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Bite Size Review: Spongebob Summer Episodes

There might only be a month of summer left but there’s plenty of time to still watch as much T.V. as possible. I’m on a seasonal binge right now; re-watching summer themed episodes of cartoons. I’m starting with all the classic beach/summer episodes of Spongebob. 

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Ripped pants is the fifth episode of Spongebob and it’s really when the show starts to establish character and its style of humour. Although the moral in the episode is very simple, “be yourself”, it also shows the identity crisis Spongebob goes through. Wanting your peers to like you is a major struggle for children, as they are still figuring out their own identity. 

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I appreciated how this episode showed Spongebob concluded he didn’t want to be known as the “ripped pants guy”, instead of another character telling him to be himself. Sandy only tells him so, after Spongebob has dealt with his frustration and become confident in his identity. 

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Bubble Buddy is one of the top Spongebob episodes made. It’s a favourite of mine because of the comedic depth and subtlety. Some adult humour is introduced to the show but it’s still appropriate and appealing for children to watch.

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Squidward and Mr. Krabs’ banter at the Krusty Krab is a perfect example of how a cartoon can be funny for all ages. The episode isn’t needlessly childish or explicitly full of innuendos. The show exemplifies what makes a quality children’s cartoon funny: comedic visuals and a simple plot with genuine jokes.     

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Spongeguard on duty is an entertaining episode that artfully use visuals as punchlines. Some of my favourite from the episode are Patrick not realizing he was laying on his stomach, Larry’s friend kicking sand at Spongebob, and Spongebob seeing all the swimmers as grave stones. Also, the montage of Spongebob trying to do cool stuff with Larry was hilarious.  

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This episode excelled at using minimal dialogue and focusing on the comedy of Spongebob’s mind. The combination of the setting and his overreaction shows the audience how Spongebob is funny as an individual character.     

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Krabby Land and The Camping Episode, are in season three, and that’s where I feel like the show really started to hit its stride. The animation itself had become crisper and more complex.  

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I find this episode hilarious because of Spongebob and Mr. Krab’s intensity to oppose each other. They both demonstrate the folly of being too selfless and too greedy. Also, I always enjoy the banter between Mr. Krabs, Spongebob and Squidward. 

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The Camping Episode was a fantastic episode for Squidward. Of course, by fantastic I mean we get to see Squidward’s arrogance come undone. I loved how we get to see his character’s flaws and Spongebob and Patrick have the upper hand. What’s your favourite cartoon that has a summer themed episode? Also please go check out all the blogs I used gifs from. :) 

Bite-Sized Book Review

Crooked Kingdom by Leigh Bardugo

Back from their Ice Court heist and badly weakened, Kaz Brekker and his crew fight to get their money and justice from a world that is hunting them down. 

-I’m not sure what I can say other than it was Brilliant and pure Perfection. Like, the world-building, the plot, the intricate schemes were out of this world and now I’m not sure what to do with my life. 

-Wylan Van Eck is my baby and my love. I love his development into a quality Barrel Rat *tears of pride*. Also Kaz’s “Maybe he’s a natural”; he’s so proud too

-All the character developments were incredible. Watching Kaz and Jesper’s individual journeys and their relationship healed my soul. And Matthias’ development was so beautiful and realistic, and I’m sorry that I didn’t like him before.

-Inej’s development was a little light? Which is probably okay because I think hers is evenly split between the two books whereas everyone else had very heavy character development in this book

-The way Bardugo leaves Kanej’s relationship open and hopeful makes me remember why I ship them. And Wylan flirting back with Jesper was everything I ever wanted. And Nina and Matthias were so pure and I’m glad they got together

-But, the Matthias’ thing? Not okay. Not in the least bit. Rude, Leigh, rude. 

-Because I’m his mother, I’m allowed to embarrass him, so: *Shouts loudly into the street* “KAZ BREKKER IS SEVENTEEN YEAR OLD WITH A CRUSH.” 

-So let me get this straight: Inej is Kaz’s wife, Wylan is his son, and Jesper is his brother; Nina is his best friend, Matthias is the frenemy next door neighbor, and Kuwei is  the local cryptid. Something like that? 

-I’m so sad that there wasn’t more NinaxKaz bro-ness because I am all here for them being the power bro couple. The other friendships were also a little light? But NinaxInej forever and JesperxInej forever. And the team up with Matthias, Jesper, and Kuwei was A+

-Kuwei is great. My heart went out to him when he started crying

-I was really frustrated with the first book, but I feel like all the problems I had had been solved in this one. My only continuing complaint: She still doesn’t give room for emotions and characters to breathe. 

Bite-Sized Book Review

Wires and Nerve by Marissa Meyer

In the months after the revolution, the Lunar queen’s best friend and butt-kicking android, Iko, sets out on a mission to hunt down rogue operatives. 

-I have waited forever to read this book, and I cannot begin to describe how truly perfect every single page is. I love this book and this series so much, and I’m so glad that there’s going to be more.

-All the character designs are exactly how I pictured them. All the girls are stunningly gorgeous and adorable. And I cannot get over how Winter’s hair.

-This is such a cool concept for the series because I totally forgot about the lunar operatives on Earth, and it’s nice that come back into play

-I’m so so happy that they address little issues like the difficulties of transitioning to a republic and the invasiveness of the bioelectric security devices. Also, so is everyone in the galaxy supposed to get one of these?

