bites guitar

the signs as things my datemate's said to me
  • aries: “yes I’m biting a guitar pick don’t judge me”
  • taurus: “YOU FUCKING FUCK”
  • gemini: “how’d you forget what limb you extended?”
  • leo: “how’d i forget one of my characters doesn’t have a leg?”
  • virgo: “ah yes, the shitshow"
  • libra: “I’m not particular about memes i’m particular about good memes"
  • scorpio: “now watch and learn, here’s the deal. you’ll slip and slide on this icy cold heart.”
  • sagittarius: “i swear to god if you ate the dead guy’s foot”
  • aquarius: “SHUT UR FUCK”
  • pisces: “get in loser we’re writing gays"
Don’t Be A Tease

*in the process of editing my old blurbs. this one contains explicit sexual content so please, 18 and up readers only.*

You were hot, tired and surrounded by screaming girls in a filled-to-the-brim stadium, rolling your eyes at how they were screaming Niall’s name. Most of the time you didn’t mind, but you were frustrated because the show seemed to drag on forever. The sexual tension between you and Niall was excruciating; he couldn’t take his eyes off of you as you flirted with him from the crowd, swaying your hips and flipping your hair back to the beat of the music. At one point you were adjusting your bra, perking up your cleavage for him as you licked your lips. He was aggressively strumming on his guitar and biting his lip as he peered out at you with hungry eyes. You couldn’t wait to get back to the hotel and kiss those inviting pink lips and fuck him senseless.

Thankfully they were about to play their last song, “Better than words,” one of your favorites. Niall’s smile couldn’t be brighter as he waved at his loyal fans during Harry and Liam’s solos, and he started to dance like an idiot during the chorus. As Louis belted out his solo, Niall’s chest was heaving while he prepared for his. He tilted his head at you, his eyes sparked with desire, singing to you and only you.

“Best I’ve ever had, hips don’t lie. You make me wanna –ssssssss- one more night”

His over exaggerated crotch slide sent you in a whirlwind and you thought you were going to faint from the shocks that were darting to your already heated center. You couldn’t help but scream along with the other girls, which made him throw his head back in laughter. When the show ended, he pointed at you and mouthed “just wait” as he winked. His cockiness was turning you on and you had to get to him, now.

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paladin headcanons

*wakes up at 4 in the morning in a cold sweat* i havent shared my paladin headcanons yet


· korean on his mom’s side

· totally shiro’s adopted brother

· dressed up as the red power ranger until he was like 12

· doesnt wear eyeliner bc he tried once and he ended up looking like that one snapchat filter

· you know the one

· aggressively homosexual

· cries every time he watches UP (shiro has it on video)

· mistook his crush on lance for pure hatred

· he totally understands memes he just pretends not to so he can fuck with lance

· can probably play the guitar

· bites his nails

· watches leverage religiously

· likes dark chocolate

· he was the second grader that always got in trouble for biting other second graders

· he and pidge would totally die for shiro

· immune to spicy foods… is keith even human…

· he and hunk cook together becausec hunk’s always experimenting with spices and keith’s the only one who wont die when tasting them

· has a cactus named red

· loves getting his hair braided

· has a mug reserved just for coffee

· silent crier

· argues with pidge about stranger things at 3 in the morning

· always sleeps curled up in fetal position with a knife under his pillow

· someone love this boy or i’ll do it myself

· gives lance pilot tips because he’s not a dick

· doesn’t know when he’s being mean

· he’s just really honest

· has no chill when it comes to clapbacks

· talks shit abt people in korean and claims he’s complementing them

i just [clenches fist] love keith kogane


· hawaiian

· let me have this

· has!! two!! moms!!!

· he calls his birth mom makuahine(mother) and the other one is just ma

· deathly allergic to lentils

· has a great dane named lila and a maine coon cat named creampuff

· can’t watch horror movies because he complains about how fake everything is

· watches ghibli movies like a dying man

· always in a constant state of anxiety

· has like 4 million followers on instagram bc of his fitness fridays which are basically him lifting heavy shit and being a cute cupcake

· the most viewed video is of him crushing a watermelon between his thighs

· lives near the beach which is how he and lance met

· has an older sister who majors in fashion design

· he and lance were her models before she went off to college

· always soft and warm like mash potato

· played football(running back)

· president of his middle school’s robotics club

· really good at gardening

· if he ever swears its one of those old one’s like “gosh diddly darn”

· the only time he legit cursed was when he dropped a wrench on his foot and yelled “fuck” really loud

· openly pansexual

· is that friend who always has snacks

· always

· knows how to play the drums

· also really good at singing.

