bite your lip pull me in

I tend to chew the inside of my bottom lip when I’m nervous or anxious. Right about now, it’s raw, almost numb, if that’s gives you a clue about how I’m feeling.

This morning when I woke up, I made oatmeal & let it sit until it was too thick & sticky to pick up with a spoon. I poured some milk in the bowl, watched the white trickle through the hills & mounds of oats, and had flashbacks of you biting your lip. That’s the face you’d make before you’d pull out & come on the sheets, my back or my stomach; like I was some porn star; like you didn’t caress my face a half hour earlier and tell me I “got the kind of beauty needs to be felt.” You remember how I reacted the first time you did that? Me neither, it’s fine.

I knew I had fucked up when you did that because you never asked if it was okay or cool; you assumed. Like I assumed that you really cared about me; that you were capable of loving. But that’s neither here nor there.

Somewhere between there and here though, I was late. Somewhere between my house & the drugstore, I realized that I was alone. Somewhere between my heart & my head, I decided that a baby isn’t something I needed or something that you’d want. Somewhere between my front door & the clinic my eyes started pouring and so did the sky.

This isn’t even for you. This is for me. Even if it was for you, you wouldn’t get it. By get it, I mean both understand and receive it.

I don’t want you thinking that you mean anything to me; because you shouldn’t even have to think about that. You could call now and I know I’d pick up desperately like you had something I need; because in actuality you do. I’m not exactly sure when you took it or if I gave it to you, but I know you have it. Picked it up right around the time you picked your boxers up off your bedroom floor and asked me how I was getting home. I could never make a home out of you, because men like you don’t have good foundations or sturdy walls. Your roofs leak and I’ve never been good with my hands. Any levelheaded girl would know that you needed more than just a fresh coat of paint.

I used to blame your father for leaving your mother, then your mother for leaving you be, then myself for not blaming you. But in life, you make choices. You chose to let your scars cut you again and again; to let the pain in; to let it stay. You chose to suffer.

I chose me.

The medical assistant told me it’s okay to have second thoughts. She doesn’t know this is the third clinic I’ve been to in four days. It’s not a question of whether or not I can do it. It’s a question of whether or not I want it to happen. When it does, we’re really over & I’m not sure if I’m okay with that. I’m not sure I’m even okay at all.

A smart girl would have left. She wouldn’t have had a reason to leave because she wouldn’t have come in. She wouldn’t have stay long enough to see the way you throw your head back in laughter whenever your niece dances, how your eyes squint when you smile too hard, how you crack your knuckles when you’re uncomfortable, how you breath deeply when you have to think of lie. She wouldn’t have seen you flinch the first time she reached out to touch you while you laid in bed staring into the darkness.

It’s hard to pinpoint the moment I realized I loved you. It wasn’t easy for me to admit it to myself; loving someone who proclaimed themselves incapable of love. We’d lay together, legs intertwined in a comfortable silence with your phone plugged into one of your homeboys portable speakers playing some R&B playlist you found & you’d say “you know I can’t give you what you want right? It’s what you deserve, but I just don’t think you’re gonna find it here.” What I wanted was for you to shut up.

Truthfully, I don’t regret loving you. It taught me patience & strength. Those are virtues I’m sure will be useful sometime in the future, when a child that isn’t ours won’t stop crying at 4 in the morning & I have to be up at 6.

I heard somewhere that true love is giving without the expectation of receiving. I never believed in that until you. That kind of love can’t be true though. It’s destructive, malicious even, & leaves you with a hollow chest that no amount of deep breathing can fill. The thing is, people don’t realize that you can only give what is being taken. You took my love. Honestly, if I was you, I would have to. You made me understand why hate & love are so often mistaken for each other.

You used to say I was stupid over you and I’d blush, shove you playfully, and tell you “stahpppp it” like it was a compliment; not knowing that I’d just confirmed everything you just said. It was stupid of me to think I could teach you how to love when you gave me no indication that you even wanted to learn. Stupid of me to think that I’d be the one to change you, when no one has ever changed on the basis of someone else wanting them to.

