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I was thinking deeply today and realized how to categorize the different Houses: a Slytherin is the type of person who will bump into a chair, scream, pick up the chair, hurl it against the wall and then burn it. A Gryffindor will bump into a chair, bite their lip, ignore the pain and keep walking. Hufflepuffs run into a chair and apologize to it, and Ravenclaws don't run into furniture because they actually look where they're going.

I (respectfully) beg to differ.

Ravenclaws aren’t looking where they’re going, run into the chair and just keep walking (maybe mumbling an apology if they can remember to do so).

Gryffindors slam their leg into the chair and yell loudly, swearing at it and then kick the chair saying “How do you fucking like it?!”

Slytherins are the ones who sidestep the chair at the last second or, alternatively, trip over the chair and then fall gracefully into it, shouting “I MEANT to do that!” for all to hear. Later, when no one is there, they shrink the chair down to the size of a flea, put it in a box and then put that in a bigger box and FLING IT OUT THE ASTRONOMY TOWER AND INTO THE BLACK LAKE.

Hufflepuffs avoid running into chairs by pushing them in when they see them in walkways and generally paying attention to their whereabouts.

Not a perfect relationship ~ Min Yoongi [Smut/Angst]

Group: BTS
Member: Min Yoongi
Type: Smut/Angst
Word Count: 3.334

You look out the window. The sky is tar-black and the large clouds are moving towards you. You hear a tapping noise on the window and then it becomes a pitter-patter. People run for cover outside and umbrellas are opened as the clouds spat out their beds of water.
You nervously fumble with your fingernail, constantly biting onto your lower lip. You turn your head away from the gloomy day, keeping your eyes fixated on the tiles underneath your feet.
“Let’s break up.” You whisper at the ground, feeling your eyes tear up.
“What?” Yoongi asks loudly, the confusion in his voice making you lift up your head. His eyes are widely open, his mouth trembling, his eyes locking with yours.
“Let’s end what we had.” You repeat, the edges of your lips curving into a smile. The last smile you’re able to give to him without feeling your heart break into pieces. “Why?” Yoongi whispers back at you, his voice trembling as he speaks. He takes your hand into his big ones, circling the back of your hand with his thumb. “Why so suddenly?”
You take in a deep breath and shut your eyes to control your emotions from spilling out all at once. The smile on your face hiding the tears in your eyes.
“This relationship isn’t good for any of us, Yoongi. It’s making us sick. You’re living the life you’ve always dreamed of while I’m still trying to find my place in this world.” You answer, gently pulling your hand out of his. Tears start running down your flushed cheeks and you quickly wipe them away before he’s able to notice. “I guess this is goodbye now.” You say to him before turning around and walking through the door, letting your tears run.
“Real feelings don’t just go away!” Yoongi screams after you, his voice had a gloom to it that matches exactly how you feel.
A smile tugs on the edge of your lips by his words, nodding gently before turning around to him and saying the one thing you thought you never had to say to him, “I guess my feelings were never real for you then.”
Your body disappears in the rain, the million tiny droplets soaking your pink jacket. You let out a frustrating sob, running your hand through your hair. You’re frustrated with yourself for letting him go so easily. For not fighting for the only person who could’ve ever made you feel loved. You start missing him more the further away you get from his apartment, the further away you walk from the memory of your relationship. How badly you want to turn around and run into his arms and tell him that you never wanted to leave him, but something inside of you tells you that you can’t, for his sake.
You wipe the tears away with the sleeve of your jacket, kicking a brown leave with your foot. Trees are shedding themselves from the last remains of summer, quickly moving on.
Suddenly you hear footsteps inching closer with a quick pace, almost running in your direction. You stop mid-walk and almost trip when you try to listen to the noise more closely.
A hand slams down on your shoulder from behind; you cry out and spin around to see a soaked Yoongi staring past you. You feel something inside you softening by the thought of him running after you. He’s panting heavily, his eyebrows furrowed in frustration.  “Tell me the truth, Y/N.” Yoongi mumbles in-between heavy breathing, not caring that his voice sound harsh.
You bite down on your lower lip, feeling your stomach tighten when his tone becomes huskier. “You have no clue how much I cared,” You start, looking up at him through glistening eyes, the rain hitting your bodies from above. “How much it took in me just to say goodnight sometimes, knowing that you’re on the other side of the world and not where I need you. How much I forced myself to believe that things will be different this time.” Your breath hitches in your throat, feeling the anxiety rise deep inside of you. You look away from him, a lonely tear making its’ way down your cold cheek.
You shake your head, looking at your feet. “They weren’t.” You chuckle at your own words. “But you were the first person I ever loved and I can’t thank you enough.”
“Y/N…” His voice has dropped to a whisper, his face now a full shade paler.
“Let’s not make this hurt more than it has to.” You answer and turn around to leave but he reaches out and squeezes your shoulder, forcing you to turn back to him. Your lips are only a hairs-breadth away from his and you turn away quickly, your heartbeat quickening when you realize how it feels to be hold by him. He lifts up his arm and places his hand underneath your chin, pulling your face towards his. His magnetic stare burns into yours, the bleak look tucked inside his eyes pleads me to understand. To forgive. His jaw is set in a firm line, lips pressed together, cheeks pink from the ice in the air. “I can’t promise you a perfect relationship,” He states softly, his voice coming out as nothing more than a whisper. “but what I can promise you is that it was never my intend to hurt the only girl who holds my heart…”
You cup your palm against the side of his face, your fingers curling into his satin skin. You continue to stare at each other until you can no longer resist his allure and pull his mouth towards yours.

