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Rebelcaptain May the Fourth exchange gift for @ladytharen, who requested: “they all live au - jyn and cassian on the run from the empire on their own (space road trip fic anyone?)” I adored this prompt and I really hope I was able to do it justice. HAPPY STAR WARS DAY! :)

(Part 1 of 2 because I’m slowwwww. Posted to ao3!)

When Jyn is nine years old, barely six months spent under Saw’s tutelage, she beats one of the young recruits within an inch of his life. He mutters something under his breath as she’s walking past him one morning, something about her father and letting the Empire get the better of him, what a coward -

She tackles him to the ground before she can blink, fire roaring in her veins and fists as she hits him again and again and she doesn’t stop, not even when his nose cracks and warmth spatters from the place his face used to be.

(It takes two of Saw’s partisans to pull her off him.)

They put her in solitary for a few days after this. “For your own protection,” Saw tells her, the look in his eyes something between awe and fear.

She decides right then and there that she loathes the phrase.

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Junho - Let Yourself Go.

Your boyfriend, Junho, appearance wise, was your ideal. Absolutely gorgeous smile, wonderful eyes, abs to die for and a great ass. As a person, he was an excellent boyfriend, completely adored your very existence and he was passionate both in and out of the bedroom, only that was a bit of a problem. Junho was good in bed, no doubt about it – but everything was very gentle, slow, in case he hurt you. As much as you enjoyed it.. you’d been wanting to try something a little harder, a little of out of his comfort zone.

You rested your elbows on the kitchen counter, reading over an article in a magazine, Junho walked behind you, hands resting firmly on your ass, squeezing it. You let out a small giggle, spinning around to wrap your arms around his neck. You knew what it meant. You dragged your fingertips lazily down his chest, smiling at him.
“Baby can we try something different?” You put on your most angelic voice, Junho raised an eyebrow, hands slithering around your waist.
“What kind of different?”  You leaned on the tip of your toes, mouth pressed to his ear, your voice coming out in a seductive whisper.
“Let yourself go, show me what you really can do.”

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one of my fave themes is arthur in a flower crown tbh

anonymous asked:

(Should Enji ever hear his thoughts, he’d be burned on the spot, but Shouto’s already scarred. Why would another one bother him?) IM REREADING DEMOLITION LOVERS AND I FORGOT ABOUT THIS WTF. This foreshadowing G O D b ye

wow i… actually forgot… i did that too… woah…..

i wrote the first chapter of DL like, what, a year ago (this explains why the quality of the first chapter, writing wise, is a bit shoddy lmao)? but i never came around to posting it till february; the newer chapters that are coming out have been planned back in march to now, and only recently did i decide that shouto would be… yeah. so.


KT Tape Experience, Thus Far

I’m using KT Tape to try to bind, because I have a relatively small chest and can’t stand hot weather at all. 

I found some KT Tape at a local drug store and I’m trying it for my first time!! For my first application, it’s a little bit shoddy, but it’s not too awful.

I applied it maybe… six hours ago? and here are my thoughts so far 0:


  • Binds me actually quite well, despite my shitty First Attempt application
  • I don’t have to wear my binder, and I can be topless comfortably 
  • It doesn’t hurt at all, and since it’s made for exercise, it’s quite flexible and sticky, so it’s really low-maintenance and pretty comfy
  • It’s really easy to move in and doesn’t hinder movement in any way
  • I haven’t showered in it yet but I did a light work-out and it’s all good!


  • It’s just user error, but the tape does NOT re-stick once it’s stuck down. I tried to lift it to re-adjust it, but I ended up having to cut off a good chunk of the tape itself, because it just wasn’t sticking at ALL. It’s really a One Shot Deal, here.
  • IT’S. ITCHY. I don’t know if it’ll go away, or if I’ll get used to it, but so far it’s REALLY ITCHY. I get the same feeling whenever I have band-aids or other adhesive things on my skin, and I know it’s not an allergic reaction, so I’m just praying it goes away soon ;w;
  • It doesn’t actually upset me too much but just as an observation, it doesn’t flatten my chest the same way that a binder does. It could also be just user error – for my first time, I didn’t know how to manipulate the tape correctly, so I could for sure make myself more flat next time.

