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Prince || Spy Levi commission for @brambledown / @inkshaming

don’t think about Jack coming home from the gym one day and noticing how much extra muscle he’s gained, and how he finally likes how he looks, so for the first time in his life he takes some incredibly beautiful nudes (stretch marks and all) and sends them to bitty. but please think about bitty opening the messages in class thinking they’re innocent and his reaction.


Here’s some cute screenshots of Brian during tonight’s instagram livestream!! 💛💛💛


🔥🔥🔥 with my bf

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guys i found the kirby corocoro comics at kinokuniya today and the volume i got hAS A LOT OF TARANZA AND IM sO HAPPY??!?!?!?!

the first one is taranza introducing themselves & in the corner (3rd pic zoomed), they say “tara-chan” & “taracchi” aND IM LOSIN IT

and then more pics of blushy taranza within the volume too ❤

I helped a bee today!! 

Coming out of class I saw a bumble looking bee on the ground and I was worried it was dead, but! it moved it’s little legs! 

So I went back inside and put granulated sugar on a spoon I’d brought for lunch and poured my water on to it. We were in a hurry to leave so the sugar didn’t dissolve very fast (my water was cold) and the bee just kind of climbed onto my spoon and wouldn’t drink.

I moved it from the gravel area I found it and put it next to a little bush where it started climbing much more eagerly onto the stems, and then I moved the spoon right in front of its little head and I saw its tongue start blepping! 

I let it sip some more and then dripped my very thick sugar water mix onto the leaves around it and right in front of it so I hope little bee friend is okay!!


Snowells Week 2016 Day 1
↳ COOKING TOGETHER: Caitlin is still struggling to feel better after what happened with Hunter, so Harry decides to try and make her relax by making homemade pizza together.