Elijah x reader I really do care.

You’ve been traveling with Elijah since you’ve met him, since you fell in love with him. Now, you’re dating him, Regretting it ever since elijah and you went to New Orleans, you found out Klaus had a baby with a woman named Hayley. Elijah stays with her 24/7, while you were at the house, out of harms way as Elijah says.

Maybe its because its a sight bright light were Klaus can find his humanity. Hayley was a little thing that would keep those boys together, while you stayed in your room, waiting for Elijah get back, like nothing, feeling useless. Klaus didn’t really care for the baby for so he says, but again Elijah has been distant.

You sat in your and Elijah’s room, reading a book, eyes furrowed, now while your in deep thought you didn’t even know you were now sobbing silently. The house was empty, Hayley was gone, with Elijah with her with Klaus. You’ve been having your doubt’s, now your gonna go to a bar, like, he doesn’t care right?

You got up, getting dressed, and walked out of the house, getting in your impala, driving to the closest bar, turning the radio all the way up, glaring, wanting just to get drunk and curl up. Once you got there you walk in, sitting at the bar, ordering whiskey.

After and after, you drank whiskey until you were drunk, laughing with the bartender, when you were in the middle of a conversation, your phone rung, and you saw how much Elijah has messaged you, called you. You sighed rubbing your head. “Hello?” You giggled out hiccuping. “(Y/n)? Where are you? I’ve been worried!” Elijah’s voice ringed through your head. “Elijah? aren’t you with Hayley? Ya’ know your lover?” You laugh, before Elijah can speak again you spoke up once more “Cause you know I’ve been at that house feeling useless, and now you care sweety? I’m at the ticback bar.”

You hung up, and stood up, opening the door to leave, but before you stepped there was Elijah, glaring at you. “Let’s go (Y/n) I’ll drive you home” Elijah spoke, grabbing your arm to leave. “No!” You spoke, snatching your arm away. “You want to be with Hayley! I’ve been stuck in that house feeling useless and alone! Sometimes I’d talk to myself about my own feelings because your never here!” You spoke walking away, “I’m driving myself.” Elijah stood there, but grabbing you, throwing you to the passenger seat, and him going to the driver seat.

“I’m sorry, its just-”

“The baby. I know, but sometimes I see the way you look at her though, I’m nothing, I’m the only human, so kill me, I don’t want to feel used anymore..” You confessed.

“you know I care, and I’ve been busy and I’m sorry, but I’ve missed you, please, believe me that I love you,” Elijah spoke, “you have my word”

you woke up, with a massive headache, not remembering what happened last night. You felt arms around you, rubbing your side. “Elijah?” You asked turning around “ugh, what happened?” You asked once more. ‘You got drunk,“ he replied kissing the top of your head. “I’m sorry for making you feel like your nothing, not loved, I love you,” he spoke holding you closer.

“I love you too, on sorry for bitiching” You replied, apologizing. “I just-” “I know, don’t feel sorry okay? You have my word, I love you”

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