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Take Wreck-It Ralph and mix it with Zootopia, blend them together, and what do you get?


(Note: There’s an AMV version here ⬅️click, but for some reasons I cannot embed it in my post.)

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A/N: So ya’ll know love me some Teen Wolf, but ya’ll also know I love me OUAT Peter Pan so I’m going to mash them up. I’ll be writing the Reader’s POV on this blog and Peter’s POV on my  Justpan Imagines Blog, The next part of this fic will be up on that blog some time tomorrow. 

You looked around the beach from the top of the huge rock formation you were resting around.

You saw Lydia and Allison sitting under the umbrellas chatting, a few yards away Boyd and Erica collecting shells.

Closer to the shore Scott, Jackson and Isaac are tossing a football around, and farthest away you can make out Stiles bugging your brother Derek who was just sitting in the sand reading a book.

Stiles was no doubt trying to talk his new boyfriend into joining him in the water.

Derek and Stiles getting together had managed to both shock everyone and not surprise anyone at all.

They fought like a married couple already and heaven knows that everyone in the pack could almost feel the sexual tension between the two of them in the air.

You decided it was time to go and rejoin the pack.

Since the whole pack was home from college for Spring Break, you had suggested that you all have a beach day. Normally Derek would brush you off as his fifteen year old sister being ridiculous, but when he saw how excited Stiles was he quick to cave.

‘Derek quit being so sour and swim with your boyfriend!’ you yelled as you began to approach the couple. You hear the rest of the pack laugh at you teasing your brother.

You could almost feel the ground shake with the laughter.

No…wait the ground really was shaking beneath you.

You look down and see a small green hole in the sand between your feet, and before you could truly question it the wind had suddenly picked up and that small hole began to grow.

You quickly decide that whatever is happening you want no part of it.

You run as fast as your werewolf speed would carry you, but with the wind blowing sand everywhere, and the green hole growing rapidly you were just barely keeping out of it’s reach.

‘(Y/N) RUN!’ Derek yelled as he was pushing everyone in the pack behind him and away from the hole, but he stayed where he was.

Waiting for you to get close enough to him so he could throw you out of harm’s way.

Just as you went to jump toward your brother and the safety of your pack you felt a could hand grab your ankle causing you to fall into the sand.

Thank god the hole had stopped growing.

You feel a clawed hand grab your arm. You look up and see Derek looking at you fully wolfed out and holding onto you desperately as he tried to pull you free from whoever or whatever had a hold of your foot.

‘No!’ he roared as you began to slip away from him.

‘Derek, you have to let me go!’ you yelled.

You didn’t want your brother to be pulled down with you, literally.

You screamed as Derek’s claws sunk deeper into your arm.

‘I said…NO!’ he yelled as you and he began to be pulled in with you.

You look up and watch as one by one the entire pack latched onto each other and finally you felt a final tug at your heel and you, along with everyone you care about, are pulled down.

You close your eyes for what feels like forever, it feels like you will never stop falling.

Then you feel yourself land in strong arms followed by the strong arms followed by the scent of forest, but something was off about the underlining of the smell.

You open your eyes and see a boy who you had never seen before (not that you were expecting to see a familiar face) and he was looking at you with such intensity you felt uncomfortable.

Immediately you jump out of his arm and extend your claws.

‘Who the hell are you?!’ you demanded as you flashed your golden eyes.

‘Oooohh a feisty little pup.’ he smiled.

‘Who are you?!’ you yelled as you pinned him to a tree by the neck, letting your claws nick him a bit.

‘I’m Peter…Peter Pan.’

Calling All Singing Les Mis Fans!

Can you sing? 


We need you for this new, huge collaborative project in which people from all over, sing little bits of One Day More for one giant, Les Mis family mashup. 

But before we open submissions to the public, we need a few confident singers to film “lesson parts” so that people who aren’t as experienced at singing have something to go off of when they sing their preferred part. 

If you are interested in singing a lesson part, please contact us and we’ll give you the rundown on how it works. The parts we need to fill are…

Jean Valjean. Javert, Marius, Enjolras, Thénardier, Madam Thénardier and the chorus (Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass). 

YES you can sing an octave up or down if your character sings in a range you can’t reach! We just need people to sing on key, so those of us who can’t sing on key can try to match to you! 

The parts are first come first serve.


Follow us for more information about the project and for when submission are open to anyone! 

Even if you aren’t interested, please reblog so people who are interested will see this! Thanks so much!


