Cheeseburger Vending Machines! Bite Down Hard!

Jimmy Page Likes Cheeseburgers!

What a great way to begin a food story – with the legendary Led…

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Ten Wildest Things To Eat! Cue The “Fish Hot Dog!”

Yes, we’ve all bitten into something that makes us to that…it’s the face that says, “please, let…

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Cheeseburger And Pizza Vending Machines! More Food Wackiness From Around The World!

As you know by now, I love vending machines. They give you nutrition, quench your thirst, and…

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Dishwasher Lasagna! Cooking AND Cleaning!

Time To Wash Your Dirty Plates – And Make Some Salmon, Too!

I walked into my kitchen yesterday and…

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Hot Ginger Ale! Japan’s New Food Fad!

“Heat Us Up A Drink, Will Ya?”

There are many reasons to love the Japanese…and here is another one!

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The World’s Strangest Pizza Toppings!

In The Mood For Pizza? A Cheeseburger? Why Compromise? Get Both!

Thanks to the creativity of the…

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Japan’s Noodle Burgers! Pancake Buns! “Okonomiyaki” Indeed!

Talk About A BIG MAC!

Yes, I know what you are thinking: where can I get one of these? As always,…

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America’s Ramen Burger Mania! Fast Food Fad From Japan!

Look At This 4 Hour Line!

It’s official: LA has gone ramen burger crazy! These folks lined up for…

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Chinese Noodle Making Robots! Chow Fun Indeed!

I Love Chinese Food!

Yes, it’s true – I love chinese food, and I’m pretty sure you do, too…so what…

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Jason Alexander Sings About Burgers! The McDLT Lives!

Wait Until You See George Costanza With His McDLT!

One of McDonald’s most unique fast food efforts…

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The World’s First Celebrity Chef!

Look Good?

This is a four foot high Turkish mosque made completely of marzipan…and it is just one…

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Pepsi Cheetos? How About My “Pepsi Chicken Potato Chips” Scoop!!

Pepsi Cheetos!

Hey, look at this story from today’s USA Today, and I will tell you why I had this…

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