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Take Wreck-It Ralph and mix it with Zootopia, blend them together, and what do you get?


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Drunk | Jonah Marais

Requested? Yes! @boomboomboomwayhoo I hope you like it! Also I love your username 

Warnings? Swearing, drunk jonah, mentions of sex 

Word Count: 3,003

“She’s gonna kill you.” Corbyn whispers to Jonah.

“It’s her fault for sleeping so late.” Jonah replies.

“Can’t you leave the poor girl be?” Daniel asks.

Jonah shakes his head no with an evil smile causing Daniel to roll his eyes. Corbyn follows behind Jonah into their shared room and spots (Y/N) sleeping peacefully on Jonah’s bed.

“She’s gonna kill you.” Corbyn reminds him once more.

Jonah ignores his blonde haired friend and walks over to (Y/N) quietly. He slips one arm around her waist and one under her knees. She instantly curls into Jonah’s chest causing his cheeks to redden.

He carefully lifts her up, making sure she doesn’t wake up in the process. Once she’s secured in his arms, he makes his way out of the bedroom and downstairs, with Corbyn still following behind. He makes his way out to the back yard and stands by the edge of the pool.

“Hey (Y/N)?” Jonah says while nudging her a bit. Her eyes slowly flutter open and meet Jonah’s bright green ones.

“I’m sorry.”

Before you can comprehend what’s going on, Jonah swings his arms back and forward before letting go of you. You quickly brace yourself to hit the pool and when you do you quickly resurface.

“Jonah!!!” You yell angrily.

You get out of the pool lightning quick while Jonah runs away from you. You chase after him and are able to corner him near the edge of the pool. You take a few slow steps forward until you’re only an inch away. Your breath quickens as you look up into his captivating green eyes. You regain your thoughts before making your next move.

“You’re so dead.” You say with a wicked smile on your face.

You go to push him into the pool but he quickly grabs your hands in his, pulling you down with him. You brace yourself to hit the pool for the second time that morning, but this time when you resurface you turn to Jonah.

“You’re such a jerk.” You say before splashing your best friend with water.

Jonah smiles at you once again and you both slowly get out of the water. You wring out your clothes as best as possible before heading back into the Why Don’t We house.

“Damn what happened to you?” Jack asks as you walk into the living room.

“Ask the jackass that threw me into the pool.” You respond gesturing to Jonah.

“So worth it.” Jonah responds from across the room.

You simply roll your eyes and head upstairs to Jonah’s room to steal some clothes for the day. You had stayed over at the compound last night which definitely wasn’t a rarity. You were there almost every weekend to spend time with your best friend and his band mates before they head off for tour once again.You and Jonah had been best friends for quite sometime now. Neither of you could really remember how this came to be but one day you started to hangout and you hadn’t stopped since. After changing you head into the boys bathroom to look for shaving cream.

Once you find some you head back downstairs so you can get revenge on Jonah properly. You hear his voice coming from the kitchen and you quickly pour some shaving cream into your hand.

Suddenly Zach emerges from the kitchen and you quickly signal him to stay quiet. He simply smirks at you and watches as you sneak into the kitchen.

“Are those my clothes?” Jonah asks when he spots you.

“Maybe.” You respond.

“What are you hiding?” He asks as you walk closer to him.

Instead of responding you quickly reach up and land a smack on his left cheek, causing shaving cream to go everywhere. Jonah sits there stunned causing you to laugh loudly.

“Oh you’re so gonna get it.” Jonah finally says before chasing after you.

You quickly run away but you’re sadly not fast enough and Jonah catches you by the waist. He drags you towards him and wipes a bit of excess shaving cream onto your cheek. You gasp loudly and shove Jonah away from you.

“You’re such a jackass this morning.” You say in disbelief but with a smile still stuck on your face.

“A jackass in need of a shower because of you.” He points out. “Wanna join me?” He adds on with a wink.

