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No Regrets (Part 7)

So I’ve been away for a few days, spending some time with my family. Didn’t manage to update this earlier but here it is now! Hope you like it!

Need to catch up? Here’s No Regrets Masterlist

Word count: 2.8k

Warnings: Swearing. Some angst. SASSY TONY.

A/N: Ooh, the tension, guys! Also, this gif is so perfect for this part!

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You needed coffee today. Normally you’re pretty cheery when you arrive at work but this morning you were snappy and your colleagues noticed. The girls have asked you to nip around the corner to the café and grab you all some liquid caffeine. You were more than happy to do it – anything to get out of the office today! You were getting tired of all the drama. In a way you knew that this will pass in time, you’d just have to stick through it. But logic was not the dominant force today. Today angst and bitterness were having a day out in the life of Y/N…

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Desperate times, desperate measures. Or something like that

(What she’s referring to)

The Third Rule

Based on the one word prompt “Party” sent in by @bailci (ty!!). Happy Valentine’s Day (especially to my fellow single people spending today with fictional people instead of real ones. you rock). You’re all wonderful and I love you all so much <3

Summary: When Nico reluctantly goes to a Valentine’s Day party with Hazel, she sets three rules for him to follow if he wants for her to agree to take him home after an hour. The first two are easy enough, but the third one poses a bit more of a problem, due to the fact that Nico really isn’t sure how the whole flirting thing is done.

Word Count: 2735

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“Alright, I have three rules,” Hazel announced as she parked the car.

Nico rolled his eyes. “I thought you promised tonight would be fun.”

“These are fun rules.”

“There’s no such thing.”

She leaned over to punch his shoulder, perhaps a bit harder than necessary. “Hush. Now, rule number one is that you have to actually try to enjoy yourself, okay? You’re not allowed to give up before you’ve started. Again, we can leave after an hour if you really don’t want to be here anymore but you have to try. Got it?”

Nico nodded resignedly.

“Good. Rule number two: Limit the alcohol.”

Nico raised his eyebrows. “And by that you mean no alcohol?”

Hazel sighed, biting her lip. “No, and if this doesn’t show you how desperate I am for you to have fun then I don’t know what will. But yeah, someone’ll have brought a keg or something and I’ve made the questionable decision to let you have some.”

“You know, last time I checked, I was the older one.”

She punched him again. “Yeah, but I’m the wiser one.”

He scoffed but let her continue.

“Right, so you’re close enough to twenty-one that I’m willing to turn a blind eye to you having a little to drink, but there’s no way you’re getting anywhere past tipsy, understand?”

“Yes, ma’am.”

She smiled at that.

“Alright, then. Rule number three, and this is an important one, Nico: I swear to God, if a cute boy starts flirting with you, you are absolutely required to flirt back.”

Nico frowned, pulling his jacket tighter around himself.

“Oh, don’t give me that look, you’re lucky I’m going easy on you.”

“Easy?” Nico asked, incredulously.

“Yes, if I were a little bit meaner then I’d require that you be the one to initiate the flirting.”

Nico just shook his head. “Fine, whatever.”

Hazel grinned, unbuckling her seatbelt. “Good! Let’s go!”

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I’ve got a teensy bit of a problem...

I don’t really like talking about my situation here since I’m trying to keep it mostly FFXV and personal writing only, but money’s kinda tight for me right now and I’m starting to get worried about it.

I really hope this doesn’t sound like I’m asking for handouts, but I thought I might throw an idea out there since I’ve been tossing it around in my head already for the past few days with my Etsy shop. I love knitting/crocheting things for other people - would anybody be interested in buying a hat or a scarf from me? Here’s a bit of what I can do (under the cut, I didn’t want to make this post stretch a lot), and all of it is up for grabs. I make fingerless gloves as well (I don’t have any pictures of those unfortunately - the last pair I made were for a Christmas gift) and I’m pretty sure I’ve got every color under the sun to work with. My only concern is pricing - I don’t want to overcharge anybody. 

If you’re interested, go ahead and shoot me a message please. I’d appreciate it. <3
Here’s another link to my Etsy as well - the coupon code MOIRAE10 is still active if you want to use it.

