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We Did Not(FP/Jughead Jones)

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Shuffling through the small space of the mobile home, you searched for your things frantically. “God I’m such an idiot,” you mumble under your breath. Slipping on your clothes, you glanced over your shoulder to see the man, who’s name you couldn’t remember. He was rather handsome, but from a quick look over his home, you could easily tell he didn’t have his life together.

The bright sunlight hit you like a truck, that hangover was hitting you hard. Glancing at your nearly dead phone, you gasp. “Shit, I’m gonna be late for my own graduation!”

Without any other question, you take off running, hoping you could make it home in time to get ready.

* * *

“Y/N,” Jughead calls with a grin on his face. Instead of wearing a cap, like the rest of the grade, Jughead (as usual) was sporting his beanie.

“Jug!” You run up to your boyfriend, jumping into his arms with a laugh. “We did it! We’re done! High school’s officially over! Can you believe it?”

“We’re finally free,” he leans down to peck your lips. “Come on, I’ve got someone I want you to meet. My dad’s here,” he grins.

“Jughead that’s amazing,” you smile softly. He takes your hand in his, pulling you through the crowd of cheering students.

“Dad this Y/N, Y/N this is my dad,” Jughead says. You’re smile falters for half a second, but he seems to remain collected.

“FP Jones,” he sticks his hand out.

“Y/N Y/L/N,” you shake his hand. “Nice to meet you,” you nod with a tight smile. “Well, I’m going to give you guys a minute, I’m gonna go look for the girls.” You give Jughead a quick kiss, before hurrying off. “Betty,” you hiss as she stands alongside Veronica and Kevin.

“What’s wrong? You look like you’ve seen a ghost,” she furrows her brows.

“I did something very bad,” you tell them.

“Slow down,” Kevin places a hand on your shoulder. “Tell us what happened,” he urges.

“I cheated on Jughead,” you bite your lip. “At that bar last night, I got drunk-”

“Oh, Y/N,” Veronica gives you a sad smile.

“Oh, no, it gets worse.”

Kevin asks, “How could it get worse?”

You give them a look of panic, “You don’t want to know.”

FP glances at you from where he stood with his son, “Y/N seems nice,” he clears his throat.

“Yeah,” Jughead smiles, looking over his shoulder at you. “Y/N is the best,” he says.

“Listen, Jughead,” FP began. But he couldn’t do it. “Just be careful,” he pats Jughead’s back.

Jughead chuckles, “Don’t worry, dad. I’ll be fine, see you at home?” FP nods, watching his son join the group. FP mumbles, “What have I done?”


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summary: you never kissed a stranger but things are about to take a turn

words: 1.134

dancing, drinking, partying all night was something that you liked doing every once in a while. it was your way of releasing all the stress you had gathered up from the past week. you didn’t really have a busy life but school was a big part of it.

“y/n want another shot of something?” your friend yelled from the other side. currently you were at a table with your friends and some random guys you had never seen before. they offered you to pay for the drinks so you agreed. i mean who wouldn’t want free drinks right?

“yeah, get me whatever!” you yelled back taking a sip of some sort of hard alcohol.  

after a couple of drinks you were drunk. this happened pretty much every single time you came into the club. but you still haven’t had enough. 

 "y/f/n hahaha biiitchh i’m gettting moreee , you want anythin?“ you half yelled but your friend was busy making out with a guy so you just left and went to the bar. 

 ‘omg that guy is so ugly lol’ you thought to yourself as you were passing by sweaty bodies all dancing and girls grinding on guys. making out was something you were all about but you had never done this with a random stranger in the club like your friend was doing it. to you it seemed pointless, making out with someone who you won’t see ever again. 

 "two beers please” you said to the bar tender and he nodded grabbing two black beers from the fridge removing the caps and placing them in front of you. he gave you the bill and once you payed you started making your way back to the table. but the journey was soon over as you bumped into someones back so hard that the beers shattered and spilled all over your dress, the beer was in your hair too and it stuck on your skin.

 "oh yuuuuck" you yelled in disgust forgetting that there was someone right in front of your eyes. you didn’t bother looking up since you were soaking wet having the whole dress drenched in the alcohol. 

 "you stink.“ someones voice said. you looked up but still kept your hands on the dress not knowing what to do with it. it was a guy. a very handsome one actually, he had black hair and a very soft angelic face. 

 "you think?” you said back in a annoying way and bumped into him trying to walk away but he grabbed your wrists, making you face him.

 "hey i’m sorry it was a joke.“ he said slowly moving his hands up your arms giving you goosebumps all over your body with a slight smirk.

