bitethismeowmix replied to your post: mukuro begins courting kirigiri

…go on

neither of them  understnad it really. mukuro leaves things in kirigiri’s locker like a rose made out of razor wire and strict haiku comparing kirigiri’s hair to garrotes

kirigiri just brinsg them into class and sets them on her desk and looks at them. asks naegi to explain. do you understand what’s happening here. neither do i

mukuro sits in the back of the class waiting fo rher moment

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hagakure/trying to woo people but accidentally setting them up with other people

yeah he probably has really shitty pickup lines that are all ‘fortunes’ he’ll like saunter up to someone 'i predict you’ll find the Love of Ur Life today wink wink’ and they’re like wow really omg!!!! and go off and confess to their crush.

Foiled Again


hey ,

like five different people have thought to link me this video and it makes me so happy omg,