"Promise Me” Isaac Lahey

Request: Hi Could u do #10 with Isaac where the reader is Allison’s twin sister dying in Isaac’s arms the next day after Allison’s death?I don’t know why,but I wanna cry a bit

10. “Promise me that the next person you’re with loves you just as much as I do.”

A/N: I kind of changed up the request, so instead the reader dies instead of Allison. I hope the change is okay, I just didn’t think it would be realistic if both of them died one after the other in a span of a day. And I’m rly sorry if this is shitty bc I still have writer’s block and I tried my best :// and I didn’t proof read this, so if there’s any mistakes I’ll just fix that later on.

Summary: During the battle with the Oni, Y/N saves Isaac’s life, but in exchange, hers is taken away.

Warnings: character death, lots of angst.


Isaac felt like everything around him was suddenly slowing down, the world stopped spinning, and all the noises surrounding him were no longer heard as he saw that sword impale you, slightly grazing your heart as he caught you in his arms quickly.

And he couldn’t help but feel extremely guilty, because you had gotten in the way to save his life, and as a consequence, you had gotten a sword literally stabbed through your chest. And Isaac, God the poor guy was going insane because he felt like it was all his fault.

Scott launched himself at the Oni, Kira and Allison had begun fighting off as many of them as they could, but suddenly nothing mattered except your injured body laying broken in his arms.

Isaac could see a lot of blood. Blood on the ground, blood staining your clothes, and his clothes. His hands, his hands were covered in the red liquid as he pressed them to your chest, trying his best to succumb the bleeding. Deep down, he knew that this would only prevent you from dying for just a couple of minutes. The sword nearly touched your heart, and there was no way you were going to heal this time.

And it just happened so fast, you didn’t have much time to be shocked. Because the moment you landed in your boyfriend’s hold, all that registered through your mind was,

‘How was Isaac going to feel? How were your friends going to feel? What were they gonna tell your family? How would people react? And, was this, really it?’

“Oh, oh my god.” Your boyfriend stammered. “What have I done? You’re, you’re hurt because of me.”

Although you were in no good of a state to raise your voice, you did anyways, constantly reassuring him that you would save his life and die for him in a heartbeat, and you don’t regret your decision for a second. He kept stuttering over his words, telling you that you were going to die, because of him. But you nearly shouted telling him that it was fine, and that you were just glad he was okay.

But the pain, you couldn’t describe it. It wasn’t necessarily the injury that made your head spin, and your heart lurch, and your stomach drop. It wasn’t the injury that caused you so much pain. It was the thought of you dying, how it was going to affect people around you. Because you knew people cared, and you knew that this would especially have an impact on Isaac. And you didn’t want his life to turn upside down because you were going to be nothing but a decaying body waiting to be put in a coffin in such little time.

“Are you okay?” Isaac asked, but the moment those words slipped past his lips he mentally slapped himself for asking something so idiotic.

You laid limp in his arms, your chest starting to hurt, and you felt like you could literally hear your heart rate slowing down by the second. And you couldn’t help but laugh to yourself at his question, but Isaac wanted nothing more than to bash his head against the wall for saying something so foolish.

“I’m dying, Isaac,” you chuckle softly. “Of course I’m not okay.”

“I’m sorry, I can’t believe I just asked that.” He hissed. “I’m so stupid.”

“Hey, don’t beat yourself up over it. This is the last time you’re ever going to see me, don’t waste this moment regretting your words.” You reassure.

Isaac didn’t want to accept that in a few minutes, you were going to be nothing but a once living soul. And he would do anything to keep you here. But he remembered so vividly, that you said you wanted to die human. That if your life ended, you wanted to go without any sort of treatment. You didn’t want to be given the bite, or brought to Deaton to be saved. You knew death was inevitable, it was going to happen one way or another. And you knew you always had the risk of dying at this young of an age when you got involved with the supernatural. So you told Isaac, you wanted to die un-compromised. And as much as Isaac wanted to be a selfish bastard, give you the bite, attempt to fix you in any way possible, he had to respect your wishes.

