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bring her home - mt!sans x reader

Hi thank you for doing my mobtale “I hate you” ask i loved it. I was wondering ( whether as a quick head canon or ficlet) if you could do an alternate version where the reason MTsans S/O hasn’t returned was because they were kidnapped by a rival gang and held hostage and now sans has to rescue them? (Please let both sans and S/O live and have happy ending again though if it’s not too much trouble) please and thank you :)

the fic mentioned

notes: i’ve been itching to write this since i received it, tbqh. i wanted to go in that direction orginally when i wrote esito but the fic was already getting a touch lengthy…so here you go :>

summary: a week has passed. you’re no where to be seen. what god decided this was a fate to suit him with?

warnings: blood and injury mention

Days turned into weeks, weeks into a month. The entire gang was on edge, not only with your disappearance, but also with the increasingly violent skeleton that now resided in one of the torturing rooms.

It’s pretty obvious that your being missing is the result of a kidnapping; the first person you run to in situations like this is usually one of the other members of the gang, and none reported seeing you. Local hotels were searched, with nothing to show for it. A search party was currently in progress, but considering Sans’ position and how long you’ve been gone, all signs pointed to you being kidnapped. By who, they didn’t know. Which led to the very situation right now.

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Tsotinu had wished many times over he and Don’s births would have been reversed. How freeing it would have been to choose his own life goals! 

But he would not have had Draconis, and he was so incredibly proud of his son.  His chest filled with pride only a father could know.  

If Ravenna did nothing else right, she did give him a magnificent son. Perhaps by fortune, nearly all she did was birth him. Tsotinu had taken great joy in raising him in her constant absence.

Draconis and Kai would begin their immortal lives together with truth and honor and hope for their future; most importantly with love, as Soul Echoes. 

Not because of the time of their birth. But because their soul’s called to one another. 

So often he’d cursed the Elders for forcing him to be who he was, bereft of choices, without a love of his own. He could, and would at least share in the happiness of his son. 

His mind rambling, exhaustion finally weakened him. He retired to his suite of rooms unaware as to Ravenna’s location. 

Unaware and unconcerned. 

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Hello! I just love your imagines for the chocobros soooo could I pretty please request a angsty one where Ardyn kidnaps their s/o and they are totally powerless to stop it and they can only watch as they are taken away With Ardyn bring his usual 'charming self about the whole thing? Come on who doesn't enjoy a bit of angst?? Haha thank you for your time and have a nice day!

Ah, yes Ardyn being Ardyn, quite good. Enjoyable even!  Let’s get the ball rolling!



You shrieked, feeling something yank you up from the marble flooring of the damaged outdoor summoning area. One moment you were  beside Noctis, and Lunafreya attempting to ensure that the prophecy wouldn’t come to, the next, something held tight to your arm and your Prince and friend were further away.

“Don’t be so shocked, Princess.”

You froze immediately at the voice, “Ardyn?”

“I’m quite pleased that you didn’t forget about me. Yet it seems that you’re causing quite the problem with my plan, so I’m going to hold onto for a little bit longer. Wouldn’t like for you to keep interfering.”

“I’d sooner die!” You hissed, moving to strike the man who had ahold of you, only to instead shriek as he bought a rough hand across your face.

“You’re not the only one hiding a secret.” He chuckled, leaning forward grabbing your chin, so that you were forced to stare in his eyes.

“You’re…you’re him from the prophecy.” You managed from the ringing in your head, when you heard coughing. “Noctis?”

“Are you so worried about your beloved, Prince, my little Princess?” Ardyn chuckled. “Oh, Noct, don’t leave your beautiful bride worrying.”

You felt Ardyn turn your head toward the man, who was stumbling to his feet, despite Noctis having just fought against a goddess only moments before.

“Let her go!” Noctis hissed, attempting to summon a sword. “Now!”

Ardyn chuckled loudly within your ear, “I’m afraid I can’t do that, you see your little bride to be has caused quite the upset. So for a bit I’m going to keep a hold of her, should you wish to receive her then you’ll have to come get her.”