I think that’s it!! I’ll probably add on more in the next few days while I have it on 0:

A brief attempt at Courting the Queen

Tis is my gift to @teapot-joker for the @usukexchange2016. They asked for spadeverse or steampunk christmas! usuk with maybe some nekotalia. I fulfilled the christmas spadesverse au however unfortunately I couldn’t incorporate nekotalia. Please forgive me! Other than that, I hope you enjoy it and forgive me if it’s a bit shoddy as its my first time writing this type of au. Merry Christmas!

‘And now it was winter. Almost Christmas, to be exact. His kingdom was flourishing, brimming with kindness and excitement as the festivities went into full swing. It seemed like a perfect time.

Alfred was determined to win Arthur’s heart, his Queen’s heart.  Or…at least make their relationship friendlier as he didn’t think he could take another night of this longing.  Asking him on a date might be a good start.’

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Christmas Cookies

Request: A series of Christmas scenarios for BTS. Here’s Namjoon making Christmas cookies.

Word Count: 1,304

You’d been looking forward to going home all day. Partly because you’d been ridiculously busy and you were tired but mostly because you knew that your boyfriend would be waiting for you when you got home. You hadn’t seen him what seemed like forever, he’d been out of the country promoting but his flight had gotten in that morning when you’d been at work. He’d called you on your lunch break to tell you he’d made it back without incident and that he was looking forward to seeing you, which no matter how much he insisted couldn’t have been more than you’d missed him. He’d also told you he had a surprise for you which had made you pause for thought. Namjoon’s surprises could be a little unpredictable. His last surprise had been an attempt at building you a new bookcase and that hadn’t gone particularly well. He’d ended up with bruised fingers and you’d ended up with a hole in your wall. But since he’d just come back from Japan it probably wasn’t going to be anything too bad you assured yourself. It would be something he’d picked up on his travels, some art maybe or some jewellery, he knew you liked that sort of thing. Or at least you were hoping so. You didn’t want to have to get the first aid box out when you got home.

~~~~~~ ~~~~~~

“Hey,” you called as the door swung closed behind you and you started taking off your boots. “I’m home!”

“I’m in the kitchen!” Came Namjoon’s reply.

You froze, one boot on and one boot off. No. No, no, no. You were ordering food tonight and settling down to watch a Christmas movie or two, that was the plan. He was not supposed to be in the kitchen. He was not allowed in the kitchen. You finished pulling off your boots and hastily shrugged your coat from your shoulders. If cooking you a meal was the surprise he had planned then you needed to get in there and do some damage control.

And when you walked into the kitchen there didn’t seem to be a single inch of your work top that was visible. Chopping boards, mixing bowls, flour, icing sugar, glitter… the place was a mess. “What happened?” you exclaimed. You were thankful your house was still standing and your boyfriend hadn’t burned it to the ground but it looked like a bomb had gone off in a bakery.

Namjoon, who had been standing at the sink washing his hands, turned the tap off and turned to face you, rewarding you with a blinding smile as he wiped his hands on his apron. His pink frilly apron. It had been bought for by a friend as a housewarming gift and had been sitting in a drawer ever since. It was so fussy that you hadn’t been able to bring yourself to wear it but apparently Namjoon had no qualms about looking like a barbie.“I made cookies.” He informed you brightly.

“Cookies?” you echoed. As well as  the pink frilly apron there was also flour in his hair and what looked like red icing down the side of his nose. He looked adorable. Adorable and incredibly proud of himself.

“Christmas cookies.” He clarified.

You’d told him just the other day that your favourite part of Christmas as a child had been your mother’s baking. For the entire month of December your kitchen would smell like cookies or gingerbread or mince pies. And it did smell pretty good in here you realised. That really wasn’t what you’d been expecting when Namjoon had first told you he was in the kitchen, you’d been expecting to walk in on a culinary disaster in progress. But then you hadn’t seen what he’d made yet, just because your kitchen was still standing that didn’t mean everything had gone to plan. And then your eyes landed on the tray on the kitchen table. “Is that them?” you asked, walking closer.

