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Alfred: Aren’t you a bit hard on him, sir?

Bruce: Yes, purposely. This is a dangerous moment, Alfred. We could easily lose Tim. If we baby him now, he’ll think it’s because we believe what he believes–that he’s a killer and a failure. So we’ll just do the opposite. Over the next few days, I want you to play evil Drill Sergeant. Work him hard. Bully him. Don’t give him any time to think and make sure he goes home exhausted every night.

–Bruce Wayne and Alfred Pennyworth on Tim Drake (Robin #123 – Nemesis)

I feel bad for my younger brother. He wanted to be an engineer of sorts but has been taking art classes since the past semester.

This semester he enrolled in a drawing class and he doesn’t draw. Like at all, but that isn’t the problem. It’s that he thinks that drawing only happens during school and homework and that’s it. He comes home and just watches TV and plays games and sleeps. He doesn’t understand that this is something you need to take beyond school. You have to be earnest in teaching yourself beyond the classroom with your own time especially if he continues on this path of art. I tell him this, but he gets put off and boy do I see him struggle.

I see him struggling to do still life drawings of simple shapes like cereal boxes and of course I help him ( he didn’t understand how to transfer the measurements from his pencil to the paper) and I encourage him to come to me if he ever needs help.
But if he changed his objective to art because he thinks it would be less work then ohhhh hoho brother do I got some news for you.

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Can we have 2p Italy walking in to their s/o's bedroom, with a bunch of medication in their hands, ready to swallow?

Luciano’s eyes widened and he quickly lunged at her and pushed her onto the Bed, when he saw the sight infront of him. He was trying to kill herself. Why?! What had he done to make this happen?! Sure he was a bit rough sometimes. A bit Sadistic. But that was him and he couldn’t control himself when he was like thats. Nor did he actually need to.

He glared down on her ad tears appeared in the corners of his eyes. He was so angry. He was so angry. He wrapped his arms tightly around her in a hug, while desperately trying to calm, himself down.

“Don’t ever try something like that again!!! I don’t want you to die! You’re the only one who I care about in this fucking world!”

She just continued to cry and fight against him, even though she eventually relaxed against him and just sobbed. He kissed her forehead gently and smiled slightly at her.

“I love you. I need you. Don’t do that again, please. I promise I won’t harm you anymore.”

She just nodded and laid herself against him, while slowly falling asleep. He smiled at the sight and Kissed her lips gently.

“I love you so much.”

So I wrote the thing and I need validation. A headcanon I have where Roan is the uncle of the gang even though he acts like a pain in the butt, he is quite protective and would do anything for the people he cares about.

Summary: Roan has a habit of showing up in Clarke’s apartment when she doesn’t want him there. He eats her food, he falls asleep drunk on her kitchen floor, she will walk in on him in her shower. But he’s also there when she needs him the most. Roan x Clarke friendship, Bellarke

@sassamyblake @wellamyblake


Clarke lets out a scream, nearly falling back against the door when she gets an eyeful of Roan in her shower. “Roan! What the hell are you doing here?”

Her next door neighbor and begrudging friend yanks the shower curtain tighter around his middle even though she can still see every bit of him, giving her a bashful wet dog look. “Uh, the super turned the water off in my apartment because I haven’t paid the second half of the rent and I –“

“Just thought you would waltz in here and use mine?” Clarke says. He nods and she rolls her eyes. “I’ll get some more towels, you’re dripping all over the floor.”

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Theory on Friedkin

I’m probably really overthinking this buuut…. Okay… so I’ve noticed (after my friend convinced me to draw the aftermath of ‘Not now’) that I’m still hung up on the fact that Friedkin went after Dirk, I’ve had this written for so long and haven’t shared for some reason, but it just gets me, okay!!! Right, so the end scene says a hell of a lot about Friedkin’s character! He specifically went after Dirk, the one who had been under constant surveillance so he knew a bit more about him without having to read any files, also the fact that he appears to be the weakest member means he would be the easiest to catch and that gets Friedkin out of the messy line of fire (he doesn’t want to risk his life or his annoyingly perfect face after all) but also… and just think about this, as far as I’m concerned, Dirk meant to most to Riggins, much like a father son relationship. It could all be a matter of Friedkin being even more of a dick just to get at the guy for how he treated him. And I genuinely believe now that this is the reason he went after our gentle dork, I mean… c'mon!!! Riggins head butted him in the freakin face, smacked him around a lot when he messed up!!!! Friedkin doesn’t like Riggins, we know this much, and the best way to make him suffer is through capturing this weedy psychic, eccentric man he cares so much about. I just have a lot of feelings about a lot of things and need papa bear Riggins to find out what they’ve done to his precious cinnamon roll of an adopted son. SOMEONE SAVE DIRK GENTLY!!! PLEASE!!!

