bite love

For anyone who reads my fics:

I do not care how long ago I posted it, I promise you that you will make my day 10000000X better if you say something about them. It doesn’t even have to be something super huge, you could just mention that you liked something or someone. Literally, it’ll make me cry rainbows for the rest of the week.

- you always cross my mind, at the most random moments. The sunset reminds me of how soft your voice is. The stars remind me of the smile that shines brighter than the world itself. Even darkness reminds me of you, how deep your mind and heart are, yet how peaceful they both seem. You are my light at the end of a tunnel. Your lips against my neck makes me weak, your fingers tracing my skin , sends chills up and down my spine. You’re exhilarating. You truly take my breath away. You have the mind of a poet, your words flow like a book. Filling new pages everyday, I want to be on those pages, as a new beginning.