on the warpath and breaks Achilles’ heart with Man Tears. While Achilles and Patbroklus have a very, very long, heartfelt conversation, the Trojans start to toast the Greek ships. Achilles gives (yes gives) Patroklus his armour and tells him to fuck shit up, but not to win without him. Fighting commences, we discover the word hurly-burly, Sarpedon dies in a shower of Zeus-induced blood rain and Patroklus becomes Diomedes 2.0 until he is gang bashed by Hector, Apollo, a literal god, and some awkward random called Euphorbus. Sasstroklus delivers a final fuck you, pulls the finger at all three of his killers and blazes it down to Hades.

Book 17: Hector takes Achilles’ armour off Patroklus, marking him as target #1 for the Sulk King. The Trojans and the Greeks spend an entire chapter having a tug of war with Patroklus’ body. Ajax and Menelaus comment mildly on how Zeus is helping out the Trojans, and the god shines a bit of sunlight in chagrin for being called out. The Greeks win the tug of war thanks to Double Ajax Tactics.

Book 18: In which Achilles goes nuts. Everybody has a cry because Patroklus was a Swell Guy (seriously,as swell as a Hawaiian surf that guy). Achilles goes and therapy-screams at the Trojans, who see the mad bloke and back the fuck off -  rightfully so, as Achilles is planning some good old human sacrifice to his dead ‘rider’ Patroklus. Meanwhile, Hephaestus quick-smelts some smashing new armour for Achilles with his household robots.

Book 19: Achilles gets dolled up for battle. Agadickbutt and Odysseus try to placate the madman with gifts, including Briseis, the dame Agamemnope stole from Achilles, but Achilles’ quota of fucks has run out indefinitely. He saddles up and gets ready to fuck up his bae killer.

Book 20: Zeus R͡ELE҉ASE͜S̵ ͝T̀H͜E͡ ́ǴO̷D͞S͝ and lets them play for whichever team they like, so long as Achilles doesn’t sack Troy just quite yet. It’s probably a friendly game similar to football in god terms. Athena invents the spear boomerang, Hera and Poseidon do some casual sunbathing, while Achilles paints the town red rather literally. 

Book 21: Achilles finds men too weak and decides to take on a literal river (Scamander). Achilles realizes this was A̴ B̸ad ̶I͜de͟a͡ and decides he’ll stick to men. We’re not sure whether Diomedes would have backed off from a river, but I guess we’ll never know. Apollo saves a dude called Agenor from Achilles molestation and in doing so also saves the Brojans. The epic story continues.

Book 22: Apollo says surprise Achilles, tricked ya into chasing me boi, I’m immortal. Achilles stares him dead in the eye for a full minute then says ‘fuck you’ and rides off back to Troy. Hector decides it’s time for another 1v1, but at the last minute considers that this idea was insane and fuckin legs it. Achilles chases Hector around the wall of Troy three times presumably to this soundtrack. Hector finally stops to fight, and thanks to the Athena Spear Boomerangᵀᴹ, Achilles avenges his Patroklus. Hector performs the minor miracle of talking whilst having a spear sticking out of his throat before he dies, then Troy’s hero gets roadhauled and everyone is Sad. 

Book 23: Ghost Patroklus pays Achilles a visit, like a sexy Obi wan Kenobi and tells Achilles to bury him already. Patghostklus also beseeches that their bones be laid (ha) together when Achilles inevitably gets fucked on by Fate. Achilles says of course bby I was gonna do that anyway, and tries to make out with a ghost, but this isn’t a Whoopi Goldberg type deal, so Patroghost gets sent back down under. They put the fun in funeral by having games and giving out toasters and such as prizes.

Book 24 (The End): After ‘yearning after the might and manfulness of Patroklus’, Achilles continues to roadhaul Hector until Apollo gives his fam a spray about the dishonour of it. Hera says he’s only mortal scum so who gives a fuck and Zeus says chill wife and commands Achilles to RE̵L͘E̡A̷S͢E ̴T́HȨ H̀ȨC̕T̵O̷R͡ (sorry I can’t help it). With Hermes as a bodyguard, Priam (Hector’s dad) goes to get the body back. Achilles and Priam have a man-cry bonding moment over Dead Loved Ones, Hector is whisked off to be buried and there ends the Iliad! There’s none of the ankle-shooting, wooden-horse-building shenanigans in there, they all come in later texts such as the Aeneid and Ovid, although I still can’t find the exact text where Achilles gets shot. If y’all know, send me the link ;)  I fucking found it nvm

Anyhoo, that was…Jeez, that was The Iliad (aka the longest post in existence). Well, my retold, abridged more slightly less serious version.It’s definitely worth a read, if you can get past all the names!

Check out more Greek Stories here :D

Negan Imagine ~ Caring

After Negan got wounded the reader takes care of him, but he has, as always, other plans..