“Noctis!” You screamed, as his blue eyes glared to the man holding on you. You wanted to be brave, yet you knew exactly what Ardyn was, and you knew that he could easily kill you, and your entire party. “Noctis, please.”

Noctis rushed forward, summoning a sword at the last moment as he sliced at Ardyn. The elder man letting go of you long enough for you to rush behind Noctis toward Lunafreya, who looked to just be coming around. Sparing a glance over your shoulder you heard Noctis let out a groan, only to gasp at the fact that Ardyn had thrown your Prince into a column.

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Ah, mobtale and ut sans and swap Paps that have an Very Fashionable and photogenic SO, that tends to just, daydream a lot and do these poses naturaly because they have been educated by their grandma and grandpa and grandma and grandpa were a model and photographer and they just, kinda pose without really thinking now??? -💐

Coming right up! Sorry this took long, i have to admit, i got stuck on this one, haha.



Shotgun had to admit, he finds it ridiculous at how photogenic you are, but he thinks it goes to show how lucky he is to have a beautiful s/o like you. And who knows? Maybe you could help him choose his clothes too. Shotgun takes pictures of you randomly, wanting to see how photogenic you are, and isnt really surprised to find that you are very much photogenic- he keeps the photos in a hidden drawer, and saves it in his phone. Another thing he finds funny is when you just pose randomly, even while daydreaming, he takes photos of that, too, snickering.

When he finds out your grandparents were a model and photograoher, and trained you, he sighs and mutters how it made sense.

But all in all, nothing really changed much, he still kissed you and told you that you were beautiful. He still surprised you with kisses when you daydream, and snickers when he takes pictures.



Like Shotgun, Classics probably takes pics of you randomly, seeing how photogenic you really are, snickering at how you pose randomly- but still beautifully. He keeps the pics on his phone, making it his wallapaper, and looks at it whenever he feels down and needs it. It never fails to make him smile. Whenever you guys leave for an event or just something mundane as shopping, he would want you to choose his clothes, telling you that any clothes you choose already makes him feel worthy to be with you- it’s only fitting for him to look fashionable-which is anything you pick for him- with his beautiful s/o. Classics brags about you, saying how beautiful you are, photogenic or no photogenic and saying how lucky he is to have you.

Hes a bit possessive, grabbing your waist and touching you a bit more physically- anything to make them aware you were his- whenever someone eyes you, he knows youre beautiful and gorgeous and everyway- and with you being so fashinable and photogenic, he’s a bit more jealous than usual. You’ll need to assure him that you love him and that you won’t leave him for anyone- and that he’s more than enough.

When he learns that you were trained by your grandparents, he wasnt really surprised, it actually clicked to him- i mean, you needed to learn it somewhere, right? But all in all, he didnt really pay it mind, continuing his day by telling you puns and making you smile.



Stretch finds hilarious when you pose so naturally that you do it without really thinking, daydreaming while at it. He takes pics, of course, saving it like all the orhers and making it his background, even printing it just to cheer himself up when he needs it. He thinks he’s lucky to have you, and have you pose and take pics, telling you how beautiful/handsome you are and constantly. He snockers sometimes, when he watches you daydream and radomly take pics just to see you pose absent mindedly, he’s an arse like that,

Finding out you were trained by your grandparents wasnt really a shock for him, it made sense, after all. So nothing much changed. He’s a bit possessive, like Sans, but he trusts you no matter how anxious he is, you might need to reassure him like Sans, though.


i got two requests for the bellarke reunion after mount weather SO!

(this little comic is full of wishful thinking and not what i actually think will happen but a girl can dream)

pls ignore the inconsistency of bellamy’s face.

My Grandmother's Doll Just Licked Me

My grandmother died a few weeks back at the ripe old age of 85, passing away peacefully in her sleep. By all accounts, she lived a damn good life, and I tried my very best to make it so. Lord knows she did the same for me.

This has been a difficult post for me to write. You see, when a treasured loved one dies, especially one that you grew up with, the little solar system of your life is thrown completely out of orbit. Not that mine was ever all that stable in the first place.

