After a stupid fight
  • Yoongi: Y/N!
  • Yoongi: Y/N!!
  • Yoongi: the fuck
  • Yoongi: Y/F/N
  • Y/N: The FUCK you want now asshole
  • Yoongi: Get your bitchass back here and cuddle me.
  • Y/N: Why the fuck i should do that
  • Yoongi: Because you're my fucking girlfriend! DUH!!
  • Y/N: say something romantic
  • Yoongi: I Love You, you pain in the ass
  • Y/N: =_=
Mama had four kids, but she’s a lesbian. Had to pretend so long that she’s a thespian. Had to hide in the closet, so she medicate. Society shame and the pain was too much to take. Cried tears of joy when you fell in love. Don’t matter to me if it’s a him or her. I just want to see you smile through all the hate. Marie Antoinette, baby, let ‘em eat cake.
—  JAY-Z talking about his mother on his new song, “Smile”.
When you come to my posts, please come correct.

Thankfully, @slavetothespear has already addressed some of the bitchassness in my post’s comments section left by smarks who are butt hurt that I called out the audience at last night’s PPV because they can’t recognize that Roman Reigns put Braun Strowman over. I considered leaving it alone and simply deleting their comments, but @slavetothespear replied before I could get to it and I don’t want them to look like they’re responding to no one. :-)

But let’s be clear, most of Roman’s haters – whether they’re smarks or not – get their education on wrestling terminology from smarks. That’s why most of them don’t know what certain wrestling terms mean. They just think they know what certain terms mean. Then they go onto posts written by Roman Reigns’ fans and try to spout their ignorance, thinking they’ll just leave a snarky comment then bounce.

That’s cute.

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They constantly reveal that they don’t know what a “jobber” actually is. They don’t know what “buried” means. And thanks to this (see below), they clearly don’t know what it means to “put someone over.”

At no time is it required for another wrestler to be “100%” and lose a match “clean” in order to put them over. In other words @thatmuchcooler, you’re wrong.

Putting someone over in a storyline – which is what this is, btw – is to get the audience to perceive the character the way the company wants the audience to perceive them. It’s not a simple matter of winning or losing a feud. That’s a moron’s definition of the wrestling phrase. 

OK. Let me break it down for you because I know your Roman haterade has left your mind dehydrated and confused.

The company wants the audience to view Strowman as an unstoppable beast with no feelings or remorse about how he pursues an opponent. He’s this generation’s combination of The Big Show and Kane. It’s not enough for him to be big. He also has to strike fear (not just intimidation) in the hearts of the audience when his music hits. So this is a journey to building that image and character for Braun. 

First, they started with Strowman demolishing jobbers week after week. Next, they gave him a mini-feud with Sami Zayn, the beloved Underdog from the Underground. Surely, he wouldn’t really hurt that cinnamon roll, right? He did. And without remorse. Then, they gave him Roman Reigns and Big Show to feud with in a semi-jumbled story because WM 33 came along and they had to juggle a few things. Not the best way to do it, but I understand the circumstances changed.


The Big Show feud was to demonstrate Strowman’s physicality as a worthy successor to this role. And the Roman Reigns feud is to demonstrate Strowman’s vicious, hyperfocused, runaway-locomotive merciless brutality. He beat The Big Show with the awesome superplex off-the-top-rope match. And last night, he beat Roman Reigns while displaying he doesn’t give a damn that an already injured man, struggling through a personal mourning phase, lying beaten in the middle of the ring completely exhausted was admitting defeat, he was still going to teach that man that this fight is over when he says it’s over. 

Again, it’s not enough for Strowman to be big. He has to be brutal if he’s being set up to take on Brock Lesnar, as so many have suspected. Roman, battered and bruised before even showing up to the ring, is indeed putting Strowman over. He’s helping him earn that character image, so Michael Cole repeatedly mentioning that he’s not 100% is absolutely a part of this story. 

And last night, I said Roman’s better than all those hating smark assholes because they think they know how good Roman is by shouting garbage like “Thank You Strowman!” and “You deserve it!” to a bleeding and writhing Roman Reigns. Yet he’s 10 times better than they think he is because he’s essentially playing them like a pipe and they don’t even know it. 

For his part in this storyline, Roman Reigns put Strowman over. 

You’re welcome. 

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fun times ;PP (click on photo for better quality)

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So the primary bandwagon...

… jumping I’m seeing from anti-DCEU trolls is harping on the CGI for Cyborg’s suit. Basically, the phrasing follows along the line of “it looks like shit” and “it sucks.” When pressed for details to support their opinion, I see a slapdash spew of it looks “cheap,” “lacks depth” and “should be more [insert vague term].” 

What fascinates me here is their illusive grabbing at straws. They don’t like it, therefore it is bad. It’s not what they expected, therefore it is bad. When I point out that their complaints are lacking in substance, I’m accused of engaging in “fandom defensiveness.” 

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So you’ve provided nothing of value to support your insistence that it sucks, but you’ve decided that since it doesn’t look like how you thought it would appear, it must be bad CGI. But I’m somehow wrong for requesting something more to give your statement a much-needed source of support. ‘Kay.

Look, I get not liking the suit. Personally, I don’t like Aquaman’s suit. It looks like the color scheme I would expect to see on the Creature from the Black Lagoon, not Aquaman. I think the colors are fugly and don’t complement each other well at all, the fit looks uncomfortable for the actor, and it’s not at all what I would’ve gone with for the major revamp of the big-screen version of this much-lampooned character. But do you hear me saying all the costumes in the film are therefore crap because I don’t happen to like what they chose for Arthur Curry? Do you hear me insisting that the costume/wardrobe department are lacking in skill because they did something that wasn’t what I expected? Nope.

