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Cloudy With A Chance

Part 14: …of fire.


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Fullview for the love of god. Tumblr is hell. What I did this week instead of being productive: A Sheith AU featuring Galra!Keith and (dark)Champion!Shiro. 

This one calls him Shiro.

It’s been so long since he’s heard that name—any name besides Champion, or the slew of guttural alien expletives his captors snarl at him.

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idk if anyone shared this yet but this is a new vault in the JO code now and it’s pretty cool! I appreciate that she has nice form while performing this, as sometimes the FHS entry vaults can look a bit scrappy. Her name is Allison Zuhlke from Salto Gymnastics in Wisconsin and she says her goal is to progress it to a layout or tucked full!

Got asked to draw more Alexander Creighton-Ward! I imagine this is some kind of fancy, expensive sibling photo shoot, in which in which big sister is about to plonk a big lipsticky kiss on one of long-suffering Alex’s pointy cheekbones.

[link to all Alex posts]

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A bit of a blast from the past for inktober 009! Gotta love Ryoko, though. I haven’t watched Tenchi Muyo in probably about a decade, at least. It’s a bit scrappy because I spent so long scribbling and sketching and rubbing out that I kind of ruined the paper I was using, and I knew that Copics would bleed something fierce. I’m going to do a completely digital version, so the ink was really just to nail down the final look.

Tools used: Copic Multiliner SP 0.05.


hey gollageek, i know you probably meant like, their movie incarnations but i’m still pretty keen on my revamped version of fermat who’s TAG brains’ lil cloned son so this is still sort of TAGverse. but i definitely think it’d be alan that fermat admires most out of the tracy brothers! to be in-keeping with how fermat was created for the 2004 movie as a best friend for alan. anyway! alan likes that he’s finally not the youngest on the island anymore, and he takes his role as ‘cool uncle’ super seriously. he’s even given fermat his highly treasured model of thunderbird three, the one jeff gave him when he was little.

anonymous asked:

Or for another prompt Neil and Andrew are living together and it's a Sunday morning and they've got nothing to do no traveling no games just enjoying each other alllll day *heart eyes*

I wrote this one as them still being at Palmetto State. Thanks for the prompt! I listened to Banana Pancakes by Jack Johnson as I wrote this because I am a massive sap, and that is where the first four lines come from.  

And I know I said this would be a Sunday morning post, but turns out I lost my patience!

We got everything we need right here and everything we need is enough. 
Just so easy when the whole world fits inside of your arms,
Do we really need to pay attention to the alarm?
Wake up slow. Wake up slow.


When Neil drifted awake he could hear the soft patter of raindrops on their window. He shifted slightly and felt cool sheet against his fingertips. Beyond the rain he could hear the swish of cars passing the Fox Tower on wet roads. A girl outside shrieked at her friend to get her car open quicker. A few doors slammed, but otherwise Fox Tower was quiet. 

In the room itself the sound of his own breathing mixed with another’s, soft but deep. Neil finally cracked open an eye and rolled his head to look at Andrew, fast asleep on the other side of the bed. He lay on his side with his back against the wall, hands stretched out towards Neil and the edges of his hands resting on the dip of Neil’s elbow. His face was so relaxed Neil wanted to run his fingers over it, down the strip of his nose and across his pale cheeks. 

But that was a good way to get himself stabbed, so he didn’t.

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A rather quick one for Inktober 006: Duo Maxwell. Annoyingly, the sketch I did on a scrappy bit of printer paper turned out better than the “proper” attempt, so I gave up and just inked the scrappy version. No clean-up this time other than to adjust the contrast of the scan.

With all the anime re-makes and reboots happening right now I kind of want them to take on Gundam Wing…but also kind of not. GW was one of the first anime I ever watched, along with Sailor Moon, so it’s pretty special to me. I was a 1x2 shipper through my teens (yeeeah, I know at least one person on my dash who would kick me for that…) but joined fandom just as it was dying a sad death. I wonder if I’d still ship 1x2 if I watched it again…

Tools used: Copic Multiliner 0.3 (black)

Additional Killian enjoys taking Emma with her clothes on kink because I AM WEAK and honestly there is nothing hotter to me than a man who is too desperate to even remove everything properly.

There’s something delectable about the way her underwear pulls tight between her splayed thighs, the little scrap of lace held neatly in place when he uses his hook to slip them just above her knees. He keeps them there, thumb rubbing over the heat of her skin to the bunched material and back again, tilting his head as he contemplates her.

She huffs in impatience, hands tugging at the sides of his open shirt. “You’re ridiculous, you know that?”

“Why?” He noses at the line of freckles between her breasts, smiling into her skin when he feels the rapid beat of her heart. “Because I prefer to take you this way?”

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