Auf Deutsch

Cronus Ampora was, you suppose, an attractive male.  His features were classically, aesthetically pleasing, tall and leanly muscular- a swimmer’s build, Porrim had called it, which you supposed made sense, considering it hadn’t taken very long at all to find out that the exchange student had a passion for aquatic antics-, strong bones prominent in the line of his jaw, high cheek bones, a nose that would have been arrogantly straight, if not for it’s slight crookedness, which, paired with the scars proudly displayed upon his forehead, lead others to believe that he was someone who been involved in a brawl or two.  Add onto that curly, dark blond hair, usually greased back in the outdated style that he preferred,  thick, expressive eyebrows, and eyes so dark a blue that, in the right lighting, they appeared to be purple, he could be, subjectively, titled as quite the looker.

It was just a shame that his personality wasn’t nearly as pleasant as his looks.  Loud, brash, lewd and rude, seeming the perfect gentleman until he couldn’t kindly manipulate you into doing what he wanted.  He was self-centered and his sense of entitlement was almost as big as his vanity.   Pleasant to look at, but only when his mouth was closed.

Then again, you’ve been informed that you are rather the same way, so you suppose that doesn’t leave you a lot of room to talk.

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