Un petit panier d'abricots 🍊🍑
Recently, I’ve been thinking about ‘quitting’. Last week was my second year of self-employment and looking back, it’s been quite a failure.
I’ve had my work stolen way more than I’ve had commissions and to be honest, it depresses me.
Being self-taught, I don’t really know if I’m doing this illustration business right, if I’m good enough?
I know I’ll try everything before 'quitting’ has to become a reality but if it does happen, I’ll never stop painting - I love it too much.
I just hope things will pick up soon, I don’t know how long I can keep dreaming.
Fellow illustrators (I admire you!), how do you do it? (this isn’t a moan/depressing post, I just felt like sharing the non fluffy cloud bit)

#illustration #watercolours #paintings #foodillustration #apricots

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Green Dreams - Good Boy / Good Teeth

Heavy all-female rock from Rochester. No pulled punches. Reminds me a bit of Big Black Cloud and the circle that was around them at Stankhouse years back. And there’s the AmRep influence, sure, because how could I live with myself as a pretend music writer if I didn’t point that out? Green Dreams have been at it for a few years now, maybe dialing it back a tiny bit since their tape on Carbon Records.

Still, this beats listening to Helmet, and it definitely packs more punch. I’ll start a fuckin’ Kickstarter just to force Buzz Osborne to shave his head for money! Here’s how I remember the 90s, ya jerk: Wild Pitch > Amphetamine Reptile.

Anyway, Green Dreams. Good. Sound loud. Try them.