My parents died in a car accident when I was two years old, and I was a little too young at the time to fully absorb the emotional impact of being orphaned. When the prospect of being put into the foster system was brought up by the family lawyer, grandma took me in without a second thought. Her home was our home; it’s where I built my childhood.

Honestly, you’d never meet a more charitable woman than my grandma. From the second I came into her life, all the way up to her death (and even beyond) she’s provided for me without fail.

Another interesting thing about grandma is the fact she was mute. I’m not talking about selective mutism here, I’m talking full-blown, constant silence. I’ve known that woman for my entire 32 years of life, and while I got used to it within a few months, to some it seems crazy that I never heard a word from her.

Of course, we had our own ways of communicating back then. I picked up sign language pretty quickly, as kids tend to, and she always used to write on this little chalk board for me. I thought it was awfully cute at the time.

I got a call from her lawyer a few days after she passed, telling me she’d left her entire estate to me in her will. It doesn’t matter how well you know a person, that kind of thing always hits you deep: everything that wasn’t covered by her donor card now belonged to me.

A week or two passed, some papers were signed, and money changed hands.  The wheels of bureaucracy turned slowly as ever, as my grandma’s possessions became my possessions, and some eager patients became happy recipients of grandma’s remarkably healthy liver, kidneys, and lungs.

Like I said, she was the giving type.

The home was an old Georgian place: two storeys, three bedrooms, and a well-maintained garden. I felt like a kid who just got a pony for Christmas. The problem was, I’m not a rich enough guy to pay the rent on an apartment and a house, and I’m not such a heartless bastard that I’d immediately sell my childhood home either – especially on this bipolar property market.

I was speaking to a good friend of mine about it over a few drinks, and it was his idea to convert it into a rental property. I mulled it over when I was sober, of course, but my office job wasn’t going anywhere, so I decided that being a landlord might be a welcome change of pace.

That was when things started to go downhill.

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This will be a nice contrast with the next post. A Ski trip down MT. Etna’s slopes when it gets a tiny bit of snow…

BTS as a Paranormal Investigation Agency (aka Ghost Hunt au)

Bangtan Centre for Psychic Research

Welcome to Bangtan Centre for Psychic Research! We investigate and research cases dealing with the paranormal - whether they be poltergeists, curses, or vengeful spirits! Feel free to consult us for any problems relating to the above.

Please note however, that not all “strange phenomena” translate to paranormal or psychic causes, and so we will have to perform preliminary research before accepting your cases. Furthermore, we are not a psychic circus attraction, and we will not entertain requests to “read your mind”, nor will we perform any curses or “voodoo hocus pocus” for you - this isn’t Holicxxx.

“Aww, why not? You’re no fun.”

“Taehyung, no.”

“Well, what if I do it for them instead?”

“No. Absolutely not.”

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Kim Namjoon: 

  • CEO of the agency.
  • lead investigations; does most of the brain work, instructs where to start research, actions to take in investigations, etc. 
  • he’s really smart, but his specialty is really towards the supernatural/paranormal. 
  • always updated with the latest research discoveries in the paranormal field 
  • has actually written a book on the scientific aspects of the paranormal, but prefers hands-on experiences rather than plain desk-job research 
  • has clairvoyance (somehow knows things he ‘shouldn’t’; kinda like strong hunches) - and weak telepathy (though not in the ‘Professor X’ level; just sometimes he can project his thoughts to other people’s mind if he concentrates) 
  • comes off mysterious and aloof (especially on work mode) but he’s really a dork

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Kim Seokjin: 

  • the assistant/co-owner by default as main sponsor. 
  • handles most of the client interviews/interaction cuz he’s (disarmingly) handsome and charming (useful for tricky interviews and calming down hysterical clients). 
  • has no psychic abilities, really. unless supreme charm is a psychic ability
  • also acts as the medic of the group (aka Namjoon) when someone gets hurt on a case (someone always does; mostly Namjoon).
  • childhood friends with Namjoon. his family is old money, and his parents have invested a lot in paranormal research (his father is a professor in paranormal research)

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Min Yoongi: 