(requested as an imagine where the reader takes care of Negan, the sentence “You always spoil me…” is included and it being a bit fluffy and a little bit smutty)

Originally posted by may85

The sunlight shined brightly through the windows while your eyes slowly fluttered open.
You heard Negans slow and steady breath while he pulled you in his sleep closer to himself and wrapped his arms tighter around you.
You cuddled yourself deeper in his arms while your glance went over to the papers from the doctors office that laid on the night stand.
You still worked there from time to time, even when Negan had told you often enough that you didn’t have to.
When you had come here it had seemed like the best job offer since those skills would always be useful in this world, and now, now you wanted to still do something.
You didn’t want to be like his wives used to be, just painting their nails all day long and drinking champagne.
You didn’t want to have any parallels between you and them, you were happy enough that this chapter was finally finished for many weeks now.
Before that time your relationship to Negan had been somehow complicated.
You had been extremely close to him, closer than anybody else.
So close, that he often came to your room to talk to you for hours just to pull you into his arms later on and fall asleep.
But more than kissing and cuddling next to him in these nights had been impossible for you, you just couldnt stand the thought of him being with other women and while Negan respected that, he, of course, left no opportunity to make sure you knew that you only had to say something and he would jump into the closest bed with you.
But now you were glad that times had changed and him leaving them for you had brought you even closer to him.

You got ripped out of your thoughts as you heard Negan drowsy chuckling before you turned around to him.
“Good morning, Sweetheart”, he said, his voice still sleepy while he pulled you closer.
“Good morning”, you muttered into his shirt while you felt how he placed a kiss on your temple.
You looked smiling up to him while you brushed a strand of hair back that had detached from his usually gelled back hair.
“You know what, Sweetheart? We should fucking celebrate that we’re waking up together again”, he muttered while his glance intensified and you rolled your eyes laughing.
“What? Don’t act like you’re not into it because I fucking know you are”, he said grinning while you sighed chuckling.
He smirked before he bowed over you and began placing kisses on you neck and collar bones that let electric strokes run up and down your spine.
You hummed in approval and saw how Negans lips formed an even bigger smirk while he went on.
As Negan went on, you suddenly heard the crack of the walkie.
“God fucking damnit”, you heard Negan growl before he looked at you.
“Its okay, answer it”, you said while Negan sighted and grabbed the walkie as he rolled next to you.
“Boss? We need you at the gates, some fuckers are completely out of control”, the man said while Negan went scoffing with a hand through his dark hair.
“Yeah…I’m coming”, he growled into the walkie before he looked at you.
“Take care, alright?”, you asked looking at him while a mix between a smirk and a smile showed up on his lips.
“Of course, It would be a fucking shame if we couldnt continue”, he said smirking back.
“I’m serious”, you said while you looked concerned at him.
You knew how he could be and the last thing you wanted was something happening to him.
“I know, I’ll take care as good as I can, I fucking promise”, he said before he kissed you gently and got up to put his clothes on.
“See you later, Sweetheart”, Negan said looking at you before he swung Lucille over his shoulder and walked out of the room.

After a few moments you slipped out of the warm bed, got ready and walked to the doctors office while you had to think about what Negan was doing right now.
God, you knew that he was far from innocent but that didnt change the feelings you had for him and with them also the concern.
As you finally entered the doctors office you found it empty just with a note from the doctor sticking on one of the cupboards saying that he made patients visits for the next hours.
And in those hours you were mostly kept company by people with smaller wounds until the last one left and you were going through some bottles and tablets as you heard the door opening and saw Amber walking in.
She was dressed in some used jeans and a shirt not the black dress she used to wear while she was one of his wives and to be honest it was still strange but also somehow good to see her that way.
”I need headache tablets”, she said while her glance gored through you.
She still couldnt stand you and let you feel at every opportunity she met you how much she despised you and the positon you had brought her in, but you couldnt deny that you couldnt stand her too.
You just nodded, grabbed some of the tablets and handed them over to her.
”How many points do they cost”, she asked through gritted teeth while you could see how much she hated to especially ask you that.
”Stands on the backside”, you said pointing at the tablets.
She grumbled looking at the high cost of the tablets but then looked up to you and clenched her jaw.
”I take them”, she said a little bit too straightforward before you cashed up her points and she finally rushed out of the room .
Your shift was done shortly after that and while you packed your stuff you saw how the doctor rushed into the room with two of Negans men behind him.
You eyed their bodies for wounds and found big ones while you swallowed hoping that Negan looked better and especially not worse.
“(Y/N), I have to treat their wounds, would you do me the favor and look after Negan’s? I even guess he would rather have you do it”, the doctor said while he walked over to one of the cupboards while you nodded and grabbed all you needed.