Namjoon nodded, still smiling.

You stopped at the table and looked down. “Oh…” you said. They didn’t look bad as such. They were a little browned at the edges, the icing was a little messy but from what you could see he’d done a pretty good job. There was just one problem. You couldn’t work out what they were supposed to be. “Um… you made Christmas bunnies?” you hazarded. You’d never heard of Christmas bunnies before but they might be a thing. You got Christmas everything else.

Namjoon’s smile faded slightly. “No, they’re reindeer.” He told you.

Oh. Well that made more sense. And if you squinted you could kind of see it. What you’d taken to be bunny ears weren’t ears but antlers, they’d just lost their shape after they’d been put in the oven. And the blob of red icing in the middle of each cookie, well those would be noses of the Rudolph variety. Okay, so the red was bleeding into the black icing above it, black dots that you were guessing were supposed to be eyes, but now he’d said reindeer it was obvious that was what they were. “Sorry.” You said, feeling a little guilty. He’d clearly tried his best (he’d even dusted them with edible glitter hence your shimmery kitchen) and you’d effectively told him that what he’d made was unrecognisable. “I didn’t look closely enough, of course they’re reindeer.”

But Namjoon brushed your apology off. “They’re not great.” He admitted. “I had trouble getting the mixture right and the decoration is a bit shoddy I know… I just wanted to do something nice for you, to let you know how much I’ve missed you, that’s all. And I know Christmas is a big deal for you so…”

“And I love them.” You said, cutting him off. “No one’s ever baked for me before.” It didn’t matter what the cookies looked like, baking was so far out of his comfort zone and he’d done it for you anyway. As a gift, it was so much more meaningful than him buying you a pretty necklace or a print for your wall.  “They’re amazing.”

“They’re a mess.” He maintained, coming to stand beside you at the table. He didn’t look quite so sad now, that was a relief. “But I’m glad you like them.”

“I didn’t say I liked them.” You corrected him. “I said I loved them. You didn’t have to do this, thank you.” It really was one of the nicest things anyone had ever done for you.

“Ah, well I didn’t have to but I wanted to.” Namjoon told you, draping an arm over your shoulders so he could pull you into his side. “You’re important to me, I’d do anything to make you happy.”

“You’re so cheesy.” You told him. Cheesy and overdramatic. It wasn’t the most ridiculous thing you’d ever heard him say, he had a really bad habit of talking like someone in a drama when he was feeling sentimental but it was definitely up there with some of his better lines.

“I know.” He said with a smirk. “And you love it.”

“Hmmm.” You said, unable to help smiling back. It was the dimples, they got you every time. “I don’t know about that,” you argued, reaching up to brush some of the flour from his hair, “but I do love you.”

“Not as much as I love you.”

And there he went again with the cheese. You shook your head. He just couldn’t help himself, could he? You cupped his cheek with one hand and stood up on tiptoe so you could kiss the smudge of icing on his nose. “Stop.” You told him, but there wasn’t much conviction in your voice. He was right, you secretly loved it when he got all soppy and romantic.

“Never.” He told you, leaning down to capture your lips with his own.

You sighed, slipping one arm around his back and grabbing a fistful of his shirt, your other hand slipping up and over his shoulder to settle at the nape of his neck as he pulled you closer, deepening the kiss. As he tangled a hand in your hair and took your bottom lip between his teeth you couldn’t help thinking that your first Christmas together was going to be one worth remembering.

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“Ehhh, the craftsmanship’s a bit shoddy but it’s the best host could manage on such short notice.”

Not askdarkhourbakura related, but alternate canon AU where Bakura comes to collect for his services to Malik during Battle City and because Malik already gave away the Rod… boom, pocket-sized husbando.

Just a quick sketch break between con prep for the sudden inspiration.  I like this plot bunny, would prefer a comic but maybe it could be a short fanfic if I could ever find the time.  Waaaah, I just wanna be able to draw Yugioh shit again.  Boo hoo hoo.  My life is so hard.