“In your dreams.” You smirk at him and push him towards the stairs.

When Jonah leaves you turn to walk into the bathroom downstairs to shower quickly when you run into Daniel.

“Indeed, in your dreams.” He says smiling widely at you.

“Oh shut it.” You say and jokingly push him as you walk away. After you shower and get all cleaned up you and the rest of the boys head over to Logan’s to film. When you get there Logan greets you with a bear hug.

“(Y/N)!!” He yells out loudly with a smile on his face.

“Hey Logie bear.” You say while reflecting his smile.

As the boys pile into Logan’s apartment and set up for their new mashup you and Logan catch up a bit.

“So, have you told Jonah?” He asks almost instantly.

“What do you think?” You respond sarcastically.

He holds his hands up in defense before continuing. “I still say you should just go for it.” He advises.

Instead of responding you look over at Jonah. He’s completely in the zone, listening to the other boys harmonies to get his right. He closes his eyes as he hums along in concentration. When he opens them again he looks over at you and smiles causing you to blush.

“Or maybe I’m wrong.” Logan says from next to you.

He walks over to the boys and you watch the process of them filming their new mashup. Once they’re done the boys decide that they want to go out for dinner.  

“(Y/N/N), you coming?” Daniel asks snapping you out of your small trance.

“Nah. I think I’m just gonna head back home.” You respond as you suppress a small yawn.

“I’ll drive you.” Jonah offers and stands up next to you.

Together in a comfortable silence you and Jonah head out in his car back to your place. He walks you to your apartment floor and when you get to your front door you turn to face him. As you stare into his familiar green eyes you remember what Logan said and one of your favorite quotes.

Twenty seconds of insane courage.

“I’m in love with you.” You blurt out.

“What?” Jonah asks instantly.

“I’m in love with you. And it sucks because we’re best friends and you leave for tour soon and-”

Jonah cuts you off by carefully taking your face in his hands. Without a word he places his lips on yours in a kiss that makes you go weak in the knees. As if Jonah can tell, he carefully lifts you into his arms and you wrap your legs around his waist.

The kiss is slow and steady as he carries you to your bedroom. He places you on your bed and attaches his lips to your neck. He trails up and down your neck and your hands find his hair. You tug and pull slightly causing Jonah to lift his head and reattach your lips.

You tug at his shirt and he quickly takes it off. You admire him for a second, carefully running your hands over his chest. He takes your hands and places them above your head before attaching your lips, getting lost in each other for the first of many times that night.

You wake up the next morning to an empty bed. You slowly get out of bed and walk into your living room. When you don’t find Jonah there you check the kitchen. Pain slowly fills your heart as you realize Jonah had left you.

You pace throughout your living room as your brain goes into overdrive. Did you do something wrong? Did Jonah not feel the same way as you? Instead of wracking your brain by yourself you call Logan and ask him to come over. Logan had always been like an older brother to you and knew about your love for Jonah. Hell, he was the one that convinced you to tell Jonah.

“Yo, (Y/N) are you okay?” Logan asks when he steps into your apartment. Your phone call with him had been short and a bit frantic causing Logan to worry about his young friend.

“I told Jonah last night and we uh-” You say trailing off. “And when I woke up he was gone. Did I do something wrong? Do you think he hates me?” You ramble with questions that have been wracking your brain.

“Hey, hey, come here.” Logan says pulling you into a tight hug. You sigh quietly as you push your face further into his chest.

“It’s going to be okay, just talk to him.” Logan advises.

You stand outside of the Why Don’t We house less than an hour later. You decided to take Logan’s advice and talk to Jonah about last night. You finally take a deep breath and reach forward to ring the doorbell. 

“Hey (Y/N/N).” Daniel says, greeting you with a smile. “What’s wrong?” He asks noticing your serious expression.

“Is Jonah here? I need to talk to him.”

“He’s in his room.” He says and before he can ask you anything else you walk past him and towards Jonah’s room.