You walked into the direction of Negans and your room carrying several bandages and salves while you kept worrying about what had happened to him.
Just moments later you stood before the door and knocked before you heard his raspy voice calling you in.
“Holy crap, thank god its you”, he said grinning as he saw you stepping in.
He sat on the bed, he was shirtless which revealed a wound between his collarbones and his shoulders and one on his lower arm.
“God, what the hell did they do”, you muttered walking over to the bed.
“Cut me with a fucking machete, but you can be fucking sure that the fucking dickhead looks worse than I do”, he said stroking his beard while your glance wandered over to his bat that stood covered in blood next to the wall.
”That could’ve ended much worse”, you muttered while you looked concerned at his wounds before you looked at him and locked your eyes with his and he just refused to let you get out of it.
Moments you stayed liked that before you forced yourself to let go and grabbed after some bottles which dropped out of your hand and let you scoff.
“Do I still make you that fucking nervous?”, Negan asked while you picked the fallen bottles up.
“No you don't”, you said with a half smirk on your lips before you began cleaning his wounds.
The whole time while you cleaned and disinfected his wounds you felt his intense glance on your body while he chuckled until you began spreading a salve over his wounds and he slightly jolted up.
“Holy hell, thats some burning shit”, Negan said chuckling again while you kept going.
“Well, thats especially some good shit. Thats the best stuff we have right now in the doctors office”, you said before you looked up to Negan.
”Aww so you’re just getting the fucking best for me. Thats a fucking big honor”, he said putting dramatically his hand on his chest while he grinned at you.
”Of course, only the best”, you said grinning at him while you chuckled.
“You always spoil me, you should really let me reward you for that”, Negan said chuckling and with a big smirk on his lips as he pulled you closer to his body.
“Don’t even think about it Negan, I’m not gonna do anything before we’re done with that”, you said looking at him.
“You’re fucking punishing me for protecting this place and you?”, he asked grinning at you.
“I’m not, I’m just really caring about you”, you said while you began wrapping the first bandage around his arm and he went quite for a few moments.
His silence made you suspicious but as you looked up you surprisingly saw him looking smiling at you
“Jesus, I fucking love you”, he almost whispered while he couldn’t get the smile out of his face.
“I love you too”, you said smiling back while you leaned towards him, placed one hand on his neck and kissed him softly.
“If you let me finish the bandages, we’ll continue”, you muttered against his lips.
“Sounds damn promising”, he mumbled grinning before you leaned back and could finish your work without being interrupted by him again.
As you were ready you looked up to him and saw him smirking at you before he pulled you closer and pressed his lips on yours.
You couldnt resist deepening the kiss and slinging your arms around his neck while you felt how he pushed you even closer against his body.
He pulled you with him more onto the bed just to have him moments later hovering smirking over you while you completely enjoyed the next time with him.
The awful feeling the concern and worry about him had created, began to leave your body and got replaced by joy and suppressed it finally completely. 
Negan rolled next to you shortly before you felt how he pulled you close to his body and wrapped his arms tightly around you while you cuddled close to him.
“If getting fucking wounds always ends up that way I’ll fight even more fucking bastards”, Negan said chuckling while you sent a playful glare at him.
“Don’t you dare to even think about that”, you said warning while Negan chuckled before he placed a kiss on your temple and you, as well as him, slowly dozed off in each others arms.

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Rinn are 20/21    

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anonymous asked:

if you're still up for L&co, what about the team preparing for a mission? filling lavender pouches and fiddling with rapiers, that sort of thing. maybe George has a steadily increasing litter of loose salt/filings/junk around him that Holly's trying to clean up, and Lockwood's laughing. Lucy's amused too, but is thinking maybe a little too much about the job ahead. That's an incredibly ramble-y prompt, but hopefully it works?

Hey! I’m sorry it took so long! It’s not ramble-y, don’t worry! hahah I think those are the best, actually! all the details make the idea even better XD

I’m late, but here it is! I hope this is what you had in mind? I did a lil Floating Joe at the back and a persistent skull that’s in the scene but a bit weakened because of sunlight! Well, you can probably guess the others haha

*There are more asks here, I read them and I’m sorry but I’m afraid I won’t be able to do them! Thank you for sending them, though! <3 If I have some time to spare I’ll definitely work on those!*

Religious - Theo Raeken

Summary: Based on Religious by NeYo

Theo Raeken x Reader

Word Count: 1,557

Author’s note: I love the song this is based on. I’m totally playing this at my wedding. It’s so beautiful. And when I heard it recently it made me think of when Theo said he was an atheist. Kinda weird, but I love the concept of Theo not believing in God then finding love and starting to believe.

Warnings: Religion talk… 

Some of the words are lyrics by NeYo

Originally posted by go-fandom-imagines

Theo Raeken didn’t believe in God. Who could blame him? The dread doctors picked him at an early age to become a chimera. He watched his sister drown. Even when he got dragged to his own personal hell, he still didn’t believe. There wasn’t a higher power watching over him. Protecting him from evil.

You on the other hand were different. No, you weren’t super religious. You didn’t go to church every Sunday. But you did find comfort in believing in God and heaven. It was depressing for you to think after death you just laid in the ground. With all the death surrounding you, it was nice to think all the friends who you lost because of supernatural creatures were at peace.

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ivorywirepearls  asked:

Hmmm zimmbits camping would be cute!! Also good luck with your gastric situation :)

thank you! and i apologize, this started as a camping fic and quickly turned into a Summer Camp AU – i hope it’s close enough to what you prompted! :)

(on ao3)

Bitty watched fondly from his perch on the dock as Jack blew his whistle. Again.

