theblonde-seductress-deactivate  asked:

Quick question: When you 'died' did your poor iPod burn with you? ((By the way, I love your Kol. Like, he's perf.))

That would be correct. A tragic passing that grieves me terribly. Which is why I have now taken permanent custody of Elena’s iPod as reparations, though her song choices are as horrendous as her fashion choices.

{{Omgz that means so much, thank you!<3<3}}

Xiumin: pissed off minnie

Luhan: howwww could youuuuuuu???!!!!!!

Kris: I hope you’re happy bc your never touching these lips again *bitchmode activated*

Suho: what have I done to deserve such misery and suffering? lmao stfu suho

Lay: why must you be like this? omg no pls don’t hurt this angel

Baekhyun: bitch. I will kill u *plans on pranking u back- not homicide*

Chen: you ARE an asshole

Chanyeol: you thought you could prank better than me? It’s on.

Kyungsoo: why am I dating the female version of Baekhyuyn?question his life choices

Tao: so sad that he forgets how to speak

Kai: how can I live with a girl who does this to my beautiful face?? omg stfu kai

Sehun: excuse u but ur just a simple peasant, what makes you think u can do this to me??