biting all the time

Dating Calum Hood would include...

1. Grilled Cheeses in the middle of the night.
2.Singing and dancing together in the middle of the living room.
3. Rough Sex cause Daddy AF
4. Shitload of puppies cause Calum…
5. You tracing his tattoes when you are bored.

6. His hands on your waist when you are in public cause his is protective AF.
7. Stupid little gifts like candybars and flowers all the time
8. Skinny dipping.
9. Showering together to “save time” but actually always being late cause shower sex is so good.
10. Kidnapping you from work/college just to spend some quality time together.

11. Stupid fights that end with him pulling you into a hug.
12. Once in a while spending lazy days laying on the bed.
13. Him waiting for the right time to say “I love you” for the first time but actually blurting it out during a fight.
14. Smirking at you all the time.
15. You biting his botom lip when you kiss.

16. Him loving and worshipping your body as it is.
17. Loving your boobs so much that he always looks at them even when in public.
18. Skyping and texting every night before you go to bed  when he is on tour
19. Taking you out on formal dates when he gets back home.
20. Being in a long distance relationship for most of the time but none of you mind because you are both so in love.

21. Him being scared that he’ll lose you, but not admiting it to anyone.
22. Watching each other sleep, but him doing it almost all the time when he is home, because he thinks you are a work of art.
23. Cuddles all the time.
24. Supporting you through everything you decide, either on a professional level or a personal issue.
25. When you are sick or on your period, he runs you hot baths, makes sure you sleep peacefully, makes you food and takes care of you because “You are sick, you are my girlfriend, I have to take care of you cause I love you. Now shut up and drink your tea.”

26. Grocery shopping together for his or your apartment and him thinking that he wants to live with you.
27. Concert dates.
28. Beach walks.
29. Him squeezing your butt while you sleep and you pecking on his jawline while he sleeps.
30. Making plans for your shared future even if they are plans of places you’d like to go with him or talking about bigger stuff (like houses, kids etc…)

Aussie larrikin, part time smug-mug.
I can imagine the lip bite comes out all the time; embarrassed, wiring some explosives/joy and concentration - not to mention messin’ with ‘Hog satisfaction. 
Just a continuing doodle of my take on mask-less Mako and Jamie being casual. 


Went to Koreatown in NYC for some delicious foods and a tiny lil bit of karaoke, i hope i stopped before anybody’s ears started burning too badly!!

DAY6 as dog owners
  • Jae: owns a golden retriever. Tries to talk to girls but they ignore him and pet his dog instead
  • Youngk: owns a german shepherd. Taught dog how to be super cute to get girls. Succeeds and gets all the girls.
  • Sungjin: gets a sheepdog because they're known for being the most obedient. Still can't get it to do what he wants
  • Dowoon: owns a chihuahua named Paco, probably. Tries to hug it but it bites him all the time.
  • Wonpil: owns 48 puppies. Each one has a customized handmade puppy sweater.
ASTRO SCENARIO: What kind of kissers and cuddlers they have

Jinjin: JinJin could take on different characteristics depending on his mood, but in general, he would make sure that you feel comfortable and make you smile. Because of that, cuddles with him would be a moment of fun and strong hugs, where he’d put his face on your neck and tickle there with his nose, poking at the nerves of your waist. But things would easily become different and he’d be more serious, holding you against his body with force and involving your waist in a domineering form.

About the kisses, Jinwoo would be the type that would pull you gingerly for a kiss everytime you didn’t expected and smiling playfully for you like a naughty child. In most cases his kisses would be simple and not too deep, where he’d like to look into your eyes. But when his dominant mode was active, Jinjin wouldn’t let you breathe while pulling your hair and biting your lips.

MJ: Myungjun would like to cuddle with you all the time, however he’d rarely take an initiative, ashamed and afraid that you would reject his affection.

So would be common for you to hug him while all he could think of was receiving your touch and feeling your body against his, sometimes stroking the skin of your arms.

With the kisses he’d often let you command, not making a move if you didn’t give space to him. It would only intrigue  you even more, because the desire in MJ’s eyes would be evident but by respecting you so much, wouldn’t let things get too hot. Plus, he’d love to feel your fingers curling into his hair and pulling them along with bites on his lips and necks while he made delicate circles on your back, still trying to keep the control.

Eunwoo: Cuddles with him would be different every day, because he’d be the tsundere type and would be a bit difficult for him to show his feelings. But sometimes he’d need your cuddles and caress, like, he’d love when your arms and legs are wrapped around him and you face each other, or when you focus on something (movie or drama) with your head lying on his chest, Dongmin would feel really happy with it and to be able to protect you.

