bit of a problem really

idk if people know this yet but in the cinema, the ‘extra footage’ (before they screened the episode) was amanda abbington talking about mary’s role. she literally just described what mary did. that was it. it was called ‘the adventures of mary watson’. and the last line was something like ‘mary watson, from assassin to a wife and mother’ and tbh…it was then I new I’d just paid £13 for Trash 


do you feel that too?

Two sides of the same coin

Arthur Pendragon & Merlin Emrys
The once and Future King & the greatest Sorcerer to ever walk the Earth

The last days mark my re-obsession with Merlin and here we are, I drew something. Funny to compare this accidental piece with the old one of these two (klick) from 2013.

Me 4 days ago:

Hmm, maybe I should check out this Yuri on Ice thing everyone seems so obsessed with.

Me now:

  • Watched every episode
  • Head over heals in love with Victuuri
  • Bookmarked the episode release countdown timer
  • Feverishly waiting for news on Season 2
  • Head over heals in love with Victuuri
  • Read 12 fanfics
  • Downloaded the soundtrack
  • Playing History Maker on the piano
  • Head over heals in love with Victuuri
  • And I have read 50,000 words of Wikipedia articles on figure skating

Desperate times, desperate measures. Or something like that

(What she’s referring to)

Book Collage based on ‘Anna and the French Kiss’ by naturallysteph (Stephanie Perkins)

Lola/Isla will hopefully come at some point, hopefully.

You can see the rest of my book collages HERE

The Third Rule

Based on the one word prompt “Party” sent in by @bailci (ty!!). Happy Valentine’s Day (especially to my fellow single people spending today with fictional people instead of real ones. you rock). You’re all wonderful and I love you all so much <3

Summary: When Nico reluctantly goes to a Valentine’s Day party with Hazel, she sets three rules for him to follow if he wants for her to agree to take him home after an hour. The first two are easy enough, but the third one poses a bit more of a problem, due to the fact that Nico really isn’t sure how the whole flirting thing is done.

Word Count: 2735

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“Alright, I have three rules,” Hazel announced as she parked the car.

Nico rolled his eyes. “I thought you promised tonight would be fun.”

“These are fun rules.”

“There’s no such thing.”

She leaned over to punch his shoulder, perhaps a bit harder than necessary. “Hush. Now, rule number one is that you have to actually try to enjoy yourself, okay? You’re not allowed to give up before you’ve started. Again, we can leave after an hour if you really don’t want to be here anymore but you have to try. Got it?”

Nico nodded resignedly.

“Good. Rule number two: Limit the alcohol.”

Nico raised his eyebrows. “And by that you mean no alcohol?”

Hazel sighed, biting her lip. “No, and if this doesn’t show you how desperate I am for you to have fun then I don’t know what will. But yeah, someone’ll have brought a keg or something and I’ve made the questionable decision to let you have some.”

“You know, last time I checked, I was the older one.”

She punched him again. “Yeah, but I’m the wiser one.”

He scoffed but let her continue.

“Right, so you’re close enough to twenty-one that I’m willing to turn a blind eye to you having a little to drink, but there’s no way you’re getting anywhere past tipsy, understand?”

“Yes, ma’am.”

She smiled at that.

“Alright, then. Rule number three, and this is an important one, Nico: I swear to God, if a cute boy starts flirting with you, you are absolutely required to flirt back.”

Nico frowned, pulling his jacket tighter around himself.

“Oh, don’t give me that look, you’re lucky I’m going easy on you.”

“Easy?” Nico asked, incredulously.

“Yes, if I were a little bit meaner then I’d require that you be the one to initiate the flirting.”

Nico just shook his head. “Fine, whatever.”

Hazel grinned, unbuckling her seatbelt. “Good! Let’s go!”

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Reader: “Wow, things are getting scary. At least I know the main character is safe.”