“Only two people on the Blob!” He barked, pointing at the four B-Compound boys who had turned the yellow, inflatable monstrosity that was the Blob into their own WWE arena. “All of you — ten minutes on the dock. Blob privileges revoked for the day.”

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Prompt: “I didn’t want to bother you.”

Pairing: Woozi x Reader (gender neutral)

Genre: FLUFF

Requested?: Yes - anon

487 Words

A/N: OMG OMG OMG ANON I FINALLY DID IT!!! I hope you enjoy it! It’s more of a drabble, and I’m sorry it’s not longer! Still, I hope it’s as good as you expected. 😊


You grumbled as you brought your hand up to your face, shielding your eyes from the bright light of the morning sun. You looked at the clock on your bedside table, and saw that it read 8:36. It was definitely too early to be up on a weekend. Feeling a sense of resolve, you snuggled deeper into the white covers, closing your eyes and sighing slightly. You hear a soft rustling as you felt the bed move beside you, and you open your eyes to see Lee Jihoon, the love of your life, lying next to you. Your eyes widened a bit before remembering last night.

He had gotten home late, with ruffled hair and droopy eyelids. He had spent almost all day in the studio, trying to perfect a song to be on Seventeen’s new album. You had tried to stay up late and wait for him, but sleep had captured you and didn’t release you, save for a chance to see his tired face and smile to yourself as he climbed into bed with you.

That same smile resurfaced on your face as you slowly leaned in and gave his nose a soft kiss, pulling away as he brought his hand up to scratch it. His eyes slowly opened, and he blinked a couple of times, squinting a bit from the annoying sunlight. As his gaze focused on you, you gave a sheepish grin, blushing a bit.

“Sorry, I didn’t want to bother you – I know how late you were up last night,” you said, glancing back at him, met with the most unabashed look of pure love you could ever imagine.

“I’m not complaining; I would love to be woken up by a kiss from you any day,” he said smugly, grinning at your steadily increasing embarrassment.

“Hey!” you shot back, grabbing a pillow and lightly smacking him with it.

“So much for not bothering me,” he muttered, feigning harm. You, being oblivious, actually thought that your pillow smackdown had hurt him, and you quickly sat up, putting your hand on his face and checking for any sign of an injury. As you coddled him, he grabbed your arm subtly and then pulled you down to him, cradling you against his chest and peppering your face with kisses.

“That wasn’t fair!” You said, laughing at the lost expression that had appeared on his face after you rolled out of bed. “C’mon, Jihoon, I’m hungry. Let’s get some breakfast. I’ll make your favorite!”

With that, you pulled him out of the warm cocoon he was nestled in, linking your pinkies together as you headed into the kitchen. You chattered aimlessly about this and that as you both shuffled around the kitchen, grabbing ingredients and throwing together a cluttered yet delicious breakfast.

And as he gazed at you, the only thing he could think was that he could never be bothered by the love of his life.

anonymous asked:

Writing prompt: People assumed that Megan carried the sword to earn her keep, to defend herself from the monsters of the night and cut out the tongues that scorned her name. But no one knew that it was a blunt sword, one she had never killed with before.

(BTW, I do do prompts! I’ve gotten a lot of them so it may take me a couple of days :) Thanks for sending this one in anon!)

“I never wanted to become a legend,” Megan says gloomily, staring at the sheathed sword on her knees.

Across the campfire, the mountain troll snorts. “Don’t flatter yourself. You’re a horror story, not a legend.”

Megan isn’t sure she wants to be hearing that from a mountain troll, particularly not one who had been trying to sneak up and eat her only twenty minutes before. She doesn’t answer, staring at the way the firelight flickers over the metal scabbard, sending long, deep shadows into the engravings along it.

“If you’re going to kill me,” the mountain troll says, “hurry up and do it. Sun’s coming up and I’d rather go by that sword than a bit of sunlight.” The troll looks anxiously to the horizon, hands twisting in the ropes binding it to the pine tree behind it.

Megan, feeling dangerous, picks her sword up with both hands, one on the scabbard, one on the hilt. The troll’s beady eyes fix on it, the breath seeming to still in their lungs. Slowly, Megan drew her sword just one inch. Then two.

“The Sword of a Thousand Souls,” the mountain troll breathes. The troll stares for another beat and then laughs without humor. “They said you could feel the pressure of your kills from across a field.” It swallows. “They were right.”

So even this one can’t tell a blunt sword from a live one.

Megan sheathes her sword with force, the metal singing a protest, and stands. She doesn’t know what she expected. To be caught? To be freed of this reputation? To be understood?


She can’t look down at the troll, the troll being taller than her even while sitting, but she tries. “You’re a disappointment,” she says coldly. “Maybe the sun will think differently.” She turns sharply on her heel and clicks her fingers. With a hiss, the fire goes out.

“Wait,” the troll says with alarm. “Wait! You can’t leave me here! Behead me, stab me, take my heart, anything. I don’t want to burn!”

Megan scoops up her bag, purses her lips, and keeps walking.

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onea  asked:

hi friend re: the prompt can you do #13 pls <:

hope you like it!! (.w.)/ some injury and blood but it’s rlly mild

Mercy, concern, damnable compassion for another person—all of these are characteristics of crippling weakness, Kylo Ren knows very well. His grandfather, in all his power, had failed because of such weaknesses.