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youtu(.)be/QlAr2ga-92w Here is the video! It's finished and I hope you like ehehe. I sent you a note on DA and really look forward to use maynomu v3 Meito


EY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THAT LOOKS SO GOOD wat th ekfuskcuKCUKUK how do u even use effects wtf forever mad jealous

BUT YES!! i got ur note hehe i need to fix him up a tad bit and i’ll send him over he’s still pretty potato in comparison to meito v1 zzz

The Sorcerer’s Intern

Darcy Lewis arrives at the doorstep of the New York Sanctum and manages to befriend a reluctant Dr. Strange.

Rated G

Also available on AO3 and FFnet

It has only been a few weeks since the chaos, since Doctor Stephen Strange died repeatedly to stop the world from being sucked into a timeless void. He is just getting his feet back under him and the Sanctums rebuilt when the doorbell rang on the New York Sanctum. He had not been aware he had a doorbell, given that his only visitors had been sorcerers themselves, who had a bad habit of showing up unannounced and letting themselves in.

A woman a bit younger than him with long wavy brown hair and rather attractive curves was standing on his doorstep. 

“Hi,” she said.

“Um… Hello,” Strange said. It came out almost as a question.

She cleared her throat and started speaking in a rush. “Hi. I already said that. Never mind. Stephen Strange? I’m Darcy Lewis. You probably don’t remember me, I mean, how would you. You were in a coma at the time. Which really sucks. I’m Darcy and I was the other driver.”

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Why do you tease poor Saihara so much?

Isn’t it obvious anon-chan

it’s because it’s fun~ Nishishi~

Okay listen up~ Everyone has a reaction to lies and pranks, some people get angry and some get upset, those are the standard two, most people fall under these categories and I find those people absolutely boring~ Nishishi

You see, Saihara-chan reacts a little differently, sometimes he’s shocked or surprised even though I did tell him that ‘I am a liar’ and other times….he looks a bit curious, being a detective make him naturally seek out the truth from my lies however since he lacks confidence it’s a bit harder for him, don’t get me wrong, most of his deductions are right, I just tell him he’s wrong and tell more lies just to watch him get flustered over nothing~ Nishishi

Saihara-chan isn’t boring at all~

Dear whoever handles my life;

There was this girl I was best friends with, a couple years ago. Then I started going out with boys and she needed all of my attention. She was depressed, I was (and am) a bit selfish, and I couldn’t handle the friendship. Thank you for the good friend, thought. I hope she’s ok.

Ther was this guy I still ache for a bit. I’m not over him at all. I still check his profiles and I dream of him sometimes.  I think that’s because it ended quite badly and he ignores me a lot and I don’t like to be ignored. There are some CDs he gave me I’m getting rid of, or some pictures of us on my camera’s memory card. I think it takes some time, but I’m glad I’m not crying anymore as I used to do some months ago. I suppose it won’t matter when I’m 38.

There’s this guy who loves me a lot and we’re together. I’ve liked him for two years and as a very reserved person he never talked. He would just stay there smoking a hand-rolled cigarette. He’s quite different now. He smokes and kisses me and talks much more. I love him a lot too and I hope we get married. Thank you for him.

Still, even thought I’m very happy with my life, I’d like to ask you something. It is very precious, like a treasure: a friend.

I’ve got lots of friends. I think I can count eight or ten friends. I don’t have issues telling people everything that happens to me. Still, I would like a very close friend who I can talk with, go out with and be friends with, and doesn’t need all of my attention to live. There’s this girl who would be the perfect close friend if she just wasn’t that like me.

thank you


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It seems him getting paired with Sonic so often does him more harm than good. Not saying Knuckles can't partner up with Sonic on occasion [within reason], but making him a "second sidekick" of sorts hurts his character a bit. (Especially making him the comedy relief; something that should be shared across the cast in small bursts, not 1-2 characters only) It makes his guardian role not matter, if it's even still relevant. And there's being constantly outdone by Sonic and interacts with him only.