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BTS react to you wanting sex early

A/N: sorry if this is rather late but this is my first smutty request so i hope you enjoy~ 

Please feel free to send me any more requests as I am trying to reply to most as soon as i can!


Originally posted by mrspreadinglegsjungkook

At first, he would slightly be taken aback by your sudden confession but that surprised look will quickly fade into Jungkook’s signature cocky look and he’d do all he could to try to turn you on as much as possible… his voice becoming deeper, lip biting, staring at you daringly until he knew he had successfully turned you on.

“Are you really up for it?”


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Taehyung would give you a little square smile and nod his head “okay” before going back to whatever he was doing. From time to time, Taehyung would give you a knowing look and teasingly wink at you as a way to make fun of (as well as) initiating sex with you.

“I’m only ready when you are”


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Jimin would be rather confused at first, he would ask again to make sure that you were completely serious so that you wouldn’t regret it when you both end up having sex. He would be so sweet and caring about your feelings but having sex with Jimin, on the other hand, is a completely different story.

“What made you change your mind so soon? do i look that good?” He would tease playfully.


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my textposts make me look like a namjoon bias and stan

His mood and aura would immediately change as soon as you had mentioned it to him, he would stop whatever he was doing and just look you dead in the eyes with lust in his. Namjoon would probably inch closer to you, trying to either intimidate or turn you on, maybe even both, initiating this was his way of challenging you to repeat the words you had said to him.

“Are you sure you’re ready baby girl?”


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Hoseok would most likely react awkwardly to this at first, not knowing how to react to your sudden confession but of course he would make sure that you were genuine about what you had said before initiating anything beyond making out. He would be very caring and careful when you both had sex, making sure that your needs were fulfilled before his. 

“Wow, so sudden…”


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Believe it or not, Min Yoongi would most likely be flustered when it came to the topic of sex (though, he’s completely different when actually doing it…) after you had told him this, he would simply give you a simple nod but smile at himself when you weren’t looking as an dirty scene unfolded in his head. He’ll remind himself to apply his imagination into reality for the next time.


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At first, Seokjin wouldn’t have realised that you were being serious and teased you with an equally flirtatious reply, but when he saw that you were genuine about it, he would most likely take it seriously and tell you to wait patiently for the right mood and moment.