When you get to his door you square your shoulders before knocking. You hear him call out for you to come in and you slip inside his room before shutting the door behind you.

“Can we talk?”

Jonah’s head snaps up at the sound of your voice and you can see the worry in his eyes. He nods his head and you sit down at the end of his bed.

“Why did you leave?” You ask quietly.

“Because-” He begins but stops and sighs frustratedly. He runs a hand through his hair before finishing his sentence. “Because last night shouldn’t have happened.”

You could feel your heart shatter immediately. You gave this boy your all and he didn’t even feel the same way. You push back your ever growing tears and sit up straighter.

“I don’t want to ruin our friendship (Y/N/N).”

When you don’t say anything Jonah takes your hand in his making you look at him. You quickly pull your hand from his causing his face to fall.

“Are we okay?”

“Yeah Jonah.” You snap standing up. “We’re perfect.”

You speed walk out of his room unable to look at him anymore. You run down the stairs as tears begin to blur your vision. When you hit the last stair you run straight into someone.

“(Y/N)? Are you okay? What happened?” Daniel asks holding onto your shoulders to look at you.

“I have to go.” You choke out before pushing past him and heading to the front door.

You run to your car and start it instantly driving far away from the boy that broke your heart. When you finally get to Logan’s, you head up to his apartment and ring the doorbell. As you wait for him you cross your arms and try to hold back the tears.

Right when Logan sees your face he immediately pulls you towards him. For the second time today you wrap your arms around his torso and push your face into his chest.

With his arms still around you, Logan walks you inside his apartment and shuts the door. He leads you over to his couch and you sit down. Suddenly you feel tears on your cheeks and you go to wipe them away only to have Logan stop you.

He carefully wipes away your tears with the pad of his thumb before holding your face in his hands. “What happened?” He asks finally.

Through many more tears you explain to Logan the events of the past hour. He listens intently and once you’re finished he pulls you into his arms once again.

“I’m gonna murder him.” Logan decides after a moment.

“Logan don’t.” You say sitting up to face him.

“You don’t deserve that bullshit.” Logan says standing up. He turns towards the door and as if on cue the doorbell rings.

“I swear to God.” Logan mutters under his breath before answering the door. You hear him sigh in relief causing you to let go of the breath you were holding. You peek around Logan to spot Daniel walking through the doorway.

“Listen, even though I’m not mad at you, I am mad at your bandmate so where is he?” Logan snaps at Daniel.

Daniel ignores Logan and rushes over to you. “What happened with Jonah?” He asks with worry written all over his face.

“He’s a dick. That’s what happened.” Logan retorts from behind Daniel.

“I know you mean the best,” You begin slowly. “But I really can’t be around you or any of the guys right now.”


“You heard her Daniel.” Logan says placing a hand on Daniel’s shoulder.

With one last worried glance, Daniel leaves and you collapse against Logan’s couch with a sigh. Logan makes his way back over to you and pulls you into his arms for what felt like the billionth time that night.

“It’ll be okay.” He whispers.

It had been about two weeks since the Jonah incident and you were trying to push it to the furthest part in your brain. If you didn’t think about it you could make it through the days with your heart still intact.

The boys had gone on tour making it a bit easier on you. Today was a bit harder because for some reason everything reminded you of him. The coffee you had this morning, the song playing on the radio was one he loved, a sweatshirt you saw in a shop that he owned, everything.

You were finally home for the day and you were extremely relieved. You kicked off your shoes at the front door and dropped your bag on the couch in your living room. Just as you start to walk away towards your bedroom your phone rings loudly.

You fish your phone out of your bag and answer it without looking to see who called you. “Hello?”

“(Y/N)?” You hear from the other line.

“Jonah?” You ask as the voice registers in your head.

“(Y/N), I-i love you.” He slurs out.

“Are you drunk?”

“M-maybe.” He says and you can almost see the smirk on his face.

“Jonah.” You start sighing annoyedly.