And yet Kylo continues to throw himself into the pitfall whenever the girl is concerned.

He finds Rey separated from her master on Ithor one day. She’s been attacked, probably by some manner of the deadly flora or some creature more dangerous than anything Kylo could ever hope to be. She’s alone by the time he finds her, curled up at the base of a tree. He can feel her pain throbbing in the Force even more distinctly than his own pulse.

She probably will only be frightened by his presence, but an enemy offering temporary assistance is better than no one at all. Beneath his helmet, Kylo grinds his teeth, wondering when and why he’d started to be concerned about her being frightened of him.

The few bits of sunlight that got through the thick jungle canopy are dappled on top of Rey. Her eyes are shut and her lips parted as she catches her breath. She has one hand running through her mostly-unfettered hair when she opens her eyes and catches sight of Kylo.

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Up and down

Pairing: Yoongi x reader

Summary: It´s a hot summer date on set, and Yoongi can´t handle watching you having a popsicle without wanting to fulfill his fantasies.

Word count: 4.326

Genre: Smut

Warnings: graphic smut.

Author´s note: I found this on my phone and thought that I´d post it.

It´s smutty and I´m not ashamed lol

You hadn´t planned this at all. You were supposed to be in your apartment, probably taking a nap or watching one of those movies that made you cry rivers even if you couldn´t relate to the character´s love life in any way possible. Yet when you had received a rushed and frantic call from your boss saying they needed you for today´s shoot, you had submitted to readjusting your plans and had drove all the way up to a forest in the middle of nowhere after cursing in three different languages. And now, there you were, almost whining at the lost of your day off.

On top of that, it was bloody hot. You squinted your eyes trying to block the sun as you made your way through the crowd, cameras already placed all over and staff members running across the set almost bumping into you and barely muttering an apology. There were various insects in the air that added up to the dry ambient and the fact that there wasn´t a single tree near enough to shelter under its shadow didn´t help at all. Your hands worked with a hair tie tying all the strands in a bun in an attempt to cool off. Slapping a mosquito that you had caught trying to suck your blood, a heavy sigh escaped your lips while your brows furrowed.

“Hey, you look pissed as fuck”

When you had agreed to come you hadn´t even thought about what exactly did they needed you for, but when you turned around to find Seokjin shyly smiling at you there wasn´t anything left to wonder. They wanted you to dance. Great.

“Having trouble with the choreography?”

You tried sounding as relaxed as possible. Above everything, you loved your job, no matter the circumstances. And as much as the day wasn´t going as you´d like to, Seokjin didn´t deserve your grumpiness, no less knowing how insecure he felt about his dancing skills.

“The other boys are busy having their pictures taken. I´m sorry they dragged you over here just to bare with my clumsiness”

One of your hands was placed on his shoulder and you gave him a reassuring smile.

“It´s no big deal. Let´s just find a spot where we won´t get burned by the sun and I´ll help you”

It turned out teaching the steps to Seokjin was quite fun. He had trouble with the body rolls and some of the footwork, but he knew how to laugh at himself when he made a mistake. He also had an easy way to make giggles escape your mouth, imitating the birds that were happily singing behind the branches or telling one of his dad jokes. He was about to finish one when someone appeared next to the pair of you.

“You still look like a spastic worm while dancing. Doesn´t he?”

You had been so caught up in your annoyance and in Seokjin that the thought of the other members hadn´t even crossed your mind. So, when you were met with Yoongi giving you an inquisitive look, you blinked twice. There was always something intimidating about his presence, no matter how many interactions there had been between the two of you already.

“Don´t be so harsh”

Seokjin, for his own sake, decided to ignore Yoongi´s comment, which you were grateful for. The last thing you needed was to be included in a fight between this two.

“Actually, Y/n´s help has done wonders. I´ll go get dressed, we´re starting in five minutes”

After thanking you one last time, he left both of you not knowing what to do as the uncomfortable silence was becoming unbearable. You were always unsure about how to act in front of him, his behavior always unpredictable. In all the years you had known the boys, he might be the one whom you had spent the less time with. The one that was less friendly, less open to establish conversation with you even when you were alone. Despite of that, you knew he didn´t dislike you. It was countless times that you had caught him staring at your body. That one time you bent over a desk to plug in your phone and you had caught a glimpse of his reflection on the mirror wall, his eyes glued to the rear of your ass. Or that day you wore a blouse with a bit of cleavage and had found yourself intensely blushing because of his persistent staring at your exposed skin. Each and every time a smirk on his face. You hated to admit that, even if he was just physically attracted to you, it made you feel some type of way.

But none of that mattered, of course. He had never done anything that could make you push yourself into stop suppressing the crescent feelings you liked to think weren´t even there.

“I´ll go too. Will you be watching?”

The question caught you off guard. You fingered the bracelet around your wrist nervously, trying to find an excuse to avoid his eyes.


Despite the hot weather, a shiver went down your spine and you hoped he wasn´t seeing the way your cheeks were reddening.

