bite sack


“Hey Tig,” you greeted your second favorite Son as you neared the garage.

“Oh hey darlin’,” he nodded from under the hood of some Toyota.

“You seen Sack?” Creeping over to better hear, you leaned against the car.

“Out with Juice, should be back soon,” he eyed you as he stood straight. “Why him-”

“Here we go again,” rolling your eyes, you heeled off for the office.

“He’s only got one nut for christ’s sake,” Tig laughed, “you deserve two!”

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We got restless waiting for the bus and decided to play some Hackey Sack with one of Grover’s apples. Annabeth was unbelievable. She could bounce the apple off her knee, her elbow, her shoulder, whatever. I wasn’t too bad myself.

The game ended when I tossed the apple toward Grover and it got too close to his mouth. In one mega goat bite, out Hackey Sack disappeared- core, stem, and all.

Grover blushed. He tried to apologize, but Annabeth and I were too busy cracking up.


Rick Riordan, The Lightning Thief

how do some people not like grover please explain thank you

This one just craved for a caption!


The captionless gif is from Anvand.

I wasn’t able to ask you if it’s ok to use it, but you haven’t forbidden any use of your gifs either, so just tell me if you want it taken away! :)

“LOL at “ you haven’t forbidden any use either”  really? just say you stole the gif and reposted it. Seriously people it’s not that hard to REBLOG!”

I added the caption there, altered the speed, and then blogged it. It’s a remake, not a repost, and I will take it away if the maker of the original gif feels it shouldn’t be there since I wasn’t able to ASK if it’s ok. I did also reblog the TEXTLESS gif.