Kisses with him would be usually soft and he wouldn’t like to kiss you in public - because he’d be a little shy. But he’d have those days that his feelings are out of control and he’d kiss you with passion, his hands on your face to keep you close and then would smile, joining your foreheads and whispering “I love you”

Moonbin: He’s the type that wouldn’t sleep well if you weren’t on his side. Bin would be really protective so he wouldn’t let you go even for a second and would hug you tightly, also would love when you lay on his dorse. When you two watch movies together he’d probably make you sit on his lap and then would pass both arms around your shoulders. In general cuddle with Moon Bin is about to ‘protect’ you from the world.

When he come home, the first thing Bin would do is look for you, would always like to be greeted with a kiss, and same thing in farewell. He who would be in command, would bite and suck your lips hard and invade your mouth, while his hands would go to your hair, the fingers intertwining with your locks with a little force, which, in fact, was pure desire. Public kisses wouldn’t be a great problem, actually would be a way to show that you were a couple to everybody around.

Rocky: He’d be the type who would like to watch you studying or reading, but couldn’t stay long just in that. If you were, for example, reading on the couch, he’d lay on your legs or on your belly, asking for attention. He would also love to pass his arm through your waistline, caressing your body and be the big spoon - letting your bodies really close - and even would deposit some kisses on your neck and nape.

In the same amount that he’d love to watch you, he would love to receive your kisses. Every time he get a kiss would feel his heart speeding up, the stomach turning and would smile even sleeping. But usually he would prefer deeper kisses, for believing in this form of affection more than any other. Kisses in which you circle your arms around his neck and let him control the rhythm that you would follow, as well explore your whole mouth.

Sanha: He’s the kind who would like to hug and kiss you while spinning you in the air. In fact Sanha would hug you all the time, because, for him, having you in his arms and your smell would be the best feeling in the world. His favorite time for cuddle would be these lazy mornings, that you have nothing to do, and would stay at bed, looking at each other; him passing his fingers through your hair, while your hand caressed his face. But things won’t be quiet for long because Sanha would find a way to do something to make you laugh, for example tickle or mess up your hair, so you two ended up wrapped and you kissing his whole face.

With kisses he’d be a little shy and would take some time to let things go. Would give you kisses on the cheek here and there during the day – plus a big and cute smile – as well a lot of pecks. Sometimes deeper kisses would happen, probably in most romantic occasions, and would be slow, but not calm; Sanha would give his best to demonstrate how intense are his feelings and how much he loves you.

~ADM Cherry and Misso~

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Summer Night {Remus Lupin x Reader}

Trouble - Never Shout Never

Another one shot of Reader playing an instrument. I just really, really, love these ideas ‘cause I can’t play shit to save my life. This was really fun to write and it means a lot to me. 

Hope y'all enjoy!

Reader spends her summer vacation in her grandparents house and goes out with Remus while playing the ukulele under the tree. Fluff.


In spite of the blazing heat during the day, summer nights were surprisingly cool and relaxing. (Y/n) was spending her vacation in her grandfather’s farm in the country side and almost everything was perfect if the mosquitoes did not bite her all the time. Nonetheless, she kept a happy and cheerful mood all the time.

She was eating eggs and bacon for dinner when an owl came swooping in through the window, making her old grandfather jolt in his seat.

“Attaaack! Attaaack! Quick, (Y/n)! Hide!”

(Y/n) held her grandfather with a comforting smile and took the letter from the owl’s talons. “Grandpa, it was just my owl. No one’s attacking us.”

“Oh! Ohh…Oh…Is it Remus?”

Her grandfather knew about her relationship with the boy and it excited him whenever he would come and visit them. Remus would tell him stories about his pranks with the boys and he would help out with the chores around the farm. He would bring chocolates to her grandmother as well which she would finish in one sitting. They loved him like a son and they loved him even more to see him take care of (Y/n) so well. The old man watched her open the letter and seeing her smile behind the parchment made him giggle.

“Only Remus can make you smile like that,” he said, showing a toothless grin.

(Y/n) chuckled, her heart beating loud at his words. “He’s going to visit us tonight, grandpa.”

“Tonight? Your grandma should know. Sweetie!” He called, sending her grandmother rushing to the dining room where they sat. It was a small house so it does not take much to get into the next room which makes chores even easier.

“What is it, dear?”

“The Lupin boy is visiting us tonight!”

“Oh, splendid! (Y/n), you should get dressed.”

