bitmma  asked:

Hi there, I am a fellow chronic fatigue syndrome sufferer for about the past 5 years. It has been very discouraging to find a treatment/ medication to help with symptoms. After a while I kind of gave up trying. Now I think that I'd like to try some kind of alternative treatment. I have that feeling that I don't want to give up until I've tried everything you know? So I was wondering if you can recommend any alternative therapies that you have tried in the past that have helped you. Thanks :)

bitmma - Hey there, sorry to take so long to reply! I can certainly understand that feeling, often it seems like alternative therapies are more effective than anything doctors recommend to us. My memory is not the greatest so I’m struggling a bit to think of everything I’ve tried, but I’ll do my best to list them. Keep in mind that I’m not a medical professional and these are all entirely based on my own experiences-

- Bio-identical progesterone cream/troches for severe PMS and period pain

- B12 injections and sub-lingual tablets for energy and depression

- Regular chiropractor appointments for posture and shoulder/neck/back pain

- Neurofeedback therapy for various symptoms and depression/anxiety

- Oxygen therapy or high concentration oxygen therapy for pain, POTS, etc

- Gluten, lactose free and low FODMAP diets for IBS and other digestive issues - obviously everyone’s systems are different, but I think because our bodies are already so inflamed we do have a tendency to be sensitive to various foods, so intolerances/allergies could be worth exploring 

- Daily acidophilus tablet/s for gut problems

- Daily magnesium tablets for muscle and joint pain - I believe you can also get it intramuscularly

- Intravenous vitamin therapies/infusions - I’m only familiar with the Myer’s cocktail, but I believe there are a range of different kinds offered

- SAMe and/or methyl-folate for depression

- Armour thyroid medication for hypothyroidism - getting your thyroid thoroughly checked out is definitely worth doing if you haven’t already

That’s about all I can think of right now, I hope that’s somewhat helpful. If any of those things sound like they could work for you be sure to Google them thoroughly and chat to others who have had experience with them!