bites nose

I tell bug every single day that he has no idea how much I love him and that he’s the sweetest bug in the whole world and I think he tries to tell me he loves me too by napping with me when pat leaves for work and by rolling onto his back for tummy pets and by giving me sweet little nose bites whenever I give him a smooch and by laying on my chest when I’m sad and purring to try to make me feel better
And don’t you dare let anyone tell you cats aren’t affectionate because bug is the most affectionate cat I’ve ever met in my whole life and I love him so much and I will never shut up about him for as long as I live

I’m the type of girlfriend who always just wants to annoy you like let me hold your fucking hand and let me just hug your back and put my head under your shirt or bite your shoulder or bite your nose or hug your head or some shit idk i love you hoe


LaVena Johnson, a very ambitious young girl, enrolled in the military as soon as she left high school, much to her parents dismay. On 18 July, 2005, 19-year-old LaVena called her parents to let them know that she would be leaving Iraq in time to be home for Christmas. Tragically, she never made it home and onset one of the most horrific cases of injustice in modern day history. Just eight days shy of LaVena’s 20th birthday, her bloody body was discovered in her tent at a military base in Balad, Iraq - she had a gunshot wound to the head and her death was ruled as a suicide. However, the autopsy report and photographs revealed that LaVena also had a broken nose, bite marks, loose teeth, scratch marks, a black eye and burns from a corrosive chemical on her genitals. It was also suspected that the chemical burn was an attempt to destroy DNA evidence from rape.

LaVena’s family and friends were adamant that LaVena would not take her own life. LaVena was only 5′1″ and her service weapon, which she supposedly shot herself in the mouth with, was a 40 inch M-16 - it would be physically impossible for somebody of her height to maneuver the weapon into her mouth and shooting. Two ballistic experts reported that the gunshot wound looked too small to be from a M-16 but looked more like it came from a 9mm pistol. LaVena’s family continued to fight for justice for their daughter and got in contact with mainstream media. CBS paid for a second autopsy which discovered that LaVena’s neck was broken and disturbingly, that part of her vagina, tongue, and anus had been removed - something the military autopsy took no note of. Despite CBS and ABC both putting a lot of money and time into investigation the story, they suddenly dropped it. It was alleged that they were contacted by the military who threatened they would stop buying ad space. As it stands, LaVena’s death is still ruled as a suicide and her family are still fighting for justice.

mr. sandman

[steve trevor x reader]

author’s note: most of the time when i write, i don’t plan for things to get that long but i always get carried away wtf. this happens with essays too i don’t understand. anyway, i think i kind of like this one, which is unusual for me to say of my stuff lol, but i do hope you enjoy

word count: 2,037

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Disgusting Habits of the Chocobros | Headcanon |

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Noctis: Drooling in his sleep! Not to add that he snores as well. But as much as he sleep the Sleepy Prince often drools in  his sleep and that is anywhere. There is a total permanent wet spot on the side of the Regalia. On any pillow he sleeps at in a caravan, so the next person that uses it is wondering what the hell happened. (and hoping that it’s just drool and not something else) He tends to lean against Gladiolus when he falls asleep and the King’s Shield will get a lot of drool down his arm. Gladiolus gets back for the drool by dropping bits of broken carrot into his mouth. 

Prompto: This blondie picks his nose like no tomorrow, flicks those boogers out the window of the Regalia and if the top of the fancy car is down Gladio’s hair is littered with them and it’s rather disgusting habit. But after the yelling he received from Ignis for wiping them on the seats of the car he figured secretly decorating Gladio’s mane was okay. 

Gladiolus: This man has deathly farts. Like dead or arrival the second you smell them. But the killer part is that they are silent but deadly. All those cup noodles and toadsteak drumsticks Ignis makes, just wreck havoc on his stomach. This man knows he’s got a gassy problem but he’s not one to hide it and that jerk will walk right by you and do a drive by and just chuckle. Moments later you are on the floor just dead wishing for a gas mask. He will use those farts to break the long silences in the Regalia just to be a ass.

