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choose 10 fandoms you really enjoy that aren’t your own & very briefly describe your muse’s role in those fandom’s verses.  i’m just curious & it’s fun as heck. 8D   then tag people you’re  curious about, ofc.

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POTC  Hook isn’t much different in the pirates of the caribbean verse, though his backstory is changed quite a bit. Born the bastard son of an English lord, Killian joins the King’s Navy with an affinity for sailing and a dislike of pirates. Determined to be accepted into the society he was always just on the fringes of he works hard to eventually become a lieutenant. Upon meeting Milah, a pirate, he falls in love and convinced her to return to Port Royal, sure that he can secure a pardon for her and her crew. His plan backfires when she is sentenced to death and in the ensuing fight to free her he loses her hand and the woman he loves. Taking control of her ship he vows to get his revenge and becomes a notorious pirate in his own right, feeding the rumors of how/why curved steel now adorns his wrist. He eventually sets out to try and find the Black Pearl before Jack Sparrow, much to the other captain’s disdain.
POTC ALTERNATIVE Rumors abound on the history of the name Killian Jones. Some say he was a real person, that he walked the beaches and sailed the sea just as any other man. Others say the name is that of a demon, a moniker invented to give motive and understanding about the blackness that sometimes surrounds a man’s heart. Whatever he is, Killian finally decides to once more make himself known. He haunts Elizabeth Swann, fueling her need for revenge and using the madness inside of her for his own gain. Whether a figment of her imagination or something else entirely, one thing is certain … he won’t stop until through her, he watches the world burn

HARRY POTTER  Born a half-blood, Killian Jones attended Durmstrang Institute, brought up with a hatred of muggles and a love for dark curses embedded into him by his father. During the 2nd world war he works as a snatcher, determined to be part of the efforts of the death eaters but kept just on the fringes of the inner circle. Always waiting, watching for his moment to shine, but destined to be an outcast, even from those he works for.
TOMB RAIDER/. Killian Jones and his crew aboard The Jolly Roger are perhaps one of the best deep sea diving crews in the business. With a fondness for wrecks and the lure of treasure, the young captain makes quite a name for himself, drawn more to the wrecks for their monetary value rather than anything of a historical nature. 
UNCHARTED. pretty much the same as his tomb raider verse
BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER. Killian Jones was an Irish dock worker sometime in the 17th century in a small village outside what is now modern day Dublin. A logical and practical man, he scoffed at the rumors of vampires often brought up in the local pub, much preferring drink and good friends to the preoccupation with monsters. That all changes when, upon returning home late one night, he has a run in with a monster itself, Edward Thatch. Edward was a long standing vampire, intending to turn more of the village residents in order to keep himself (and others like him) from being eradicated by fighting those humans who were threatening to take a stand.A man of honor, even cursed as he is, Killian refuses to feed at whim, instead choosing only to feast on mortal’s he deems unworthy - criminals, liars, cheats, etc. He eventually meets and falls for a watcher by the name of Guy Gisborne.
THE DEPARTED.  Killian Jones is a well-known criminal, a higher up in the world of drug trafficking and minor terrorism. Determined to make a name for himself he forms a small gang in London, doing his best to cause chaos and wreak havoc on the local law enforcement. Eventually falling for the detective who crashes into his life, Killian is led to the tricky road of changing his ways while staying true to himself
SLEEPY HOLLOW. Killian Jones was a pirate hired by the British during the American Revolution to infiltrate enemy lines. He eventually is killed by soldiers under Washington’s command and he’s buried, curved steel and all, at the base of a tree. Whoever digs up his body and takes the steel hook that once adorned his wrist can call the pirate as they please, having him do their bidding - whether it be for evil or naught.
STARDUST. Killian was the second son to a wealthy monarch, determined to out do his brother and take the throne for himself. A botched assassination attempt leaves him without a hand and banished from the kingdom but upon his father’s death Killian returns, his thirst for power not quenched in the slightest. Determined to win he sets out to follow the rumor of a fallen star, 
JURASSIC WORLD. Injured in an incident at Isla Sorna, Killian spends the majority of the years leading up to Jurassic World preaching against such an idea. However when the park becomes a reality he joins the ACU (asset containment unit) determined not to let the workers and guests have to fend for themselves if all hell breaks loose. And it will break loose.