“Good. I´ll be watching you, too”

His words pulled you out of your thoughts so rapidly your heart jumped against your chest. You could have sworn there had been something predatory behind his words, something that you had never sensed before. As you watched him go to have his makeup retouched, you tried to brush it off. It sure had meant nothing.

Later on, you found yourself actually paying much more attention than you expected. You had seen the boys perform several times, but you had never seen them acting or behind a camera. It was quite the process, though, having to repeat the choreography numerous times until they all got it right at the same time. From the distance, you gave them some tips about how to get in sync, and you couldn´t say your eyes hadn´t drifted to Yoongi much more than they should have, your mind constantly pulled to thoughts of him. You hadn´t dared to look him in the eyes yet, but you had granted yourself a position in which you could see him up close. Letting yourself fantasize a bit, you observed the sunlight reflecting on the smooth skin of his collarbones, the mint locks of hair bouncing over his forehead. The others looked incredibly good as well, and you also directed short glances at them from time to time, admiring how graceful they all looked. Before you knew it, you were clapping along with everyone else and smiling at the thought of how good the result was going to be.

“Everyone! We´ve brought some ice cream!”

Your attention was quickly drowned to the cold treats that a manager was distributing, your mouth already watering at the sight. Taehyung approached you, holding two fruity popsicles that looked delicious.

“Here, Y/n. You´ve also worked hard”

You accepted it and a boxy grin appeared on his face, instantly lighting up yours as well.

“Oh, thanks”

You mumbled and nodded with a small smile, unwrapping the packaging. As you placed your tongue on the tip a smile appeared on your face. It was strawberry flavored, your favorite. When you were going to lick again, you noticed a pair of eyes boring into you. Yoongi. You hadn´t taken what he had said seriously, until now. It was clear that he was watching you, some kind of desire written all over his eyes. You hugged yourself in discomfort, your arms pressed below your breasts unknowingly pushing them up. When his stare met them, when a smirk appeared on his face, it all made sense. He was getting turned on. Min Yoongi, out of all people you were surrounded by, was getting all riled up at the sight of you sucking on a popsicle. You decided to be brave for once. If he was going to stare, you might as well let him enjoy it.

The top part of your pink wet tongue met the ice again, flattening against it. You licked it once, twice without breaking eye contact. You continued doing that for a while, enjoying the taste as if you were eating it the traditional way. Then, you took as much of it as you could in your mouth to immediately take it out, slowly, your lips getting plumper because of the cold. All through it, staring at each other. Your mouth wrapped around the popsicle several times, your cheeks hollowing, swirling your tongue teasingly, all done at a slow pace. When the size of it had gone thinner, you concentrated on melting it, so that the liquid would spill down your fingers. After you had looked around enough times to see that no one was paying attention to the little interaction between the two of you, your fingers scooped some of the pink substance and you introduced them in your mouth, sucking it off with a gesture that clearly had a sexual nature. You stayed in that position for as long as you could, making the most out of it. And then, you removed them with a loud plop.

Whatever had gotten into you, you had liked it. It was fun to see him so stiff, his fists balled up and his lips parted in surprise. It was as if the thought of you being in control of Yoongi thrilled you, making you want more. You proudly smiled to yourself as you watched him finally move from his spot, his face as red as a tomato. After all, he kind of deserved it after all the times he had made you feel small under his hungry stare.

The afternoon had completely extinguished your bad mood, and you stretched your arms after having helped clean up the place. The sun was setting, there were only a few boxes left to put inside the vans and you were already fantasizing about arriving home to enjoy what was left of your day off when a member of the staff approached you.

“Y/n, have you brought your car?”

You gestured toward your black Volkswagen, nodding with your head.

“Why you ask that?”

He smiled at you as if he was already thanking you, even though he was aware of you not knowing what he wanted.

“We don´t have room in our cars for everyone, we´re missing one seat. Would you mind driving him home?”

That implied you arriving to your apartment later than expected and missing the first episode of your favorite drama, but if you were in the situation you´d like someone to do you the favor.

“Sure, and who will that person be?”

Before the staff member could say anything, someone appeared next to him.

“Me. That will be me”

Yoongi. His lips were curled up in a smirk and you wished you could smack it off of his face. Suddenly you didn´t feel so good about the little display of pent up frustration you had made earlier, and blood crept to your cheeks. Why was it that as soon as he came close to you your whole body felt defenseless?

“Perfect! Then let´s get going”

You watched him disappear and once again, you were alone with Yoongi. Except that this time, you felt trapped under his stare, his black orbs not living your face.

Every single car left, the place now looking empty and showing its true nature without all the technological devices and human bodies that had been there just moments ago. All you wanted was to run away or climb up a tree, anything that meant not being in his presence. You were even tempted to run to your car and dump him right and there so that the wolves could eat him in the middle of the night. But if that happened, they´ll probably sue you and you´d lose your job.

You inhaled deeply. You weren´t even making sense. It´s just Yoongi. The fact that he had created a pool in your panties just because you had sucked off a piece of ice while looking at him didn´t mean anything.

