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So after reading the JDM/NR interview, I’m going to give my two cents on it. Some of you might disagree with what I say, but that’s okay b/c we all have our own opinions and we are civil about it… b/c we’re the sane ones :p

1) JDM

I know I’m not the only one who thinks that what he said was actually very thoughtful. It was so much better than what we had to deal with yesterday *cough* Josh *cough*

How he described Caryl basically highlighted every aspect of a ‘healthy relationship’, which is a mixture of a nuturing relationship with friendship and sexual tension. To him, even though they haven’t actually made the jump, Caryl is still a lovely thing to watch. I for one was very happy with what he said. 

2) NR

I am very happy that he did acknowledge how strong their relationship is, and how excited he gets to work with Melissa and how lucky he is to have scenes with her (McReedus cuteness!). Plus my favorite quite: “As far as romances go, he already has a relationship with Carol.”… *squeals*

It’s nice for him to reiterate that there is a possibility of a romance between them since they already have a strong relationship. Now here’s where you might disagree with me. 

When he said that Caryl had become such a larger than life thing that he was kind of afraid to mess with it, I honestly didn’t blame him for feeling nervous, and here’s why:

These past few weeks are a prime example as to how easily this fandom jumps to conclusions on spoilers or comments. I’m not saying we’re at fault, for we should be allowed a bit of leeway for reacting… It’s been 7 long seasons and TWD made us so distrustful, so naturally we have a short fuse for anything negative against Caryl. 

At the same time, the haters have been in full force these past few weeks, and of course certain comments from cast members don’t help with those trolls. The fandom is practically alive with reactions right now towards either anything that’s tied to Caryl (good or bad) or what happens in Norman’s life… unfortunately. 

We just need to understand that due to our patience wearing thin, we are nearly demanding more unambiguous answers from NR as well as anyone else who’s willing to comment from the show. Added to the fact that we’re fighting against ageist assholes, we’re begging for NR or anyone close by to debunk that idea that Carol has a mother/son bond with Daryl. 

So when NR continues to give us vague answers, like in this interview, we get pissed off at him very quickly.

My point is, NR was mentioning how people freak out when nothing happens and freak out when something does happen. He knows there’s going to be a big reaction to Caryl going canon, and so naturally, he’s nervous. I do actually understand his anxiety because with how nuts the fandom (both the good guys and the trolls) can be, especially recently, then yeah it would be a little nerve wracking to see both sides of it explode. 

Hell, it might turn into a war with us defending our new ship and the two actors against the haters that’ve come out of their crypts.

Knowing how much he adores Mel, he might even be hesitant to approach Caryl b/c he knows the hate will most likely rise with the celebrations for both of them. And remember this, anytime Norman is tied to a member of the opposite sex, no matter who she is, there are crazy fans that troll her and threaten her for being with him, and that’s been happening before the DK shenanigans (it’s worse with her I know but still). It doesn’t matter if it’s just for a tv show. They know Mel means a lot to Norman, and so for Caryl to go canon, unfortunately the hate would most likely rise for her since her character’s paired with him. So he might be nervous for her.

Now please keep in mind I’m not saying it’s a good excuse to avoid the Caryl situation, but I do at least understand the anxiety behind it. Would it be nice for him to directly shut down the stupidity that is the mother/son bond and defend Melissa? HELL YES! But we have absolutely no clue of what’s going on behind the scenes. 

Maybe he didn’t realize his choice of words would fuel the fire, maybe amc continues to tell him to play it dumb in regards to Caryl b/c they want to make it a surprise canon moment *smh*, maybe he’s not even aware at how bad the mother/son crap is… or maybe he realized his mistake but never said anything b/c Mel didn’t want him to for she didn’t want him to confront the negativity… we just don’t know.

I am a Melissa fan first and foremost, but I have complete faith that Norman’s reasoning for being hesitant to make the step has nothing to do with self representation, b/c despite his people pleasing tendencies, he cares deeply for Melissa, and he’s often said he’d be lucky if it happens. 

Just my two cents… don’t bite me :p

For the first time in forever, I changed my theme on my profile and fixed it all up! Adding the outro song ‘Watching Cartoons” so everyone can play it, if they ever go onto my profile. Also adding my favourite song atm. Assuming you’re using desktop version of Tumblr of course then you can listen to them. :P

I love it!  ♥

Discord Server!

Hey guys! Just letting you know I have a discord server now. It’s just a general furry one so just DM me if you want the link. We can talk about art and shit! Hope to see you there.

dude… this person has got me so fucked up and it’s not funny

oilux  asked:

Okay so since you're taking down bitten and bite me (not that I'm upset!! go be a published author you'll be great) I have to know one thing or it'll haunt me for the rest of my days. Who was Dipper's sire?

Ahaha… You see, that was what made me decide to stop and delete Bitten, actually. I asked a friend of mine that knows a lot about the story and shares ideas with me and whatnot about what I should do about that specific thing, and she suggested that I just stop the fic. My problem with it was that I want who his sire is to have a really cool impact, and I have the scene planned out in my head perfectly to make it awesome, so I want it to be saved for the original version.

I thought I could maybe split the fic in a different direction and have the sire be different for the fic, but I’d have to literally change the entire plot and that just didn’t sound like something I wanted to do, y’know? All I CAN say is that Dipper, of course, ends up being okay after that cliffhanger I left off on, which I DO feel bad for. He was shot in the chest, but not anywhere that it would kill him thanks to Tad showing up and distracting the hunter and Dipper moving because he saw him.

If you REALLY wanna know who his sire is, the context clues and foreshadowing are there in the tail end of Bite Me and all throughout what’s there of Bitten. I’ll never confirm or deny it if someone guesses right, but if you look there are definitely things that say it outright without saying it outright if that makes sense. I have a funny way of doing my foreshadowing if you hadn’t already noticed -Example being the Halloween costumes which literally showed how it was going to end- so keep an eye out for that kind of thing and you’ll get it.

In the foreshadowing alone you can find: What chased Dipper, who his sire is, what was about to happen next in Bitten, plus lots of other little things. It’s all hidden in conversations and thrown out super casually, so you have to have a sharp eye ;D




“I want you to be honest with me. Totally and completely honest. Have you been time traveling?”

It’s the year 2046. 

69-year-old actress Lana Parrilla is being interviewed. Everyone remembers her, the iconic star from Once Upon a Time. That show nobody talks about, including Mrs. Parrilla herself. 

But today, today she reveals all. 

“I used to read FanFiction,” she says. A smirk, one that reminds us all of the Evil Queen that we all loved so dearly. 

“I used to write guest reviews but always under the same name. My username?” She laughs and then does something unexpected. She reveals the username.

Throughout the world thousands of fanfic writers open that webpage they once swore never to touch again. Two tabs are opened, one for and one for ao3. 

Frantically they search through all their fics. 

The first to find her name, screams. “LANA PARRILLA COMMENTED ON MY FIC, OMFG!”

They close their eyes, breathe in deeply and sit on the edge of their seat. Their eyes scan over the words. 

“Update soon.”