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As you know, Fili lost his pretty beads during the journey. You got to love his priorities…

“Hey I made it to Erebor and things are kind of shitty, but I’m an Official Prince now so I better look fabulous!”

Everyone’s off searching for the Arkenstone and Fili’s searching for some sweet new hair accessories.

And finally, that Amarantha portrait :)

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Okay but...Nehemia instead of Aelin and the cadre

Stop because I would give my life for this to be true.

This is super long so let me put the divider. 

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Essays in Existentialism: Reunited

Clarke and Lexa (who were dating on the ark) were separated the day Clarke was sent to the ground with The 100. When the Ark came down, Lexa was the only survivor in her station, and was taken in by the grounders, where the two of them, out of all places, are eventually reunited. But a lot of things have happened since they last saw each other— and the two are no longer the same people they once knew.

The explosions on the other side of the mountain make the horses buck, make them sprint and paw the ground anxiously. The pack of hunters watch from the edge of the forest as the giant object crashes into the Earth, so hard that even miles away they can feel the ground shake with the impact. For just a few seconds, an unnatural silence blankets everything. 

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I recently listened to Neil Gaiman talking about making things and how to live while doing that (look up “Neil Gaiman: Keynote Address 2012”). He talked about imagining his goal, where he wanted to be, as a distant mountain. And when in doubt, he would ask himself whether what he was doing took him towards the mountain or away from it.

This is my mountain. I think it must be quite small - I’d love to hold it for a bit.

ppl at my new job laughed at me for wanting to keep my empty water bottle to go recycle it at home like sorry for being a sane human being unlike u savages with not one recycling bin in your entire restaurant u global warming enablers

fucking hell I am SO TIRED of seeing these posts of people pulling everything out of their ass in trying to defend why how they roleplay and write as REAL PEOPLE is somehow okay / justifiable??

like it doesn’t matter. whatever you have to say about the subject LITERALLY DOES NOT FUCKING MATTER. AT ALL. because unless you’re roleplaying yourself (aka a self insert) you have no fucking right to speak for other people and say because you “do it respectfully” (which is impossible btw; that’s like trying to be ‘respectfully racist’… it’s a paradox) or you have this so-and-so reason for RPing a real person, that it’s somehow suddenly okay?

far as I’m concerned, unless you have legitimate proof of permission, whether in writing or as a video or whatever, to roleplay as the individual you are attempting to portray FROM said individual, you’ve already lost the argument and there’s nothing you can pull out of your ass to change that.


The Tongariro national park is a large mountainous region about 6hrs south of Auckland (as the bus drives) and contains what is advertised as the best one day walk in New Zealand, if not one of the best in the world. For the majority of the year the top of it is covered in snow, as it goes over the saddle between two fairly famous mountains. Mountain one is the Tongariro mountain, of which the whole park is named after. Mountain two is mount Ngauruhoe which is best known for being the location filming area for mount doom in Lord of the rings! It is an active volcano and one does not simply walk up to it, you have to catch an earlier bus and then scramble to the top.

I have wanted to do it for a while! Pretty much since the start of summer when the best walking season started, and then as the days ticked by it got more urgent because I really wanted to do it before the snow came back. I managed to talk some coworkers into it and we were going to go after I got back from the South Island, but since I was away nothing got organised and it got pushed back again to… *drumroll* the 4th March! The big risk with these dates was that we only had 3 days off because of the way the rosters worked out, so since it was a day’s travel to the national park on each side that gave us one day in which to attempt the hike. If the weather is terrible, the buses don’t run. If the weather is kind of crappy, the walk is wet and unpleasant.

So we crossed our fingers, booked a hostel and went for it!

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my aesthetic is Percy finding bullets shot into trees on the edge of the forest near Whitestone, or chipped-off bits of mountain or even the castle, and being confused before he realizes they’re Retort cartridges and this must be somewhere Ripley did target practice. He can pry the bullets out and recycle the metal, but the marks are still there.

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[gay character] has just upset the gods with their unrelenting sass. to teach them a lesson the gods make them straight. hilarity ensues.

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“You have got to be joking,” said Marcus, horrified.

Zeus leaned back in his throne. There was an expression of great smugness on his face. He looked like a cat that had got not just the cream, but the sardines as well, followed by a plateful of pâté de foie gras and tenderised steak. “’Fraid not,” he said, cheerfully. “What was it you said again? ‘Do your worst’? Well, this is it. How does it feel?”

“I honestly can’t believe,” said Marcus, “that you would stoop this low. This is – this is – ”

“Cruel? Barbaric? Morally corrupt?” Zeus supplied.

“Yes! All of those things!”

“Now, now,” Zeus said. “Don’t ruin this with compliments.” He gave Marcus a thoroughly nasty grin. “So. What’s the first thing you’re planning on doing, now you’ve crossed the stream?”

“Crossed the – I haven’t crossed anything!”

“I’m sorry to break this to you,” Zeus said, “but it’s a little late for denial at this stage. The deed is done, my friend. The line is drawn. Welcome to the other side! We’ve got everything you could possibly want. Beer, strip clubs, compulsory masculinity…”

“But I don’t want any of that stuff!”

“You say that now,” Zeus said. “Just you wait. You’ll be shagging lovely maidens and knocking back tankards of ale before you know it. Which reminds me – you never answered my question. What’s on the agenda?”

Marcus sank down slowly on a grassy bit of the mountain, mind racing. There had to be a way out of this. Adrian was always telling him he could talk his way out of anything, wasn’t he? Well – now was the chance to prove that, for once and for all. But how did you persuade an all-powerful deity to go back on his word? How the hell did you outthink a god?

And then it came to him.

“Well,” he said, with studied casualness. “I was thinking of starting with your wife.”

Zeus was silent for a full five seconds. Then he said, “I beg your pardon.”

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