“I still remember the way you taste.” He continues and you can feel yourself blush.

“Where are you?” You asks as you start to pace the room.


“Oh my-“ You say as worry floods you. “Are you with the boys?”

“Maybe?” Jonah says uncertainly.

“Shit.” You curse quietly. “Jonah stay where you are okay?”

You hang up the phone before hearing Jonah’s response and quickly dial Daniel’s number. He picks up in two rings and you could already hear the worry in his voice.

“(Y/N)? What’s wrong? Are you okay?”

“Are you with Jonah?” You ask ignoring his questions.

“He’s in his hotel room.” Daniel says as his tone of worry changes to confusion.

“Can you go check on him? He just called me and he sounds pretty drunk.” You explain quickly.

You hear silence on the other end and then Daniel opening and closing a door. You hear a voice and then a response before Daniel begins talking once more.

“He’s okay. Drunk as all hell but he’s okay.” You sigh in relief and thank Daniel but not before telling him to keep you updated.

Throughout the night you had gotten many drunk texts from Jonah and a few updates from Daniel. Jonah’s texts mostly stayed along the lines of “I miss you” or “I’m in love with you” but you ignored them.

You knew when Jonah wakes up the next morning he’ll forget everything. The texts didn’t mean a damn thing and you weren’t gonna sit here and get your hopes up.

The next morning you woke up to an apology text from Jonah causing you to roll your eyes. You continued your Saturday per usual, slowly waking up and making breakfast. As you begin to mix the batter for your biscuits your doorbell rings.

You walk over to the front door and swing it open not caring who sees you in your shorts and t-shirt with messy hair. When your eyes lock with the strangers at the door you recognize them immediately.

“Jonah?” You exclaim. “What the hell are you doing here? Aren’t you supposed to be in Canada?”

“Well I was in Canada.” He states as he walks into your apartment and shuts the door behind him. “But I needed to see you.”

“Jonah what the hell you can’t just-“

Before you can finish your sentence Jonah places a hand on your cheek. Your eyes snap to his and you can feel yourself melting in his gaze.

“I meant what I said last night.” He whispers. “I’m in love with you. And I was scared to admit it because I couldn’t believe that you loved me too.”

“Jonah I-“

You’re cut off once again by Jonah’s other hand coming up to cup your other cheek. His eyes flicker from yours to your lips before he speaks once more.

“What happens if I do this?” He asks uncertainly.

“Why don’t you find out?” You whisper.

With those few words Jonah’s lips are on yours and you immediately feel weak at the knees. Your hands find their way to his neck as his hands slip to your waist, pulling you closer. When you break apart you’re absolutely breathless.

You loved this boy with all your heart. And you now knew he loved you too.


Peep the We Bought A Zoo reference because I’m in love with that movie

vespidolive  asked:

What would your original characters look like in the Overwatch World?

Ooh, crossover time! I went for my Skyrim characters since those were the easiest to come up with and also because this turned out long enough as it is. My original intention was to do just some armor mashups, but I waded a bit too deep into the “what if” territory, and now my guys also have rough skillsets to go with the outfits.

Disclaimer: these have nothing to do with game balance or viability, I just felt like they could fit these particular characters… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ So, here goes:

Skaila the Dragonborn aka “what if Reinhardt had a massive battleaxe and could also shout you down?” Heavy armor to compensate for the fact that she decided to bring an axe to a gun fight. Sturdy and shouty, but no movement abilities.

Type: Melee 

Role: Offense 

Weapon & Abilities:

  • Wuuthrad: Slash targets in front of you with a mighty swing. Charged attacks are slower, but will inflict extra damage
  • Bash: Slam your weapon into a close range enemy with a chance of interrupting them
  • Unrelenting Force: Amplify air and sound to knock down enemies caught in its wake


  • Dragon Shout: Combine shout with one of two types of reagents. Fire Breath inflicts intense burning damage to all enemies caught in the blast. Frost Breath does less freezing damage, but it can also slow enemies down


  • Storm’s Tears: Wuuthrad inflicts extra damage to elves omnics
  • Juggernaut: Grants a minor resistance against projectiles

Bron the Ultimate Thief aka “the unholy mix of Hanzo and Sombra that will steal your ultimate and probably ruin the match for both teams”. Low health, high annoyance. 

