bit shoddy

I was gonna grind for the gym but I forgot, so fuck it, let’s just throw ourselves at the wall and see what happens

This oughta be good

So right off the bat, due to Viola’s insistence on latching onto the ceiling and hissing at anything that passes and my lack of arms, the camera work on both our parts is a bit shoddy this fight, resulting in most of it looking like this:

Hey, that second one wasn’t bad, i actually got a bit of foot in that one

Bit warmer…

Junho - Let Yourself Go.

Your boyfriend, Junho, appearance wise, was your ideal. Absolutely gorgeous smile, wonderful eyes, abs to die for and a great ass. As a person, he was an excellent boyfriend, completely adored your very existence and he was passionate both in and out of the bedroom, only that was a bit of a problem. Junho was good in bed, no doubt about it – but everything was very gentle, slow, in case he hurt you. As much as you enjoyed it.. you’d been wanting to try something a little harder, a little of out of his comfort zone.

You rested your elbows on the kitchen counter, reading over an article in a magazine, Junho walked behind you, hands resting firmly on your ass, squeezing it. You let out a small giggle, spinning around to wrap your arms around his neck. You knew what it meant. You dragged your fingertips lazily down his chest, smiling at him.
“Baby can we try something different?” You put on your most angelic voice, Junho raised an eyebrow, hands slithering around your waist.
“What kind of different?”  You leaned on the tip of your toes, mouth pressed to his ear, your voice coming out in a seductive whisper.
“Let yourself go, show me what you really can do.”

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(sorry that the drawing is a tad bit shoddy, I’m not in a good physical state and on top of that I was very shaken while doing this💦)

Today things are gonna get a little heavy. We’re diving into feels territory as participants share the moments that give them the most feels involving Undyne. For me, as you see above, it’s the moment where she dies in the genocide run. Her final words are very painful for me. This gets even worse as I will have to draw out this scene when I get to the second installment of my graphic novel, but I’ll stop myself there.
Be prepared for a lot of crying from me and a lot of feels from the participants!

~Mod G🐟

with the ocean in our arms

Rebelcaptain May the Fourth exchange gift for @ladytharen, who requested: “they all live au - jyn and cassian on the run from the empire on their own (space road trip fic anyone?)” I adored this prompt and I really hope I was able to do it justice. HAPPY STAR WARS DAY! :)

(Part 1 of 2 because I’m slowwwww. Posted to ao3!)

When Jyn is nine years old, barely six months spent under Saw’s tutelage, she beats one of the young recruits within an inch of his life. He mutters something under his breath as she’s walking past him one morning, something about her father and letting the Empire get the better of him, what a coward -

She tackles him to the ground before she can blink, fire roaring in her veins and fists as she hits him again and again and she doesn’t stop, not even when his nose cracks and warmth spatters from the place his face used to be.

(It takes two of Saw’s partisans to pull her off him.)

They put her in solitary for a few days after this. “For your own protection,” Saw tells her, the look in his eyes something between awe and fear.

She decides right then and there that she loathes the phrase.

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okay so, since its been a while since That issue, i wanted to more or less sum up my thoughts on “forged Starscream” aka “”true Starscream” since i havent really done so yet

tl;dr: the concept is interesting and adding such depth to starscream’s motives/actions throughout the entire franchise is awesome, but the fact it directly intersects with whats basically a race analogy is really bad and “true starscream is a forged starscream” is not something that should of been included in the same idw timeline as “religious asshole literally tries to murder every constructed-cold bot for being ‘crimes against creation’”

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one of my fave themes is arthur in a flower crown tbh

McMercy Week - Day 5

McMercy Titanic AU

The year is 1912. Angela Ziegler, a Swiss rich girl engaged to another against her wishes, is stopped from jumping over the Titanic by ragamuffin Jesse McCree, who had snuck onto the ship but just couldn’t let beautiful girl fall to her death. They start talking more with each other after the incident, then their friendship grows into full blown romance as Angela starts becoming more true to herself at McCree’s insistence. She confides in him on how she wanted to be a doctor instead of a socialite, and help people in need. Jesse tells her that he wants to go out West in the States and travel wherever his heart would lead him. They both promise to go together to pursue their dreams, until the iceberg struck…

In the end, Angela survives the disaster, spends her inheritance to study, and travels to the American West to start both her and Jesse’s dreams. For him.


It was a pretty average day, really. The sun was shining, the sky was blue, it was cold as balls because it was November. Of course, average meant boring. And so Leon was once again at the Agency, hassling his childhood friends for food and entertainment.

He was currently in the process of prodding Van, who honestly probably had better things to do, but she honestly needs to chill out once in a while. Life’s boring if you’re serious all the time, and if Leon’s the one who has to annoy her into being un-serious, then so be it!

Leon was, however, making quite the ruckus. Enough that he had attracted the attention of quite a few Agency members.


Eye reshaping/resizing mod and faceup on Nell, my Migidoll Jina. I had previously done an eye mod on her, but the craftsmanship was a bit shoddy and the epoxy fell off when I was soaking her head to remove her previous faceup. It’s just as well, because I think this is closer to what I wanted her eye shape to look like anyhow, and it’s a more extensive mod that should be more structurally sound. It’s also not particularly obvious, but I sanded and reshaped chin, nose, and cheekbones slightly.

Materials: Milliput, MSC, acrylic paints, pastels, matte medium, gloss varnish