 'no’ you thought to yourself 'no i’m not doing this’

but there was something about him that made you want him. as soon as he touched your skin it sent shivers down your spine but you were trying to push those thoughts away since you didn’t come to this club to make out with strangers for the next couple of hours. 

 he still had his hands on you while staring into your eyes and didn’t move at all. you stared back at him slowly analyzing his face, his eyes, his nose, chubby cheeks all his features, and then you stopped on his lips. those full plump lips and every once in a while he would bite his bottom lip. barring his teeth into it. 

 'oh fuck it’ you said grabbing his face and pushing your lips onto his. he at first didn’t kiss back so you pressed your body into him not caring that your dress was still wet, and then he finally started kissing you back. he put his right hand on the small of your back, with the other one he moved your hair back behind your ear and moved his lips to your neck sucking on your sweet spot. "ahh..” you moaned and he smiled into your neck slowly tracing his tongue across the spot that he kissed before. you could feel the heat from his tongue slowly getting on your neck and every once in a while he would kiss you back on your lips. slowly tugging on your bottom lip and biting it. 

 you pulled away for a second completely out of breath still keeping your hands on this boy looking somewhere down on the floor. 'what did i just do’ you thought when the boy lifted your chin up so that you were looking at him.

 "you okay?“ he said and you nodded smiling back at him. he then put his hands on your back swaying himself and you slowly into the beat. but you didn’t feel like dancing. you just realized what have you done, kissed a random guy, and you said to yourself you wouldn’t do this. what made you change your way of thinking so quickly was probably because you started sobering down and the alcohol wasn’t in your system anymore.

 "i need some air” you said putting your hands away from him and practically running outside of this club. why was this even such a big deal to you is not like you had sex with him or anything. it was just a stupid kiss. 

 "warn me up if you are going to run away like that from me.“ you heard a voice behind you but you just stood there not looking his way.

"hey is there something wrong? did I do anything?" 


 "then what is it?”


 "you don’t fool me, I can see it in your eyes that something is up, spill baby doll I don’t bite.”

 "but you do.“ and gave him half a smile

 "there! you smiled” he said coming a bit closer to you trying to take your hands into his but you quickly pulled away from him.

 "are you afraid of me or something? i’m not going to hurt you trust me.“

 "i’m fine don’t worry about it stranger”

 "oh right how dumb of me, i’m Jimin what’s your name?“

 "y/n.” you answered very shortly still thinking about what you have done. part of you liked that you kissed this Jimin guy but a part of you wasn’t feeling right about this. 

 "sweet name, anyway want to grab another drink or something?“ 

and then you spilled it all out

 "no…listen Jimin i’m sorry about the kiss, I shouldn’t have done that I..I was drunk and wasn’t thinking straight um..I..have to go i’m sorry..” you said and started running away from him into the dark street and you ran and ran until you were so far away where he couldn’t reach you anymore.

 pt.2 anyone?

John Teaches You To Hustle

Characters: Reader, Dean, John, Sam, asshole frat boys

Word Count: 1,762

Warnings: Hustling, grabby hands, asshole drunk frat boys, the feeling of being violated and uncomfortable of an older man’s hands on you, dean fluff at the end

Author’s Note: In this, the reader and Dean are 17 years old and Sam is 13. A HUGE thank you to @jarpadandjensenaremyheroes for this idea! She is amazing and you should follow her immediately!

Feedback is always appreciated

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About A Boy [JongTae] Ch. 1

Rating: pg-13 for now, nc-17 overall
Words: 2,518
Summary: Time feels flimsy and skewed and slow, so when the boy lifts his head and stares at him with an unreadable expression, Jonghyun doesn’t feel embarrassed, doesn’t realize he’s been staring a few minutes too long.There’s something sad about the boy. The slant of his eyes, the chewed bottom lip, the prominence of his collarbones; Jonghyun can’t place it but looking at him makes a knot tie up in his stomach, has him wondering where melancholy comes from.

A/N: A million thanks to Caroline for all the encouragement I desperately needed <3


The first time he sees the boy, Jonghyun is eighteen years old and he’s legally buying alcohol for the first time in order to legally get drunk – definitely not for the first time. The boy is in the convenience store, standing in front of the candy section and he’s biting his lower lip while he contemplates which candy bar to buy. Jonghyun is not very sure why his gaze is attracted to the scrawny kid with a black mop of unruly hair, but the fact remains that the cashier has to cough twice to get his attention back to the beers he placed next to the register.

He’s out of the convenience store soon enough, but not before he finds himself turning back for another glimpse of bony shoulders and down-turned eyes.

The next time he sees the boy, Jonghyun is twenty one years old and he’s already drunk, having illegally driven intoxicated to the convenience store to buy snacks as a hangover-prevention-slash-remedy means as per his roommate’s request.

And as it turns out, the boy still manages to attract his gaze as if Jonghyun were a cheap piece of metal and the boy a neodymium magnet.

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