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Book Collage based on ‘Anna and the French Kiss’ by naturallysteph (Stephanie Perkins)

Lola/Isla will hopefully come at some point, hopefully.

You can see the rest of my book collages HERE

I did a thingy
  • It all started after Jace told Clary that they weren’t actually related.
  • Clary got mad, because he should have told her earlier.
  • But was also confused. Because she loved, Simon, she did. It had taken years for her to realize it and even when she started to date him, Clary didn’t actually expect it to last, didn’t expect their friendship to turn into that.
  • But it had lasted, and she was happy with Simon and Simon was happy with her. The problem was that, Raziel help her, she still wanted Jace.
  • Suddenly things were fucked up again. Clary didn’t know what to do, Jace moped around and Simon just wanted everybody to be fucking happy for once was it too much to ask for?
  • Clary went to talk to Magnus, because “Hey, you live for relationship drama, don’t try to fool me.”
  • “I really don’t see the problem, Biscuit, as long as those two are confused the same way you are. Have you talked to them? Last time I checked, Simon was quite bad at hiding his crush on Blondie. And I’m pretty sure that Jace sabotaged Simon’s date with Maia on purpose.”
  • And Clary was just?? Even more confused?? Because, omg is that a possibility??
  • She talked firstly to Simon, and if the way a fang poked out and he managed to blush even as a vampire meant anything, then, no, he wasn’t over that not so smol crush on Jace.
  • So they talk to Jace.
  • And it started with a “fuck it” because, hey, it wasn’t like things could get more difficult for them anyway and that way at least there was a chance.
  • The others didn’t notice it, at the beggining. They were already used to Clary in Simon’s hoodies, the vampire sneaking into her room at night, the both of them babbling about some mundane movie that nobody else had even heard about.
  • But then Izzy started to wonder, because why the hell was Jace wearing a hoodie of a red and white shield with a star? And were those Clary’s doodles on his arm?? But Izzy could swear that had seen Simon sneaking into Jace’s room???
  • It was Alec the one that discovered them. He thought that Jace and Clary were dating again and wanted to interrupt them just as Jace had interrupted him and Magnus.
  • He opened the door and was welcomed with a shriek and a scene that would have loved not to see. He wasn’t able to step back and close the door before Clary’s bra hit him on the face.
  • He was still blushing after a while when Clary looked for him to get it back.
  • “Did you have to throw your bra at me, Fray?”
  • “Hey, it wasn’t me, Simon panicked, okay?”
  • Although the three of them were slighly worried about the reactions, their friends didn’t give it a second thought.
  • Maia was just relieved that the drama was over, Magnus shipped them and Alec was happy for his parabro, even if his relationship meant that Fray and the vamp were going to be around even more often.
  • Max was excited. First a cool warlock, then a vampire that knew about comics and then Clary who was just the best at drawing?
  • Maryse didn’t like either the vampire or Valentine’s daughter. She just sighed and sent another bottle to Magnus.
  • “At least your brother is dating one person, Jace.”
  • “Those two better have Jace’s back”, she mumbled when she thinked nobody could hear her.
  • Simon and Jace seriously feared for their lifes when, after hugging Clary, Luke inhaled deeply and his eyes turned green for a second.
  • Tbh he’s such a dad he was just happy of having more people around for him to dad he just wanted to scare them a bit “Really, Clary, stop pouting I don’t have a problem with it.”
  • Many people at the Institute, however, didn’t understand it.
  • “But, are you dating Simon, or Jace? “Yes.”
  • Magnus had to make their beds bigger because the three of them used to collapse wherever they were and “Honestly, Clary, you can sleep on top of us but eventually we are going to kick you out of the bed.”
  • Whenever Jace showed off trained, he had two permanent and quite excited cheerleaders. Raziel help the poor fool that tried to make him responsible of Valentine’s actions.
  • “But, why do you say that you are dating Clary and Jace? He’s straight. But… Why… Hey, stop laughing, it’s not…”
  • Simon and Jace have woken up so many times with Clary on top of them painting their backs that they don’t even move anymore.
  • If one of them is on a couch the other two will be there and cuddling in five minutes top. Alec timed it only to tease Jace. Buried under Clary and Simon, Jace reminded him of that hangover that Alec spent hid in Magnus’ lap.
  • Nobody really dared to ask Jace about it when he was wearing his boyfriend’s Captain America hoodie and had his girlfriend’s silly doodles on his arm.
  • They tried to be together as often as possible. That resulted in two very cute sleep deprived shadowhunters cuddling next to Simon.
  • They went once to Pandemonium and made half of the people there suffer a sexuality crisis.
  • When some racist asshole tried to mess with Simon, Jace and Clary were there ready to fuck that little shit up. Alec used to join them and the three of them together got into loud arguments with shadowhunters that tried to discriminate Simon or Magnus.
  • When shadowhunters and downworlders tried to blame Jace for… Everything, really, Clary was there scolding any shadowhunter that even opened their mouth and Simon managed to calm down the vampires (and a pretty large part of the downworld with them).
  • When Jonathan appeared ready to fuck things up again, ready to hurt Clary, he never saw it coming when a bloodthirsty sunlighter and the best shadowhunter of his generation came after him.

