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@gro-ggy commissioned me to draw a set of Esmeralda pictures from @shenanimation‘s Scalie Schoolie for a friend of hers. Esmeralda has a very fun body type and I’m a fan of all of Shen’s work so it was just all in all a blast to draw! 

Overgrown Lizard Law

A/N: Hi guys! Second one-shot in two days, I’m on fire! I had fun with this one, and it’s my first request! I hope you guys like it! Requests are open, and feedback is always welcome. Feel free to follow me!

Request: Hello can I get an Owen x Reader where the reader works with Owen and the raptors? The raptors act weird towards the reader and no one knows why. It turns out it’s because they acknowledge her as the alpha’s mate and so alpha female of the pack?

Owen x Reader

Warnings: Swearing again, but only like once so it’s fine.
Y/N/N: Your Nickname (or just your name)
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“Are you nervous?” You ask, leaning your arms on the railing of the catwalk, watching as the girls play-fought and chased each other around the paddock.

“Me? Nervous? Sweet cheeks, I was born ready.” Owen said with his signature smirk plastered across his-quite honestly, gorgeous- face, reaching out a finger and bopping you on the nose. Rolling your eyes, you bump him with your shoulder, and look down at the ground again watching as Delta ran circles around Charlie. Biting your lip and playing with your hands anxiously, you watch as the two chase each other’s tails.

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Klaine one-shot - “The Cobra and the Curse” (Rated PG13)

Kurt travels the desert alone, entertaining the masses from bazaar to bazaar, accompanied by his loyal golden cobra, which he carries wrapped around his arm as opposed to in a basket the way most snake charmers do. People say he is searching for a rare jewel that can break a powerful curse he suffers.

But that’s only a portion of the truth.

The rest is far more heartbreaking than that. (2280 words)

A/N: This is a rewrite, and namely because I have always wanted @sunshineoptimismandangels and @riverance to read it. If I continue it as a longer story, it will probably be for K*urtbastian or as an original work. Warning for angst, curses, and snakes.

Read on AO3.

The sun made its appearance earlier than usual and refused to be ignored. By noon, the tiny marketplace baked beneath its relentless glow so that the ground cracked, and any drop of moisture sizzled immediately and evaporated away. Undeterred, the bazaar teemed with the unwashed masses, haggling their way through their daily shopping. Vendors tried to outwit the heat by constructing makeshift tents, basic wood frames covered in light fabric to protect them from the fiery sky, but all it succeeded in doing was trapping the heat, turning what was once uncomfortable to truly unbearable.

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On that little beach

A small participation for the USUK Summer Getaway 

Day 1: Beach

AN: Sucky title. Sorry

Alfred might have lose count on how many days he had been here. The sun heats up - toasts up everything, sand’s everywhere and most of the time he talk to himself. Hell, back that up, he completely lost count on how many days, or months, even years he’d been in this place. Waking up on the beach of a secluded island probably not even in the GPS was not one of the things he had in his bucket list.

He might scold his past self for sailing out to the sea by himself just thinking that it’ll be a great weekend adventure but surprise - he never got back by Monday. He wonders if someone looks for him? Maybe? Matthew’s always been a caring person.

Now, he wonders over the white sand beach by the morning. Looking for some boat that hopefully pass by the area. Get into fishing, sometimes. He still have to eat, right? He can’t mope forever.

If you asked him, he slowly adjusted to this kind of life. Waking at dawn, hunting for food, looking at the sea but the best of all, being with Arthur.

Who’s Arthur, you asked?

Arthur is a big browed blond with a snooty attitude and a scowling face that stuck on his face forever but he’s also that cute guy with pretty green eyes, lovely smile and a great swimmer and diver.

Because Arthur is a mermaid, wait - a merman. What do you even call a guy with a tail? The tales Alfred heard from his childhood always depicted women with tails and Poseidon?

It’s been a cloudless night when Alfred decided to lit a small bonfire and watch the night skies. Tracing the stars with his mind and the gentle waves as his background noise, everything was perfect when he saw someone get on the shore. The shadow looked like it’s struggling, slowly moving to the sand and when Alfred thought that it might be another person washed up, he saw tail and blood.

The merman had been injured, he lost consciousness. Leaving Alfred to look out for the creature. He sure was heavy. Alfred did not know what to do but he still treated the merman’s wounds. Wrapped some tattered cloth onto the tail. He’d been thinking of keeping the other captive because, you know, who did see a merman in a regular basis? The creature in front of him is basically a myth! But when he looked at the other, it must be the pull of their power. Enchantment as the others said. He looked powerless and helpless and it took just a few battling words on his mind to dig some kind of pool on the sands and let the other have some saltwater.