(Y/n)’s spoon was halfway through her mouth when her grandmother pulled her from the chair before whipping out her wand. (Y/n) have always loved Remus since first year. He was her first crush and it amazes her how her first crush also became her first kiss and first boyfriend. It was sweet and though there were days when they don’t get along, they always come back together. His friends would endlessly tease them (mostly him) but they would also help them out on what gifts to get for each other every Christmas holidays. (Y/n) loved him dearly and he loved her back.

“But grandma, I’m already comfortable in my pajamas,” she complained.

“Hush, deary. Your boyfriend is coming and you should look great! Not in strawberry pajamas.”

“He’s seen me in this already.”

“And I’m not about to let that happen again.” She twirled her wand and with a tap on her pajamas, her clothes turned into a (f/c) dress with a small bow on the back. Her hair was also fixed nicely with small flowers stuck on her hair. She looked very beautiful indeed and her grandparents were sure it would definitely make Remus happy.

“Now go brush your teeth and I’ll call you when he’s here,” her grandmother said, embracing her. She sat down on the table with her husband while (Y/n) went to the bathroom and made a quick stop to her room.

She took her ukulele with her which was a very small guitar she bought with Remus in a muggle store in town. His name was written on it with a heart and the date it was bought. Not long after, a knock came from the door. Everyone stood up and rushed to the door to see who it was.

A tall boy with brown hair and hazel eyes stood in front of them, carrying a bouquet of flowers. “Hello, (Y/n).”

(Y/n) could not contain her happiness, immediately jumping into her boyfriend,her arms around his neck.

“Remus!” She giggled, kissing his cheek. “I missed you.”

“I missed you too.” He chuckled, pressing a kiss on her forehead before looking at her grandparents with a polite nod. “Good evening, sir. Good evening, ma'am.”

“Good evening, Remus.” They greeted together. “I hope the trip did not tire you.”

“Not at all,” he said while (Y/n) took the bouquet and her ukulele.

“Come on, Remus. Let’s go to the mango tree,” she held his hand but before they left, they waved goodbye at her grandparents who watched the two run with a smile on their faces.

(Y/n) raced him and reached the tree where they shared many happy memories with each other. Remus followed and pulled her back into his arms, capturing her lips in a soft kiss.

“You look so exquisite, love.” He whispered, “My little flower.”

“And you’re my handsome Moony.”

They sat down under the big mango tree when (Y/n) took her small guitar and began to play a song. Remus started singing the first verse while she continued strumming.

I’m in trouble, I’m an addict. I’m addicted to this girl. She’s got my heart tied in a knot.” He winked, “That’s you. And my stomach in a whirl. But even worse, I can’t stop calling her. She’s all I want and more, I mean damn, what’s not to adore?

(Y/n) smiled and sang along with him. He had never sung for anyone before but the words seemed to roll off his tongue perfectly and he couldn’t help but relate to the lyrics. It was how he felt for (Y/n). Every time he would look at her, he felt happy and all his problems would go away. He loved her so much from her cute face, her (h/c) hair, and her smile that brightens up his day. Even the worst full moon could not seem to ruin his mood as much as before whenever he talks to her.

She sang along and sat between his long legs.

And oh, O-oh, o-oh, o-ooh. Oh, I’m running my mouth just like I got him but I surely don't–”

“But you do.”

“I do,” She laughed before continuing the song. Flowers started growing out of the ground and small blinking lights appeared from the tree like fireflies, making it more romantic.

After she finished the song, she turned to Lupin, her thumb rubbing circles on his scarred cheek. She kissed his soft pair of lips that made her melt while he returned the gesture by cupping her cheeks and placing her on his lap. He brushed her hair over her ear and gave her one last kiss.

“You’re my light, (Y/n). I promise I’ll stay with you until my last breath.”

“And I’ll be with you forever.”

They kissed once more and continued playing songs under the mango tree, beneath the deep blue sheet of sky painted with stars.


Holy shut you guys that is amazing!!!!!! We can’t thank all you enough for all the support, messages and good times! (; we love you all!!!- your sis *bites lip with a wink*


• rough sex. all the time. kylo is very vocal in bed and is ridiculously talented in dirty talk.

• hair pulling!!!!!!!! he always takes you from behind so this is a constant thing.

• “gotta sound like white people runnin’ in flip flops” - kylo’s motto

• all! the! moans!! he incites that shit from you all the time. no mercy.

• he uses “pussy” and “cunt” a lot. a. lot.

• because the sex is SOOOOO rough he goes all out with it. he bites you in the heat of the moment all the time.

• speaking of which: bruises. all over your body.

• you know that song “side to side”? yeah. the next morning is almost unbearable. kylo is notorious for bruising the cervix!!!!! fuck yea

• drunk sex with kylo???????? a whole other level of amazing.