@simonlewhiss I hope you like it :) Also sorry it took so long but… Yeah, school :/

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Since you did sams twin for the headcannons, you should do deans too

Originally posted by frozen-delight

- Always mocking each other.

- Lots of eye rolling, lots of laughs. ‘Cause you’re both freakin’ hilarious.

- No one being able to make Dean crack up like you do.

- Being very close, and being able to let down your walls and open up for real.

- Talking about your memories from your childhood, before the fire. Lawrence, Mary, baking cookies and playing in the yard.

- Always finishing each other’s sentences, to the point that Sam finds it both pretty hilarious and yet so annoying.

- “No chick-flick moments!” But then doing the exact opposite.

- Showing your love for each other without words. You don’t need it.

- Supporting each other when missing Sam while he was at Stanford.

- Being each other’s rock when the hunting gets too much. Keeping each other sane, human. 

- Arguing who’s music is the best.

- Going on road trips just for fun.

- Going to bars.

- Would instantly sacrifice anything for the other, even your life, which quickly becomes a bit of a problem.

- Okay, but, who’s car is it really? The remaining question of your lives.

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omg yes please share more thoughts on kevin stopped drinking

*cracks knuckles* *screams*

Right so like,, The foxes know that Kevin’s drinking is a bit out of hand, but it’s not really a problem yet, like he’s good on the court and his homework is getting turned in, so no problem right? And Andrew lets him have it because what is his chain-smoking ass allowed to say? But Kevin gets a lot worse after they beat the ravens, no one really sees him drinking more but there’s like,, empty bottles everywhere always. He’s gotten better at being secretly drunk all the time, he’s had to, because he opened up about being upset over Riko’s death exactly one time and got some really negative feedback and decided immediately that it’s just easier to pretend like he’s okay. But his actual big sister Dan clues in eventually. The upperclassmen are coming back to the fox tower after the break to start practice and get ready for the new school year again, and there’s those nights where they’re all hanging out and she doesn’t do anything for a long while but she does notice that hes been isolating himself (more than usual). And she knows that she was one of the people that got angry when he admitted he didn’t know how to feel about how things turned out with the ravens and the Moriyamas, but like? He had a right to be confused. He had a right to feel angry/sad/lost. He had a right to mourn. And she tries to talk to him now but he’s so closed off already at this point. She goes to Wymack because she doesn’t know what to do, she just wants to help. Listen. Wymack fucking loves his kids. Every single one of them. Does he feel guilty about not being there for Kevin sooner? Yes. Does that make it any easier for him to give up drinking so that he can help Kevin get sober too? No. but he does. Because he’s trying to be a good dad™. He cleans house. He doesn’t even keep wine to cook with. Abby is happy about it but also hella shocked. And you can imagine Kevin’s surprise when he comes over to spend the night and drink with his dad (because that’s just what they do, it’s how they bond) but there’s??? Nothing????? At first hes like “… Oh no… here…. give me your keys and I’ll run to the store,” but Wymack just shakes his head. Sits his son down. Yall it’s such a long night, they talk for hours, Kevin wonders if the sun is ever going to come back up. They talk about Riko. They talk about coach Moriyama. They talk about Jean. They talk about how Kevin has tried to talk to Thea but it doesn’t help because she didn’t experience all things the same as he did and she doesnt understand. They talk about Kayleigh and Kevin’s nightmares and Kevin’s hand and just everything that Kevin has been bottling up for way too long. it’s hell for both of them because alcohol has always been there and now it’s just not?? And it’s awkward for the foxes at first, there’s so many occasions where someone will offer Kevin a drink and he almost says yes and then they remember and they offer him a soda instead. The upperclassmen adopt him and try to find fun stuff to do to keep his mind off things and at some point he realizes he’s actually… really enjoying himself? It is a long recovery but in the end he’s ok and he’s proud of himself and he feels good finally.