“I knew you couldn’t resist this face for too long”

                                                   -bangtan angels-

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Can we talk about how fucking good harry would be at kissing? Like yeah he's 100% unbelievable at /other stuff/ but Jesus he'd be a beast at the most passionate makeout ever! He'd be groaning into you, grabbing your hair and leaving hickeys all over

I think Harry is one of those people that enjoys teasing kisses - he’s not too fast and not too slow, just the perfect speed to really make you feel him and the way his tongue works against yours. And it’s all a mixture of slow pressing kisses before his teeth bite down on your lower lip, as he tips your head back so he can get more control over the kiss and really deepen it, sliding his tongue against yours and letting you taste him for real. And then when he wants a little more he quickens it, just a bit, before going back to the slow ones because he knows you enjoy the tingling overwhelming sensation of the more slow kisses, cause those are the ones that make you moan and writhe in his arms and pull him closer until you’re all but breathless and just trying to get more of him even though you already have him completely, all over you, his taste on your tongue and his hands on you. I also thinks Harry kisses with his whole body - he pulls you close, squeezes your hips, cups your cheek with his hand, pulls your hair and so on until you can only taste, breathe, see and feel him and only him.

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R & Lena have been friends for years. R is from Metropolis & decides to pay Lena a visit a short while after the stuff with Lex happened. Lena is stubborn & refuses to be comforted but R doesn't give up & keeps on comforting her anyway. Eventually Lena relents, realising she needs R & lets R comfort her & help her deal with the damage Lex caused both to herself & to L-Corp.

Originally posted by lenaluthcr

“Lena, I know you, so stop trying to push me away!  You are not fine!” 

Lena stalls in closing the door on you and bites her bottom lip.  You’re right and she knows that.  She’s known that since you showed up in National City.  Trying to help.  Trying to get her to realize how bad things had actually gotten.

“I’m not,” she whispers.  She opens the door again and you slip inside.  “I’m sorry.”

“Don’t.  Lena, I know your family.  I know what growing up with them was like.  I am here for you, but you have to let me.  Promise me, right now, that you’ll let me?”

“Okay.  I promise.”

Just Go With It

Author: Madaboutagirl (Tumblr: NellySly)

Pairing: Supercat

Rating: N/A (Reader’s opinion of General Audience/K+)

Summery: “SuperCat oneshot. Season 2. James and Winn are sneaking around being Guardian and Kara finds herself alone at an Art Gallery getting hit on by some random guy.

‘I’m rescuing you, just go with it.’ Cat whispers conspiratorially adding a playful wink.’ “

Featured quote:

Cat bites her lip nervously, something she hasn’t done in years.


Who doesn’t love a vulnerable little kitty Cat Grant and kisses?


So glad Tony finally won the vote..!

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submitted by the lovely @supernaturallymarvellous

(The gif doesn’t work - but it’s one of my faves so obvs I do know what it’s suppposed to look like! Also same!)

Tony had been teasing you at every chance he got for the past couple of days. Little nudges, dirty jokes, innuendos and teasing looks - he knew exactly which buttons to push. 

A meeting with all of the Avengers had been scheduled for 10 am, you sat in between Natasha and Steve, Tony sat across from you on the other side of the room, his dark eyes lingering on you. 

Natasha sighed, rolling her eyes, before sharing a knowing look with Clint, who sat next to Tony. You frowned in confusion, looking from Nat to Clint. Steve giggled lowly and you glared at him. 

When Fury walked into the room, you caught a glimse of Tony, who was staring at you, teasingly biting down on his lower lip. It wasn’t until Fury slapped his fist down on the desk, that the two of you stopped staring at each other. 

“Y/L/N and Stark, you are the biggest idiots I have ever come across. We all know that you like each other so pull yourself together for the rest of this fucking meeting.” 

You felt your cheeks heat up at his words and tried your hardest to concentrate for the rest of the meeting, but Tony couldn’t help but stare at you. 

When Fury finally left the room, Nat practically shoved you in Tony’s direction, winking. 