Ignis: Nail biter! Like all the time for no reason hence why he wears the gloves so he won’t while he’s driving and maybe cause a accident. But as soon as he can Ignis is biting on his fingernails so much that they are down to the quick and are sometimes bleeding. He sometimes eats them and sometimes just leaves nail clippings around which bothers everyone in the group. If he doesn’t have any fingernails to chew on Ignis will break his toenails off (the gangly bastard has tried getting his foot to his mouth in a anxiety desperation to do it, ends up falling and hurting himself badly) and chew those. That’s when it gets super nasty and everyone will just want to run from him. Let’s just hope that he’s already made dinner he’s not one to wash his hands all the time. 


Imagine: Being A New Waitress At Patsy’s, And Hooking Up With Lip.

Lip Gallagher x Reader

Warning: smut, sex, public sex

“Where the fuck am I?” You grumbled to yourself, looking up and down the block. With a flyer in hand, you continued to walk down the busy street. A bright sign caught your attention, making you sigh in relief.

Patsy’s Pies was written in big red letters on the display board, with a yellow background. Glancing down at the paper in your hand, you confirmed it was the same place you were looking for. Crossing the street at some run down laundromat, you walked through the two doors, the smell of greasy foods hitting your nose. Biting your lip, you glanced around, spotting a row of empty chairs at the counter. Grabbing a seat, you plopped down, reaching for a menu from the stack next to you. After a few minutes of pondering what to order, a waitress approached you, giving you a polite smile

“Ready to order?”

“Um, yes. But first, I found this flyer saying that this place was hiring. Do you know if there are any open spots left?” You said, showing her the flyer. With a quick glance at it, she nodded, putting her ordering pad into her apron pocket.

“Yeah, hold on let me get Fiona,” she called, walking away from you and into the back. With a happy sigh, you glanced around the place. There wasn’t many people around, seeing as it was just after the lunch rush. A brown haired guy caught your attention. He was wearing a white tank top, with an apron wrapped around his waist. He stacked plates, cups, and silverware into a plastic tray, before wiping down the table. You leaned your head slightly, looking him up and down.

“Not bad…” you muttered to yourself, before noticing out of the corner of your eyes a different woman approaching you. This woman gave you a tired smile, the sleeves on her blue button up shirt rolled up, her brown hair pulled back into a ponytail.

“My name is Fiona, I’m the manager at this here establishment. I heard that you came for a job, huh?” You nodded, handing her your resumè.

“Yes, I know there isn’t much on my resume but-”

“You’re hired,”

“W-what?” You said incredulously, staring at her with wide eyes.

“You’re hired. When can you start?”

“A-Any time you want! I can start now if you need me!” You said, smiling widely as your heart pumped faster. You were so excited at getting a new job. You were let go of your other job at a gas station, so you were glad to be able to get back to work to pay your bills. While this job isn’t the best paying job, it was still enough for you to be able to get by at your one bedroom apartment. You grinned happily as Fiona led you behind the counter, showing you what you were going to do.


“Sorry Lip, more dishes,” you said, dumping a large pile of dishes into a bin next to the sink. Lip groaned, wiping his forehead on his arm, stepping back to take a break. You eyes him curiously as he took off his rubber gloves, turning to you with an amused look. You raised an eyebrow in suspicion, before he answered your unsaid question.

“Wanna go out back for a smoke?” You shrugged your shoulder, agreeing. Following him to the back door, you grabbed your jacket from the rack, putting it on as Lip opened the door, cold air making goosebumps rise on your arm. Watching silently as Lip pulled out a cigarette, you pulled out a lighter from your coat pocket. After lighting the end of the cigarette, you pulled away, looking up at the dark night sky. It was almost 8 at night, but it was quiet as if it was 3 in the morning. You watched as puffs of breath left your mouth, your gaze turning to Lip. You raised an eyebrow as you noticed he was already staring back at you.

