bit my neck


Hanzo: brother no.

Genji: brother yes.


I don’t like my feet. My toes are crooked, and they’re too big. I don’t like my thighs. They’re large, they don’t work in skinny jeans. Neither does my arse, my arse is way too big. I don’t like my tubby tummy, it’s not very nice to look at. I don’t like my boobs … or rather lack of. I don’t like my skinny chicken arms. I don’t like this bit of tub on my neck. What are you, how do I get rid of you?! I don’t like my skin, and these fun friends that have come along to say hello. And I don’t like my grey eyebrows. I don’t like my eyebags. I don’t like my flat hair. […] My main one, my main biggie: I hate my nose. I hate it so much.

You know what? I love my feet. I love that they’re long and duck-shaped. And I love my thighs, because they’re chunky and funky, and I love my butt! My butt is massive! What a cool butt! And I love my pot. Pot bellies are sexy. They can be sexy if I want them to be. And I love my lack of boobs, I love it, because I am skinny, and petite, and these are tiny enough to fit me. Why not. And I like my chicken arms, ‘cause they’re slender, and my collarbones could cut butter. And I even like this thing, 'cause it makes me look like a muppet. And I love my eyebags, 'cause everyone has eyebags, and it just makes me human. And I love my grey eyebrows, because they’re a great shape, and I can fill them in pretty darn well, and I love my straight hair because I can curl it, the way I want it, every single morning, and you know what? I love my nose.


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REQUEST 111 ~ Intense (smut)

Dan’s amazing hands glided over the sides of my body pushing the clothes that adorned my body up. The cool air kissed over my skin leaving goosebumps in it’s tracks. His mouth trailed down to my neck where he nipped and bit at my neck. Dan didn’t know this but i felt more turned on by pain and want. 

The more he bit down, the more i could feel myself falling further into arousal. As soon as his lips left my neck i whined. “Are you being whiny with me?” He asked sternly. Recently we had been playing around with a daddy kink and so far it had proven successful in making me submissive. 

I shook my head in the hopes that he would resume with the nibbling on my neck. He raised one eyebrow at me and slowly lightened his grip. 

I didn’t want to stop this so i decided to admit my secret to him. “I kinda have a thing for pain…” I said timidly. 

“Do you mean you get turned on by it?” Dan asked with a small smirk playing on his lips. 

I nodded and looked down. However i was swiftly distracted by Dan yanking me into our bedroom. He forced me down onto the bed and quickly pulled my top off. “Safe word is Vanilla, ok?” Dan quickly breathed out.

I nodded and cried out in pleasure as he started to bite down on the uncovered parts of my breasts. Dan’s mouth trailed across the outline of them leaving red marks from where his teeth had pressured the skin. I went to pull him closer by his shoulders but was stopped.

“No touching unless you ask me if you can.” His voice was deep and rough as he spoke. I nodded and put my hands back down onto the mattress. Before i knew it the rest of my clothing had been removed and Dan was starting to copy the actions he was doing on my chest on my thighs instead. 

Everything happened so fast, one minute he was kissing harshly up my thighs and the next he was applying forceful pressure with his mouth to my most intimate area. I had to bite down on my bottom lip to keep me from screaming out.

Every lick he gave to the sensitive little nerve bundle was so intense. It was like lightning was coursing through my veins. “Fuck Dan!” I screeched.

His hand slammed over my mouth, lifting his head from where I wanted it. “Ah, ah, ah. Call me Daddy if you want me to keep going.”

“Yes Daddy, please keep going!” I whined once he removed his hand. 

He smiled a sweet smile and kissed my lips briefly. Dan stood up from the bed and walked over to his desk. Opening the bottom drawer and pulling out something i was very familiar with. 

“Open your mouth baby.” His smooth voice demanded as he glided the pleasurable object over my lips. I let the tip of the toy slide into my mouth, lightly sucking on it. 

“Such a good girl for me.” Dan cooed as he moved the toy away from my mouth. 

I watched his hands as they guided the toy towards the desired location. My breath escaped as soon as the vibration from the object came in contact with me. 

With every vibration came intense amounts of pleasure. Having Dan’s amazing skills with the toy really sped up my journey to orgasm. I screamed out in Ecstasy as it hit. The blood pumped fast around my body as it took effect on my body. 