I used to go to your house when you weren’t around & sit with your mother at the kitchen table with the four mismatched chairs, hoping she’d break & tell me what I needed to do to make you love me. No one knows you better than your mother…..isn’t that what they say? I’d tell her about our arguments, things you’d said just to hurt me; to make me leave & she’d file her nails or busy herself with making some coffee. She’d clear her throat or suck her teeth, like something was stuck between them; like the truth. One day after filing her nails until perfectly round, pouring three cups of coffee and letting them sit until they were cold, she turned around to face me while leaning against the kitchen counter & folded her arms. “You know it’s true what they say…that books can’t teach you everything.” she said, looking at the floor. She looked up at me and continued “Because if they could, you’d be smart enough to see that my son doesn’t deserve a girl like you. Hell, I’m his mother and I love him, with all of me I do, but I know he’s never gonna be the man I want him to be….the kind of man you deserve. Why are you still here? You’re always here. He’s knows you’re here & he’s not even here! Doesn’t that tell you something?” She let out one of those laughs, the kind you let out when you’re convinced that what’s happening can’t be real; that it has to be a joke in order for it to make sense. I didn’t have an answer for her. Instead I moved my foot back & forth across the corner of one of the linoleum tiles on the kitchen floor that had started to lift. It made this low scraping sound that I pretended I didn’t hear. “These floors ain’t no good.” she said after realizing where the sound was coming from; “I swear any day it’ll give way right where you’re sitting.” and all of a sudden my foot stop moving because I know she wasn’t talking about the floor anymore; you remember what I said about foundations.

The chairs in the waiting room are cold & the plastic on them grabs on to your legs like it knows your secrets; what you did. I decided to stand after about 10 minutes of sitting. Nobody in the room wanted to be there. You could feel it. The receptionist kept checking the clock, then counting the people waiting with these sweeping head nods that scan the room. The medical assistant would walk in from the back of the office & sigh before calling the name of the next patient. One of the girls looked like she could be your cousin but that’s unlikely; your aunt had her on the pill as soon as she turned 15. “Listen you gotta take precaution with these young girls. I’m too young to have a grandchild & so was my mother when I had her.” I overheard her say one day when you left me in your bedroom to take a shower. It was summer time and we had just finished fucking. My skin was sticky and you’d just pushed me off of you to go shower. I turned over & laid there, letting anxiety set in. You came back in, still wet around the shoulders with the towel gripping your waist, & told me I should go home with your back to me. You were looking in the mirror brushing your hair toward your forehead. I went to the bathroom before I left; ran the water for a couple of seconds, cupped it in my hand and slushed it around my mouth, listening to it crash against my teeth and swollen bottom lip. You & blood never tasted good together.

You gotta understand that I never understood you. Now I know that it’s because there was nothing to figure out; to understand. Sometimes it’s easier to think someone is hiding some part of themselves from us; that we can get to that part if we stay long enough. In reality, it’s our own secrets & insecurities that make us believe that everyone must have them; that no one is truly transparent about their feelings. You were. When you said you couldn’t give me what I want, it wasn’t because you didn’t think you could. It was because you didn’t want to. In all honesty, I wish I could be like you; walking the earth needing & wanting for no one. Your mother told me you said you stopped saying “I love you too” when you realized that you were just saying it as a response & not because you meant it. It was never just a response for me.

They ask you if you want to see the embryo before you have the abortion. How stupid is that? Why would I want to see what I’m about to kill? So I can hate myself more? So I can think about not going through with it? Whatever the reason is, I declined the offer. It’s bad enough I dreamt about the baby ever by night. I imagined it’s face every day while I washed the dishes with my mother sitting at the kitchen table behind me, half watching/half staring at the news on the tv in the living room. “Why are you so quiet lately? You barely laugh when your brother tells those corny jokes you love so much.” she said once while she was waiting for the microwave to finish heating up her leftovers from the night before. I brushed her off, telling her I’ve just been thinking about “life”; you know like how mine would end if I told her I was pregnant.

She would have my eyes but your eyelashes because mine never curled up to the sun the way yours did. He would have your long legs but my muscles because you could never lift anything. She would have my shoulders because they’re the kind you can lean on. He would have your smile because it’s the kind that’s contagious. She would have my tenacity but your honesty because that’ll take her far, I think. He would have your curiosity, but my precaution. Then again that never helped me with you, so perhaps not. She would have my determination. He would have your arms but my hands because I can touch things and people without breaking them.

