ZOIDS: New Century Zero - The Blitz Team (DA link)

In celebration of finishing this awesome series for the first time in FOREVER (holy shit New Century was 2001??? time flies) and completing the build for my Liger Zero Panzer, it was about time for me to draw fanart for this. :’D The Blitz team is my favorite and I love every single one of them, especially Leena and her craziness. I’m getting her Dibison kit next. c:

And can I just say that No Future is my most favorite theme for any anime omfg 

UGHHHH NEW CENTURY NEEDED A SECOND SEASON but now it just needs a reboot ihgiurhgfuifhiusadf and maybe another season after the reboot lmao 


For some reason, Zoids popped into my head recently. I watched it a lot as a kid! Though I couldn’t tell you one thing about the plot besides giant robot animals. I looked up the characters again and this is the unfortunately-named Bit Cloud, and I gotta say I love the costume design in this show. Can’t deny the beauty of strange chopped up futuristic 80s party-wear meant to be worn in desert combat. He literally has the worst hair, though.