“Are you sure, you don’t want me to do anything?” He asked, he had such hope filled in his voice.

He wanted you to tell him, that in your moment of weakness and desperation that you were willing to accept the bite, or hell, anything that would help keep you here. But you shook your head to his dismay and told him that you really, really did not want anything, and the moment you did, Isaac wanted to yell at you for not giving it a second thought. But he couldn’t, he couldn’t yell at you because you were dying, and time was running out quickly, and he sure as hell did not want his last moments with you to be filled with anger.

“I feel like, I’m cheating death, you know?”. You say, your voice hoarse. “I, I don’t want to cheat death.”

“B-but shouldn’t you at least, consider your options?” Your boyfriend insisted.

“I-I don’t count those as, as options. F-for me personally,” You utter. “I just, I wanna die human.”

Isaac bit his tongue, careful not to retaliate with a snide comment, because the last thing he wanted right now was to make you angry, especially because, you didn’t have much time left. He decided to stop insisting on something that wasn’t going to get him anywhere, and instead spend the rest of your last minutes here reassuring you how much he loved you, and will continue to do so for as long as he was alive.

“Okay, I understand.” He whispered. “I just want you to know, how much I love you. And I’ll love you for as long as I’m breathing on this earth, and, if there’s an afterlife, I’ll love you there too. I’ll always love you, I want you to know that.”

“I-I know,” you utter cockily, causing him to let out a small laugh. “And I love you, so, so damn much.”

You watched Isaac intently, observing, and admiring every feature on his face. How beautiful he was to you, because this was the last time you were going to see him, and you wanted to remember how utterly perfect he was. You raised your hand, and rubbed his cheek as a small, sad smile tugged at his lips. His face felt cold, from all the crying he was doing, and you wanted to scold him for being such a big baby. He pressed his lips to yours, for the last time. And you kissed back with as much effort as you could possibly muster up.

“Can you promise me something?” You ask, your eyes starting to feel heavy as you desperately hung on to what little energy you had left.

“Yes, of course.” Isaac exclaimed. “Anything.”

Promise me that the next person you’re with loves you just as much as I do.” You murmur. “That she’s going to give you the best in life, and treat you right. And you better be,” You paused as a sigh left your bloodied lips. “You better treat her like you treated me. Protect her, love her end, endlessly. Be, the most perfect boyfriend. L-like, you were t-to me.”

“Y/N,” He began, but you abruptly interrupted him.

“You, you said you were gonna promise me. S-so, do it. I’m running out of time, babe.” You say. “I want the last words I hear, t-to be that you promise me y-you’re going to-”

“Okay, okay,” Isaac uttered through the tears that continuously ran down his face. “I promise you that I’m gonna find someone who loves me, a lot. But I can’t promise she’s gonna love me more than you. I know how fond you are of me.” He persisted, making a shaky chuckle erupt from your lips. “And I promise, I’m going to love the next one, and keep her safe, protect her, I’ll make sure I won’t lose her.”

“G-good,” You smile softly. “I, I’m gonna, close my eyes now, okay?”

“Wait, no please don’t.” Isaac exclaimed, and you felt your heart breaking seeing him so choked up and upset.

“I, I have to.” You say, this time so quiet, and so gentle. “I love y-you, Isaac Lahey.”

And suddenly, that was it.

You shut your eyes closed, and you took your last string of heartbeats, as it continued to slow down until all that was left was a still heart. A small sigh left your lips, before they shut tight, and Isaac held you tighter to his chest as painful sobs erupted, and he held back the screams wanting to escape. And the only thing your friends could do was cry from the corner, watching everything happen. They didn’t want to interrupt Isaac in the moment of his pain, they didn’t want to pity him, not yet at least. They cried amongst themselves, as their hearts literally broke seeing the scene unfolding in front of them.