After they finished they asked me the obligatory “How are you feeling?”. I said I didn’t know because I honestly couldn’t feel anything. Physically, I felt the same as I did the day you didn’t pull out in time. I remember you breathing heavy, whispering “Ughh Shit!!” into the crook of my neck where your head always ended up. “My bad.”, you said after you’d caught your breath and for the first time I pushed you off of me, because it wasn’t your bad; it had never been your bad. It was always mine.

you know what i fucking love?
lip biting. kiss me softly and bite my lip when you pull away. suck on my tongue.
kiss my neck and bite my inner thighs. leave your marks baby girl.
leave me hickies with your beautiful lips.
talk dirty to me and whisper in my ear, tell me how badly you want me to taste you.
guide my hands down your body to where you want me to touch you the most.
pull my hair. and moan my name.
scream from the pleasure.
and tell me how much you love every moment,
of my tongue exploring your body.
grind your body on mine and scratch my back.
i want to pin you down. tease you.
run my fingers along your body,
passing your most sensitives areas.
and then back up again.
tell me how turned on you are princess. tell me how you want it.
grab my ass and slap it hard. leaving me handprints to claim it as yours.
ill hold you from behind and choke you while
my other hand explores your pussy.
dance on me.
let me make you feel good baby.
—  @yes-h0mo
Cuddles- Harry Potter


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Saturday afternoons around Christmas were always a do nothing day, I sat in front of the fireplace in the Slytherin common room reading The Great Gatsby, “love why are you so interested in muggle books?” Draco asked. I ignored him and continued to read my book as it was getting quite intense, I felt the cushion next to me sink in and Draco was soon huddled right next to me, he started placing kisses down my neck “how do you expect me to just sit there and watch you bite your lip like that” he growled against my skin “Draco, I’m trying to read” I said sternly, “you’ve been reading all day” he whined as he continued to pester me. I closed my book tossing it on the table in defeat “I just want to cuddle” he pouted, I rolled my eyes at the blonde boy who always tried to come off as a big tough guy but in reality was the biggest marshmallow ever. He lay down on the couch pulling my back into his chest, but he soon rolled over so I was now the big spoon, I sighed, but not surprised my dorky boyfriend just wanted to be held all the time. 


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OWLS were finally over and we had a couple days to relax before we had to go home for the summer, this was the time of year most of us dreaded, Harry didn’t want to go back to the Dursley’s, Hermione loved her parents but after 5 years she was still in awe with Hogwarts and Ron hated how crowded his house got with his brothers visiting home and the constant stream of guests. We all knew within a month’s time we would be the guests crowding up the Burrow, but we still said our good byes as if we wouldn’t see each other till September. I sat on the end of Ron’s bed as I watched him pack, he lugged his trunk to the door and plopped himself down next to me, I lay back following his actions, he soon grabbed my hand playing with my fingers and hair. I knew that was his sign, every time Ron wanted to cuddle he would never initiate it, he would start to fiddle, touching my hair or arms, I rolled over as he wrapped his arm around me, I could feel his steady breathing against my neck, his hand interlaced with mine, I smiled at this perfect moment I always longed for.


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Another year and another courageous fight my stupid yet good-hearted boyfriend has won, I went up to the boys dormitory where I knew Harry would be packing his trunk dreading another summer with the Dursley’s. When I slowly pushed the door open I saw Harry standing over his trunk, carefully staring at a piece of clothing, still mourning the death of his God father, I padded across the room wrapping my arms around his waist pressing my head into his back “sorry love, I’m not really in the mood” he sighed pulling away from my grip. I frowned as I watched him close his trunk and carry it over to the door “Harry” I complained “I know you were supposed to live with Sirius this summer, and I know you loved him, you can’t push the people who care about you away” I sighed walking closer to him, this time he didn’t back away, I pulled him down to his bed and leaned my head on his shoulder, holding him close, “it’ll be okay, we can get through this together” I said, this was the first time he cried since it happened, the sobs wracked through his body but I comforted him “you don’t have to be strong all the time Harry” I whispered stroking his back. 


