biting trophy

Shizuo quickly learns that there are both pros and cons to having Izaya as a roommate, most of which were not mentioned in the roommate contract.

His mental list looks something like this:

Pros: free food, sexytimes, Izaya

Cons: sleep deprivation, sketchy business

Shizuo wouldn’t mind so much if it were normal sketchy business, like smoking weed or selling exam answer keys. But he’s 95% sure Izaya is running side jobs for the yakuza, and recently he’s heard weird rumors about an underground gambling ring.

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happy 28th birthday rafael nadal!

Holy shit, I can’t believe you’re 28! I remember being a little kid, watching you tear up the courts as a teenager. Back then I rooted for you because you were cute and you never gave up (i liked that), but little did I know you would come to be one of the people I am most proud to support in my life. From your injuries (2009 and 2012 made me wanna die) to your victories to your losses, I’ve stuck with you through a lot. I’ve gotten up at 3:30 in the morning only to stay up for 6 more hours and cry tears of sadness with you when you just barely couldn’t pull it off and fallen on the floor and cried tears of happiness with you when you reached a goal many thought impossible. I’ve watched your unfailing sportsmanship (hello AO 2009 and 2014), perseverance, strength, passion, determination, grace, and goofiness, and I wouldn’t change a thing about you. Whether you win this French Open or any other tournament after, I’ll always be with you. Love you so much and I look forward to watching you bite many more trophies :) Happy birthday Rafa, number 9 here we come!