A sudden emptiness left them, but nothing compared to the way Isaac was feeling. He felt so, lost and heartbroken. He just lost the biggest, most important part of his life, and negative thoughts filled his mind, and he felt a pain he never wanted to feel, ever again. Because this pain was so uncomfortable, and nearly unbearable because it hurt so, damn much.

He pressed a shaky kiss to your head as he looked at your face through his tears. You looked so peaceful, and to Isaac, you still looked beautiful. And it pained him, so badly, because he was no longer going to wake up to you, he wasn’t going to see you smile, or even cry, he wasn’t going to experience any of his milestones in life with you like he had planned to.

He wasn’t going to have you around in his life anymore. And that made his stomach twist painfully just by the very thought.

But Isaac was going to honour his promise, he was going to rebuild his life, even if it would take him years, and he was going to find another person he loved, create a stable life, have a family. Isaac knew it was going to be extremely difficult to let you go, but he had one piece of you he would remember.

That promise.

Even if you were the one he was supposed to marry, create a life with, grow old and die with, even if all those plans were supposed to be with you, he was going to make sure that his promise to you would be fulfilled. He was going to try his damn hardest to make sure he never broke his promise. He knew that if he kept his promise, he would be happy knowing how proud you were of him. Because that was the last thing he had, that promise was the last memory he would have of you, and that was something that was going to stick with him forever.

smelborf  asked:

Hey, uh, can I get the recipe for your grilled cheese? It looks amazing!

sure!! i hope you don’t mind me answering this publicly but i thought some other people might be curious too

let’s make this egg in a hole grilled cheese

1) make sure you’re using a nonstick pan or you’re probably gonna have a bad time

2) ingredients!! you will need: butter, bread, shredded cheese, cheese slices, salt, pepper, and an egg. (i used shredded cheddar and american cheese slices, but it’s up to you!)

3) put some butter in ya small to medium sized nonstick pan. enough to cover the bottom if it’s smaller! ¼ of a tbsp is probably good. let the butter start foaming a little bit before putting your bread in

4) take one slice of your bread and cut a generously sized hole out of the middle of it. you can do this with a knife or with a cookie cutter if you have one! optional: save your tiny bread circle for later to make a delicious cheese cracker out of it

5) throw that bread in your pan and let it toast for about one minute or so

6) crack that egg RIGHT into that hole you made. it might overflow a little bit onto the top of the bread, but that’s ok! while it’s cooking, spread the extra egg white over the top of the bread as best you can. sprinkle some salt and pepper on the egg while it’s frying.

7) this part is a little tricky and also optional, but delicious. pick up your egg bread, and sprinkle some shredded cheese right into the pan underneath it. that’s right, into the pan

8) flip that sucker over onto the side with the uncooked egg (if you did the cheese step, make sure it lands on the cheese! this will result in the crispy browned cheese you see in the picture)

9) let that cook for another minute and a half or so if you like your yolk runny. if you like it more cooked, leave it for longer. while you’re waiting, stick your cheese slices (and a little more shredded cheese) on top of that bread so they can melt a little bit

10) once you think your egg is done, stick that other piece of bread right on top and leave it for a few seconds so it can begin fusing to the cheese

11) do the thing where you pick up the sandwich and put shredded cheese into the pan again, and then flip that whole sandwich so the un-toasted side is now in the pan

12) lift the top bread slice slightly every now and then to see if the cheese inside is gooey. if it is, it’s ready! take it out of the pan, put it on a plate, and (optional) cut it into triangles. eat immediately so that the egg yolk is still runny when u eat it. that’s like, the best part. you can stop here if you want, OR you can use that extra circle of bread you were about to throw away in the next step

13) time to use that extra bread circle. throw some MORE shredded cheese in the pan in a small circle. stick your bread circle right on top of it and pressit down with your spatula. go ahead and soak up any extra butter with it too if you haven’t already. once the cheese is crispy, flip it over onto some more cheese and repeat. you now have a tiny delicious cheese cracker.

14) eat it alone or with some soup of your choosing. enjoy!! :)