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Fred and I were polar opposites, he was so loud, funny and outgoing, whereas I was quiet, serious and incredibly shy, but I guess it’s true what they say, opposites do attract because I couldn’t be any happier than I was with this goof ball red head. I sat in the common room re-reading my potions notes, I had told Fred and George many times they should study as well, but they decided they weren’t writing their OWLs and were planning a “brilliant prank” in their words. It wasn’t until 2am the boys came running in the common room, as usual disturbing the peace “y/n love, check this out… fireworks” Fred simply said, him and George making sound effects and popping actions with their hands. I stared at them, putting my notes down “fireworks?” I asked confused “fireworks” they repeated in unison, Fred plopped himself down next to me, the sudden weight shift causing me to fall into his side, he wrapped his arm around me pulling me close “we have come up with these fireworks that will re-create Umbridge’s pig face” George laughed “right, and when and where do you plan on doing this?” I asked concerned “in the great hall during the final exams” they exclaimed in unison “isn’t that a bit dangerous?” the questions continuing. They quickly but excitedly explained their plan before Fred tried silently but failed to tell George to get out, “now that we’re alone” Fred smirked pulling me onto his lap “Fred, I’m tired” I yawned “then sleep, love, I just want to be with you” he mumbled into my messy hair, I soon fell asleep to the steady heartbeat of Fred Weasley.


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I sat on top of my boyfriend with every intent in keeping him pinned down “you think you’re stronger than me?” the redhead smirked “I don’t think, I know” I challenged. He rolled his eyes at me “you’re the biggest goof I’ve ever met” he smiled, I pretended to be offended “me!?” I gasped dramatically “yes you” he laughed pulling the pillow out from under his head and wacking me with it, before i could react he jolted up and grabbed me, pulling me into his chest, i burst into a fit of giggles against his chest, once I had calmed down I readjusted myself so my legs were now straight “George Weasley, what would your mother say about you hitting girls?” I joked “oh but I thought you were stronger than me” he smirked. I rolled my eyes “you’re such a loser” I mumbled into his chest “yes, but I’m your loser” he said pressing his lips to my temple, the energy in the room soon died down to relaxation and I was beginning to feel tired “I love you George” I whispered “I love you too, y/n” he replied holding me closer. 

Wolfsbane: part two. [Smut]

A;N: So, this originally was a request by the lovely @montanagirlatheart and with her permission I decided to continue on the story. Hopefully you guys like it! 

Pairing: Scott Mcall x Stiles Stilinski x Reader

Author: thelittlestkitsune

Warnings: Smut. 18+ Explicit Content. 

Word count: .4,857 

Listen to me.

part one. 

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Requested, thank you

“Okay I’m the Card Czar” you said, pulling up a black card “What are my parents hiding from me?” you said reading the words on the card. Biting your lower lip you looked between the boys. “Eh, touchy subject.. I’ll pick another card”

Imagine Deadpool spanking you

“What’s the safe word again?” you peeked over your shoulder to Wade, who looked down at you.


You nodded, “How original.”

“Are you sassing me?” Wade lifted his Deadpool mask up to his forehead.

You smirked, “What are you going to do about it?”

The merc’s eyes narrowed as he guided himself into you, “Daddy’s gotta express some rage.”

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Turn ons
  • ●slow, passionate kisses
  • ●grabbing my waist
  • ●holding my face when you kiss me
  • ●neck biting
  • ●lip biting
  • ●grabbing my thighs
  • ●squeezing my sides
  • ●running your hands down my sides
  • ●lightly dragging your fingers down my back
  • ●light groping
  • ●pushing me against a wall
  • ● putting your hand on my neck
  • ●holding me down by my wrists
  • ●HICKEYS!!!! (It makes me think about it later on)
  • ●Moaning
  • ●Catching your breath because of me
  • ●scratching down my back and sides
  • ●pulling my hair
  • ●kissing my chest
  • ●breathing on my neck
  • ●whispering in my ear
  • ●biting my ear
  • ●touching my ear
  • ●anything with my ears XD
  • ●pulling me into you
  • ●telling me I'm your's and only your's
  • ●teasing me
  • ●tickling me
  • ●whispering "I love you" into my ear.

bite your lip, pull me in (how they meet) | (how their first date goes) | (how they become boyfriends) | (how everyone finds out) | (how they’re viewed through another’s eyes) | (how they say “I love you” for the first time) | (how their first morning together goes) | (how Blaine meets the roommate) | (how Blaine meets the parents) | (how their first vacation together goes) | (how they learn a few new things about each other) | (how they finally move in together)

age difference!Klaine—Blaine is 40, Kurt is 19, and this is the story of how their story ends.