Anyway I wrecked myself and my mascara, bye, thanks anon i hope you’re happy

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HELLO HI i have a question.... i rly like to draw but i don't have time to actually learn stuff and have a bit of a problem with hair and i really liked the ones u just posted so, if u wouldn't mind and had the time, could you please post like pictures with the steps of how you do it? THNK YOU LOVE YOU

Hi Anonnie!!
I am really really sorry this took so long! ;u; But life is busy you know

I made this little thing on how I personally approach drawing hair, this is by no means a full tutorial or anythying but I hope these pointers will help you a little bit :)

sadly I don’t have time to do a full tutorial atm (not that I am in any way shape or form an expert lol)

about the part of you saying you don’t have time to learn stuff: 

you can learn ALOT by just observing and carrying a sketchbook around with you and draw stuff/ do quick sketches and studies of the things you see around you. By actually LOOKING at real life examples or reference pictures and drawing what you want to improve in over and over again, progress will eventually come around.

I hope this is helped you a little bit!
keep drawing :D

Biggest Fan

genre: fluff

summary: you and Jaebum are just trying to enjoy a night out, until some fans spot you two. But what happens when they’re actually asking for your autograph and not his?

a/n: for the request I changed the reader to just like a professional volleyball player not really focusing on a specific country to single anyone out :)

Originally posted by magiccastles

Dating an idol wasn’t the easiest thing in the world. But it was a bit easier for you. Since you were a bit of a celebrity yourself, nothing compared to your boyfriend Jaebum. Being a professional volleyball player however did bring you a bit of fame. And so you understood the whole, strict schedules and traveling deal. You had it pretty similar. Making the relationship a bit less stressful on you and Jaebum. The two of you having a mutual understanding of each others schedules and what not.

“So, are you happy to have a few days off? I know you guys have been working really hard lately.”

Jaebum sighed, smiling wide as he took in the beautiful night view of the city. “Yes, I’m very thankful. We have been working really hard, and I think we are almost ready. But, these few days should help us all reset, come back ready to work and have over comeback.”

Your season had just ended, but for Jaebum, things were just starting to get busy. He and his group were preparing for their latest comeback. But he was given a few days off after a hard work week, which the two of you took advantage of. Wanting to spend as much of that time together now that you both were free.

As you smiled at Jaebum, you could see how tired he was. You always admired how hard working he was. Never wanting to disappoint his fans, sometimes pushing himself a little too hard. But overall, he was pretty amazing. But that was also what he loved about you.

He knew how hard you worked to get to play on your countries national team for volleyball. You had to sacrifice a lot in life to get to where you were. And despite the ups and downs you have faced, Jaebum has always been there for you. And you for him. Though the relationship was tough sometimes, your schedules often being so hectic you couldn’t even call one another. You two knew it was worth it, and you were both willing to work for it.

Continuing down the path, at one point stopping and getting some coffee, you two just caught up. Jaebum telling of how this choreography was some of the strongest the group had been given, and they were hopeful it could score big with the fans. Just listening as you people watched, you noticed a group of two or three girls eyeing you two from afar. They were approaching slowly, as if nervous. The were fans, you could tell by their body language.

Jaebum now catching on, he turned to face you, stealing your view away form the girls. “I’m gonna apologize now. I know we wanted this to be an uneventful walk, no pictures, autographs or anything. I’m sorry.” You just laughed, looking behind him as the girls were awkwardly standing there. Jaebum gave you one last reassuring smile before moving to the side, awaiting the fans screams or quick ramble of incoherent words.