“So, you do like me after all.” Tony grinned slyly. 

“Oh shut up, Stark.” You mumbled, before pulling him in for a sweet, short kiss. 

“About damn time.” You heard Natasha and Clint sigh.



Meeting Jonathan Byers while he’s hanging up posters for Will and offering to help him.
••• Requested by @wennbergbabe •••

“Isn’t he your brother?”

Jonathan turned around from where he had just pinned another missing poster to the notice board outside the pharmacy. Dragging his eyes up, he met your gaze.

“Y-yeah. His name’s Will.”

You offered him a small smile. “I know. I’ve read the posters.”

Silence fell between you two. Biting your lip and shuffling your feet on the cement, you tried sparking a conversation.

“I’m (Y/N). I sit to the left of you in - ”

“Math.” Said Jonathan. “I know. You never hand in your homework.”

You rolled your eyes. “Ugh. Homework, I almost forgot.” You say, gesturing to your bag. “I’ve got after school tutoring in an hour.“

Looking back at the pile of missing child posters in Jonathan’s hands, you suddenly came up with an idea.

"How about I help you put those up. I’ve got a stapler in my bag somewhere.”

WLWeek17 Day 5

Favorite wlw kiss

I am in love with this cophine kiss from season 2.

Originally posted by danasoupchef

It’s just…. *clenches fist*…. so good.  The spin move that Cosima does to get Delphine in front of her.  The call back to the pen toss.  The practiced ease with which they fall together implying that they make out against tables on the regular.  THe Lip bITE.  The fact that they would’ve kept going had Rachel not interrupted.

I just love how it’s a casual show of affection too.  After this, everything they do is super dramatic and sweeping shows of love.  I wish there were more of this kind of thing for LGB characters.  I don’t want one of the characters to get shot for the other, I want them to kiss and be happy with each other.

Also they’ve been in Canada for what, a week at this point?  With nothing to do except each other….. which is also implied, but God I miss the fics where they’re just domesticly blissed out.  

Cophine domesticity > any ‘’’’’actual’’’’’ books I’ve ever read.

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Hi lovely😁 I'm gonna need a parallel of Aaron and the coin with Robert saying he's thinking about getting their rings engraved. How perfect world that be!!

Hello beautiful ❤❤❤





Pete Dunne


Originally posted by markmandrews

Summary- SMUT

Pete Dunne was something special in the WWE UKT, you knew it right when your eyes landed on him. You decide to tease people especially him with wearing his “roots of fight” Bruiserweight t-shirt in a photo shoot for your instagram. 


You sat on your bed as they fix your makeup and hair. You smirk softly fixing your black PINK underwear. They fix your shirt and let you start posing. You pull the shirt down and cover your bottom half as you sat on your knees with one finger pulling your lip down and your hair slightly covering your face. The photographer takes pictures as you slowly pull your shirt up exposing your under breasts showing. You smirk softly and bite your lip. You knew Pete followed you on social media so you decide to tweet two photos out. You smirk softly as people start tagging Pete under the tweet. You put your phone down and fix your shirt heading downstairs for water.

When you came back you see that Pete qouted the tweet with heart eyes and a smirk. You laugh softly as you see that he had dm’ed you. 

“Oh my god.” you laugh softly and open the DM. 

Pete; Holy hell… Can we meet up sometimes?

y/n: Why not? Are you in  Orlando? 

Pete: Yesssss, Tonight?

Y/n: Sure

You finish the conversation up and smirk to yourself. Your plan of getting Pete worked. You fix up your eye make and lounge around before you had to go meet Pete at the bar he wanted to go to while there. 

You fix the black and white dress that hugged everything perfectly on you. You tie your suede heels and grab your phone and your car keys. You drive off to the bar and arrive at the bar that he asked you to go to. You held your keys and look at the time reading 9:30PM 

You get out of your car and pull your dress down and to the front of the bar, you walk inside fixing your hair and looking around. Pete looks at you from across the bar and bites his lip. He fixes his suit vest and walks over to you. 