Why? Because wanting something different doesn’t mean the team working behind the scenes are bad at their job. Their rationale for going their route may not mirror mine. It’s that simple.

But the anti-DCEU trolls are out in large numbers insisting that Victor’s body doesn’t have the Robocop-esque qualities that they expected, therefore it must be bad CGI. Let’s forget the fact that he should look nothing like Robocop, even the rebooted version. Let’s forget the fact that Victor’s new body is made of a material that until now has never been effectively used on this scale on planet Earth. Let’s forget that his body is essentially a bio-organic polymer that shouldn’t look like anything anyone in the Justice League has seen thus far in the DCEU.

Nope. All that matters is the CGI must suck all around because Cyborg doesn’t look the way your pitiful skills in Adobe Creative Suite would make him look.

The trolls also conveniently forget that this same CGI team also crafted the big-screen speedforce look for Barry, how it appears to work with his suit, the water graphics for Arthur when he’s interacting with the ocean waves, all of Batman’s highflying stunts and batgear in motion, explosions, major crashes, and elaborate death-defying stunts, but … hey, you think Victor’s body should look like the hot plate in your apartment and it doesn’t … so … bad CGI.

Yeah, I get it.

I’m just engaging in “fandom defensiveness.”

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So I see the anti-Roman trolls are here again

… hiding in the comments section of blog posts instead of reblogging like a person who’s adult enough to engage in real discourse.

But I’m glad the anti-Roman smarks and haters are trolling. I drink your tears and use your bigotry to keep me warm at night. Also, you’re each confirming my theory that you only have one endgame when it comes to Roman Reigns in the WWE: You’ll never be satisfied until Roman Reigns is fired from the company or squashed to the point where he is forever the brown lackey supporting every white wrestler’s title reign.

No matter how good he is. No matter how much merch he sells. No matter how many men, women and children love him, wear his T-shirts or brandish signs with his name on it, you will only be happy if Roman “knows his place” and stays in it.

Why else is there a smark troll running around commenting on Roman Empire posts claiming that Vince is trying to save Roman’s career? The career that’s held the World Championship Title 3 times, Tag Team Titles once, and now the US Championship. A career where he’s been requested on numerous podcasts, comic con panels, and photos with fans any time he’s traveling on the road. A career where he’s respected in the locker room and out. A career where he’s main evented multiple PPVs and always gets a reaction from the crowd.

Yep. Sounds like a solo career that has definitely gone over like a “lead balloon.”

You guys try so hard to assert your power, but continually fail to recognize that you have little over the millions of Reigns fans because we all know what fuels your desperate need to see Roman as a thug who backs up his white friends in the ring. (Here’s a hint: It ain’t your passion for wrestling.)

I used to think seeing Roman busted down to mid-card or low-card was enough for you smarks. But no. Like all bigots, you want to use your “power” to actually end livelihoods. You think it’s your right to demand that. How’s that for privilege?

You claim Vince doesn’t give you what you want. And yet …

1. Vince gave you a brand split.

2. Vince gave you a title around Sasha Banks’s waist, multiple times.

3. Vince made Kevin Owens the second Universal Champion after giving you a win by your fav Finn Balor.

4. Vince gave you a Women’s Championship instead a Diva’s Championship, and reworked the division so that the female wrestlers weren’t just treated like models, exotic dancers and valets.

5. Vince gave you Brock Lesnar in PPV after PPV winning left and right despite being grossly overrated, unable to tell a story in the ring, and shitastic on the mic.

6. Vince gave you Daniel Bryan as a World Champion, an Intercontinental Champion and now, a GM.

7. He gave you a World Champion in Dean Ambrose and pushed him into the spotlight to the point where he’s the go-to guy to main event Smackdown on an almost weekly basis.

8. He gave you Becky Lynch as a Women’s Champion.

9. He brought in Nia Jax in all her awesomeness.

10. He split up the Lucha Dragons and gave Kalisto a singles career.

11. He re-created a Cruiserweight Division to diversify the roster.

12. He invested in a Tag Team Division that’s leagues ahead of where it was a decade ago.

13. He gave you a longer Monday Night Raw, a live Smackdown and no Jerry the King Lawler on commentary.

These are all things you’ve clamored for in the last 5 years and yet, you still sit there and say “Vince doesn’t listen to us or give us what we want! ::kicks rocks::”

Does he give you everything? Hell no. Nor should he. You’re not children. You don’t get everything you want. But don’t you dare say he doesn’t listen to you or give you anything and that’s why you boo Roman.

You don’t boo Roman because he’s handpicked by Vince. You don’t boo Roman because he hasn’t earned it. At this point, he’s earned every title shot 10 times over. Why didn’t Roman put his US Title on the line at Roadblock? Because Kevin Owens wasn’t smart enough to demand it beforehand. Rollins demanded the US Title be put on the table when Cena challenged him for the World Championship Title. KO didn’t. That’s on him. Not on Roman. And the fact that KO didn’t demand it should have told you that Roman was going to lose (hint: sometimes there are clues if you pay attention).

But please, continue your trolling. Continue your facile excuses. Continue trying desperately to hide your bigotry in a weak attempt to fool everyone into believing your anti-Roman rhetoric has merit.

Go ahead. Roman’s fans will still be here. And so will he.

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