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as a revisionist, the thing i enjoy the most is posing for dialogue. boards are drawn before any audio is recorded, and often one drawing will have a whole paragraph of dialogue, or a line read will be so big/specifically delivered that the board needs a lil more spice added to it. and when that happens (which is pretty often!) either Kat, Joe, Rebecca or I (And sometimes Ben!!!) will pose for dialogue. Here’s some stuff I did for STEVEN VS AMETHYST!

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Belle’s DS dress came today and I am so pleased with it. The fit is great on this body, and the construction is gorgeous. 

Also put her on a MTM Body which isn’t a perfect match at all. her head is much more pink but paler than the pinky-toned Barbie body, but this body is aesthetically perfect for Emma’s build imo and the DCSG Hands are perfect too and the mismatch isn’t as noticeable irl.

Also re-did her hair to make it a bit flatter. Overall super happy with this mashup. I put the Hasbro dress on the DS Belle and gave her to my mom’s boyfriend’s daughter bc she’s going to see the movie tonight lol. I would have kept her body but it was all deformed and I don’t like the DS legs. 

have some soutaku headcanons bc my fic of them isnt coming out well ;v;;;

  • souma stares at takumi more often than takumi does at him
  • takumi has a playlist inspired by souma he listens to whenever he’s upset. the songs consist of pop, 8-bit remixes, game tracks, launchpad mashups - upbeat cheery pick-me-up songs in general
  • when they came out as a couple to the polar star dorm the dorm tried their Very Best to act like they were surprised. their Very Best was terrible. kinda like the “someone’s coming, act natural” meme terrible
  • souma picks up the weirdest, most useless italian phrases from takumi. like “dirty socks”, “turn right”, “washing machine”
  • they really like holding hands. and playing with each other’s fingers, the like. it’s very cute.
  • takumi always kisses souma goodbye on the cheek. souma always laughs and blushes when he does.
  • they share food unconsciously. souma will just open his mouth in takumi’s direction expectantly and takumi feeds him whatever he’s having without a second thought, and vice versa. they do it like it’s the most natural thing in the world.
  • souma polished+sharpened takumi’s mezzaluna thrice a week before takumi won it back. he had a teacher well versed in italian knives teach him how to properly sharpen it, too.
  • takumi really enjoys riding on the back of souma’s bike. 
  • once when he sprained his ankle souma rode him around campus until he got better (this was before they got together. takumi faked his sprain for another whole week just to spend more time out of class with souma bonus: souma knew)
  • theyre both kind of scared that one day they might scream and fight so badly and say something they dont mean. so they make sure to resolve any issues/misunderstandings asap.
  • souma and takumi love each other so much but are so Shy about it. they fall all over each other, giggling and blushing and its horribly cavity inducing. 

Michael Jackson Mashup - Leslie Wai

I’m a bit behind on my Game Grumps, because my weekends are now spoken for. But this was mentioned by Dan at the end of the first Katamari. It’s pretty rad. Let’s give it a grump bump.

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two questions (u are allowed to answer only one if you want): 1) what would be your top 3 mbmbam episodes and 2) what episode is griffin's freakout about the wedding underwear

1. fuck im never going to be able to remember the individual episodes but my fav bits are “new music for teens”, the garfield/pamela anderson mashup, and the 20 minute slimer discussion

2. i literally CANNOT remember and i want to find it again so bad

The Night Of

Author’s Note: Here is the final installment of the pre wedding series–the wedding night, as told from Jamie’s perspective. It picks up directly from here. It doesn’t follow the book or the show exactly, but is a bit of a mashup of the two, plus the stories in this series that precede (which you can find in the Master List). I hope you enjoy it.

The kiss was simultaneously everything he had hoped for, yet nothing like he expected. She looked almost terrified while saying their wedding vows, so he thought she might dodge his lips altogether. Instead, her soft mouth parted under his with a little sigh, and she leaned into him, gently and sweetly. The strange alchemy that had always drawn him toward her now swept over them both, changing him irreversibly.

He was still reeling from the contact when Dougal cut their wrists, binding them together with a blood vow. Now he could never go back to a life before her, without her, for no matter what happened in the future, she was his wife.

As he cradled her head in his lap, he couldn’t help but smile down at her. The poor thing. When she slipped to the ground, he had panicked. She had been married to him only moments, and already this happened to her? But then he realized she had simply swooned, and he sent the men away to give her space. Or rather, to give him space to be alone with her.

Ned brought a wet cloth, and he used it to dab at her flushed cheeks and long, elegant neck. With his free hand, he ran his fingers through her wild curls. Lord, she was beautiful!

He was thrilled to his core that Dougal insisted that the marriage be completely legal and official, the better to protect her from Captain Randall. Better yet, he even convinced his uncle to find a priest to perform the ceremony, so in the eyes of God, Claire truly belonged to him. Wherever or not she knew it, he had always been hers. They had only to consummate the marriage, and then no English dragoon could tear them apart.

He shifted a little just thinking of it, being careful with the placement of her head in his lap, and thought about what she had told him the night before. Could it be true? Did she truly enjoy bedding a man? More importantly, would she enjoy bedding him? Against his will, he thought of her late husband, and not for the first time, wondered what he had been like. Whoever he was, it seemed he had pleased Claire. He prayed he could do the same, or better yet, drive the memory of the man from her mind entirely.

Below him, Claire’s eyes fluttered open. As he stared into their whiskey depths, he forgot to be jealous. He smiled down at her. “That bad, was it?”

She admitted to overindulging in spirits the night before, and she spoke as if he hadn’t been there. Now he was certain she didn’t remember that he had seen her to her chambers, nor the conversation that had followed. He was equal parts relieved and disappointed. But she didn’t flinch when he gently brushed a stray curl from her face. In fact, her eyes softened slightly, which warmed his heart.

Then she winced because of the pain in her wrist, and he explained the meaning of their blood vows. He repeated the words in English with the same solemnity with which he had made them. Did it mean more now that she knew what they had promised? He certainly meant every word. Perhaps she would too, in time. He hoped so.

Claire still looked a bit piqued, and she wanted to know where the others had gone. He, too, wished the rest of the party would leave them to their own devices, but Dougal didn’t trust them. He blushed furiously when reminding her that their union was not official until consummated. He wasn’t sure if it was a blessing or a curse that they had to suffer through dinner before it could be done, but he couldn’t have her swooning again, so he promised to feed her, and they rejoined the party.

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All your summer jams are one big jam. DJ Earworm mashes them all up. Okay, a few seem a bit late. But you can’t deny this mashup is catchy.


Beyonce – Formation
Calvin Harris feat. Rihanna – This is what you came for
Chainsmokers Featuring Daya – Don’t Let Me Down
DNCE – Cake by the Ocean
Desiigner – Panda
Drake – One Dance
Drake – Summer Sixteen
Fifth Harmony – Work From Home
Flo Rida – My House
G-Eazy feat Bebe Rexha – Me, myself and I
Lukas Graham – 7 Years
Zara Larsson – Lush Life
Zara Larsson & MNEK – Never Forget You
Mike Posner – I took a Pill in Ibiza (SeeB Remix)
Rihanna – Needed Me
Rihanna feat. Drake – Work
Justin Timberlake – Can’t Stop The Feeling
Twenty One Pilots – Stressed Out
Zayn – Pillowtalk

So I tried to do a bit of a Star Wars poster style mashup for Civil War. Didn’t quite manage that feel, but hey, it’s a thing. A thing I did. Hope you like my thing.