In a swift movement, Lip threw the still lit cigarette on the floor, pushing you against the wall. Before you could make a sound, his lips were on yours, his tongue pushing into your mouth. Wrapping your arms around his shoulders to pull him close, you kissed back ferociously, letting out all your pinned up sexual frustration. Without breaking the heated kiss, Lip unzipped your coat, pulling it off your shoulders. You gasped as your back hit the cold brick wall behind you, the chill seeping through your shirt.

You leaned your head back with a moan, as Lip kissed down your jawline, sucking on your neck. His fingers skimmed down your sides, before coming to the waistband to your uniform shorts. Fumbling slightly, he managed to unzip them, shoving his hands down your panties. A gasp left you as you bit your lip, trying to keep quiet as Lip’s fingers teased your clit, before slowly entering you with two fingers. Gulping, you looked back and forth down the alleyway, making sure no one was around to see you. When you were sure no one was around, you let your fingers travel to Lip’s zipper, unbuckling his belt, and unzipping his pants.

Lip pulled your shorts down to your knees, before turning you around and bending you over. Moaning as his hand glided across your ass, you watched anxiously over your shoulder as he pulled his pants down some, revealing his long cock. You bit your lip at the sight of it, his hand slowly pumping it in long strokes. You turned your head back to face the wall as Lip lined himself up to you. With one hand on the brick wall, and one to your mouth, your eyes rolled back as you bit your sleeve, his length slowly sliding inside you. With steady strokes, he pumped inside you, muttering a few curses, as you hung your head, you mouth open in silent moans. One of his hands gripped your hip, while the other reached around to tease your clit some more, causing your knees to buckle.

Lip’s strokes became more sloppy as you felt yourself tighten around him, your stomach clenching as you felt your orgasm coming closer. His pants were loud as he started jerking his hips forward hard, hitting your G-spot multiple times, sending you over the edge. You moaned around your shirt sleeve, your knees giving out, forcing Lip to hold you up. After a few more thrust, you felt him cum inside you, filling you with his sticky, hot liquid. Slowly pulling out, he groaned, his head lulling back as he breathed heavily. Gathering yourself, you pulled up your panties and shorts, zipping them up and buttoning the button. Lip watched you with his pants still around his ankles, as you picked up your discarded jacket, reaching for the door.

“Next time, can you wear a condom?” You asked with a smirk and a wink, leaving the dazed man outside in the cold, his pants around him ankles, his eyes wide.

She is called Watermelon, and people confess their love to her daily. 

She gives wonderful dating advise, and the first time it is freely given. But that’s just bait for a trap. Everyone always thinks they can just go to her once, but they always come back. They can’t help it. She’s too alluring, or they think they need to get her advise no matter the deal. And the deals are for such small things, so it’s not a big deal right? Some shiny jewelry, or some sweets, those things aren’t hard to get. So they keep on coming back, and the more they do, the harder it gets to stay away. She’s never in class, she’s usually just sitting in a group of those who are falling for her. Who would do anything for her. 

She is called Watermelon, and people confess their love to her daily. 

Those people disappear the next day.


Slytherin Aesthetics

feel free to add more below! inspired by @shitslytherinssay ’s blog (♥️♥️♥️)