Type: Ranged 

Role: Defense 

Weapon & Abilities:

  • Nightingale Bow: Fires an arrow at a target
  • Poison Arrow: A poisoned arrow will inflict additional damage over time
  • Sneak: Become invisible for 6 seconds


  • Heist: Steal 10% of ultimate charge from all enemies caught in the radius


  • Muffled Movement: Reduced noise generated by footsteps
  • Thief: Ultimate charge gained by killing an enemy will be reduced from the target’s ultimate counter. Only applies to final blows

Laraniel the Seer aka “it’s not magic, it’s just, uh, really advanced science - I promise“. Jack of many trades, but mostly focused on restoration/alteration/illusion. 

Type: Ranged/Beam 

Role: Support

Weapon & Abilities:

  • Staff of Magnus/Staff of Mending: Staff of Magnus shoots an energy beam that absorbs health from the enemy target it hits. Staff of Mending creates floating restorative orbs that heal an ally they come in contact with
  • Greater Ward: Encase a friendly target within a protective barrier that negates damage and other effects for 6 seconds
  • Detect Life: Nearby living creatures can be seen through walls. Effect is not visible to others


  • Vision of the Tenth Eye: Reveal all enemies that have an ultimate ability available. The vision is shared with your allies


  • Clairvoyance: Reveal three unused first aid kits closest to you


EDIT: Altered Laraniel’s would-be ultimate to make it a better fit for the seer theme


A/N: So ya’ll know love me some Teen Wolf, but ya’ll also know I love me OUAT Peter Pan so I’m going to mash them up. I’ll be writing the Reader’s POV on this blog and Peter’s POV on my  Justpan Imagines Blog, The next part of this fic will be up on that blog some time tomorrow. 

You looked around the beach from the top of the huge rock formation you were resting around.

You saw Lydia and Allison sitting under the umbrellas chatting, a few yards away Boyd and Erica collecting shells.

Closer to the shore Scott, Jackson and Isaac are tossing a football around, and farthest away you can make out Stiles bugging your brother Derek who was just sitting in the sand reading a book.

Stiles was no doubt trying to talk his new boyfriend into joining him in the water.

Derek and Stiles getting together had managed to both shock everyone and not surprise anyone at all.

They fought like a married couple already and heaven knows that everyone in the pack could almost feel the sexual tension between the two of them in the air.

You decided it was time to go and rejoin the pack.

Since the whole pack was home from college for Spring Break, you had suggested that you all have a beach day. Normally Derek would brush you off as his fifteen year old sister being ridiculous, but when he saw how excited Stiles was he quick to cave.

‘Derek quit being so sour and swim with your boyfriend!’ you yelled as you began to approach the couple. You hear the rest of the pack laugh at you teasing your brother.

You could almost feel the ground shake with the laughter.

No…wait the ground really was shaking beneath you.

You look down and see a small green hole in the sand between your feet, and before you could truly question it the wind had suddenly picked up and that small hole began to grow.

You quickly decide that whatever is happening you want no part of it.

You run as fast as your werewolf speed would carry you, but with the wind blowing sand everywhere, and the green hole growing rapidly you were just barely keeping out of it’s reach.

‘(Y/N) RUN!’ Derek yelled as he was pushing everyone in the pack behind him and away from the hole, but he stayed where he was.

Waiting for you to get close enough to him so he could throw you out of harm’s way.

Just as you went to jump toward your brother and the safety of your pack you felt a could hand grab your ankle causing you to fall into the sand.

Thank god the hole had stopped growing.