The toy was shut off giving me a sign that he was going to come and lay and cuddle with me. However that was swiftly dismissed when he pulled my hips closer to his. I looked down and saw that Dan had put on a condom. 

“Ready baby?” He asked as he rubbed his tip along my sex. 

“Y-y-yes Daddy!” i stuttered due to how sensitive i felt already. 

He hand harshly slapped my thigh. “Tell me what you want.” 

“I want you to fuck me with your big cock Daddy!” i whined.

Dan planted a light kiss on my lips and thrusted his hips into mine. His cock slammed into me as he thrusted sending amazing bolts of pleasure through my body. It’s amazing how much the feeling is doubled after having one orgasm. 

It didn’t take long for me to come again. My fingers clawed at the bed sheets while my eyes squeezed tight shut. As i came down i realised Dan was still going. 

“Oh, baby, you aren’t finished until i am.” He breathed out as he put his thumb over my clit.

The skin on his thumb only lightly brushed over it, only ever applying pressure when his movements caused my hips to raise. 

“Fuck, i’m getting close. Can you handle another one?” He asked as his movements got stronger. 

“y-yes!” I moaned feeling my high approaching its peak.

“Holy shit!” Dan groaned as he came. The feeling of his reaching orgasm triggered mine. 

After we both came down from our highs, dan hopped off the bed to dispose of the condom however i couldn’t move. My legs felt like jelly and small movement was too intense. He joined me back on the bed and pulled me into his arms.

“How are you doing?” He asked as he kissed my forehead.

“I’m ok, feel really tired though.” I managed out due to my breath still being difficult to get hold of. 

“You did really well. I think we should explore your kinks more next time though.” He mused.

I nodded and slowly drifted into sleep. A content smile painted on my lips.

Today, I bit my boyfriend’s neck. I felt something squirt into my mouth. Turns out I had just popped a pimple on his neck. Into my mouth. FML

You’ve Been Such a Bad Girl

// In which Y/N challenges Justin and Justin doesn’t play nice in response //

*Contains Mature Content*


“You’re so fucking good to me baby,” Justin complimented as I slowly rode him. I looked into is eyes as I took him harder and deeper trying to reach our well deserved orgasm. “Come on baby,” Justin edged me on as he started to fuck me harder.

“Justin,” I whined. My eyes fluttered as, I imagined his warmth all around me. Justin tenderly rolled his hips into mine as he bit at my neck.

“Fuck Y/N you feel so good baby.” Just as I felt my peak a approaching, a blaring sound made me bolt into consciousness.

Upon my awakening, my legs clenched to find Justin between them, eating me out while looking up at me with big doe eyes. “Fuck, baby,” I whimpered, my back contorted off the bed as I felt immense pleasures washing over me. I reached over and turned off my alarm as Justin kept working. Unable to control my body, all I could do was wither and cry out as Justin’s tongue swiped up and down my clit.

“Be still,” Justin murmured against me, pushing me back into the bed and widening my legs out. I moaned out his name as my eyes rolled to the back of my head with ecstasy. “You almost there baby?” Justin asked as he pulled away from me and replaced his mouth with his fingers. I silently nodded and I focused on feeling everything he was doing to me. With his hand holding me down and his knees holding my legs in place, his two thick fingers hit my g spot with every thrust.

“Justin,” I moaned out the name of the one man who could ever make me feel as good as I do.

“Open your eyes,” he commanded. I pried my eyes open as I watched him lower his head between my legs again. I yelled out as his tongue swept rapidly over my clit while his fingers simultaneous hit the spot that makes me see white. He moaned against my clit and that vibration is what I set me off. I screamed his name as I bucked against his face, my orgasm taking over.

“Good morning, baby girl,” He greeted while removing himself from my legs and licking his lips free from my arousal. I merely shook my head with a wide smile on my face and I fell back into my pillow. This is a good morning. Just as I was going to roll over and show my man how much I appreciate him, my phone went off again.

I groaned as all the responsibilities that I needed to handle today flooded into my mind. I need to take Esher to the groomer’s, pick up a gift for Kendall’s birthday, have lunch with my parents, go to two meetings, then attend Kendall’s birthday party. Justin getting me off this morning, set me back on my schedule by ten minutes that I really didn’t have time to spare. I let out a sigh before getting out of the bed.