George R.R. Martin:

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“I should die as I lived. Someday I would push it too far. Get too clever. The jaws of hell would snap shut and for once I’d be that little bit too slow. My death would be unique. That isn’t really the problem, though. Maybe I’m still stupid enough to believe it matters that my death will be so… Ordinary… But that’s not really the problem. The problem is simply this: I’m dying.” 

btw, slight pet peeve about the way people draw Hiravias with bare arms: the vulgar kitten canonically wears long sleeves, bc he has the ~Secret Druid Migration Paths~ marked on his forearms in scars and henna. He only shows it to the Watcher briefly and asks not to commit these trails to memory

“I shouldn’t have to be the one that makes up with you
so, why do I want to?”

thefuturerefusedtochange  asked:

We've covered Janna's attraction to Marco in depth, but how would Marco handle a relationship with Janna, if they ever got together? We've seen Marco quickly integrate well with girls before, like Star and Jackie, but both of those have a major personality aspect Marco relates to (Star is a fighter, for instance, while Janna is more passive). Would a relationship between the two have a chance of working out? And if so, what parts of each other's personalities would compliment each other?

As they are now, they wouldn’t work out. Both of them need to mature a bit (yes, even Marco). This is not really a problem, though. In these sorts of things, the real winner isn’t the one who is first, but the one who is last; they’ve got time.

Janna needs to scale things down a little, so that her trouble-making leans more toward teasing and less toward maliciousness. She was actually a lot better about this back in the first season, mainly just messing people verbally with snide remarks, but in the second season she really started to ramp it up toward actual destructiveness. I actually would not have expected the grease prank from Janna in the first season.

On his part, Marco would also need to handle Janna’s antics with a bit more maturity. He has already demonstrated the ability to show great tolerance and understanding after Star’s antics, even after they do him personal harm, but with Janna, he is reduced to almost comical emotional outbursts

Admittedly, Janna does not necessarily make this easy for him given the increasing tendency toward maliciousness, but that is probably all the more reason for him to show tolerance and understanding. What Marco would need to do is not give into the same usual emotional outburst reactions, but instead take a stand and act in a firm and serious manner.

From my own personal experiences with people that remind me of Janna, I imagine that Janna likes to see how much she can get away with from Marco, and does not take such emotional outbursts very seriously. But If Marco were to stand up to her in a very serious way instead of the more comedic over the top “Get outta town!” reactions, Janna would see that as a real boundary and respect it. It would probably even make her like him even more. The old cliche that “disruptive children secretly want discipline and structure” exists for a reason: often times it’s accurate.

If both of them can grow and develop in these ways, I think they would work very well together. In fact, I know they would, because we now have a case study: “Running With Scissors.”

Some of Hekapoo’s antics in “Running With Scissors” reminded me of Janna, and I think their personalities are similar enough that Janna could grow and mature into someone a lot like Hekapoo. And if Janna could do that, with Marco also growing and maturing in much the same way he did during his 16 year scissors trial, Janna and Marco could have that same sort of shared intimacy and mutual respect that Hekapoo and Marco had in “Running With Scissors,” throwing teasing jabs at each other but always with an unspoken understanding that they share something special together.

Perhaps even more so, because depending on what their history together was before the series began, by the time they turn 30, Janna and Marco could have spent 24 years growing closer together compared to the 16 years Marco and Hekapoo had together.


anonymous asked:

hey, I have a bit of a problem. I like this girl a lot and she'd really sweet and cute, but I already have a girlfriend and I still love my girlfriend as well. I can't help but beat myself up about it because I feel bad that I love someone who's not my girlfriend. I think I'm polyamorous but I'm just really confused and kind of hurt because I'm not sure how to deal with this kind of thing... help? I'm worried my gf will be mad even though I know she really wouldn't..

CA: its not like you can make yourself stop feelin somethin you control your actions not your heart

I was thinking last night how we really take malec for granted, I know malec has become a bit of a problem in the fandom but really think about the relationship, if you want, put them in our social context to understand a bit better and really, they are facing so many problems, so many prejudices, both of them have suffered so much and it’s horrible when many only see them as the mxm pairing that’s ‘cute’; they both have so many problems, issues, reasons to be angry and I’m so excited to explore their relationship even more