bit shoddy


one of my fave themes is arthur in a flower crown tbh

A brief attempt at Courting the Queen

Tis is my gift to @teapot-joker for the @usukexchange2016. They asked for spadeverse or steampunk christmas! usuk with maybe some nekotalia. I fulfilled the christmas spadesverse au however unfortunately I couldn’t incorporate nekotalia. Please forgive me! Other than that, I hope you enjoy it and forgive me if it’s a bit shoddy as its my first time writing this type of au. Merry Christmas!

‘And now it was winter. Almost Christmas, to be exact. His kingdom was flourishing, brimming with kindness and excitement as the festivities went into full swing. It seemed like a perfect time.

Alfred was determined to win Arthur’s heart, his Queen’s heart.  Or…at least make their relationship friendlier as he didn’t think he could take another night of this longing.  Asking him on a date might be a good start.’

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“Ehhh, the craftsmanship’s a bit shoddy but it’s the best host could manage on such short notice.”

Not askdarkhourbakura related, but alternate canon AU where Bakura comes to collect for his services to Malik during Battle City and because Malik already gave away the Rod… boom, pocket-sized husbando.

Just a quick sketch break between con prep for the sudden inspiration.  I like this plot bunny, would prefer a comic but maybe it could be a short fanfic if I could ever find the time.  Waaaah, I just wanna be able to draw Yugioh shit again.  Boo hoo hoo.  My life is so hard.


My first (technically second but who’s counting) gif I ever made, versus a remake a made today, just over a year later :O

This post is kind of too see how far I’ve come but also to say sorry for abandoning this blog. I went through it for the first time in ages today and realised I missed it a lot :) I’ve tried to start posting again on this blog many times but it never seems to really work, so I’m not making any promises, but I really really do want to come back in some way.

Thank you to everyone who follows me and reblogs my stuff even now- it means a lot to have people see the stuff I make, whether it be good (occasionally) or a bit shoddy (commonly.) Thank you to all the other disney bloggers who were all so nice, and thank you to anyone who reads this because I’m writing it at 2am so it’s probably a bit all over the place :)

-Lucy (disneysdreamings / arie-ll)