“Y/N,” Justin moaned out in protest of me leaving. I looked back at him to see him gripping at his bulge that stood out from his boxers.

“There’s no time for that today,” I rolled my eyes at his desperation. I didn’t want to deny him but I needed to show self control over my lust.

“Babe I got you off,” Justin reminded me as if, I had forgotten the mind shattering orgasm that took place less than a minute ago.

“And I would’ve had time to return the favor if you did what I told you to do yesterday and picked out Kenny a gift,” I retorted. Instead of buying her something, he decided played basketball with Za all day yesterday.

“She’s a girl! I don’t know what she would have wanted,” Justin complained.

“Well she’s your friend not mine so, you should’ve been able to get her something yourself,” I hummed before walking into the bathroom with a sway in my hips. I laughed as Justin let out a loud grunt in response to me refusing him.

“Can we at least shower together?” Justin called over the running water that I was now emerged in.

“Not a chance and hell!” I called back and heard him whine out playfully.


‘I want to fuck you so bad right now, you were such a bad girl today and you’re going to be punished.’ I choked on the pasta my mouth at the sight of Justin’s message.

“What’s wrong?” My mother asked from across the table with her eyebrow quirked up.

“Nothing,” I shook my head at Justin’s raunchy texts. All day he’s been sending me stuff like this and it progressively gets more explicit each time. When I first got ready this morning he showered me in compliments, by the time I dropped Esher off he said how much he wanted me and now his playfulness was over and he wanted to fuck the life out of me. I gulped just thinking of what was doing to come out of me not returning Justin’s favor this morning. At this point, I was clenching with want. Even though I wouldn’t admit it to him, as much as Justin wanted me, I wanted him.

Luckily, lunch with my parents ended soon enough and it didn’t take much longer after that to get Kendell a gift and buy myself a few things as well. By the time I was back at the house getting ready, Justin was descriptively telling me what he was going to do to me tonight.

It was when I finished up my hair that Justin arrived home from the studio. He said nothing as he walked up behind me with me only in my underwear, and groped my ass. I let out a soft moan as he kissed my neck once before stripping off his clothes and getting into the shower. The sexual tension in the air was killing me as we were both oddly silent towards each other. After I finished up my makeup and he did his hair, he finally spoke to me.

“You look so good baby, I cant wait to see you screaming my name later tonight,” Justin complimented as he buttoned up his white dress shirt. I watched in mirror as he adjusted his outfit. His black pants clung to him perfectly and his suit jacket over the white shirt concealed all his tattoos except, the patience one that I wanted to bite into.

Whereas he was very concealed, I was oddly exposed in my dress. I had long sleeve backless black dress that barely draped right above my ass and had a deep v cut in the front. I knew this would both frustrate and please Justin even more. He loved it when I looked so good that he knew everyone else in the room wanted me. He got pride out of seeing me look good but sometimes the pay off of other’s jealousy wasn’t worth as the amount a teasing I plagued on him. I already knew that tonight would be a night that pushed both of our limits.

We arrived at club hosting Kendell’s party an hour later. Upon arriving, I was already in no mood to mingle but, to have my man fuck me hard. The whole way to the club, he drove with one hand on my thigh, inching its way closer and closer to where I needed him. Once we were at the party, we made our rounds with his hand gripping my ass the entire time as to tell other that I was only his.

Two hours in the party, I found myself separated from Justin and on the dance floor with Kylie, Pia, and Hailey. We danced sexily as Work blasted through the club. I glanced around the club looking for Justin as ran my hands up and down my body. My eyes finally found Justin seated at a table with a group of his friends at the edge of the dance floor. He stripped out of his jacket and down to his dress shirt and left the top few buttons open, looking as sexy as ever. Even though Za was talking directly to Justin, Justin sipped at his drink lazily and watched me continue to dance.

I felt others staring at me as I bent over and shook my ass on Kylie but, my eyes only watched for Justin’s response. He acted unresponsive as I got wilder and wilder with my girlfriends. It wasn’t until two songs later, that Justin motioned for me to come to him. Justin in this state of mind was nothing but dominant and I knew I had to play nice in order to get what I wanted. When I walked over to him, he motioned for me to to sit on his lap and I immediately complied to his wishes.