“Hi, we’re sorry to bother you. But we are huge fans!”

Jaebum smiled to them, as did you. Although you laughed a bit as you’d noticed something Jaebum clearly hadn’t. “It’s no problem at all girls, really. We always have time for fans.” The girls smiled wide, then turning their attention to you.

“Well, in that case. Y/n, could we please get your autograph?” “And maybe a picture?” “If it’s not too much to ask?” The girls all chiming in as they were practically shaking in front of you. Jaebum looking on confused as he was sure the girls were fans of his.

“Of course girls! It’s not too much to ask at all!” You sighed the notebooks they each had, then posed for a picture that Jaebum kindly took. The girls telling you how they were volleyball players as well, currently playing in middle school. But they were working hard to make the best high school teams possible in order to be as successful as you one day. Blushing a bit at their kind words, you gave them some words of encouragement and advice. Telling them that if they have the want and desire, and are willing to work hard, they can make it.

The girls thanked you, and Jaebum. Asking for hugs before leaving you two to finish your walk. Jaebum awkwardly blushing at your side as he rubbed his neck.

“So, um. What were you apologizing for back there babe?”

Jaebum glared at you once hearing the sarcasm in your voice. “I was wrong~ I get it! Don’t rub it in.”

“Did you not notice their volleyball jackets they had on? That is what gave it away for me.” Jaebum looked down at you confused.

“You looked at their jackets? That’s how you knew?”

You laughed, stopping to look up at him, wondering how clueless he really could be sometimes. “Um, yeah? What made you think they were your fans?”

“They were girls?”

You playfully smacked his arm, “Jaebum~ Not every girl in the world is automatically your fan! Yah, don’t be so cocky,” continuing down the sidewalk as he just laughed.

“Well you’re a girl and your my fan. I just assumed all girls who were a fan of yours would be as smart as you to like me.”

You glared at him, not accepting his attempt at saving himself.

“Nice try babe. And hey! I’m not just any fan, I’m your biggest fan.”

So I’ve never had a request like this before, with the reader being like a professional athlete or something. But I think it turned out okay? Sorry if it’s on the shorter side. I didn’t feel like it needed to be too long cause I was afraid of it ending up becoming filled with like pointless dialogue and what not :) 

Why Michael’s death is really a game changer

Let me preface this by stating that I have not seen Monday night’s episode. I have no plans to watch it, or really any future episode of Jane the Virgin. I normally livestream JTV but this week I didn’t. I found out about Michael’s death by watching a promo for next week’s episode. 

I’m upset. I’m irritated. Mostly I’m just sad. I began watching JTV after the S1 finale. I had read EW recaps periodically out of curiosity because the premise seemed so bizarre, but after watching the S1 finale and subsequent S2 premiere is when I became hooked. My main hook was Jane and Michael’s relationship. I fell in love with them as solo entities, but their relationship hit me right in the feels. It was so genuine, so supportive, it felt as real as a fictional relationship could, like I could walk past them at a bookstore laughing about the next Angelique Harper. 

I loved Jane the Virgin. The writing was so clever, so funny and heartfelt, the characters were so interesting and their relationships were so well developed. But Michael’s death changes all of that for me. I thought Jenni Snyder Urman was a genius for creating this show, for taking the concept of this telenovela but grounding it, making fun of some of the tropes, never really going into the campiness that Shondaland shows (closest things to a soap these days) sometimes head into. But the unnecessary death of Michael Cordero Jr. takes that opinion away. THIS is campy. This is killing off people for shock value/lazy storytelling in the age of HTGAWM and Game of Thrones. If this was truly the plan all along then I’m sorry but you had a shitty plan. 

