bite your lip pull me in

bite your lip, pull me in (how they meet) | (how their first date goes) | (how they become boyfriends) | (how everyone finds out) | (how they’re viewed through another’s eyes) | (how they say “I love you” for the first time) | (how their first morning together goes) | (how Blaine meets the roommate) | (how Blaine meets the parents) | (how their first vacation together goes) | (how they learn a few new things about each other) | (how they finally move in together)

age difference!Klaine—Blaine is 40, Kurt is 19, and this is the story of how their story ends.


The first thing Kurt ever buys for Blaine is candy.

It’s a silly, kitschy thing, something he’s already half-regretting when he steps up to the counter with a nervous, fidgety itch under his skin, like somehow the acne-ridden teenager behind the till can sense that Kurt is buying this for more than just a sweet tooth craving.

But Kurt keeps telling Blaine that he is going to return the favor somehow, even if his source of income usually comes from selling out-of-season designer pieces and the occasional odd job or errand that Isabelle will have him do that result in some under-the-table money from her own pocket. He’s always had trouble accepting gifts, and getting used to his new, well, lifestyle has quickly made him push those reservations aside.

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