The first thing Kurt ever buys for Blaine is candy.

It’s a silly, kitschy thing, something he’s already half-regretting when he steps up to the counter with a nervous, fidgety itch under his skin, like somehow the acne-ridden teenager behind the till can sense that Kurt is buying this for more than just a sweet tooth craving.

But Kurt keeps telling Blaine that he is going to return the favor somehow, even if his source of income usually comes from selling out-of-season designer pieces and the occasional odd job or errand that Isabelle will have him do that result in some under-the-table money from her own pocket. He’s always had trouble accepting gifts, and getting used to his new, well, lifestyle has quickly made him push those reservations aside.

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Merry Christmas

Jensen sighed as he plopped down on the bench in the mall. He had been here for hours, fighting through crowds, searching and scanning for anything and everything that would make a great Christmas gift for you.
You two had only been dating for 8 months, which was really nothing, but he loved you. He loved being with you and spending time with you, learning about you. You always intrigued him.

Biting his lip, he pulled out his phone and scrolled through his contacts before finally landing on the one he was searching for. Jared’s. He had never wanted to call your brother, but he was sure he had no other choice.
“Hey brother what’s up?” Jared asked, laughing, he could Gen in the background telling Jared to stop ramming their cart into everything.
“I need help, bro..” Jensen sighed, running his hand over his face.
“Meet me at Target in 20” and then hung up, leaving Jensen in a weird and confused state.

Target wasn’t tiffany’s or Prada. You couldn’t get boots made of pure alligator skin at Target. You bough groceries at Target; but nevertheless, Jensen was at Target in 15 minutes and calling Jared.
“I’m here, man”
“Alright, we are in isle 15, better hurry before Gen moves us again” Jensen chuckled at this, knowing how impatient she could be at times.

“What the hell is this?” Jensen asked, staring into the buggy that Jared had picked out.
“This, dude, is a shopping cart filled with things your girlfriend, my sister, would love!” Jared exclaimed.
“It’s all… cheap” Jensen stared, bewildered, making Jared sigh.
“Jay, dude, come on. My sister is a pretty cheap date.”
“Yeah, I get that.. but this is.. not Christmas.” Jensen groaned, sitting across from Gen at the Starbucks.
He watched as Jared sighed and sat next to his wife.
“Dude, I know this is hard for you but..”
“Y/N isn’t like Danneel..” Gen finished, making Jared nod.
“Dannie and I are friends, and I love her still, but she is nothing like Y/N. They are on two completely different sides of the spectrum. Dannie has expensive tastes, she was born that way and she will live that way.. Y/N has never been like that.” Gen sighed, taking Jays hands in hers.
“What if she doesn’t like it? I’m terrified of losing her to some dumb Christmas present that wasn’t good enough.” Jensen admitted, his shoulders slouching.
“My sister would appreciate a waded up paper ball that has a piece of gum in it if it came from you,” Jared laughed.
“You really think she will like this stuff?” He asked, arching his eyebrow.
“I know she will, dude.”

Jensen wrapped each present nervously, scared that if he didn’t wrap it perfectly that it would cause a fight between you two. Deep down, he knew that you weren’t like that, that you couldn’t careless about how he wrapped a present, he was just conditioned to think that way over his last relationship.

Then he waited, he had seen you so many times before Christmas, the closer it got the more nervous he got. There had been several times that he almost blabbed about what he got you, but he wanted it to be a genuine surprise.
“So, Babe, do you want to open our presents here alone or would you rather take them to Jared’s and open them with everyone else?” You asked, munching on a carrot stick as Jensen cooked dinner.
He looked back at you and smiled, “uh let’s do it here, before hand”
“Mkay” you smiled, wrapping your arms around his abdomen as you laid your head on his back.
Jensen relaxed into your embrace, still not completely used to this kind of PDA in a relationship; this was something Danneel would never do.