You feel a clawed hand grab your arm. You look up and see Derek looking at you fully wolfed out and holding onto you desperately as he tried to pull you free from whoever or whatever had a hold of your foot.

‘No!’ he roared as you began to slip away from him.

‘Derek, you have to let me go!’ you yelled.

You didn’t want your brother to be pulled down with you, literally.

You screamed as Derek’s claws sunk deeper into your arm.

‘I said…NO!’ he yelled as you and he began to be pulled in with you.

You look up and watch as one by one the entire pack latched onto each other and finally you felt a final tug at your heel and you, along with everyone you care about, are pulled down.

You close your eyes for what feels like forever, it feels like you will never stop falling.

Then you feel yourself land in strong arms followed by the strong arms followed by the scent of forest, but something was off about the underlining of the smell.

You open your eyes and see a boy who you had never seen before (not that you were expecting to see a familiar face) and he was looking at you with such intensity you felt uncomfortable.

Immediately you jump out of his arm and extend your claws.

‘Who the hell are you?!’ you demanded as you flashed your golden eyes.

‘Oooohh a feisty little pup.’ he smiled.

‘Who are you?!’ you yelled as you pinned him to a tree by the neck, letting your claws nick him a bit.

‘I’m Peter…Peter Pan.’

bembixamericana  asked:

those edward nygma headcanons for 451: lay em out if you would

aww yeah

1. his parents wanted him to be a doctor, he wanted to be a detective, he split the difference (more like: careened awkwardly into this career path) and wound up working in forensics for a while. he also, after some wild life events, worked as the Penguin’s idea guy/secretary for a while. he also had a summer job at a carnival once. Eddie’s worn a lot of hats

2. once he made a reference to some obscure detective comic during a crime and Batman got it because they both read that series as kids and that was one of the highlights of Edward’s life

3. on the sliding scale of ‘how obsessed is this Rogue with Batman’, he beats out even the Joker. In that sometimes the Joker doesn’t particularly want to deal with Bruce at any given moment. Eddie constructs 99.9% of his puzzles for Batman alone and will just sit around checking his watch until Bats shows up, and gets incredibly depressed and angry if he doesn’t. (note: the bottom of that scale is Jervis, who genuinely wishes Bats would just Leave)

4. he’s one of the most nonviolent of the Rogues; his traps started out as only mildly deadly (he’s very much the ‘build traps and scavenger hunts’ style of Riddler) and he only takes hostages because he knew that was the only way to get Batman’s attention. As time goes on he gets a bit more violent, partly from spending time around other criminals, partly because Batman stopped personally handling all of his crimes (gasp) and passed some on to the police in order to focus on more deadly Rogues. 

5. he’s generally very soft-spoken and amiable, easily flustered, and swears like he came from a wholesome 50′s cartoon (golly!). Even when he’s threatening people he’s pretty chill about it. The only things that will really trigger his temper, make him raise his voice, etc: people accusing him of cheating, people cheating or ignoring his puzzles. He also gets twitchy when people call him childish/weird/crazy/etc. 

6. he’s one of the few Rogues that have actually kissed Batman

7. He’s not adverse to verbal wordplay and riddles but his focus is more on mysteries and puzzles, with riddles just being part of the whole. He’s one of the Rogues that got named by the papers, and for some reason ‘the Riddler’ stuck. Edward eventually embraced it but fumed for a while over why they didn’t go for ‘Mr. E’ or ‘Enigma’, both of which were right there

8. He’s gotten a bit better with tolerating manhandling (you have to, being arrested and forcibly institutionalized on a monthly basis) but getting hit will either send him into a full-scale panic attack or make him lash out in retaliation somehow. he has a hard time comprehending why the Joker likes it. 