-Sometimes in Winter, Iko bothered me a little but this reminded me why I love her. Her characterization is so beautiful and well-done.

-Shoutout to my queen, Cinder, who is self-deprecating, sassy, and determined to help people (and wear cargo pants) all at the same time. Also she misses her babies and they miss her too. I love you

-Again, Winter is so gorgeous and sweet, and I want an entire graphic novel of just her.

-Highlight of the book: Thorne swinging on a rope.

-And we get to meet his parents?? Yay, characterization! Also, he falls in love with his android counterpart, his formal outfit is like an army jacket, HE BECOMES AN (HONORARY) CAPTAIN, and gives his medal to Cress because she deserves it more; I love this man. 

-I can’t appreciate enough how much of a genius and a cutie Cress is. She gets sick everywhere they go and makes her boyfriend watch net dramas. But then also knows how to outsmart and take down the operatives. And her dressed down uniform has suspenders. And she has spaceship pjs??? I CAN’T.

-I gasped so loudly when I saw Wolf with the ring

-Tressa is so cute! Excited to see more of her. 

-Girl friendship coming in strong!!! Thank, God. 

-I HATE KINNEY. He is disgusting and rude and offensive and I can’t believe that Meyer, who has given us such beautiful relationships, is trying to make this one a thing. He gets punched in the face by Steele, and honestly, it was a highlight of the book.

-basically everything in this book is perfection except Kinney. 

A Bite Size Review: Adventure Time’s “The Music Hole”

This past episode was a good combination of playfulness and maturity, which seems to be the trend for season seven. Furthermore, this episode was very meaty for Finn’s character. 

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To start, we see Finn finally dealing with the loss of his “Finn Sword”. Unlike last season, this time his friends come together to help him instead of letting him wallow. Furthermore, we see Finn has built up some resilience, as he feels marginally better by the end of the episode. In comparison to season six, where it took Finn half the season to overcome his issues and learn to healthily deal with them. His character shows that maturity doesn’t mean you don’t still get upset or sad about a problem, but you are able to bounce back quicker.   

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The episode also displayed a relaxed tone between Marceline and Princess Bubblegum, showing that the two of them are more comfortable with each other now. It’ll be interesting to see if we get to find out what specifically caused a divide between them before. It was also enjoyable to see these two characters not be so serious after the intensity of the “Stakes” episodes. 

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I couldn’t not mention Ice King’s song and how it’s so ridiculous but so catchy. Don’t even lie, you know it was stuck in your head after watching this episode. The penguins were troublemakers as usual, and Gunter looked so fly in that jacket. 

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The last few minutes of the episode was beautifully introspective, and reminded me of season six episodes like “The Diary” and “The Comet”. Adventure Time  demonstrates that a cartoon can mature with its audience, while still appealing to young newcomers to the show. The scene with the music hole also seems to hint The Lich storyline will be coming back. 

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Marceline’s song, and Finn and The Music Hole’s song were my favourite from this episode. Flame Princess and Neptr’s rap was quite entertaining as well though. Also, where did Flame Princess get those flame retardant clothes? Perhaps, from a certain hero she’s started hanging out with again?! Does this mean Finn wouldn’t have to wear tinfoil anymore to hug Flame Princess?! The fan girl in me is dying to know what’s going on between them!

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Steven Floats: A Bite Size Review

This week’s episode brings us back to the root of the show: emotions. More importantly, how Steven is growing up and learning to deal with more complex emotions. 

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In many ways I found this episode reflected the emotions of the audience, we’ve all been waiting for Steven to get back home and get back to what’s been happening in Beach City. The episode also reflects how Steven is maturing and learning to manage his desires in life, and that satisfaction can’t always be instant. His frustration with his new power getting in the way of him getting a doughnut, shows that Steven must learn to prioritize what’s important in life. 

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The episode wonderfully portrays how adolescents learn to have patience. At first Steven is only focused on his desire for the doughnut, a primal desire that distracts him from everything else going on. His scenario of what will happen if he doesn’t get the first doughnut of the day, is hilarious. The montage is so true to how children feel like it’s the end of the world if something doesn’t go as planned. Once Steven realizes he can’t change his situation, he is forced to get his emotions under control. 

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This episode also shows how Steven is gaining more powers similar to his mother’s, but that doesn’t mean he’s becoming more like her. Steven is his own person and wants to know more about his mom, but he doesn’t want to become her. Furthermore, he is starting to develop his own thoughts about his mother’s actions and he’s not totally comfortable with them. This episode shows that Steven is maturing and not just seeing things as black and white. 

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The crystal gems are also learning how to let Steven grow up. They recognize they can’t solve his problems for him forever. Likewise, Steven doesn’t expect the gems to fix everything, but he knows they’ll always be there to support him. The gems and Steven are starting to let go of stopping life from changing.  

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Finally, it was just really nice to see Beach City again after being at the barn for so long! I really missed the aesthetic of the main part of town. As well, it was enjoyable seeing the characters behave in their usual way when not under stress. Amethyst being oblivious and hungry, Pearl freaking out and being hyper maternal, and Garnet staying incredibly chill through the whole problem. What was your favourite part of this episode?

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