· likes cooking because it brings people together

· brings coffee to his teachers bless this boy

· against jaywalking

· seriously lance you’re gonna get hit by a car

· literal sunshine

he’s such a good character


· spanish af

· has a cat named dabs

· sings this when asked what his sexuality is

· renee elise goldsberry is his hero

· hunk’s number one fan

· lance: “apparently spite isn’t an appropriate answer when asked what motivates me”

· petty as hell

· can hit ariana grande’s high notes but pretends like he cant

· volunteers at animal shelters

· actually really sensitive

· would die for bagel bites

· was an avid cookie monster fan as a kid

· shaves his legs

· really misses the ocean

· says fight me a lot and has probably got fuckin decked

· has two little sisters and an older brother who owns a beachside restaurant

· totally tried to set his brother up with hunk’s sister but turns out she’s a lesbian

· after he gets over the fact that he has no chance with allura, she turns into a sister figure for him

· has called pidge “pepe” at least twice

· had braces and glasses in middle school

· spends like 90+ dollars on fancy moisturizers and LUSH products

· deathly good at surfing

· listens to fall out boy and troye sivan

· actually really fucking smart

· wants to major in astronomy or marine biology

· owns the entire harry potter series and is a proud slytherin

· #1 beyonce stan

· confidently bisexual

· awkward around actual crushes

· can do the splits

· took gymnastics as a kid

i love this boy


· probably german or french canadian

· part of team “would die for takashi shirogane”

· “what’s your gender?” *shrugs*

· aroace as hell

· cries during those commercials that show abused animals

· also petty as hell

· *long suffering sigh* “men.”

· thinks of all the guys on team voltron as their older brothers but totally wont say it out loud

· drinks coffee more than they actually eat

· is probably 99.9% percent coffee

· that .1% is pure salt

· watches magical girl anime like nobody’s business

· gives really vague directions on how to fix things

· their dog back home is named rover so losing robo rover really hurt

· snorts when they laugh

· multilingual

· stubborn as heck

· lactose intolerant

· uses the phrase “eat now, suffer later” too often

· doesnt get how dry ass peanuts make the creamy goodness that is peanut butter

· cried while watching big hero 6

· always smells like oil

· really bony

· freckles easily

· sleeps in the vents

· lance and hunk have held funerals for all of pidge’s ruined hairbrushes

· says fight me too often but will most likely win the fight

· “get in the robot kogane”

· hacks shit in their free time

· sneezes rlly loud

· loves hamilton

what a shitlord i love them


· invests in waterproof eyeliner

· wears tight shirts to fuck with people

· doesn’t know when people are crushing on him

· has two german shepherds

· actually likes nsync

· has a bad habit of writing on himself and not actual paper

· climbed a shit ton of trees as a kid

· sleeps facing the door so people cant kill him in his sleep(an old habit from galra captivity)

· heteromantic ace

· sucks at ddr

· can only play rainbow road on mario kart

· can bench press lance and keith simultaneously

· jawline could probably cut diamonds

· overenthusiastic soccer mom whenever the younger paladins have solo missions

· once purposely lost the paladins so he could have a break and claimed it was a training exercise

· they believed him

· space chris evans

· has gray hairs because of pidge and lance alone

· accidental clapbacks

· joins in on the particle barrier noise discourse

· runs a positivity blog

· likes peppermint tea

· watches game of thrones

· constantly quotes star trek

· gets pissed when buff comic book characters arent given buff actors in movies

· “allura they can’t lift anything loOK AT THOSE FUCKING NOODLE ARMS”

· *long suffering sigh* “children.”