I agree to an extent.

Naturally, other characters are going to be connected to Sonic due to his nature as the main protagonist. But that said, there’s still a good way and a poor way to execute those connections.

I can’t really say that Knuckles’ utilization in tandem with Sonic was really pulled-off with skill all that often. In SA2 at least it’s justified. Rouge has the rest of the pieces and she was in space, justifying his venture into space to retrieve them from her.

But in ‘06, there’s literally no reason for him to be there and that’s so pronounced that Knuckles standing-around in cutscenes looks like some poor sod who’s been invited to a party but doesn’t know what he’s doing there and whatsmore, doesn’t want to be there.

Honestly. In those cutscenes, he looks like that old vague friend the other guys haven’t talked to in years and it’s as if he knows that.

The other week I had a guy from Melbourne message me, he wanted to come over and see me, he’d never done anal before and wanted to try.
We started watch a movie together, but halfway through started making out. He was wearing a school uniform for me as a turn on.
Took him to my room and started to wank each other, I was now really hard, but needed him to make me all wet for him. I git him to suck me off for a bit, then rubbed some baby oil all over my cock and on his ass.
I put his legs over my shoulders and started pushing my cock into him bit by bit all the way up to my balls. He was a virgin, but totally happy for his first time to be bareback.
He was grabbing the sheets as my big thick throbbing was pushing in and out. Moaning and throwing his head back as we fucked.

I leaned down and and started kissing up his chest and neck as I was burrowing deep inside him.
Made my was to his face to start making out again.
He had a very boyish face, and looked so cute when he was getting fucked.
I was gradually picking up speed as we started to make out, I began to grab him by the sides as I was starting to get a bit rough bow, I wanted us to both blow. And I was gonna make sure I came all inside him.

I started jacking him off as we wend getting harder and faster. Getting real heavy on the dirty talk.
Finally he exploded and came all over himself. He was totally drenched it it which was exactly what I needed to see.
And thay sight I got ready. I was ready to blow inside him.
I held him down and pulled him right towards me. Then and there blowing the biggest fatest load inside his butt.
I leaned down and started to make out with him. Still slowly pushing my cock in and out using my cum as lube.
Then just layed down ontop of him. I had done it. I had just taken his virginity and had emptied my balls into him. I grabbed his tight little ass and started to give it a rub for job well done. It started to get me hard as again and I was ready to go for another round all over again.

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Mod, congratulations having come out of this looking like the sane human. To me, things haven't changed from what you knew: they are friends. That is what his rep said and that is more than some even thought. So all's well that ends well and his ex fans (for 24 hours) can come back to loving every bit of him and not seeing anything wrong with anything he does. Oh, until he does something else they don't like. But you did good.

❤ you @maesgirl

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Ok um im 5'1 with brown hair and brown eyes with a curvy body I'm sarcastic blunt sassy somewhat rude and I can not live without anime music art basically the internet. I love to play sports yet I'm the laziest person you will ever meet. I'm half Guyanese-Indian half Canadian (is that enough info) um for knb, Haikyuu, black butler, and ohshc?

I would’ve preferred more personality than physical, but I hope these are to your liking ^^;

Match-up: Murasakibara Atsushi

You both are very lazy but are skillful. Murasakibara will be more motivated to do something if you are a bit rude about him not partaking in it. He’ll think of it as “making him look bad in front of you” and get to work. He won’t take the things you say to heart but at the same time, he won’t know how you really feel. It will be a bit rocky, but Murasakibara won’t get fussy with you.

For your date, he’ll most likely bring you a cake and eat one-quarter of it. He’ll take you to the park to nap and listen to you while he lays his head in your lap. He’ll want to get ice cream at some point and end up getting one of those couple sundaes. He’ll share with you but end up kissing you a lot since it “tastes better”. In the night, he’ll chill at either of your houses and watch a movie. But this time, you are in his lap while you both get comfortable in front of the tv.

Runner ups: Tsukishima Kei, Hikaru Hitachiin, Alois trancy

ok so there was a really cute reaper on my team and they had the shiver skin and they jumped around and said hi and thanks a lot and actually listened to me when i was zenyatta and asked them to group up with me

edit: they got play of the game and had the most kills. i love them


I love his hair //////v////// just a few doodles //I’ve been trying to develop a new style but I’m not sure about posting art of my new style ;v;;;


//i’m viktor