“M-my car is over there”

He followed you, and his silence was only making you more uncomfortable. You wanted to fill it, but at the same time you were unable to articulate a single word.

By the time you had started the car, your hands were trembling. All the time you were driving he kept staring at you, even if the view behind his side window was breathtaking. You lowered your head avoiding a sun ray and your eyes met him momentarily before focusing on the road again.

“Can you stop looking at me? It´s making me nervous”

The words escaped your mouth before you could stop them and regret instantly swept over you. Even though you couldn´t directly see it, you knew he´s head was tilted to the side, that lopsided smile you hated so much plastered on his face.

“You didn´t seem so eager about it earlier”

An involuntary gasp left your mouth and your eyes widened. You hadn´t expected him to bring it up this way or being honest, to bring it up at all.

“What do you mean?”

Then, he placed a hand on your thigh, his slender fingers resting against your smooth skin as if that was the most natural thing to do. Your grip on the steering wheel tightened with strength you didn´t even knew you had in the first place. You regretted wearing a dress, you regretted what you had done earlier and you regretted that you secretly loved the way his hand brushed against your skin.

“Tell me” His voice had turned huskier that you were willing to admit and you tried to think about driving and nothing else “Do you think it´s alright to do that in front of me” The hand he had placed on your leg was moving up your thigh at a dangerous speed, now playing with the hem of your dress “and not expect a punishment?”

As much as you tried, there was nothing you could do to deny the heat that was growing in your core. You bit on your bottom lip. Focus on the road. Focus on the road.

The tip of his thumb met your lacy underwear and started massaging the spot. You reprimanded yourself for not having bought a car with seats five meter away from each other. Fuck. Those didn´t even exist.

“Y/n. Tell me if you want me to stop”

Hell no. The last thing you wanted was the warmth of his finger ,now brushing against your clothed clit, massaging it in slow circles, to leave you. You jumped in your seat, too startled by his touch and you had to suppress a tiny moan. As an incentive, you shook your head. You didn´t want him to stop. Not at all.

“Good girl. I´m sure that by now, you are aware of how much I want you”

You had to remind yourself to breath, and this time you couldn´t control your whining. A moan left your lips, and he had done nothing but speed his movements against your now swollen bud.

“And by how wet you already are, I bet you want me to”

That was it. You wanted him, right then and there. If he could make you feel that way only by rubbing your womanhood, fuck, you didn´t even want to imagine what having him inside you would feel like. Almost against your will, you parked the car literally in the middle of nowhere and you turned to face him. His hand was still buried between your folds, and you arched your back when a particularly strong stroke met your clit.

“Why are we stopping?”

You knew he knew the answer and you knew he wanted to hear it from your mouth. A wave of pleasure was sent through your core, and you tried to act composed and oblivious to it.

“Because” You tried not to moan again “If we are going to do this” He sped up his pace even more “I-I´d rather not die in a car accident while orgasming”

He let out a chuckle and his hand stopped moving.

“No problem, then. I can think of another million ways to punish you”

And before you know it, your body moved automatically, awkwardly shifting between the seats and the numerous gadgets placed between them. As if he had been waiting for you, his hands immediately met your waist to help you accommodate on top of him, his hands hiking up your dress leaving your blue underwear exposed.

“If I knew you´d be this obedient, I would´ve done this way earlier”

Everything he said was a turn on. You liked his voice, the slightly seductive edge that had appeared only for you. His fingers dug into your ass, grabbing the flesh and cupping it roughly.

“I love your ass”

He almost moaned it, and you bucked your hips into his growing erection. The sudden compliment made your heart swell with pride, and you had to remind yourself that what he felt for you was pure sexual attraction.

“By all the times you had openly stared at it, it´s no surprise”

His eyes were darker than ever, his hands fidgeting with the fabric of the dress.

“I wasn´t trying to be discrete”

You noticed his bulge pressed against you, and you rubbed your core against it.

“Don´t be”

The words seemed to have an impact on him, and he hungrily attacked your lips. He tasted good, making you want more even though you had just started. It took you a while to realize that it was the first time you were kissing him, his lips feeling as if they had been made specifically for you, as if you had already kissed before and you knew exactly what to do.

You separated to breath and you spotted a protuberant vein on his neck, not hesitating a single second before burying your head in it and starting peppering kisses along his jaw line. You started rocking your hips against him, anxiously wanting to feel some type of release.

“Fuck. Keep doing that”

For once you were the one to smirk, the desperate tone of his voice activating something inside you. You wanted to kiss his neck again but, as you were about to place your lips on his skin, he pulled you back by your wrists.

“What’s wrong?”

You were truly concerned about having done something unpleasant to him, but the amused expression on his face was telling you otherwise. He had something in mind.

“Ever heard of dry humping?”

You blinked, not expecting to hear that term at all. You had never thought about Yoongi being into that. Well, not that you had ever thought about Yoongi’s kinks.

“Yeah. Is that what you like?”

He lifted an eyebrow, a playful gesture that made him look oddly cute for the situation.