• because when kylo gets drunk he doesn’t get sloppy - he GETS PRECISE.

• when he’s drunk he’s more than happy to just go down on you for an hour or so. like, he doesn’t even need you to return the favor.

• shit is GOOD too. like he is bomb ass at oral sex ya’ll.

• forgive me lORD but kylo’s oral technique is sloppy good. lots of noise going on down there. he also doesn’t give a SHIIIIIT about your cum on his face. it’s fine.

• anyway drunk sex with kylo is fucking brilliant. but kylo only drinks whiskey or dark shit like that. he has no interest in wine or vodka or anything like that. he thinks that shit is weak.

• this bitch omg he’s super into public sex.

• he’ll definitely bang the shit out of you in the command shuttle while a technician is working on it. he doesn’t give a shit. kylo ren does not give a SHIT.

• sometimes he takes you RIGHT THERE in the conference room. it’s obviously empty but it’s dark and WALL SEX!!! he easily lifts you up against him and holds one leg on his shoulder. HOT DAmn. he also covers your mouth when you scream because wtf??? you’re so loud but he’s so into it.

• ok so ugh let’s talk about attire when it comes to sex

• sometimes when when the two of you can’t wait he simply pushes you into your quarters, pulls down his pants, and moves his robe aside. that’s it. he doesn’t even take off his mask. he leaves on his gloves because he knows you fuckin LOVE THAT.

• btw he’s got a big dick but it’s got more girth than length which is fuckin brilliant

• so AFTERCARE. ugh okay so it depends on where you are in your relationship!!!

• if you’ve just met him he wants you out of his room. he doesn’t care about you honestly. he just wanted that dick/coochie real quick. he won’t be very nice about it, let’s be real. he’ll just get up immediately afterwards and head to the refresher. he expects you to leave. boy doesn’t even hand you a towel damn

• if you’re in an early relationship with him he’s so-so. he’ll hand you a towel afterwards. depending on the intimacy between the two of you he’ll MAYBE flash you a smirk.

• if you’re in a secure relationship he expects you to stay with him in his quarters. he’ll hand you a towel. he won’t cuddle at all but he’ll let you sleep in the same bed. in the morning he’ll greet you with a smirk.

• if you’re married to him he’s super fuckin’ in love because he does NOT form romantic attachments in that severity. it takes a damn badass woman/man to entrance kylo ren. after sex he wipes you clean with a washcloth and puts one of his undershirts on you. you’re allowed to snuggle against him but he’s always the big spoon. he wraps his arms around you and even though you move around a lot in your sleep you’re still in the same position when you wake up. in the morning he kisses your eyelids and then fucks you mercilessly if you wanna.

• kylo likes morning sex btw. it relieves tension for the upcoming work day.

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fmbl!!!! I dunno if you'll get to read this before the concert but i just wanted to say have fun!!!!! Stay safe and enjoy yourself!!!

THANNKS anon thank you!  I actually am seeing the show tomorrow - today was a travel day - so I’ll carry your wishes with me for sure!!!  For now I am very safe, about ready to tuck in for the night so I can get up early tomorrow and WAIT and then go get BUCK.

Sex With Ron Weasley Would Include...
  • Ron asking if youre okay.
  • Him being a kinky little shit.
  • “I told you!”
  • Biting.
  • Foreplay.
  • Him wanting blowjobs all the time.
  • Love bites!!!!!
  • “Nice bite’s Ronald.”
  • “Shut up ‘Mione.”
  • Him being vanilla at first
Any price

in every single way
Intelligent and
Sweet, at times,
with such a sharp bite
We talk all night
Anything, everything
singing songs
All our wrongs
fade into the black
Eyes touch
souls commune
So in tune
Making beautiful
Symphony of cries,
murmurs, growls and screams
Nurturing the nature
of these dreams
Dangerous, hell yes
Worth any price

about dermatophagia

hey its bfrb week and ive barely heard anything on dermatophagia so heres my educational post on it

- dermatophagia is an impulse disorder where one bites their own skin (and sometimes eats it), locations include hands, bottom of feet, and inside of mouths.
- dermatophagia and dermatillomania are not the same, for reference dermatophagia is biting and dermatillomania is picking
- we get it all the time that we are disgusting if someone with dermatophagia decided to disclose this information dont respond that way, its a dick move and really hurts hard
- this is a general rule but if you see someone with wounds dont ask them where they came from it puts us in a difficult spot
- people with dermatophagia often call themselves wolf biters (this is just a cute fact)

dermatophagia (and the rest of the bfrbs) arent as well known and i know many people (including myself) who went for years biting and not knowing that we werent alone so please spread this