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✨Her ass? I grab that. Her lips? I bite that. Her hand? I hold that. My heart? She has that.✨

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Donald Trump Vocabulary List

The French love to talk politics so here’s a collection of words and phrases to use when the topic of Donald Trump comes up! Enjoy :)

Idiot- Idiot

Imbécile- Moron

Raciste- Racist

Non-qualifié- Unqualified

Carotte Trempée- Soggy carrot

Sectaire- Bigot

Tête de Merde- Shit head

Petites Mains- Tiny hands

Petite Bite- Tiny dick

“J’étais là le onze Septembre”- I was at 9/11

“Les latinos, ils m’aiment!” The latinos, they love me!

Mur bête- Dumb wall

“Quand je parle, il y a de la merde qui tombe de ma bouche”- When I talk, shit falls out of my mouth

Antisémite- antisemite

Sexiste- Sexist

l’Homme le moins séduisant du monde- The least attractive man in the world

Je démenage au Canada- I’m moving to Canada

Je ne suis pas Américain(e), s’il vous plaît ne me parlez pas de Trump- I’m not American, please don’t talk to me about Trump

Je fais pleurer les bébés- I make babies cry

Fait les États-Unis un pays gay à nouveau- Make America Gay Again

Feel free to add your own! I’m sure there’s plenty I’m missing!

His love is so cruel, 
he makes me laugh
and he makes me cry.
And when we fight, I hate 
and love him at the same time. 

In his harshness,
I am safest, 
in his hands of manhood,
I blossom. 
In his eyes, I am mad.
In my eyes, I am in love. 
I love his heartbroken look, 
for my God, I am a shameless 
woman on my way to 
the mosque of his heart. 

And I bite and kiss 
his hands at the same time.
Our love cruel. 
Our love with 
teeth in the summer.

—  Summertime Heartache by Royla Asghar 


Y’all Taylor Swift isn’t stupid. 

There’s no way that woman can put that much effort into her good girl image without knowing exactly how antiblackness benefits her. There’s no fucking way. Especially after being called out on it since 2009.

The reason why she’s silent on issues concerning Black people or even LGBT+ folks is because she’s not going to bite the hand that feeds her. Her fanbase is ugly lil whities with racist parents that don’t want them listening to gangster rap. No way in hell would she ever say some “polarizing” shit like Black Lives Matter, because as long as people believe that our lives don’t matter, she’s still cutting multimillion dollar paychecks for putting her anemic voice over shit produced by Black people.

She’s a conniving rat. Fuck her and Kim and Kanye. They’re all shit.

Dex slams his laptop shut. “I really fucking hate programming,” he bites out. Presses his hands to his eyes until they start hurting.

Derek looks up from his book. “Do you?”

“Not really,” Will says, even if he doesn’t feel it in the moment. “It’s just more promising than everything else.”

He thinks of Greg, who’s been trying to look up universities on his phone, dimming the screen whenever Will comes near him. “I never grew up wanting to do anything in particular. This was just–convenient.”

Derek hums. “No childhood dreams?” He presses their knees together, and he’s leaning in so far that Will would think that Derek’s angling for a kiss.

“Not in the conventional sense,” Will says. “Nothing big. I always dreamed of just having enough money.”

“And programming would help with that?” A genuine question.

“I hoped it would,” Will says, and kisses the soft expression away from Derek’s face.

Stop biting your nails by selectively biting your nails.

This sounds counter-intuitive, but helped me stop biting my nails after almost 20 years.

Start by biting only your left (or right)

Whenever you feel the urge just bite the fingers on that one hand. With time the other hand’s nails will grow.

Then slowly lower the number of fingers on your biting hand that you are allowed to bite.

Eventually having a shorter nail will feel more out of place than a longer nail.

Tldr: direct your urges instead of suppressing them. Start with biting one hands nails and move it down from there


Marc Warren, Lisa Eichhorn and Richard Brake in the London stage production of Cool Hand Luke (2011), Aldwych Theatre. All photos: Jane Hobson

This is a stopgap fandom post til I can get D done for the ongoing Marc Warren Alphabet Meme. Got sidelined by some important personal business (TMI post elsewhere)… obviously my RL relationships and responsibilities must take precedence over fandom fun & games.

Mentioned earlier that I forgot to include Marc’s stage role in Cool Hand Luke under “C”… the production was treated unfavorably by the UK press and ended its run early. Mostly, it seems, because critics couldn’t get over anyone but Paul Newman in the title role. I have found a lot of positive reviews by fans and theatregoers. I can’t say who’s right. I’ve never flt particularly compelled to see the 1967 film version, though I know a lot about it. Newman has never blown me away as an actor, though obviously many would disagree with me, and he was certainly a great humanitarian. 

Marc could probably have done a better job of selling me this particular, problematic character and its Southern-Gothic, anti-authoritarian cliches. But, barring any performance footage surfacing, I’ll never get to know for sure. I do know I love all the performance shots I’ve seen. Alastair Muir took the official pics for the film’s promotion (including some I’ve posted before, like the delectable 50 Eggs shot below) but I recently found a stash online from another photographer, Jane Hobson, which highlight different moments of the play. 

I’d love to know what Marc thought of the whole thing, and whether he thought he was given a fair shake… but as he tends to be a forward-thinking, live-in-the-moment type, he probably doesn’t dwell too much on it.  He shrugged off the whole Good Wife debacle very entertainingly. (I have a minority opinion about that business too… which I’ll save for letter N. Not giving the show a letter, natch.) ;)

Also, just found some great rehearsal pics from the production’s old Facebook page.

*oh, gosh*

The boyfriend is gonna be CROSS with me again, heh heh…

My mother said:
‘All cats are gray in the dark.’
When I said maybe I was too young to settle down,
at sixteen.
Perhaps what she meant to say was:
‘All cats will sooner or later
bite the hand that reaches out to it.’
Perhaps what she meant to say was:
‘your father was a tom cat, ship cat,
and I’ve given birth to an alley cat,
perhaps you’ll have the courage to bite first.’
Perhaps what she meant to say was:
‘All the love I’ve known have had teeth,
I don’t know how to tell you to seek something
that doesn’t draw blood.‘
—  Motherly Advice - Cecilie K

ibickslow  asked:

If Mccree was a werewolf ,he would have a rough hard sex with hanzo , thrusting hard and deep inside , chocking hanzo with both hands , bites his neck until he bleeds , hanzo's body covered with scars from mccree's sharp nails , bite marks all over hanzo's chest and his inner thighs , and everytime mccree cums he howls loudly and just fill up hanzo with his loaded warm cum , and in the morning hanzo refuses to get his ass up because it was roughly tired and bruised but again..hanzo likes it

👌 👌 love that even in this au hanzo is still a slut like thank u