Little use for Manners || AU Bite-me-Fight-me

The raven haired teacher looked at his wrist watch appraising the time as he tapped a foot impatiently. This was exactly the reason he left for work and tutoring sessions fifteen minutes early, so he would have time to deal with the useless people who seemed to be unable to make up their minds about the simplest of things, even what kind of hot beverage they wanted to start their day with.

The tall, dark haired man in front of him had been umming and oohing at the menu on the wall for a good five minutes as if the less than fifteen possibilities displayed were the most difficult things he had ever had to choose from in his life which in actual fact it couldn’t possibly be.

Glancing at his watch one last time the teacher found that he could no longer afford to wait around for this imbecile to make the easy decision unless he wanted to cancel his morning tutoring session in order to remain waiting in line silently and politely like those behind himself were doing which is something he would not do out of principle alone.

Reaching out a slender arm that was not busy holding his briefcase the pale man tapped the one offending him and all those behind him on the shoulder to get his attention, vaguely realising just how tall the other man was a she did so, “if you don’t mind increasing the pace of your decision there are those of us who have places to be.”