biting fairy

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M.O.M. Classification XXX

(Sometimes known as Biting Fairy) 

The Doxy often mistaken for a fairy, though it is a quite separate species. Like the fairy, it has a minute human form, though in the Doxy’s case this is covered in thick black hair and an extra pair of arms and legs. The Doxy’s wings are thick, curved, and shiny much like a beetle’s. Doxies are found throughout northern Europe and America, preferring cold climates, They lay up to five hundred eggs at a time and burry them. The eggs hatch in two to three weeks. Doxies have double rows of sharp, venomous teeth, An antidote should be taken if bitten. 

Audrey Benjaminsen 2016

Were you making out or attacking each other?

Nalu Love Fest Day 2: Bite

Rated T

“So…. is she tight?” Bixslow asked as his flying totems said “tell us, tell us”.

Lucy and Natsu weren`t able to catch Gray when he caught them red handed on his house and he ended telling Erza. Or better said shouting “LUCY AND NATSU ARE DOING IT IN HIS COUCH”.

Mira and Lisanna cheered, Elfman said it was manly, Erza was as red as her hair, Wendy had her ears covered by Gajeel, etc. When they both arrived to the guild Lucy was taken by the girls and he by the boys.

“I`m not going to answer that….” Natsu told him seriuos

“Why not?” Wakaba asked offended.

“That`s only for my mind, there`s no way I`m going to even let you imagine it.” Natsu said as he crossed his arms.

“Have you even done it with her?” Max asked him.

“Yeah” He said and pointed to Laxus and Gajeel, “Ask them if you don`t belive me”

“I don`t understand what we are talking about…..” Happy said with a fish on his paws. “What did Natsu do to Lucy now?”

“It a phisycal act humans do to show how much trust and love they have for each other…” Pantherlily told him.

“Like fighting?” Happy asked confused.

“You could… put it that way” The black exceed told him.

The blue exceed then turned to the fire dragon slayer. “So all those scratches on your back were made by Lucy?” All the stares were on him, waiting for him to say something. He just stayed there petrified. 

Suddenly, Gray pushed him futher into the table they were and pulled on his vest`s collar, making it posible for him to see his back. “Woooooow.… You two a-Ugh!” Before he could finish his sentence, Natsu had elbowed him in the ribs.


“I can`t belive you didn`t tell me!” Levy complained as all the girls sitted next to the bar to hear Lucy. “How long has this been a secret?” She asked with a poity look.

“Umm….. Two months…” She said feeling a little bit guilty

“Well you really kept it hidden for a long time.” Lisanna said.

“I must admit I`m disappointed in him….” Cana commented as she drank a mug of beer. “I thought Natsu would have been more primal in bed”

“What do you mean?” Erza asked her.

“Lucy wears clothes that show a lot of skin, I hoped Natsu would leave a hickey on her or something… Y`know to mark territory.” The alcoholic mage explained.

“I know how to use make-up Cana” The celetial wizard said.

“So he has mark you then….” Levy concluded with grin in her face. All the girls took a step closer to her, making Lucy panic.

Suddenly, two wet hands rubbed her neck sides sending shivers down her spine. She turned to see juvia with her hands wet, probably by a spell, and then a collective gasp and a variety of comments.

“That had to bleed at the moment!”

“This one is not going to heal for another two months”

“Love Rival`s neck was Natsu`s san dinner”

“Lucky Lucy Heartfilia indeed”

Lucy turned red by all the embarrasing remarks but all the comments stopped when Erza out of nowhere stood up. A dark aura that screamed danger surrounded her and a sword was in her hand.  She turned to where the boys were interrogating Natsu. 

“NATSU DRAGNEEL!” She shouted in rage, making all the guys step away from Natsu.