“Catgroove Swing” - Top Pop Songs Mashup by TheDMcI123

Parov Stelar minimix.


i literally spent almost 24 hours straight on this bullshit

hey, disclaimer: im no musician, if you couldnt tell LMAO #earblood

[ SONGS: Every song in Melanie Martinez’s CRYBABY album + Play Date ]
[ bits used from a pre-made mashup of Carousel x Pity Party on YT ] 
[ everything edited in Sony Vegas Pro 10 ]

this is kinda far fetched, but **PLEASE DONT REUPLOAD ANYWHERE ELSE** i want to eventually upload the finished product on my YT.


//hides in embarrassment tbh

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as a revisionist, the thing i enjoy the most is posing for dialogue. boards are drawn before any audio is recorded, and often one drawing will have a whole paragraph of dialogue, or a line read will be so big/specifically delivered that the board needs a lil more spice added to it. and when that happens (which is pretty often!) either Kat, Joe, Rebecca or I (And sometimes Ben!!!) will pose for dialogue. Here’s some stuff I did for STEVEN VS AMETHYST!

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have some soutaku headcanons bc my fic of them isnt coming out well ;v;;;

  • souma stares at takumi more often than takumi does at him
  • takumi has a playlist inspired by souma he listens to whenever he’s upset. the songs consist of pop, 8-bit remixes, game tracks, launchpad mashups - upbeat cheery pick-me-up songs in general
  • when they came out as a couple to the polar star dorm the dorm tried their Very Best to act like they were surprised. their Very Best was terrible. kinda like the “someone’s coming, act natural” meme terrible
  • souma picks up the weirdest, most useless italian phrases from takumi. like “dirty socks”, “turn right”, “washing machine”
  • they really like holding hands. and playing with each other’s fingers, the like. it’s very cute.
  • takumi always kisses souma goodbye on the cheek. souma always laughs and blushes when he does.
  • they share food unconsciously. souma will just open his mouth in takumi’s direction expectantly and takumi feeds him whatever he’s having without a second thought, and vice versa. they do it like it’s the most natural thing in the world.
  • souma polished+sharpened takumi’s mezzaluna thrice a week before takumi won it back. he had a teacher well versed in italian knives teach him how to properly sharpen it, too.
  • takumi really enjoys riding on the back of souma’s bike. 
  • once when he sprained his ankle souma rode him around campus until he got better (this was before they got together. takumi faked his sprain for another whole week just to spend more time out of class with souma bonus: souma knew)
  • theyre both kind of scared that one day they might scream and fight so badly and say something they dont mean. so they make sure to resolve any issues/misunderstandings asap.
  • souma and takumi love each other so much but are so Shy about it. they fall all over each other, giggling and blushing and its horribly cavity inducing. 
My thoughts on Marvel Disk Wars

OMG how is it that I have only just heard about Marvel Disk Wars???!!! It has like 50 Japanese episodes already (and apparently there will be a dub release on Disney XD later this year). I mean, don’t get me wrong…. it sounds like an awful concept. I’ve gotta admit that it’s a bit too out there for me…. not to mention that the bizarre combination of Japanese shounen magical girl card game anime series meets Marvel mashup is a bit weird. But as much as I want to hate this show, at least there are a few good things to come out of it….

1. Peter/Spidey is adorable. 

OMG just look at him! Cutie! 😍  Not to mention that in the preview for the English dub, his new VA sort of sounds like Drake Bell’s Spidey. He’s not as cute as USM Series Peter (no Peter ever will be in my opinion) but I like this version. He is not in this series even nearly enough to redeem it, but I’ll take what I can get. 

2. Deadpool

Not only have they got Deadpool in it, but kudos to them for also staying true to the character and making him completely inappropriate despite it being a kids show (god bless the Japanese for that). I’m hoping we will also get some Spideypool fanservice (there kind of is already a few moments with Deadpool fanboying over Spidey), but if there is ever a show that would go there, it’s this one. For example….

Not sure where his scars are on the third one, but he even refers to himself as a “sexy beast” several times. Disney XD are going to have fun editing to make this show appropriate for the kiddies. 

So I tried to do a bit of a Star Wars poster style mashup for Civil War. Didn’t quite manage that feel, but hey, it’s a thing. A thing I did. Hope you like my thing.

just a heads up of something i’ve been thinking and probably will do for most of my mashups from now on.

i’m probably going to forgo download links.

besides the fact that i haven’t found a good replacement for zippyshare (which even i admit is terrible unless you’re using adblock), the links are always down and i know i really *shouldn’t* be having links anyway since i don’t own the things i mix.

i’m probably gonna keep links up for my most popular mixes. i think having 20 links or so is okay. having 600 i think is just. a bit. much.

if you ever want a download for a mashup once i take all those links down, don’t hesitate to pm/dm me and i’ll glady still give you one! it just won’t be in the descriptions anymore.