“You’ve been such a bad girl for me, today,” He muttered into my ear before placing kisses down my next.

“I can be even badder, daddy,” I rocked against his lap as his lips captured mine.

“Justin! I know you’re with your girl and all but tell Khalil about that one time we went jet skiing in Miami. He don’t believe me, fam,” Fredo interrupted our moment. In response, Justin told an elaborate story that didn’t match perfectly with Fredo’s story. The boys’ banter went back and forth but, the only thing I bothered focussing on was Justin’s dick pressed again my ass and his hand that made its way between my thighs under the table. I let out a soft moan, only audible to Justin’s ears as his hand swept over my underwear.

“I want you to take me home, Justin,” I requested in his ear. I felt so intoxicated on lust.

“Well, wanted something this morning too and I didn’t receive it so, you’re just going to have to wait until I’m ready to go. Don’t act brand new, babe. You know how this works,” He gripped at my center before pulling away completely and leaving his hand on my thigh.

Eventually, Justin got tired of conversating and pulled me out unto the dance floor again. The heavy bass of Partition pounded in the air as I moved myself on beat to the music. Justin wasted no time to press me against him as I swiveled my ass on his bulge. His hands gripped my waist tighter as my movements against him were more sexually driven. I bent over and dragged my butt up and down his throbbing cock, getting more into the music. Moments later, he pulled me up when I took it too far.

“You’re really testing me tonight, baby. Don’t be surprised if you can’t walk in the morning.” He pounded himself against me to the beat of a faster paced song that was now playing. Not being able to take it anymore, I turned around and finally connect our lips. Justin wasted no time to part my lips and taste me me fully. He moaned into my mouth when he felt me grab at his dick.

He pulled away from me with his jaw clenched. He was mad. He was beyond mad and I was going to pay for it. He quickly grabbed my hand and pulled me out of the crowd. He collected his coat and wished Kendall one last happy birthday before, we left out the back entrance.


We couldn’t get home soon enough, once again we sat in the silence of sexual tension and all I wanted was for him to pull over and fuck me on the hood of his car. My mind flashed, envisioning all the things that Justin was going to do to me tonight for being so naughty. Being trapped in my imaginations, I didn’t even realize how close I would be to my relief until I found us parked in the driveway of our home.

“Go upstairs and get in the bed. Be waiting for me on all fours with your panties and heels on,” Justin instructed as he typed away at his phone, not looking at me once. I gulped as I got of the Porsche and went to follow his instructions. With my dress on the floor and me in doggy position in the middle of the bed, my panties were soaking with anticipation.

I knew it wasn’t long before I heard the bedroom door open but i felt like an eternity with how turned on I felt. “Oh, Y/N, You look so good like this. Maybe you’re a good girl after all,” He pondered while rubbing his large hand against my ass that was in the air.

“Turn around and suck my dick,” Justin ordered. I wasted no time to meet him at the edge of the bed and pull down his pants and boxers. I took his cock and my hand and jacked it off while looking up at him. He stared down at me angrily, causing me to immediately take him into his mouth.

“I don’t know what’s gotten into you today. You. Keep. Fucking. Testing. Me,” Justin pulled me by my hair and thrusted into my mouth as punctuation for his words. I gaged and moaned on his cock causing him to move faster down my throat. “If your going to be a bitch, you’re going to choke like one too,” Justin rasped out as he continued to assault my throat. If wasn’t until Justin’s dick was throbbing furiously in my mouth that he pulled me off of him.

“Good job, baby,” He leaned down and kissed my lips as he shucked his pants from his feet. I watched hungrily as he unbuttoned his shirt and stood naked before me with his erection pointed directly at me. “Will you be a good girl and stay still for me?”

“Yes Daddy,” I nodded as he crawled on the bed to join me. Not wasting any time, Justin passionately kissed me while he moving my panties to the side and feeling, first hand, just how much I wanted- no, needed him. I let out a sigh of relief when he embedded to fingers into me.  He pumped his at the perfect angle as he continued to kiss me. My mind was slipping away and I couldn’t help but move towards his finger and arch my back to get more of him. Suddenly all the pleasure I was receiving was stripped away from me.