That morning, Jensen woke up in your arms. His head was on your stomach, and his arms around your torso; one of this favorite positions. He felt your delicate fingers gently brushing through his hair, sending a shiver down his spine.
“What are you thinking about?” He asked, smiling as he looked up at you. He watched as a small smile broke from your lips, but your eyes never lost contact with the ceiling.
“Every Christmas morning, I like to kinda lay and think about things that I’m grateful for that I wasn’t last year,”
He had never expected that to come from you, but those were the words that pushed him over the edge, and made him completely and madly in love with you.
Reaching over, he cupped you face on his hand and placed a gentle kiss on your lips.
“I’m most grateful for you” you whispered, just as the kiss ended.
“I love you” he whispered, looking into your eyes.
“I love you too, Jay” nuzzling your head in his neck for a few minutes, relishing in the warmth he provided.
“You ready?” He asked, caressing your arm with his fingertips.

Jensen laughed as you handed him a giant rectangular box, poorly wrapped in newspapers.
“I thought it’d be funnier than using actual wrapping paper” you admitted, making his fears of his terrible wrapping skills diminish.
He tore open the paper and ripped the tape off the box, and laughed out loud.
“Holy shit” he laughed, gently pulling it out of the box.
“No way!”
“Do you like it?” You asked, sitting next to him.
“I love it, baby” he smiled, pulling you closer and kissing you on the head.
“How’d you know I always wanted one of these?” He asked, looking at you wit complete adoration in his eyes.
“On our first date, we stayed here and watched movies and ate really bad popcorn. During the Christmas Story, I remember you telling me that you had always wanted the leg lamp since you had first seen the movie” you admitted, pressing a kiss to his cheek.
“Well now I feel bad about what I got you” he said, sheepishly.
“Jay, I’m sure it’s wonderful” you smiled, looking up at him.
“It’s not nearly as thoughtful as the leg lamp from the Christmas story!” He laughed, but you could tell he was nervous as he handed you one of your presents.
Smiling wildly, you pulled the wrapping paper off and squealed so loud he thought his ear drum burst.
“Oh my god, Jay I love it!” You smiled, tearing the cardboard piece off it it and wrapping it around you. It was a giant, pink and white cow print fuzzy blanket.
“Do you really?” He asked, amusement written all over his face.
“I really do” you smiled wrapping it around him as you sat in his lap.
“It really is soft” he smiled, kissing you.

After you had opened all of your presents, Jensen felt stupid for worrying that you wouldn’t like them. He laughed as you put on the shark onesie pajamas with the fuzzy reindeer socks and slid across the wooden floor and danced to Bob Seger’s “Old Time Rock & Roll.”

Jensen had loved everything you had gotten him, A membership to the Nature trail, promising him that you would hike with him for real, new boots because he had kept forgetting to buy his own and an Ugly Christmas sweater that had Rudolph on it to which you had the matching one with Clarice on it.

After you two had come back with armfuls of gifts from your friends and relatives, you collapsed on the bed next to each other.
“I almost forgot” Jensen smiled, reaching over into his bedside drawer and pulled out a small black box.
“What’s this?” You asked, smiling.
“Open it”
You gasped and looked up at him.
“Jay, they’re beautiful”
“Jared helped me with the stuff you got downstairs, I wanted to get you something that I picked.” he smiled. They were tiny blue earrings with little specs of green and white in them.
“They look like snow globes” you smiled, putting them in your ears.
“I got something else for you too” you smiled, getting up and reaching into your purse, you pulled out a small red box. Taking it from you, he pulled off the top and smiled.
“A key?” He asked, and you nodded.
“I want you to move in with me” you smiled.

In that moment you had never looked more beautiful to Jensen. Nodded slightly, he leaned over the bed and pressed a kiss to your lips.
“Of corse I’ll move in with you.”

A/N: No hate to Danneel at all! I think she is beautiful and her and Jensen are great together! I just had this on my mind and wanted to make a story of it :)