“Usually not” He found the zipper of your dress and he deliberately pulled it down along with the straps “But, it’s your punishment. I had to watch you sucking on that stupid popsicle” Your bra was now completely visible and he unclasped it without difficulty , your flesh meeting the fresh air. You didn’t complain, your eyes locked with his “Imagining it was my cock inside that pretty mouth of yours. You kept tempting me, and I couldn’t do anything. You got me so hard I thought my balls would explode”

One of his hands started massaging your breasts, the tips of his fingers pressing against your hardening nipples. His words only turned you on more, he didn’t have to swear he had been and was rock hard. You could feel it for yourself.

“Rub your pussy against me until you come”

Your mouth hanged open at his request and when you saw him place his arms on his sides, completely away from your body, you understood he was serious. You hesitated at first, but the way his eyes were roaming over your body encouraged you to do it. Your hips moved against the fabric of his pants, the friction causing you to get even more aroused. As you noticed his body relaxing under yours you sped up, alternating between thrusting and moving your hips in circles. His head fell backwards and he moaned, guttural grunts repeatedly delighting you ears. Your hand reached for your clit seeking for more pleasure, but once again, he stopped you.

“Play with your tits instead”

At that point, you would’ve done anything he said. You cupped both your breasts as tight as you could, your hand reaching for your pussy wetting them with your juices only to spread them across you nipples. His dick twitched inside his pants, and you weren’t going to last much longer if you kept rubbing against it so hard. You kept repeating the same action, coating two or three fingers in your drenching core and rubbing the hot liquid all over your breasts while moaning loudly. Apparently, it turned him on beyond belief.

“Fuck Y/n. Now I want to come all over them”

His words were exactly what you needed to reach your orgasm, and you grabbed the sides of his jacket as your body convulsed, the pressure that had build up in your lower stomach suddenly exploding. He obliged to touch you again, holding your waist to steady you between shaky breaths.

“That was fucking hot”

Your head rested against his shoulders, and you were not sure about what was going to happen next. You wanted him to touch you, to feel your body as he had done before, but all you got was his right hand lightly slapping your ass.

“You did great. But we’re not finished. You still owe me”

He signaled you to move back to the driver’s seat and you obeyed. Your legs were still trembling a bit because of having come so hard.

“I don’t like the idea of your lips wrapped around something that isn’t my dick

“Even though you are aware about what you had just done and you yourself were naked, you blushed when he unzipped his pants, lowering them past his knees followed by his boxers. His erect member was now proudly standing in front of you, the tip redden and covered with precum. You could tell he wouldn´t be able to last much longer, and you wanted to help him. There was nothing preventing you from touching it.

“Go ahead. Suck me off”

You didn’t hesitate to spit on your hands before wrapping them around his length. He hissed his thighs tightening and flexing at your touch. You gifted him a kitten lick before taking the whole thing in your mouth, your lips stretched to make sure you properly tasted his cock.

“Keep going like that and I´ll come soon”

He grabbed the hair on the top of your head and pulled you back, so that he could have a better view. In no moment did his eyes leave yours, as if he wanted to remember every single moment of him entering you for the first time. When you realized he was so worked up he had started doing his part of the job, your hands left his dick to rest on your thighs. He didn´t stop pushing inside of you until his tip met your throat, your voice muffled by him repeating the movement. You took every inch as best as you could, breathing through your nose, too caught up in the thought of you giving him pleasure to care about the pain. The only thing audible was the lewd sound of his skin hitting the back of your throat and some moans occasionally coming from him. His fingers dug harder into your scalp, making tears appear on the corner of your eyes that were going wider with every moment that passed, lust torturing them with each glance he directed at you.

“Fuck. I´m going to come…”

He suddenly pulled out of you and as he held his dick with one hand you saw him shoot his release, the hot liquid landing mainly on your breasts and some of it on your mouth. The sight turned you on even if you had just come.

Finally, he removed the cum from your lip, gently, and held it up for you to see.

“Open up”

Your mouth followed his command and you immediately swallowed, too fascinated by his bluntness. You watched him collapse against his seat as he put back his clothes and removed the sweat that had appeared on his forehead. With him fully dressed you suddenly felt too exposed and quickly reached for your clothes. Once you were back in your dress and you had brushed your fingers through your hair, you realized you didn´t know what to say. It was as if after both of you had fulfilled your fantasies about the other there was nothing left, nothing tangible to hold onto between the two of you. You should´ve had known that the fact that you had just had sex with Yoongi wouldn´t change anything, and it didn´t have to.

“That was great. I´ll take you home now”

If your smile had looked as forced as it had felt, he didn´t acknowledge it. Except for the flushed tone of his cheeks there was nothing that could hint that the two of you had just done something that intimate. The ride was short and silent, and he barely muttered a goodbye before exiting your car.

Back in the road, you wanted to hit yourself for being so stupid. He hadn´t even kissed you in the lips as you had dreamt about, as how it was supposed to be after you slept with someone. He hadn´t even thanked you. You sighed. It was just sex. Pure physical attraction. After today, Yoongi had made it clear that was all he felt for you. ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ This feels kind of…short? Idk. Maybe I should’ve edited it or something.