There was no valid reason for Michael to die other than it was the only way for them to put Jane and Rafael back together. You’re not doing it to flip Jane’s world/path around à la the pilot if theres a time jump. You’re killing Michael because you painted yourself into a corner with how lovely Villadero’s relationship was because it would be completely OOC for Jane to leave Michael AGAIN when she’s repeatedly chosen him over Raf. And the bullshit company line of “when we slipped that line in in S1, we were setting you up for Michael’s death”. Nope. That line could’ve meant that Michael would love Jane until his dying breath at 110. If we’re looking at lines, what about the one about his “illustrious detective career” in the pilot? 3(?) years as a detective where you were fired twice and never caught Sin Rostro is not what I would consider an illustrious career. Especially since Michael died after taking his LSAT. You being “stuck with a plan” even though you were able to prolong his death because you “loved Brett so much” is the HIMYM excuse of 2017. Not to mention the way you killed him was extremely weak. Michael is presumably no more than 6 months out from being shot, where he had major cardiac trauma and surgery. NO ONE is going to say to him “Oh you’re having chest pains? Let’s not brush that off until after your LSATs, we’re going to the ER right now. You were shot in the chest!!!” (Seriously the Jane we love would’ve done that)

Finally, I want to talk about how this really messes up the show. You’ve just severed your tie to Sin Rostro, which in the absence of this first half of the season, made the show a bit weaker. I really don’t care about Raf’s parent problems, or Xo’s career, I wanted Michael back on the force looking for Sin Rostro, protecting his family and getting that victory. Supposedly Michael’s detective friend will be the new tie to this investigation but again, he’s Michael’s friend, Michael is now dead and he has no real ties to anyone else the way Michael did. You’ve just lost a source of some good parenting storylines involving Jane and Raf’s co-parenting with Michael as Mateo’s stepdad. If Jane and Raf get back together there will be no parenting dramas for B-storylines as Raf will go back to his “what can I do to make Jane happy?” days. And do I even need to mention the loss of the bromance?

TLDR: I’m done. I’m sad that I am because I will miss this show, but you know what? Michael’s death just proved that this show wasn’t great to begin with. 

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Babe, i had lots of free time and it got me thinking, in fanboy! Tae, famous! rest of bangtan au taegi has some serious trouble having "alone time" without getting interrupted

Oh man, poor Taehyung just really wants to rip his hair out in frustration. Like, don’t get him wrong or anything. He really really loves the other members of BTS almost as much as he loves his boyfriend but sometimes, they can just be a bit much.

The first time a member interrupts them it really isn’t a problem. In fact, Taehyung kind of knew someone would end up catching them when he’d invited himself over to the dorms to press Yoongi into the living room couch for kisses.
He’d been in the middle of sucking on Yoongi’s bottom lip while pulling out these wonderful body shaking moans from the elder. It would have been a perfect moment for them to fuck, if the front door hadn’t opened with a slam followed by a loud scream.


Hoseok eyes are wide but what’s worse, Taehyung’s boner has been instantly lowered to a half chub.

The second time they are interrupted is a little worse but still, Taehyung tries to not snap anybody’s neck in half.

They’re in Yoongi’s studio this time. It’s not the sexiest of places to have some make outs and groping with his boyfriend but really he’ll take what he can get. Yoongi had been preparing for a comeback lately and honestly this had been the first time Taehyung had seen him in what felt like years (really it’d only been a week).  

The younger can’t help the way he giggles the moment Yoongi’s lips find his.

Yoongi had Taehyung in his favorite position, pressed up against his work table with the computer behind him making his tan skin almost glow, it was perfect. So perfect, Yoongi couldn’t stop the way his hands slipped under Taehyung’s shirt pulling the soft cotton top up until it was up and over Taehyung’s head.

“You gonna fuck me Yoongi?”

Taehyung smirks.

“Damn right, i’m going wreck yo-”

“Hey Yoongi man I brought the songs that you- OH!”

Yoongi groans and presses his forehead onto Taehyung’s chest the moment he hears Namjoon’s voice and the studio door open. Taehyung too feels like letting out an annoyed sound. Thankfully though, he holds it back so he can speak.

“We’re kind of busy Namjoon.”

Namjoon’s eyes widen and he quickly nods his head before stuttering his was out of the studio. This time, when Taehyung looks down, both his and Yoongi’s dicks look sad to him.

By the fifth time it happens poor Taehyung is at his fucking limit.

