Late Night Cuddles (S.M Imagine)

Request For Anon: Would you doa Shawn imagine whers he all cute and sweet?

Y/n’s POV

My phone screen radiantly shined through my dark room at 2:00am. I couldn’t sleep though and I knew why, I felt lonely. My parents were away for the weekend so I was home alone, I wasn’t suppose to have people overnight but they wouldn’t find out.

So I decided to call my boyfriend and ask if he could come over. “Hello?” Shawn rasped. “Hey!” I chimed like it wasn’t so early. “Babe, it’s 2:05 what’s wrong?” He chuckled. “I just miss you.” I sighed. “Do you think you can come over, I’m home alone.” I mumbled biting my lip in anticipation. “Sure.” He drawled out but I could hear the smile in his voice.

I’ll be over in a couple of minutes. Shawn only lived two houses down from me so it made it easier to visit eachother. We hung up and I quickly ran to my bedroom mirror to make sure I looked decent. I had on some pajama shorts, and a tank top with my hair in a messy bun.

I heard him knock so I raced downstairs to open the door since it was chilly outside and I figured he walked. I quickly undid all the locks and let him in I threw my hands around him hugging him tight. I locked the door back and we walked to the kitchen. “You want anything?” I asked him sweetly. “Nah, not really. To be honest babe I just wanna sleep.” He rubbed his eyes

I smiled pulling him upstairs and to my bedroom. He removed his hoodie and shoes and I took down my hair. We payed down facing each other and it looked like Shawn wanted to say something. “Spit it out Mendes.” I giggled. “I’m just glad we can spend time together before I leave for tour.”

“Awe me too.” I cheesed pecking his lips quickly. “You look so cute at night, I mean you do during the day too, I just um meant that uh—” I laughed at his awkward moment. “I understand.” I nodded. I saw a blush creep on Shawn’s face and I couldn’t help but think about how cute he was.

We just laid tangled in eachothers arms for a moment before I started to doze off I was just about to fall asleep when I felt Shawn’s lips against my forehead, “Goodnight beautiful, I love you.” I heard him whisper, and I fell into a peaceful slumber.

Coming Out (5sos Fluff)

Summary ~ You are gay and are tryignt o find a way to come out to the guys, and tell them you have a girlfriend. In the heat of the moment the boys find out on their own.

Words ~ 430

Note ~ Y/G/N means Your Girlfriends Name

I sat in a booth biting my lip and shaking my leg. I was so worried I had already finished one milkshake and I was now drinking my second. An arm wrapped around my shoulder and pulled me close.

“Babe you have barely said a word all through our date whats wrong?” I looked over at Y/G/N, she looked so concerned. I felt so bad I had been ignoring her for at least 30 minutes.

“Sorry. I-i-i just have been thinking and…..” I paused running a hand through my hair.

“And?” Y/G/N questioned.

“I’m going to tell them” I said letting out a deep breath.

“Really? Oh my God I am so happy, you finally want to tell them” Y/G/N jumped in her seat slightly.

“Will you come with me?”

“Of coarse I will” She smiled leaning in and kissing me. 

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“Now lets get some food I am starving and you can’t survive on milkshakes” She laughed. I nodded placing the menu in the middle. Just as I had chose what I wanted I heard the door open I glanced up and there they were. 

“Oh shit” I said pulling the menu up to hide both our heads.

“What?” Y/G/N asked.

“There here all four of them, they are going to see us together.” I said taking a deep breath.

“So? You were going to tell them later anyway” She shrugged.

“I hadn’t figured out what I was going to say, where I was going to say it, how  I was going to say it. I don’t know how to tell them” I said frustrated.

“How about like this”

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Y/G/N dropped the menu and moving her hand to my face suddenly she placed her lips on mine. She wrapped her arms around my neck as my hands wrapped around her waist without me knowing. I smiled kissing her before I heard.

“Y/N!?” I looked up to see four idiots staring at me with shocked and confused looks on their faces.

“Hey guys, do you wanna sit down?” They slid into the booth almost sitting on each other.

“So?” Michael smirked wiggling his eyebrows.

“Guys this is my girlfriend Y/G/N, Y/G/N this is Ashton, Luke, Michael and Calum”

“Nice to meet you” She smiled squeezing your hand under the table, I smiled looking down at my hand intertwined with hers.

“Oh is she feeling you up under the table” Ashton laughed.

“No you pervert we are holding hands” I said holding up our hands. They all started laughing until Calum interrupted us.

“Wait is this why you didn’t want to hook up with me”


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