It took just a day for the merman to heal it’s wound but when he saw Arthur, it threw a fit. Splashing water onto him just to get away and get back to the water. It’s a shame, really. The guy’s pretty. Are all merpeople pretty? He asked himself one night as he walked through the shores when he saw something on his peripheral, the sound of splashing and when he looked down after a few jogs. He saw some fish and a shell attached into what could look like a necklace.

Alfred knew that the merman was just by the coast, looking out at him. He did not know why? Maybe the merman wanted his to be drown. That thought terrified him but he still felt that he could come close to this creature.

He started out waiting for longer hours at night. Making a small bonfire to let the merman see where he’s located. Leaving fruits on the sand just to see it gone by the morning. The sun must have gone into his head and he might have been longing for a companion when one night, he decided to take a swim.

The water is cold at night and he found himself shaking at the temperature. He moved his leg, slowly until his feet did not hit the ground under. He knew what he’s doing is crazy. The night creatures are now hunting and he can be an easy target but he has to do this.

He knew the creature would come and save him.

And it did.

It touched his skin, rough and a bit scaly. He was up on the water and then slightly thrown to the shore but even before the merman could come back to the water, he stopped it. Touched the scaly skin of its arms as it glowed at the moonlight.

“Will you come back?” All he asked, panting before it wiggled out of his hold and jumped into the sea.

He did not expect for it to really comeback. He did not even expect it to understand him at all.

It stayed for a short time and Alfred always gave it fruits which surprisingly it ate. He always ready the small pool for it and they sat there. Looking at the skies.

One time, it told him that its name is Arthur.

Alfred felt like he regained something inside him that he thought died out the moment he set foot onto his island. Whenever the mermaid looked at him, gave him a small smile whenever he became nostalgic about the past or even when he splash him with water.

Tonight, he wore that shell necklace that Arthur gave to him as he wait for him. They’ll look at the skies and even share a kiss or two under the moonlight.

So, Alfred might have lost count of the days and it might sound insane but he did not want to go back. With Arthur, he would not. Never.

Because of this ask UV got about Laurent hiding his ears under his hat, I got to thinking about Taguel ear headcanons for the other children, so here goes:

  • Severa keeps her ears neatly wrapped up in her twintails.
  • Noire’s ears stand up straight when she’s angry and then go back to drooping when she snaps out of it.
  • Brady uses his ears to wipe his eyes or blow his nose during his frequent emotional moments.
  • Inigo offers to let girls pet his ears, as a pick-up line. (It doesn’t work.)
  • Minerva constantly sniffs Gerome’s ears, which he pretends to be annoyed about but secretly loves.
  • Kjelle straps small pieces of armor to her ears so that they have at least some kind of protection.
  • Owain has mastered the art of making his ears twitch at dramatically appropriate moments, and frequently boasts of his keen senses.
  • Cynthia is very proud of her ears and has devised several victory poses to display them to best effect.
  • Nah’s ears are just a little bit scaly and get cold easily.
  • Morgan’s modified one of their coats so that the ears can poke up through the hood.
  • Lucina found disguising her ears to be one of the most difficult parts of traveling to the past.

UPDATE REGARDING UPDATES: February’s been a bit ROUGH for me to say the least, so comic updates have suffered a bit. Scalie Schoolie will be back March 2nd and will begin updating twice per week on Monday and Wednesday. Death By Misadventure will still update on Fridays, and should update once more before the end of February.

Also here’s an Amber I guess.

anonymous asked:

so here's the thing, are the asari scaly? cuz if you look at liara and some others in some cutscenes it looks like that a bit. is shepard a lizard fucker? thane was one thing but now the asari as well? is half the galaxy lusting for lizard people? can we kinkshame half the galaxy for being lizard fuc

I think the asari are a bit scaly. If you spend hours analyzing the 5 seconds in which you see Liara naked (as I have) you’ll notice that parts of her body (esp. the collarbones and her back) have the same scaly texture you see on her head tentacles. 

The drell…the salarians…the krogan…now the asari. How deep does the rabbit hole go? The truth is that Bioware is staffed entirely by Reptilians and they’re trying to subconsciously normalize us into compliant, lizard-fucking sheep by implanting lizards into their games. It’s an insidious conspiracy. WAKE UP!!!!

Since I now have revealed the TRUTH to you, it’s likely that I’ll be targeted for elimination by the illumanti. But rest assured, I’ll continue to shitpost from beyond the grave.