sometimes I bite your lip, close my eyes and pretend
committed under cardboard pretense
I know you remember waking up in euphoria with no panties
I quit, you quit, we quit; one last time
“let’s be friends”.

sometimes I would text you late, hoping you were sleep
I consciously missed you that way.
I know you remember falling for me
you spoke, I spoke, you smiled… that day
marijuana in the mountains
early morning joggers catching contact in the pathway.

sometimes I think I’m Kanye West when “devil in a new dress” plays
thank you for that and more
haven’t said two words this evening, where’s the back and forth ?
nonchalance, insouciance, indifference, passive voice. 
I was the asshole, now you have the torch.
fuck you. 

every time we became us
an angel was pulled up out of purgatory
listening to the stories that I’ve heard already
ego trippin. adore me emerged in glory
merge the energies. 
partynextdoor, she’s working for me.
stop !
“ I just hurt everybody." she warned me.
but sometimes…

Negligent and immature
passion makes me seem insecure
maybe I should tone it down a little more
acting makes me feel I deserve more
I deserve not to have to act
I deserve not to have to go forth and back with my instincts and integrity

the things that help me cope are so close
but something just isn’t letting me stoop that low again
which direction are we going in ?
trading highs for low down dirty men
what was our purpose then ?
to pretend ?

anonymous asked:

Fluff with Isaac comforting you after a bad nightmare of everyone in the pack getting murdered one by one.


I gasp, forcing my arms faster and faster trying to make my legs go. I can’t exactly pinpoint the reason why I’m running, but my intuition tells me not to stop. So I run on, gasping for breath. I reach a roof and frantically look around. Again I can’t even understand what I’m looking for, but I know that I can’t stop. I spin around catching a glimpse of something dark. I whirl back around. I’m not sure how, but I can tell that it’s someone I know. I walk towards them slowly, squinting my eyes to see him or her better. I come closer, and he turns to face me. I see that it’s Isaac. I smile, biting my lip. He smiles back. As I begin to walk towards him, a dark shadow approaches behind him. My eyebrows furrow. This is all very familiar. My eyes widen. As I open my mouth to tell Isaac to run, the shadow stabs him. Blood spurts out of Isaac’s mouth, through his smile. I open my mouth to scream, but nothing comes out.

“Y/N!! Y/N!!! Y/N, wake up!”
I take a couple deep breaths, looking up at Isaac.
“Isaac? But you…I thought you…”
“Did you have that dream again?”
I brush off a few strands of hair sticking to my sweaty forehead.
Looking down at the bed sheets, he gulps and nods.
“But, uh, this time it was…different.”
“How so?” he shifts his attention back to me.
“This time…it was you. I was running trying to save you and you got stabbed. And the blood was spurting out…and you were trying to smile…a-and y-you were…”
I sniffle, starting to cry.
“Hey, come here. You don’t need to cry, now,” Isaac responds, pulling me onto his lap.
I lean my head into his chest and wrap my arms around his neck. I cry into his warm shoulder. When I slow down my breathing enough to talk, I pull back.
“I’m sorry. Isaac,” I say, wiping my eyes.
“Don’t be. I like holding you. It makes me feel better to comfort someone.”
I smile sadly.
“Here,” he says, shifting me off of him.
“What are you doing?”
“I am putting you to bed, Sleeping Beauty,” Isaac says, smiling cheekily.

I smile and bite my lip. When I shift down to lay on my side, my shirt lifts up, revealing a strip of my skin. Isaac lies down behind me, my spine pressed against his torso. His arm snakes around my waist, and his thumb rests on my bare skin. He holds me close, his thumb brushing back and forth on my skin. I take a deep breath and sigh. Isaac kisses the top of my head.
“I love you,” he whispers in my ear.
“I love you, too,” I say.
And that’s the last thing I remember before I fall asleep.

~ Emmy 🐳

I want you to kiss me. like I’ve never been kissed before. slam me against the wall. get your hands tangled in my hair. grab my hips and pull me closer. scratch up and down my back. grab the back of my neck. kiss me. tangle our tongues. bite me. bite my lips. my neck. my chest. kiss me and never stop. please?