  • head researcher - in charge usually of digging up history and contexts and possible options for exorcism once Namjoon sets his mind on it. 
  • lowkey really talented (but unregistered) onmyouji. 
  • learned all the tricks from an actual onmyouji who practically took him in while traveling in Daegu
  • has really strong PK-ST (he can make things move with his mind). but it’s too powerful for his body to handle so he rarely uses them
  • seems unapproachable, but is actually a softie to his close friends; pretty chill - a vengeful ghost can pop up in the room and he’s still chill and calm
  • really protective of people he deems close/important to him 

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Jung Hoseok: 

  • perfect medium 
  • can talk to any spirit in any language without having to learn it himself. he just communicates naturally with them (can’t actually speak any language fluently by himself. only intermediate english, japanese and a bit of chinese)
  • he purifies lingering spirits just by smiling and talking to them without even realizing they were spirits 
  • he’s also a scaredy cat, not really knowing much about ghosts and the paranormal world before he met Namjoon
  • he’s really bright and cheerful - so bright, even his aura is just naturally bright, that he attracts spirits, but he’s really afraid of the more gruesome looking ones
  • the last to join the agency (more because Namjoon begged Hoseok to allow him to study his perfect medium abilities. and so that he can help Hoseok train his abilities. Perfect medium abilities are dangerous left untrained)

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Park Jimin: 

  • the exorcist.
  • cleanses and exorcises spirits with bible passages and holy water
  • he doesn’t offer thoughts and ideas to a case much, unless asked; usually waits for Namjoon to tell him when he’s needed to perform exorcisms.
  • he’s pretty young to be an exorcist, especially since you have to be an ordained priest before you get to be an exorcist (yea, he’s a catholic. like, christian chim chim)
  • so his story is actually pretty mysterious, despite his innocent looks and caring, super kind, (and a bit shy) personality
  • outside of cases, he helps out at the local church orphanage. 

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Kim Taehyung: 

  • spiritualist. he’s a weird case. typically plays gopher on cases
  • carries, sets up equipments, helps handle interviews (note taking), distracting clients when necessary
  • literally the weirdest member, in terms of ability - he has super strong intuition (clairvoyance), has psychic dreams, can even do a little bit of PK-MT (can move objects in motion with his mind), occasionally has out-of-body experiences when he’s unconscious (he tends to mess with the other members, mostly yoongi and jungkook, when he does). he’s a cocktail mix, but has little control over most of them.
  • he once convinced an enshrined effigy (kind of like a low level kami? a really powerful spiritual entity?) to leave his dilapidated shrine and to stop cursing innocent people; now the entity has become his shiki/protector.
  • he’s really sociable, knows a ton of people, befriends easily.
  • he’s the first to get lost in a haunted location (yoongi is left to the task of finding him)

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Jeon Jungkook

  • the apprentice (part timer; currently in college). the ‘lucky’ one.
  • catalogues interviews, sets up equipment, does measurements of room temperatures and sizes, surveillance duties on cases
  • has this super strong ESP that allows him to have incredible luck (in a day, he either has the worst luck, or the best luck), but mostly works as like super strong self-preservation instincts
  • saw Namjoon solve a case at his old school, and begged Namjoon to take him under his wing
  • got along really well with Taehyung; now they’re inseparable.
  • has always had an interest in the paranormal - he has copies of Namjoon’s published books/research.

just an idea lel. to pursue? or not to pursue? reblog/like if you guys want more hahaha 

- Miss March Muffin


Tauriel’s Sermon on the River Bank (32/34)

Yes, arbitrary backstory can bring a narrative to a grinding halt. But the right dose of backstory can also flesh out world and character. Gotta know what to use when.

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how ya doin doll? i know you've been feelin pretty down lately, so i thought id drop ya a letter, maybe cheer ya up some, i dunno. ya do know i love ya, right kellin? i feel like i dont tell ya that enough, but i do honestly love ya with all my soul. yer an amazing person doll, even if ya dont think so. ya deserve to be happy, i promise. and ya know just how much i hate makin promises, don't ya? anyway, i love ya kellin, and i hope i managed to make yer day just a little bit better. -mt sans

I…I..hhhhhhhh, I love this…thank you