#Bitchisms by @leahmob x @marriedtothemobny. One of our favorite things about feminism is that we are inspired and supported by the best and baddest feminists themselves. Talk about being unapologetically yourself. #BOOM #mttm #moss #nyc

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After the announcement of Supreme proceeding to sue the women’s streetwear line Married to the Mob, MTTM is coming back harder than ever with a collection of “BITCHISMS”. With a base of pure simplicity and a kick of trill and woman empowering statements, the line has come at not only the male dominated streetwear industry but also at society in general standing for all feminist and women as a whole. MTTM is a voice for those of us who feel men & women are equal and should be deemed as so in society rather than the current negative attitude and perception that women with that mind state and who proceed with life in such a way are ran through and automatically labeled unwanted. The rationale for the line is what made me fall even more in love:

What does a feminist look like in 2013? Some might condemn her and call her a “Slut” or a “Bitch”. She simply does what she wants and doesn’t worry what others will say. She takes care of herself and her family. She probably makes more money than her husband or lover(s). She has ambition and goals that are more important to her than a ring on her finger. She yearns for freedom and passion and refuses to live conventionally.

Its crazy how much I identify with with the quote, collection and MTTM in general and it feels good that women such as myself have Leah giving us this platform and voice on a higher and expanded level. Love it.

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