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I got really drunk the other weekend and this boy was there and he always asks when we're gonna have sex. We both turned up at this party and as I was dancing I felt someone boy behind me so I started grinding on his dick which was hard asf by now. He spun me around and we starting making out and he was biting my lip and squeezing my bum. then he was sliding his hands up my skirt and started fingering me right in the middle of all these people. We ended up having sex in the disabled toilets.

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3, 4, 12!!! let's go!!

1:Take a picture of your workspace.

2:Show your pencilcase and what’s inside.

Normally have a lot of pencils and pens on me, along with my copics!!

3:Show a thing you last drew, no matter how small or a “doodle” it is.

Something for Dakota LOL

11:Draw a pic of yourself like how you look just now.

// I just woke up, I’m too tired to draw rip

12:Any weird artist behavior you admit doing?

Normally when I’m drawing I have my free hand doing something– Like either under my boob, twirling my hair, or biting my nails. Or sometimes I bite my lip like I am right now LOL

I wake up in a town called Depression
although it is a place that
I have visited many times before,
I am never prepared for the weather.

sometimes it is so cold
that I have to bite my lips to keep
my teeth from chattering
and sometimes it is so hot
that my being is set on fire
and my hand slips every time it reaches
for the extinguisher

but more often than not,
this town brings comfort whenever
I am oblivious to how I got to it
because I know every corner,
the clouds are white and fluffy
and the sky is a perfect shade of blue
shifting into red-orange sunsets
that I cannot enjoy because I have forgotten how to.

sometimes, however,
I reach this town with water in my lungs
and bullet holes in my chest with people’s names on them
I reach this town bleeding and broken,
but I cannot find a hospital here because
the street signs are lying and the lights at the
intersections are broken.
they are stuck on green
but every time I try to “go”
the gas pedal starts to scream

it says that in this town
there are no exits
and there is no such thing as acceleration
it tells me the green light means nothing
when I feel in shades of gray

and so I sit in my non moving car
with smashed headlights and tinted windows
and I let myself bleed.

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12 and 7 for the artist thingy ouo

12: Any weird artist behaviour you admit doing?

i’ve been said i stick my tongue out while drawing - yet to have any actual evidence on that piece of.. information XD the thing i know for sure is that i bite my upper lip and after a long drawing session i’m always left with swollen and aching lip

7: Do you have any OCs?

DO I. ohboy. yes, i do. they don’t get much love or attention from me (and when they do it’s only to torture them), but they do exist. most developed OC (aka the ones i actually drew) are brothers from medieval tale and mythycal buddies from bl fantasy novel we are creating with @ooriens (she drew more of them but it’s a secret stuff because.. um, well, because)