9. he tends to get along with everybody and nobody, not starting a lot of fights but not being close with anyone in particular. he’s extremely guarded and afraid of deeply engaging with people. due to this, he’s one of the Rogues that struggles most with intense loneliness even when he’s technically spent plenty of time around people he knows. One of the only things that helps is when Bruce will sometimes talk to him on the way back to Arkham, or visit him while he’s in there. 

10. He tends to be a little kinder (if still very patronizing) to wannabe and low-level Rogues than some of the others, and will hire them to set up aspects of his puzzles or act as slightly-specialized henchmen. 

Calling All Singing Les Mis Fans!

Can you sing? 


We need you for this new, huge collaborative project in which people from all over, sing little bits of One Day More for one giant, Les Mis family mashup. 

But before we open submissions to the public, we need a few confident singers to film “lesson parts” so that people who aren’t as experienced at singing have something to go off of when they sing their preferred part. 

If you are interested in singing a lesson part, please contact us and we’ll give you the rundown on how it works. The parts we need to fill are…

Jean Valjean. Javert, Marius, Enjolras, Thénardier, Madam Thénardier and the chorus (Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass). 

YES you can sing an octave up or down if your character sings in a range you can’t reach! We just need people to sing on key, so those of us who can’t sing on key can try to match to you! 

The parts are first come first serve.


Follow us for more information about the project and for when submission are open to anyone! 

Even if you aren’t interested, please reblog so people who are interested will see this! Thanks so much!


as a revisionist, the thing i enjoy the most is posing for dialogue. boards are drawn before any audio is recorded, and often one drawing will have a whole paragraph of dialogue, or a line read will be so big/specifically delivered that the board needs a lil more spice added to it. and when that happens (which is pretty often!) either Kat, Joe, Rebecca or I (And sometimes Ben!!!) will pose for dialogue. Here’s some stuff I did for STEVEN VS AMETHYST!

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i literally spent almost 24 hours straight on this bullshit

hey, disclaimer: im no musician, if you couldnt tell LMAO #earblood

[ SONGS: Every song in Melanie Martinez’s CRYBABY album + Play Date ]
[ bits used from a pre-made mashup of Carousel x Pity Party on YT ] 
[ everything edited in Sony Vegas Pro 10 ]

this is kinda far fetched, but **PLEASE DONT REUPLOAD ANYWHERE ELSE** i want to eventually upload the finished product on my YT.


//hides in embarrassment tbh

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have some soutaku headcanons bc my fic of them isnt coming out well ;v;;;

  • souma stares at takumi more often than takumi does at him
  • takumi has a playlist inspired by souma he listens to whenever he’s upset. the songs consist of pop, 8-bit remixes, game tracks, launchpad mashups - upbeat cheery pick-me-up songs in general
  • when they came out as a couple to the polar star dorm the dorm tried their Very Best to act like they were surprised. their Very Best was terrible. kinda like the “someone’s coming, act natural” meme terrible
  • souma picks up the weirdest, most useless italian phrases from takumi. like “dirty socks”, “turn right”, “washing machine”
  • they really like holding hands. and playing with each other’s fingers, the like. it’s very cute.
  • takumi always kisses souma goodbye on the cheek. souma always laughs and blushes when he does.
  • they share food unconsciously. souma will just open his mouth in takumi’s direction expectantly and takumi feeds him whatever he’s having without a second thought, and vice versa. they do it like it’s the most natural thing in the world.
  • souma polished+sharpened takumi’s mezzaluna thrice a week before takumi won it back. he had a teacher well versed in italian knives teach him how to properly sharpen it, too.
  • takumi really enjoys riding on the back of souma’s bike. 
  • once when he sprained his ankle souma rode him around campus until he got better (this was before they got together. takumi faked his sprain for another whole week just to spend more time out of class with souma bonus: souma knew)
  • theyre both kind of scared that one day they might scream and fight so badly and say something they dont mean. so they make sure to resolve any issues/misunderstandings asap.
  • souma and takumi love each other so much but are so Shy about it. they fall all over each other, giggling and blushing and its horribly cavity inducing.