· helps old ladies cross the street

· will most likely jump out of a moving car if there’s a dog across the street

· terrible voice of reason

· once interrupted class at the garrison because there was a charizard outside the classroom

· brings pillows for people during exam week

· an actual angel until you get to know him

· prefers dc to marvel

· started a petition for a black widow movie

· has earplugs in his fanny pack but refuses to share

· wakes up at 5 in the morning

love this dork too

long story short: i think about the paladins too damn much and i need to be stopped

Sexually frustrated *Muke smut*

Muke smut Warnings: Smut, swearing Luke see his boyfriend play on stage and gets sexually frustrated. I’ve never really written smut before…so im sorry if it’s not that great. XD ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Luke was watching his boyfriend Michael run around on stage and rock his guitar. Luke bite his lip and looked down at Michaels fingers and how skillfully they were playing the guitar. He could feel how he slowly got hard while he thought of what he and Michael would do later. He was happy that his guitar coverd his hard-on. When Michael saw Luke he knew what was going on and he smirked. * * * * The boys were now off stage and in the dressing room backstage. Luke was now sexually frustrated and biting his lipring as he was tugging down his shirt so Calum and Ashton wouldn’t see his hard-on. Michael watched him and smirked he wanted to tease the boy so he took his shirt off and ran a hand through his sweaty hair. Michael took a seat next to a very sexually frustrated Luke. He could see how he was trying to hide his hard dick. Michael still had the smirk on his face and he put his hand on Lukes thigh. He ran his hand up and down his boyfriends thigh, he heard how Lukes breath hitched. Luke tried to pull Michaels hand away. “Michael…n..not now…"Luke mumbled softly “Baby…don’t u want me to make you feel good…"Mikey mumbled into Lukes ear his soft lips brushing against Lukes skin making the boy let out a soft groan. “Y…yes…Please…"Luke whimperd softly and looked at Michael with desperate eyes. Michael squeezed Lukes inner thigh and got up and walked off to the door and Luke followed his boyfriend closely. Michael pulled Luke to another dressing room and locked the door, He pushed Luke into the door and kissed him deeply his hands went up to the blonde boys hair and he tugged on Lukes hair and pushed his hips into Lukes. The taller boy moaned and pushed his hips back into Mikeys trying to get some friction on his throbbing dick that was begging to be touched. “M..Mikey…I need you so bad.” Luke groaned on Mikeys lips Michael pulled his hand down to Lukes skinny jeans and unbuttoned them he pulled his hand into Lukes boxers and grabbed the boys hard dick, Luke moaned and tilted his head back. Michael pulled his lips down to Lukes neck and kissed his neck and sucked. His thumb brushed over Lukes tip that was leaking with precum, using that as lube. He wrapped his hand around Luke and started to pump he started off slowly. “U like that baby, don’t you"Mikey mumbled with a smirk. Luke moaned and nodded. Michael pumped him faster and Luke was moaning loudly. Michael pulled his lips back on Lukes lips and kissed him roughly he was biting and tugging on lukes lip. Michael could feel Luke getting closer so he pulled his hand away from him that made Luke whine. Michael pulled Luke with him to the sofa and pushed him down on the sofa and got on top of him. He grind his hips against Lukes they both moaned together. “Fuck Michael just fuck me already!” Luke moan out. “Desperate are we…” Michael mumble and smirk “Mikey!” Luke whine Michael chuckle and pull Lukes jeans down. Luke pulled Michaels jeans down they both helped each others boxers off both breathing heavily. Michael pushed his hard dick into Lukes pink hole and started to thrust in a steady pace. They both moaned out loudly. Michael started to thrust harder when he noticed that Luke got closer. “Oh fuck Michael…im so damn close!” Luke moan “Cum for me Lukey” Michael moan Michaels thrusts turned sloppier as he also got close. And soon they both released and moaned. “Michael…"Luke mumbled after they both got cleaned up and were now snuggling on the sofa. "Mhm” Michael mumble as he ran his fingers through Lukes sweaty hair. “I love you…"Luke mumbled. "I love you too Lukey” Michael mumble and kiss Luke softly.

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i love that annie started out like a disney princess and now she's going through the whole 9 yards of Bowie it's so fucking great i want to see her bite her guitar strings