They all talk about addictions,
Addicted to pills;
Addicted to drinking;
Addicted to the pain.
None of them ever mention you though.
They don’t talk about the curls of your hair hanging down your face.
They don’t discuss the scar on your left thigh, or the stretch marks that cascade around your body as if your skin were a rock behind a waterfall of beauty.
None of them told me about your morning laugh over coffee, and the way you bite your bottom lip before you speak each time.
They didn’t say how you’d love sneaking up behind me while I’m writing only to cast your arms around my shoulders like a net and pull me back into you without ever disturbing my process.
They all talk about addictions,
Addicted to fake love;
Addicted to abuse;
Addicted to the things that are bad for you.
None of them ever mention your eyes.
They don’t talk about the way you lose yourself between the pages of book after book.
They don’t discuss the way you only focus on the positive things around you and you avoid the negative because you are so damn gentle, far too pure for this world.
None of them told me about the feeling of your fingertips scattering across my skin, and the way I would almost beg you to drag them down my arms or my back or anywhere on me just one last time.
They didn’t say how you’d wake me with kisses, or tell me the story about the elderly couple you saw from across the room today at lunch - still as in love as ever.
There are so many addictions in this world,
So many habits that are hard to break and drop.
There are so many terrible dependencies that surround us that are utterly damaging to our daily lives.
Yet, you’re not one of them.
Yes, you’re an addiction.
Yes, you keep me up at night and I lose sleep over you
But it has never been a negative source in my life.
You have never been a habit of mine that is anything other than love.
If love were a drug, then I’d be damned; I’d use you every single day.
Addictions are hard to kick, and I just want to hold your hand.
—  ARH // The addiction of holding your hand
Day 8: Front’s Seat’s For People Who Haven’t Been Kidnapped By Fucking Numpties

“Front seat’s for people who haven’t been kidnapped by fucking numpties,” said Simon, his words sinking from his lips to mine as he kissed me (in between sentences just like he knew I liked).

“I really wish I never told you that,” I said, biting at his lips.

After a moment of this (time lulling to a honey-like consistency) he pulled away, though he kept his arm wrapped around my shoulders.

“I can’t believe we’re snogging in your aunt’s car,” said Simon with a breathy chuckle.

“We’re like any other teenage couple,” I said, cocking an eyebrow in his direction. He smirked.

“Except you’re a vampire and I’m the Chosen One and I don’t even know if I’m gay or not,” he said.

“It doesn’t matter,” I said firmly, digging my fingers into the thick fabric of his jumper. “But you know what does? This.”


I leaned forward and kissed him hard enough to push him back against the passenger side door. Whatever he was about to say faded into an indignant muffle. I never ceased to feel a spark of triumph whenever he reached for me, held on to me. I hoped that this never changed.

When I leaned back he was breathing heavily, his rosy cheeks even rosier.

(I loved that I had this effect on him).

“I guess it doesn’t matter,” he said after a pause. He shook his head, almost like resignation. “You’re attractive either way.”

“Damn right,” I said, tossing my hair for good measure (I knew he secretly loved when I did that).

“Oh fuck off,” Simon sighed.

Instead I pulled him close, nestled in the crook of the driver’s side door. There wasn’t much leg space, but at the moment I didn’t quite care. I cared so acutely about this moment instead. Because Simon was curled into my arms, and his hair was brushing my chin and I could feel his heart racing beneath the wool of his jumper. These were the things I cared about. I relished every bit of this, even the fact that our legs were tangled and pins and needles had begun to bloom in my feet. It wasn’t perfect—but then again, neither were we.

Sure, the front seat wasn’t for people who had been kidnapped by fucking numpties. It was for an ordinary teenage couple. 

Well… one was a vampire and one was supposed to save the world. But this—this felt almost normal.


Malice // Hoseok

Drabble game request: Hoseok + The Neighbourhood - #icanteven | for anon

Character / Genre: Jung Hoseok x reader | smut, angst | 2,550 words

I can’t even, I can’t even believe what you did to me

You can’t even, you can’t even say I’m overreacting

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Old Habits Die Hard.

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Thought I was dead? Ha.. sorry.

You sigh, the car radio playing just low enough for the silence to still be awkward between the two of you. “Are we almost there?” You mutter, turning away from the window to look up at him impatiently. Wherever he was taking you must have been far.

“I don’t know.”

Your brows furrow at his careless answer. What was that supposed to mean?  “Jimin, where are we going?”

“I’m not sure.”

You scoff, turning away from him to look out the window. He woke you up for this? He’d been driving around for almost an hour now without even an actual destination, for this? Was this some sort of joke? “Take me home.”

He groans, biting down on his lower lip and pulling the car over right there before even getting off the expressway. Was he serious?

“What are you doing?” You mutter when he parks, glancing over only to avert your eyes again. He was clearly frustrated, making it even harder to be angry at him.. “Jimin-”

His gaze was too heated, making your cheeks flush with just that one look. “I want to strip you of that dress.” He confesses, dropping back into the driver’s seat like it was no big deal.