Justin didn’t say anything or even look at me when he flipped me on my stomach and arched my back so my ass was in the air. I felt shifting on the bed but didn’t know exactly what was happening until I felt my panties being pulled off of me and familiar metal against my wrists. “Justin,” I groaned in response to my restrains.

“Shut up,” Justin spanked me twice. He teasingly hit me with no pattern whatsoever so, I never saw the next burst of pleasure coming. The surprise of my punishments made everything so so so much better.

“Please, Daddy,” I begged as I tried to move backwards into his hand. Finally giving in, he gave me no warning when he shoved himself into me. He held my waist to prevent me from moving as he pounded into me. I couldn’t help but moan louder and louder as my ultimate relief climbed over the horizon. It wasn’t until I was about to clench and let myself go when, he completely stopped inside of me.

“Oh princess, you know you can’t cum just yet,” he changed the pace and slowly rocked into me, deeper than ever before. I felt tears run down my face due to the mix of emotions. I wanted to cum, but I wanted him to keep fucking me, but i wanted him to go fast but, I also liked this rhythm. I could never decide on what exactly I wanted to feel but Justin knew. He always knew.

“You looked so good tonight baby,” He thrusted into me unhurriedly as though we both haven’t been waiting for this all day. “I don’t think you know just how much you affect me. When you got in the shower this morning, the only thing I wanted was to join you and fuck you against the shower wall. Even after you left, I couldn’t stop thinking about you,” he pulled me up by yanking at hand cuffs that prevented me from touching him how I wanted too. We were now positioned in a way that left me in his lap as he fucked me.

“In the studio today I wrote a song about us. Y/N, I have never written anything that has ever came close to how dirty it is. The label would never release it but, its okay. I’m going to give it to you and I want you to listen to it while I’m gone and you want to play with yourself. But baby at the party, when you were dancing with the girls it got me so hard. I couldn’t even focus on anyone or anything but you. I just wanted to drag you off the dance floor and fuck you raw in the bathroom. I wanted you to have my cum dripping out of you as we walked out of the club for a another round. But it’s okay,” Justin lifted me off his lap and pressed me back onto his dick again slowly, over and over again.

“It’s okay because this right here, right now, is worth so much more. You’re so wet around my cock, baby girl. Every time I pull out, I can feel you clenching for me to not go anywhere. You and your pussy have changed my life. Nothing could ever compare. Your so beautiful the only thing I ever want to do, is make love to you.”

“Please daddy,” I whined one final time and threw my head back. His words go me off as much at his cock dick. Justin’s hand laced around my body and moved against my clit as we sped up the rhythm.

“Cum for me, Y/N,” he commanded. He pinched my clit and thrusted in to me the hardest yet. All I could do was shake and clench on his cock. Half a second later, he gripped onto my breast and fucked into me fast as he shoot his load inside of me.

“Thank you, daddy,” I spoke, blissfully.

“Even when you’re a bad girl, you’re still my polite good girl,” Justin laughed against my shoulder.


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Part one of the wet dream series (Leafyishere smut)

Calvin moved his hands all over my body as he pounded into me softly, making love to me. He told me I wasn’t just his friend, how he always thought I was so pretty and how he just wanted to wreck my pussy.
I moaned as he bit my neck is words making me more wet. “Wake up!” He said… wait what?
“Huh?” I asked, he continued to fuck me.
“Wake the fuck up!” He yelled.
A soft pillow hit my face as someone shifted on me, I opened my eyes slightly to see Calvin sitting on top of me half naked. Of course, I was having another wet dream. Ever since last week, when he first got here to visit me, I’ve been having dreams about us finally getting in the bed together. “Y/N, wake up!!!” He yelled, raising the pillow to hit me again.
“I’m… I’m up. Yeah.” I said, closing my eyes again. Just as he hit me, the sprung open at a thought. “Hey, how long were you in here?”
“All night, you got really drunk so I followed you to bed, undressed you, then myself, and we…”
“I don’t remember that!” I said, blushing.
“Cause I’m lying, we didn’t do anything, you passed out drunk in your kitchen, and I took you here and undressed you for bed.” I turned my head. He got off of me and laid down next to me. “Though to be honest, I really wanted to take advantage of you.” I turned to face him, he had a wicked smile.
“Excuse me?”
“Do you not think I can’t hear you? All the moaning you do in your sleep? At first I thought you were just masterbaiting, but now I know it’s just dreams.”
“What are you talking about?”
“Last night you tossed and turned in your sleep, moaning, sweating, biting your lip. It was sexy to be honest.” I stared at him, his eyes moving from my thigh to my face a couple times before he grabbed it.
“I did this last night, while you moaned my name softly, am I that good in your dream?”