•the crunch of leaves in the middle of fall when they get stepped or jumped on
•The nip of the chilly winter air biting at your nose
•the crackling of the fire when another piece of kindling is thrown in
•short bursts of poetry combined with pictures that have no relation to them
•the burning feeling you get when you stare at something too long
•the warm mist of tea as it cumulates on the cup while you inhale the scent
•instantly messing up the art that some barista put a lot of work into when they give you your drink
•the crisp gliding of yellow book pages as you turn them
•the comforting feeling that comes with light rain and cloudy skies
•lots of snow in one night that immediately melts into a giant puddle the next day
•pondering over whether or not the entire human race is just an au or not
•the way your lips subconsciously part as you slowly lean in to kiss someone
•little mason jars filled with jam and little sprigs of parsley that have a bandanna tied around the center
•sighing as you breathe in the smell of your freshly cleaned laundry
•the intoxicating feeling you get when you get to stay home from school
•the quiet hissing of metal against skin
•sticky beads of sweat that roll across your forehead when you overthink something repeatedly
•piping hot chocolate the nearly scalds your tongue because you weren’t paying to attention and you didn’t cool it off
•feeling content and happy when you think that someone made you loads of flower crowns out of whatever was available (then realizing that they got it at a gift shop outside of town)
•perfectly shaved legs rubbing against freshly dried sheets
•staying up until 3am on a school night
•man buns & half shaved heads
•the anxiety that comes with college applications and sats
•sobbing over the fact that “DEAN MADE CAS A MIXTAPE, A MIXTAPE!!!”
•obsessively posting random crap on tumblr that people somehow like
•lumpy space princess thinking that she’s the shit
•the last phone charger breaking only a week after the headphones
•jamming out to 1975 in your underwear on a stormy Tuesday afternoon
•reading Harry Potter and, “fuck you dumbledore.”
•gorging on Chinese food while watching the entire series of friends in the span of a single weekend
•listening to Halsey and feeling angsty and badass as fuck
•snuggling closer into the covers while curling your toes as you fall asleep
•going to Starbucks and ordering one of those “pumpkin lattes” just to be an “annoying ass White person”
•wearing crystal necklaces that supposedly give you “strength” and other shit
•going to sleep until 3pm because you just don’t give a fuck
•the silent internal screaming that happens whenever it’s finals week
•warm laughter that occurs when a stupid yet meaningful joke is told
•blaring pop music until ears went numb
•always using emojis that make no sense to the conversation
•the painful howls of wolves when the full moon peeks out
•sucking cherries off of their stems only to eat the stems as well
•browsing through various otp prompts but never writing about any of them
•wearing eyeglasses in the dark and feeling like such a badass
•lipstick stains across dusty bathroom mirrors in a secondhand supermarket
•randomly placed books in the wrong section of the library than where they’re supposed to be
•screaming along to three days grace in hello kitty pajamas on a hot Wednesday night in the middle of summer
•learning languages only to do nothing with the newfound knowledge
•speaking through glances and hushed tones
•the crinkle of candy wrappers between fingers when their squished as they get thrown away
•thor’s smile as he watches his bf dizee live his dream
•naming a cat queso just because of that one time and that one Mexican restaurant
•leather jackets being thrown over shoulders as their wearers saunter down the hallway
•the smell of cinnamon and apple wrapped up in pure sugar
•Baz attacking the mole on Simon’s neck as if it were a target
•cursing someone out in another language
•"we saw the same sunset.“
•the exhausting moment when you get up and go to the bathroom early in the morning and you trip, and you just kinda lay there
•the squeaks of mattresses that happen when a hoard of people jump on them
•the life or death moment when you can’t get to your phone in time and it’s about to die
•crying as “Talking To The Moon” by Bruno Mars plays in a bar at 2am on a loop
•sighing when you realize that you made several grammatical errors in your writing and your already turned it in
•the sound of sneakers screeching against newly waxed gym floors

BTS Masterpost

Here is a master post of all my BTS Scenarios and Reactions so they’re easier to find! The link is also posted in my bio for easy access! 

***I’ll also be updating this post each time I upload a new reaction or scenario.***


Seeing you for the first time

Their S/O running into their ex in public

Their S/O trying to teach them English 

Their younger sister showing up in tears because her boyfriend has been cheating on her

Their S/O kissing them by surprise

Their crush falling asleep on them

A girl entering their dorm

Their S/O leaning for a kiss but biting their nose instead

Their S/O smelling like fruit

Their S/O feeling insecure about a compliment from them 

Their crush being small and shy 

Their S/O hating PDA but being extremely affectionate in private 

Their S/O’s lips tasting sweet

Their S/O crying over Hansung’s death

Their S/O overworking themselves

Their S/O having insomnia

Their S/O punching her ex

Their crush being younger than Jungkook

Their S/O not wearing a bra to sleep 

Another guy flirting with their S/O

Watching their S/O eat a lollipop

Their S/O falling asleep on their bed

Their S/O being submissive during sex

Their S/O having a weird laugh

Their S/O praising them and calling them princes




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