Your heart begins to race suddenly, the anger you felt simmering into a hot need that you really didn’t want to be feeling right now. One that you couldn’t push away either. 

Even without having to look, you knew his eyes were on you.

“You know how hard it is to stay away from you?” He scoffs, but you found that hard to believe. It’s not like you two hooked up often anyway. “You know how hard it is to find someone like you, baby? So willing to let me fuck you however and whenever I want..” He rolls his head back and drops a hand over himself to grind at himself through the coarse material of his blue jeans with a moan.

You wanted to leave.. You promised you’d stay away from him..


He moans suddenly, low and deep in his throat like an invitation. “Fuck.. I want you.” He groans, making the blush on your cheeks darken and leaving you almost breathless. You close your eyes, needy to the brink of panting and biting down on your lower lip to keep from giving into what he was suggesting before things went any further.

“I know you want it too, baby, by the way you keep rubbing your thighs together.”

You stop, not even realizing you’d been doing it until it was too late. He was unbelievable, turning you on with only his voice and reading you like he read every other fucking girl he slept with. It made you mad, but even that didn't stop you.

“If you really didn’t want to do this, you wouldn’t have come.” He huffs, and maybe he was right. But who wouldn’t want this? He reaches over, takes your chin between his thumb and forefinger and forces you right in his direction, barely brushing his lips against yours. “Tell me to stop and I’ll stop..”

But you don’t.

So he doesn’t.

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Sinful Sunday is addicting😏

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“Fuck you Tucker” You cursed glaring at the cocky bastard. “Are you offering?” He replied smirking as his eyes fell onto your body, possibly already undressing you in his head. “No,” you said picking up your bag. Lance grabbed your arm, pulling you to him, biting his lip as his eyes met yours. “But you want to” he teased, his hand falling onto your waist. You breathing grew erratic, your mind struggling to say no and your body reacting in the exact opposite manner. “How wet are you?” Lance asked. “Excuse me?” You retorted, still denying the fact you actually wanted him to fuck you senseless. “Are you still so God Damn tight baby?” He growled. All you remembered was him fucking you so good against the wall of the gym.

Sinful Sunday

Scream My Name

Request: “Can you write Credence smut based on the song “Zaddy” by Ty Dolla Sign? But not like a daddy kink thing just.. idk, but every time I hear that song it reminds me of an over confident Credence.”

Pairing: Credence Barebone x Reader

Word Count: 1176

Warnings: SmUt ! just pure smut

Originally posted by our-sizzling-seduction

“Take your clothes off.” Credence whispered into your neck.

You giggled, biting your lip. Credence pulled back, a look of hurt passing over his face. He had told you that he was going to try to be more dominant in bed, but you just couldn’t take him seriously. He’d always be sweet, gentle Credence to you.

“Take off your clothes.” He repeated, this time his voice more confident, and laced with impatience. You smiled at him, trying to play along with the dark fantasy that he had planted in his own mind. You pulled your dress over your head, throwing it to the side as Credence’s eyes raked over your underwear clad body. He licked his lips, his hands reaching for your waist, pulling you in closer.

“You’re all mine.” He growled, then kissed you lavishly. “My little slut.”

You pulled away, fully laughing at him.

“Slut? Really Credence?”

“I- I’m sorry, I thought you’d like that.” His confident demeanour had fizzled now, leaving a slouched man in its place.

“Credence…” You cooed, wrapping your arms around his neck. “You don’t have to try to be someone you’re not. I love you just the way you are.”

He kept his gaze lowered, but he was determined to carry out the plan he had made.

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[gif is mine please give credit]

Imagine Dan doing he’s live show and doing this just because he knows how much him biting his lip turns you on.

“Dan we need to have a little talk in my bedroom” You say in a slightly stern voice Dan raises an eyebrow. “Well than I guess we will.” He gets up placing his hand on the small of your back guiding you to your bedroom. “You know I saw what you were doing on the live show.” Dan bites his lip again. “Ummm really what was that.” Acting innocent. You pull Dan closer by the collar of his shirt. “Fucking kiss me already you little spork.” Quickly and tenderly Dan’s lips press into yours. You back finds the wall behind you and your fingers are wrap around his back, slightly digging your nails in.Soflty you whisper"Fuck"