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“The lad had nice feelings. Instead of calling for help or retreating in confusion, he sat down, gathered me firmly onto his lap with his good arm and sat rocking me gently, muttering soft Gaelic in my ear and smoothing my hair with one hand. I wept bitterly, surrendering momentarily to my fear and heartbroken confusion, but slowly I began to quiet a bit, as Jamie stroked my neck and back, offering me the comfort of his broad, warm chest. My sobs lessened and I began to calm myself, leaning tiredly into the curve of his shoulder. No wonder he was so good with horses, I thought blearily, feeling his fingers rubbing gently behind my ears, listening to the soothing, incomprehensible speech. If I were a horse, I’d let him ride me anywhere.”

- Outlander

(more proofs that Jamie’s worth loving) 

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Kiss Meme! 1 or 12 for Taj & Blakk because why not. XD


Taj + Blakk + an awkward first kiss (that maybe shouldn’t have happened!)

I yawned and stretched carefully on the Ziio’shra’s lounge couch. On my chest, the little dark-skinned human I knew as Zakk stirred and grumbled. I glanced down at him and patted his back, sighing. We’d been watching a holovid and he’d ended up falling asleep, slumped against me. I’d shift and he’d move and now I was laying down with him using me as a pillow. It was a little weird, but not so bad. He wasn’t heavy and he was warm so it was kind of nice.

Then he started mumbling.

I glanced down and blinked, ears perking up as Zakk squirmed today me a bit more, nuzzling into my neck. He was half-mumbling, words that weren’t even formed completely. I had no idea what he was saying at all. I tilted my head to blink at him, grunting quietly in a questioning matter. I rubbed his back and made a soothing purr. I figured he was having a nightmare.

I apparently figured wrong because he reached up, grabbing my beard and pulled my face toward his. I started to say something and he kissed me. On the mouth. I made a muffled noise of surprise, feeling my eyes go wide.

Glazed blue eyes opened sleepily and then got huge. Zakk jerked back and smacked my nose. Hard.

“Ow!” I snapped, startling and sitting up, spilling him off me. “What the kriff was that for?!”

“You kissed me!” he said, offense thick in his Imperial accent.

“I did not!” I nearly shouted. “You kissed me. And then you hit me!”

“I would never kiss you!”

“Well, you did!”

He glared at me, cheeks turning dark red in a blush as he folded his arms. “I would never!”

“Liar,” I growled, rubbing my tender nose.

“I– You–” Zakk huffed, looking flustered.

With an angry noise, he scrambled over my legs and nearly fell. He straightened, glared at me as if it was somehow my fault, and stomped off toward the crew quarters. I grumbled and flopped back on the couch, rubbing a hand over my face. 

“Hell of a first kiss,” I growled at the ceiling. “Wonder who the kark he meant it for…”


Sam & Jack April 2015 MOS-challenge: Incorrect Map.

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a fan came up to me earlier today & requested for a photo. being the kind lad i am, i conceded. so, right before she snapped her picture, she turned her head & intentionally bit me on my neck. it was not the pleasant kind of biting either, it was quite painful; i think i just came in contact with an actual vampire. no thank you — i am not interested in staying here any longer if there are vampires roaming about now; go back to mystic falls, please.

i kissed a pretty boy whose mouth reeked of cigarettes. i hate cigarettes.
i kissed a pretty boy whose tongue tasted like alcohol. so did mine probably.
i kissed a pretty boy who doesn’t really care about my feelings. it’s not like i give a damn about his.
i kissed a pretty boy. because he was there and you weren’t.
here’s the thing. we were kissing and he bit my neck and my lip and his hands were all over my body and at some point, i almost felt guilty that i was letting someone touch me who wasn’t you. but then i remembered that somewhere else you were thinking of her and touching her and not feeling guilty about it.
so i stopped caring, drank some more and kissed the pretty boy. because his lips left my skin burning.
—  because he was there and you weren’t