“Hey y/n,” He smirks, his British accent thick making you kindly smile. He leads you to where he was sitting and pulls out a chair for you. You thank him and sit down. He bites his lip at your body and sits next to you, you order a drink and turn towards him. 

You guys both talked about your photo shoot and at the end of the night he walks you to your car. You thank him for the night. He stands in front of you as you lean on your door. 

“I hope we can do this again?” He smirks. You smirk back and nod. 

“Why not.” You pat his cheek and before you could open your door he smashes his lips against yours. You were surprised at first and quickly kiss back closing your eyes. He pushes you against the car and wraps his arms around you. You smirk against his lips and run your hands through his hair. He bites your lip as you both pull away. You look up at him and smirk. He whispers huskily in your ear his hotel and room number kissing under your earlobe. Your lips part slightly and nod. 

You drove to his hotel and meet him in front. He squeezes your hand lightly as he pulls you to the elevators. He didn’t want to wait, he wanted to see what you looked like undressed in front him. The elevator opens and he pulls you in pressing the button and pushing you against the wall and roughly kissing you. You kiss back holding onto his coat. He grabs your hips tightly and just wanted to fuck you on the elevator if he could. He grabs the hem of your dress and pulls it up just enough to expose more of your thighs. He runs his hands down your thighs and moves his hand up and runs a finger down your soaking slit. He chuckles deeply and pulls his hand away making you whine quietly. He pulls you out of the elevator and picks you up quickly taking you to his room and quickly taking you inside pressing your back against the door and kissing your lips harshly. He kept you pushed up against the door and pulls your dress up to your waist, your black thong coming into view. His eyes darken and he sees you and quickly takes you to the bed and lays you down and pulling them off. He stares at your glistening pussy aching to be touched by the man in front of you. He moves his hand on your chin and his index finger and middle finger play with your lips and you open your mouth and he slips two fingers into your mouth. You hum against them as he pulls them out and quickly pushes two fingers inside you making you moan and arch your back. Pete moves his head down and presses his lips against your neck and harshly kissing around the area. 

“Pete.” You moan lightly. 

“Say my name baby.” He smirks curling his fingers up making you gasp. You reach up and palm him through his now tented trousers. You look up him and he grabs your wrist tightly pushing it down. He pulls his fingers out and sucks them clean moaning at how you taste. You watch him as he strips you and himself out of his clothes. You stared down at his member that was thick and veiny making you bite your lip. He squeezes your ass and slaps it harshly.

“Well love whatcha waiting for?” He says. You take that and quickly grab his cock and running your hand up and down kissing his red tip making him bite his lip as he watches you. You do it again and lightly take it into your mouth and lightly scraping your teeth on his tip. You look up at him and smirk. 

He groans and shoves you back against the bed and spreads your legs quickly. You smirk watching him. He finds a condom and pulls it on and roughly pushing into you. 

“Fuck you’re so tight,” He groans and thrusts faster. You moan and grab your breasts roughly. He watches you and removes your hands and squeezes your nipples between his index finger and thumb making you moan loudly. 

“Oh god Pete yes, fuck me.” You moan gripping his forearms. He moves down to his elbows leaving dark hickeys on your body. You gasp as he went faster. 

The sound of skin clapping and moans filled the large hotel room. 

“Fuck I’m cumming, I’m gonna cum.” Your moans got needy and more high pitched. He rolls his thumb over your clit and quickly rubs it making you quickly arch your back and moan. You clench yourself around him and he moans breathlessly as you came around him. He pushes a  few more times and came into the condom. 

You lay there in silence for a moment until you hear. 

“Round two?”

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Heya! I was wondering if you have some pictures of Hobi biting his lip? Theres one picture of him in a black snapback and he looks really hot in it. Can u please post some if u them?? Thank u so much :)!

are you referring to this photo? ;-;

I actually don’t have any other lip biting photos of hobi saved.. this is the only other one I have.. sorry if you were expecting more pics D: