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A crazy theory about who Ash from Lord of Shadows could be

First of all I want to apologize in advance for my english (it’s not my native language and it’s a bit difficult to explain myself.)

After thinking for awhile about who might be Ash and how he becomes important in The Queen of Air and Darkness, the third book from The Dark Artifices by Cassandra Clare I came to the conclusion that he might be Sebastian’s and Seelie’s Queen son.

First of all, we only see Ash in one scene of the book, when Dru travelled through a portal (we don’t know how) and she found herself in a large stone room. We only know it’s located in Faerie. But why is the boy there alone? Is he someone important that needs to be locked in that room? And why did he ask Dru “Did my mother send you?” Who is his mother? Was he talking about the Seelie Queen? A lot of questions came to my mind.

He looks like a 13 years old boy. As we know, Sebastian and The Seelie Queen besides being allies, they were lovers during the Dark War, that happened only 5 years before on the books. But we know that time flows differently in Faerie, sometimes slower and sometimes faster, so it’s posible that the kid might be younger and beside time went faster since he was born. Idk.

I also noticed that in the book is descripted how Ash looks like. He wore rich clothing, he has white-blond hair (as Sebastians’s) and he has green eyes (as Clary, his aunt maybe).

He also has a faerie appearence but I searched for information and I found that “the children of faeries and Shadowhunter will be Shadowhunter, though they too, will often have some faerie-like physical attributes, such as pointed ears” just as Mark and Helen. And it seamed very logic to me because a few days ago Cassie answer a question from a fan saying that “it’s very likely we’ll see a Morgenstern again.” So, who knows.

And other thing that may not be important but I wanted to add is that when the boy smiles, Dru inmediatly saw something familiar with it. Maybe because he reminded her to Sebastian?

And my last though was “why did he asked Dru if his mother was worried about him? Maybe because he was lost, or kidnapped?” In that case maybe it’s the Unseelie King who took him away from the Seelie Queen?

I don’t know but it’s something that came up to my mind and I wanted to share it with you, and maybe you could tell what you think of it, if you think anything similar, etc. I’ll be grateful to discuss it with you.