He’s grumpy because his camera broke before Yoongi and the boys had gone on tour which meant he had to put his fansite activities on hold until he could get a new one. Plus with all the interruptions that had been happening it meant Yoongi had gone off on tour without either of them getting dick in their asses. Taehyung was just horny, annoyed and all around pissed off.

The only thing that had really been keeping him sane had been the promises of seeing his boyfriend again soon.

Every night Yoongi would text him right before bed. Simple little messages that read “___ number of days until I’m home, I love you.”  had Taehyung buzzing happily every time he saw the number was getting lower.  By the time the last text came in that read “I’m home.”  Taehyung just couldn’t hold it anymore.

The younger had run nearly all the way to the boy’s dorm and wasted no time in almost breaking the door down with his knocking. He didn’t think twice before pulling Yoongi straight to his room the moment he was inside.

“I missed you so fucking much!”

Taehyung spoke between kisses and shoving Yoongi onto the bed as he tried to strip them as fast as possible. It was almost like god was laughing the moment Yoongi’s bedroom door opened and Jungkook’s voice could be heard.

“Hyung are you busy?”

Taehyung snaps.

“YES! YES HE’S BUSY!” The tanned male gently shoves the maknae out of the elder’s room and makes sure to yell loudly. “I HAVEN’T GOTTEN TO SPEND ANYTIME WITH MY BOYFRIEND ALONE IN WEEKS AND I AM DICK DEPRIVED! THE NEXT PERSON TO OPEN THIS DOOR IS GETTING FED TO HOLLY!”

The dorm stays silent for a few seconds before someone (Hoseok) let’s out a really loud “YA GET SOME DICK MAN!” and Taehyung slams the door shut again.

Yoongi laughs.

“You’re actually kind of hot when you’re pissed off.”

(they don’t leave the room for the rest of the night.)

The Museum of Hyrule, Chapter Three

All the Stories Not Told

In this chapter, Zelda attends a fundraiser held in the museum. Fed up with the party, she leaves and is approached by Ganondorf. He suggests they continue their conversation in the archives, where they can finally be alone.

Chapter 3 / 4 ☆ 3,100 words ☆ SFW ☆ (Also on AO3)

* * * * *

The council member raised a supercilious eyebrow at Zelda. “You will be sure to tell Prime Minister Nohansen about our conversation, yes?”

“Of course, sir. I’ll be sure to give my father your regards.”

Zelda flashed a bright smile, but the old man had already turned away from her and started to talk to someone else. As she stepped away from the conversation, she caught a glimpse of herself in the glass covering a display of old rupee coins. Her sleek black dress fit perfectly, and not a strand of her hair had come loose from the updo that had taken her stylist almost two hours to construct. Her sapphire earrings glittered brilliantly, and her makeup was immaculate, but her face was clearly tired. She looked simultaneously much younger and much older than she actually was.

Perhaps this was an effect of the pretentious and stuffy atmosphere of the event, a charity fundraiser held in the museum. Zelda assumed that all the proceeds from the tickets went to a good cause, but it had not been made clear what that cause might be. The actual purpose of the evening was to form and solidify connections, as a new rotation of parliament members had just been inducted into office. The parliament floor was nothing more than a stage; this was where the real business of government took place, in lavish venues that were accessible by invitation only.

I can’t deal with this nonsense anymore, Zelda thought.

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- I will remain as pure as the Swan Knight. 

Two sides of the same coin

Arthur Pendragon & Merlin Emrys
The once and Future King & the greatest Sorcerer to ever walk the Earth

The last days mark my re-obsession with Merlin and here we are, I drew something. Funny to compare this accidental piece with the old one of these two (klick) from 2013.

anonymous asked:

There's only like two cool female characters in your comic that don't get killed off or left behind by the narrative, but lots of cool dudes :(

Oh, did you not know this is a harem comic? Sette and her many potential husbands.

Seriously though it’s definitely a bit of a sausage fest. I think my problem is I really like drawing dudes. They are sexy to me with their flat chests and their tendinous necks and throbbing insecurities and mm, butts.

There are like a bajillion new females coming up though, no worries. Minnow, Ruffle, Siya, Sann, Lori Ripa, Anadyne and Knock come back next chapter…

This scene we’ve just started with the Ilganyag though. Woo! All boys. Bear with me.