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@gro-ggy commissioned me to draw a set of Esmeralda pictures from @shenanimation‘s Scalie Schoolie for a friend of hers. Esmeralda has a very fun body type and I’m a fan of all of Shen’s work so it was just all in all a blast to draw! 

in the latest Minecraft Let’s Play, Sky Factory Part 2, Michael offhandedly mentioned having psoriasis when talking about him getting another tattoo. I’m pretty excited tbh because:   
1. I’m a fan of Michael and now I can relate to him even more.
2. The fact that he even mentioned having psoriasis raises awareness to the issue, and like he explained, you’re born with it and it just kinda shows up whenever and wherever. It sucks butts, and it can do a number on people’s confidence while they’re young. that brief part of the conversation he answered one of my big questions about tattoos and psoriasis, explaining that it should be fine as long as you’re not inking any scaly bits. 

Since taking the picture below the Keep Reading tag, (which I edited slightly for visibility purposes) my forearm has gotten worse, and I’m thinking that if I get tattoos on the inside of both my forearms people’s eyes might gravitate there rather than towards the scales. Thanks to Michael I just might go through with that idea the next time my wallet can take a hit.

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UPDATE REGARDING UPDATES: February’s been a bit ROUGH for me to say the least, so comic updates have suffered a bit. Scalie Schoolie will be back March 2nd and will begin updating twice per week on Monday and Wednesday. Death By Misadventure will still update on Fridays, and should update once more before the end of February.

Also here’s an Amber I guess.